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Follow The Money Behind The Vegas Job

By Yoichi Shimatsu
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There's been a lot of commotion in the online financial realm over volatility in the share price of the MGM Resort group, which owns the Mandalay Bay, just days before the Oct.1  shooting incident. Analysts are suggesting insider trading and a nefarious conspiracy due to the CEO's membership in the Homeland Security National Infrastructure Advisory Council. For one thing, MGM boss James Murren, who retired on Sept. 27 just prior to the Vegas assault, should have followed his own security planning and installed more reliable counter-terrorism measures to the Mandalay Bay Resort. Instead he was emptying his desk.
Let's issue here some cautionary advice not to jump to conclusions without delving into the intricacies of big money and high-level sponsorship of terrorism, because analyzing a large-scale terror operation is similar to taking apart and reassembling a Swiss watch, which can't be done with a sledge hammer.
The Arab aspect to the MGM stock-price movements at the end of September is complicated by prior and current business and management issues. Try not to obsess on the Mandalay Bay, owned by MGM, since the gunfire at the rival Tropicana attracted more police reaction. There were at six hotels where gunfire was involved, including the New York New York, also owned by the MGM Resorts group.
The volatility in MGM share value hinged upon the resignation of the MGM groupís CEO James Murren, who had been entangled in a legal dispute with the Dubai (UAE) sovereign investment fund over construction delays (including deaths of construction workers) at the CityCenter shopping and residential complex.
As for the other major shooting platform, the Tropicana, it's owned by Penn National Gaming under CEO Peter M. Carlino, an Italian-American known for his very "competitive" tactics to keep rivals off its turf, as in the Maryland bayshore against the arch-rifal MGM group. Not to say that MGM is entirely clean since its operation in Macau partners with Pansy Ho, the daughter of Stanley, the capo of that triad-controlled speck of rock.
What? You expect roulette wheels to be spun by Bible-thumping missionaries? Hey, the Church gets its share, and if you find that hard to swallow, Sister, go ask the Vatican. This planet is just one big Sicily, so just put some quarters from the plate into the slot, close your eyes and enjoy the sound of a jackpot.  Let's get back to investor mood swings about the MGM group.
Dubai/UAE is heavily invested in the MGM resort group but took a huge hit on construction overruns of a downtown Vegas shopping center/residential unit called CityCenter. It eventually struck a second deal with MGM to recover those losses with a massive casino/hotel project with a prime beachfront location in Jumeira, Dubai. The MGM-Dubai dispute led to lawsuit over the lagging CityCenter mall project, but the two parties patched up their quarrel (probably with a large share transfer in exchanging for the life-saving Jumeira resort project.

Murren's exit was an end-result of that rough patch in investor-partner relations and had nothing to do with the DHS, rather plain old business dealing that ruin a delicious conspiracy dragging DHS and FEMA into the mass slaughter. A year after ground-breaking in Dubai, Murren resigned to make way for another executive on better terms with the Emirate of Dubai. In the Arab way of doing business, partners should settle their complaints over tiny cups of coffee served over  many hours, days and weeks, if necessary.
Share prices skyrocketed and fell due to this management reshuffle with various investment funds reacting in different ways to the increased UAE role in any future corporate decision-making.  If anything the shooting spree further damaged Dubai's interests at the CityCenter, which has started to make financial headway since its opening a year ago.
The assault on the Route 91 Harvest Festival can be plausibly and in all likelihood linked to an increasingly fractious intra-Arab dispute, which is behind the blockade of Qatar by a coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The Saudis and Emiratis are backed by the White House and State Department (which ordered a halt to war games between the Central Command and the Qatari military at the giant Al Udeid Air Base in Qatar).
Dubai is a key player (for the Saudis and the Trump team) in the blockade to pressure Qatar to end its sponsorship of the more radical militant jihadi groups. Qatar has repeatedly protested the economic sanctions by its stubbornly insistent neighbors. Qatar is a major sponsor of ISIS and Nusra.
Thus, Qatar had every reason to gouge the eyes of Trump, who supports the blockade, and UAE, a key coordinator of the blockade. This blood feud, Arab stylem is an obvious factor in the jihadist paramilitary assault in Vegas, The Strip shootings are being hushed up to prevent Qatar succeeding in its counterattack against the Saudi-UAE-US coalition, which is aimed at fracturing the petrodollar system (exchange of oil export income with financial investment in the USA). The shattering of the petrodollar system, due to panic over an Arab terrorist threat to the USA mainland, would blow apart what remains of global dollar dominance, sinking Wall Street, the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve System?
This Arabian Standoff creates a moral dilemma in a Faustian choice of: Crush terrorism or wipe out the root of all evils, the Federal Reserve?
Given this devilish choice, it's really tough not to see Qatarís radicalism in a better light. The present situation, however, demands support for the Vegas victims. That means the Emirate of Qatarís heroic assault on the petrodollars cycled through the Vegas casinos is all in vain, and the Federal Reserve Bank boards are assured no loss of sleep. This is a world of evil that allows no room for goodness, dear Sister, when you realize that high federal officials are more concerned about saying their petrodollars than allowing the Vegas wounded or the 911 victims sue the Arabs.
So how to fix the Qatar problem since the boycott has failed and after the Vegas massacre?
Simple, one just has to be Machiavellian: Inside Syria, there are families of 70 Qatari military officers who have supported republicanism against the monarchy in Qatar. The republican coup leaders fled to Syria in the 1970s after a failed plot to end the emirís monarchy. Instead of opposing Assad, as deplorable as his regime has been, just take the devil's option to cooperate with the Syrians to form a democratic Qatar political umbrella with a very keen military edge and do what CIA-supported democrats do, topple the monarchy. In the chaos of regime change and a burning palace, be sure to capture all the Brotherhood, Qaeda, ISIS, Chechen warlords safe-harbored inside that peninsula for a permanent vacation in Damascus. the Assad regime will know what to do with them.
Now that the intricate movement is solved, your Swiss watch is ticking again, so get to work, boys over at Langley, and do what you do best.

Given the wild swings in the business fortunes of the MGM Resorts, the stock-price volatility during the departure of its CEO make sense and do not appear to be coordinated with the terror attack, whereas the multi-target assault affecting the entire Vegas hospitality industry was not designed as a financial play but as a killing field, which nonetheless had a massive impact on the sovereign fund of UAE-Dubai . . . turning out to be icing on the cake.