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Follow Your Dreams No Matter What Your Age

By Frosty Wooldridge
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From my latest post that traveled all over the world on 50 FB bicycle front page sites, " Follow Your Dreams No Matter What Your Age ," the column received thousands of 'shares' and hundreds of comments. This response below just about broke my heart, yet uplifted me because he was so thankful to read the post.  I sent him nutritional information for combating prostate cancer via nutritional paths such as eating greens, greens, greens like spinach, chard, cabbage, asparagus, bok chow, red leaf lettuce, all dark leafy greens, and specific nutrients, i.e., saw palmetto, beta-sistosterol, rye pollen extract, Nettle, pygeum africanum, zinc krill oil.  You know, we're all in this together, and hopefully, we all help each other along the way.  Happy New Year, Sandi and Frosty

Lee Knott said,

Thank you. Frosty, yours is the first post I've read today. I'm 49 years old having been diagnosed with prostate cancer earlier this year which has spread all over my body an d after more surgery just a few weeks ago and with even more planned early next year. I'm really struggling to find a way back to life/the person I was, considering I only see an endless amount of drugs treatment to mask my ever increasing pain threshold, wondering this is no life, I sit here now thinking to myself there is no happy new year for me, as I edge closer to my end...

However, your photo of the Colsieum, and message has stirred up a strong desire of mine to be able to ride with my cycling club friends again, also to see the Roman Coliseum with my own eyes which has been a life long ambition of mine!.

So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your truly uplifting post today and if nothing else you can be rest assured you have made a difference to me with your message!

Adventure before dementia and disease!

All the best for 2021 to you Frosty,

Lee Knott


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-- Frosty Wooldridge
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