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The Flim Flam Man

By Jim Kirwan


George Soros the Original Snake-Oil Salesman

Author of over 28 Color Revolutions

And the would be creator of the current collapse of America

And the world.

Yesterday, Soros gave Americans a look at the beginning of his latest fake

takedown of America. That was his bunch of pretenders that were very gently arrested in Washington D.C. In front of Congress no less, with promises of a week long demonstration that will all supposedly end with hundreds of “arrests”. But there were several problems with yesterday's debut, from 'the self-proclaimed master of American deceit'.

The first problem was with the '400 arrests', which exceeded the capacity of the jails in the area to house the peaceful and willing participants. The 'capital-police did not react with the fury that that they have shown in every other 'demonstration' to this point in time. No riot-shields, no black uniforms from head to foot, no pouncing and screaming at demonstrators, no thugs kicking and screaming at 'hostile-demonstrators' ­ none of that was evident. In fact everything was well co-ordinated, and oh-so-civilized, we had to be told that this was a protest.

Something Wicked This Way Comes

We were also told that the protest in D.C. would last all week long, with protesters continuing to arrive by the thousands, to bring an end to all the obscenities which US Inc. has been blatantly doing since the coronation of King George Bush Jr. in 2001.

Apparently this 'protest' was just a one shot affair

Here's some of what's been brewing under the clothing of the Flim-Flam Man since he first began his redesign of the government's of the planet. Here's a closer look inside this version of 'Mr. Dark', who has been pretending his entire life:

Detail from the 7 foot painting, for the Ray Bradbury Film

Something Wicked This Way Comes”, starring Mr. Dark

Look at what yesterday's 'peaceful-arrestee's were charged with:

More than 400 individuals have been arrested for unlawful demonstration activity, and are being processed using mass arrest procedures, “the U S Capitol Police said in a statement early Monday evening. Those taken into custody will be charged with ”crowding, obstructing and incommoding.”

400 Democracy Spring protesters arrested in DC

Compare the above to what a few dozen 'protesters' got when they decided to stand up for their rights in Nevada and Oregon ­ One was assassinated, another was wounded, and dozens were arrested going back to 2014 in Nevada ­ and the list of charges is being lead by THOUGHT -CRIMES for daring to even think about anything that might come close to being opposed to the U.S. Government. Nothing “gentle” about their treatment out West, in fact they weren't even charged, initially, but they were thrown into solitary confinement and are now awaiting a SHOW-TRIAL, that will make the old USSR blush.

NO, the events in D.C. Yesterday were a totally designed sham, to keep the herd asleep while we approach continuing financial-failures worldwide, which could easily be used to shove Soros' current plan into place ­ once again!

The only thing held 'in common' yesterday with real demonstrations was the FACT that none of these 'demonstrations were covered by national or international MEDIA. You only need to note the differences in the 'charges' and the way the demonstrators were treated in each case.

In Nevada and Oregon, the protesters were armed and stood their ground before being arrested and finally charged with a huge list of concocted crimes: While in D.C. Yesterday the most serious charge was the non-binding charge of being part of an 'unlawful-demonstration' which should never have been criminalized because every American has the natural right to demonstrate against the government whenever the public disagrees with the government about the basic laws of the nation ­ that cannot be ruled 'against the law' because it's constitutionally-guaranteed at its root. It's called 'the public's right to demand redress for their legitmate-grievances'.

Crowding, obstructing and incommoding.” is just a minor inconvenience designed to pacify the televised-fake-moment and will not leave any residual legal mark on the cowards that chose to “be arrested” yesterday.

During the back & forth between the half of the crowd on the steps and the half that went willingly to “get arrested” - those seated on the steps sang their call to 'the others to JOIN THEM'.


What was missing throughout yesterday's “demonstration” was the total absence of ALPHA personalities that could and would have changed the entire event from a mock-demonstration to a real challenge to the police that were only there to formally arrest those creatures that had volunteered-in-advance to participate in the MOCK-DEMONSTRATION that was what the 'Soros-slaves' had come to show the world ­ just another color-revolution in the making, but this one was clearly FIXED FROM THE START.

Unfortunately the public had to wait for today's non-response to yesterday's events: Before the LIES OF YESTERDAY could be seen for what yesterday really was, just another chapter in the Flim-Flam-man's long history of Crimes Against Humanity.

Soro's needs to be grabbed by the neck and thrown from his perch into the streets, because if any of us are ever going to even be able to approach real demonstrations and real changes: Then we have to start by arresting those that created this global-farce from the beginning of all the snake-oil-salesmen that have been directing this global-puppet-show from the beginning...


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