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The Flim-Flam Man

By Jim Kirwan


Nero Addresses the Great Unwashed

This was called “The State of the Union: address!

The man who gave that address last night is a TRAITOR!

Everyone has apparently forgotten that this “report to the people” is mandated by the same “U.S. Constitution” that Obama has spent the last eight years trying to shred, burn or ignore, at every possible opportunity. Obamanation gave us the usual boiler-plate garbage that ceased to be relevant after we entered the new millennium.

For his part Obama spent two full years “running for office” prior to his first selection in 2008. He then spent four years more lying to the public about everything that still hasn’t been fixed, in the six years that has still not seen Gitmo closed: Despite the fact that he promised to do this three times so far, and it’s still operating.

The reason that the Constitution requires this “REPORT” to the people about the actual health of the nation was to insure that the public knows exactly what’s going on with their government, in every way: But that’s not what the FLIM-FLAM man gave to any of us, last night.

He tried to equate the plight of a deeply damaged sergeant, with the plight of the nation’s returning veterans. That particular sergeant was in his tenth-tour of duty when he was wounded. “TEN TOURS” of duty! That sounds like the United States is embroiled in a never-ending war, where the US seems to have been under-siege universally—how else to account for ten-tours of military combat on behalf of a nation that has still NOT been attacked, except by Obama’s private mercenary-army that he now calls DHS?

But on the wider points there are huge discrepancies. The Sergeant was one G.I. For every returning war vet that is seen there are 10,000 more that get nothing at all. They’re told “go live under a bridge and just wait to die; because there’s nothing wrong with you, it’s all in your head.” On top of that: Instead of being welcomed back into the society when troops get discharged, they are denied the use of their own weapons. They are also branded as “Enemies of the State” because they served in the military. And they’re denied other benefits besides medical-treatment and all of it is commonplace, including keeping the real plight of the returning troops secret from the public. This does not square with all the common-folks stuff that the public is supposed to believe is really going on—anywhere in Police-State-America.

The Traitor talked a lot about hard-work and education, none of which has anything to do with the dead-end street of college today, or the fact that anyone who drives anywhere now has to run the gauntlet of Police-State-Fascists that prowl the streets and highways in America, just looking for people to pull-over, taser, torture or brutalize, if they don’t just murder us outright. That kind of continual THREAT goes a long way toward undermining anyone’s hard-work, or their ability to get anything done in a world that’s based on minimum wages that can’t meet even the minimum needs of anyone that tries to live that way. But to hear the man from the history, that no longer exists, tell us about all our wonderful opportunities, and “The FREEDOM and Democracy” we all “enjoy” in the United States ­ just went way too far into the depths of real lies that have destroyed the nation, ten-times over, well before he was forced to come to the national microphones last night.

Then there was “healthcare-again” for the third-time. He forced it on us and then withdrew it, sort-of. Then he “fixed-it” but it did not and still does not work. Last night he bragged that 3,000 people have signed up for his deader than a doornail program, because what he managed to avoid was the fifty-four million Americans that did not sign up. For this one he used a pathetic woman who got lucky and survived. For everyone of her, out there, there are a million who weren’t lucky and many of those will die before anyone hears about their problems with “Obamacare”!

He talked a lot about the invisible jobs that he is demanding be created. He forgot to mention that he is demanding that 675,000 more illegal-aliens be imported to fill the existing jobs that need to be filled ­ but NOT by Americans. Virtually every supposed positive that the Flim-Flam Man mentioned is filled with massive holes.

The reason for that is that the entire world, as well as all of America knows that Obama-Lies about everything he says all the time. He changes his mind at least twice a week, along with the laws he continues to change illegally, using his own Executive Orders that were never meant to be used (constitutionally) so long as congress is in session. But Nero doesn’t give a damn about any of the laws, because he’s absolutely convinced that none of them apply to him.

It all comes down to personal integrity—and whatever his name; is the traitor in the Oval Office has no integrity of any kind. The world knows that neither he nor this government can ever be trusted, regardless of what the situation is.

There was an added bonus in the disgustingly pedestrian broadcast last night. We got to see all these tasteless-traitors in the same place, at the same time. Millionaires Inc they are, but to a person they exhibited absolutely no class in dress or appearance, in any way! It would be very hard to imagine a less-likely crowd than the one that attended in force the botched performance of the Emperor-in waiting for the formal announcement by Netanyahu, that he has decided to take over the running of this country, because we have been too slow to act on Israel’s explicit instructions!

It was impossible to look at the crowd in that room last night and remain unaware that the vast majority of them are owned outright by Zionists the world over. Almost three fourths of everyone there has sworn an oath of loyalty to Israel over their original oath to protect and defend the Constitution and the United States.

The one clear thing that last night’s obscenity confirmed is that the original idea behind this country is dead, and that because of that, it won’t be long now before the lives of all those in that room last night will join with the constitution and leave the scene of this global-crime forever.

The banks have begun to collapse from England to China and in many places in-between.

What this means for most of us is that the pretend-paper-world is on its last legs, because the flesh & blood world is finally getting up off its ass. When this is over; so will be all the thousands of fake laws, and fake-operations that have been trying to stave-off the real endgame that will rip though this place like one of those massive hurricanes in pre-history where nothing at all survived and which caused this planet to have to begin again.

Last night I kept seeing that storm from ancient history inundating the capitol, while that traitor was clutching for his political existence in front of his totally criminal audience—the whole thing was like some ancient re-run of the end of Rome which did not end in quite that way—but it did take the world over 300 years to recover from the actual Fall of the Roman Empire.

This is how Washington D.C. should have looked this morning!

It’s time to say a permanent good-bye

To the Flim-Flam Man

And all the traitors that have made this criminal-rein possible

For way too long already!



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