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Flashing Thoughts


By Jim Kirwan


Given that the world had returned to the Tower of Babel

some 'Flashing-Thoughts' have come to mind.

The United States has been holding elections via the national-propaganda media now for over two months. Since technically American Elections are supposed to be limited to ninety days in length: And not to the illegal two year cycles established by Czar Obama—we need to freeze Washington throughout the rest of December, after turning the feral-government over to the State National Guards. Then public could then hold SNAP Elections for President so that we can stop their treason at all levels. This would enable direct prosecutions for the entire current-crop of traitors that got us into this national and global mess in the first place. What we should do is use the rest of December to finish up the farce of the empty campaigns, and call for a national Snap-Vote on December 31 to save the nation by the beginning of 2016.

Of course this would require some guts to pull it off: But in reality there's no real choice left for the public, not if we want to survive to see 2016.

There really is no alternative now given the lack of any & all laws now.

The Snap Vote could be the public's answer

to everything we've all lost since US Inc. stole the nation in 1913,

backed up by armed U.S. Citizens in every city government.

It's time for those of us that still claim this country as our own to seize the initiative for a change and physically take the country back from the disease that's running rampant, disguised as 'politics' , but which in reality is nothing but a global-cancer designed to strangle the nation and the world with their Political-Correctness that has demanded the end of 'men & women', 'boys and girls', and the existence of families that are heterosexually based ­ not to mention the outlawing of any and all other religions, except for Muslims, with their global war-cry of “Convert or die” which they're currently pushing for, world wide.

Since Obama is an admitted Muslim, he must be removed immediately for lying to the public about the real threat which his beliefs and his policies on immigration and national protection has been revealed as nothing but lies: Lies that amount to leaving the people of this country open to attack and murder by his chosen belief system, which does not offer anyone else a choice, because officially 'all people must swear loyalty to Allah' as all else is heresy and must be ended by the death of every unbeliever...

The Left's Secret Immigration Plan 3min 5sec VIDEO

Why not hear about Islam from a woman who grew up as Muslim in the ME?
8min 46sec VIDEO

Obamanation is the kind of leader that the U.S. created because we challenged nothing behind that empty suit. He has always been this completely false creature that still sits in the oval office. Think about it, and if you care then make it happen!


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