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First Somali Legislator - Life Insurance For Terrorists!
And 'Social Justice' For MN AND Somalia!

By Patricia Doyle

So, she want's 'social justice' for Somalis and no xenophobia aimed at HER country.
Since when are people who are not born here allowed to run for political office. I thought you had to be a natural born citizen. Guess they changed it in the middle of the night.

What is 'life insurance for terrorists'?  If you check out the website look at her photo.  She looks very slow and stupid.  I bet the farm that in 2030 we will see the Constitution rewritten to include Sharia law.   It has to the rate these savages are coming here under Trump who seems to LOVE the UN and its 'refugee' program.  Without sterilization, they will breed like rats and mice and white America will fade away.  

I want to know who will take Americans in as refugees?  We will be the same as white South one will accept us.

Where the hell is Trump and his Jewish family?  They can go and live in Greater Israel but Americans, Christians and Whites have no where to go

People have to stop voting for these savages unless they have outnumbered whites in Minneapolis already.  

BTW Larry Kudlow thinks the Trump factor is behind the recent economic boom.  What boom?  Are we any better off?  Hell, no!  

Let's see how White America will like living under Somali savages. How can ANYONE of European ancestry and heritage vote that woman?

What the hell is 'life insurance for terrorists?  Doesn't matter to me as I cannot afford life or any other insurance.  My funeral plan is prepaid.  I am getting cremated. I do not want to be buried only to have Black African Somalis desecrating my grave.  I worry about my parents and Grandparents buried in Catholic cemeteries.  My Great Great Grandparents and Great Grandparents are buried in an historic Lutheran Cemetery in NY.  Not that far from Bushwick where they lived by Broadway and Myrtle Avenue.  

These Somalis are animals, and like the Mideast muslims, they will never ever assimilate or live in a civilized society.  We are wasting tax money and the life's blood of our Country on these savages.

Life insurance For Terrorists

 I found just found out about the bill that the savage had passed.  It is for American taxpayers to pay for insurance policies for families of terrorists who blow themselves up !!!  

This damn cretin didn't sponsor a bill for the VICTIMS of these suicide terrorists…they're just 'collateral damage' !

Since when does insurance cover suicide?  Or TERRORISM?

This is why I say Americans who vote for these Muslim dirtbags are guilty of treason.

So, basically, that's it, life insurance payouts for families of terrorists.

 I want people to know NOT to vote for the Muslim refugees.  EVER.  Look what has happened in London with the muslim mayor.  Is THAT what you want?  They are not working for the American people.  She wants to bring in Sharia law and my guess it will be a reality by 2020.  Minnesota is gone.  It is a black African State.

Again…THINK...Life Insurance for terrorists' families paid for by the imbecile American taxpayers.  Does that make you feel warm and fuzzy?


Here's the article...

The Country's First Somali-American Legislator and Her Politics of Inclusivity

Ilhan Omar is fighting xenophobic politics to make Minneapolis—and her country—a better place.
Erica Berry
Jul 11, 2017