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The First 100 Days…A Tale Of Two Trumps

By Dr Patricia Doyle PhD

Hello Jeff...

I find that the first hundred days of the Trump Presidency has been and continues to be a truly giant disappointment.   Maybe it should be called A Tale of Two Trumps.  

First, we had Trump I who drew those huge crowds and presented them with an endless stream of messages and promises that resonated brilliantly with most middle class Americans.  During the year and a half campaign, rigged debates against him and all, he continued to make promise after promise to an ever-growing constituency.  

Chief among those pledges was his vow to deal with the flood of America-hating, Christian-hating unknown, unvetted, diseased muslim debris that was and is being injected into the heart of America under a shady, globalist UN 'refugee' agenda.  He swore to stop all 'refugee' Muslims coming into the US until, as he put it, 'We can figure out what the hell is going on!'

Trump 1 also gave us his word of honor that he would deport ALL immigrants here illegally, starting with those having a criminal history.  

And then there was his solemn promise to build a Wall to seal off our southern border from the hordes of primarily illegal hispanics who were surging in virtually unopposed.

He promised to end the colossal nightmare called Obamacare.  He promised to lower taxes for the middle class and pledged that all Americans earning less than $50,000 a year would pay ZERO income tax.   Remember that one?

He vowed that NATO was 'outdated' and that we would get out of it.  He talked about stopping all American support of the rotten, NWO United Nations.  He said we would dump jobs-killing NAFTA and return to building America's business infrastructure to create millions of new jobs.

His enormous foreign policy promise, echoing the words of George Washington, was 'America First'…that America would no longer be embroiled in wars on foreign soil.   He vowed he would, as Commander-in-Chief, take us out of Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.  Trump 1 also promised a close working relationship with Mr. Putin and Russia…and suggested that an era of great peace and prosperity was just ahead.

So said Mr. Trump 1...before the election and before he took the oath of office.

We now introduce Trump 2...  

Trump 2 came alive after the oath of office was administered and immediately after his first day in office.

The Tale of Two Trumps has Trump 1 making all the promises and a contract with America.  Americans believed in Trump 1 and supported him and Americans elected him to follow through on those nation-saving promises.

Trump 2 is the Disaster Trump or as some now call him, Devil Trump.  Trump 2 has broken just about every single promise that Trump 1 made.  There is no arguing, no disputing it, Trump 2 has totally betrayed America and has lost much - if not most - of his support base.

The first enormous disappointment of Trump 2 was on immigration.  He hastily scribbled out an Executive Order halting the influx of people from 7 Countries deemed to be supporters of terrorism and a threat to the US.  Trump 2 never intended for that EO to keep out Muslims from those 7 countries.  He KNEW the first Obama-appointed Federal Judge to see an action brought against his EO would issue a stay on it.  A no-brainer.

IF he had really wanted to keep out the Muslim refugees, and all illegals, he could have easily done so using the existing immigration laws on the books.  He certainly could have also used Public Health laws that prevent those with communicable diseases like Leprosy, TB, Chagas,, Leishmaniasis, HIV-Aids, Syphilis and all sorts of diseases from getting in.  And that includes mental health diseases and issues as well.

There are MANY illnesses and diseases that would bar immigrants and refugees from entry to the US.  No court would be able to stop Trump from banning refugees and immigrants or migrants who have these diseases based on the LAWS already on the books.  They would be sent home to receive treatment in their country of origin.  Once well, they could formally and properly apply for consideration to be allowed into our nation.  Trump 2 has not used ANY OF THESE LAWS to keep out ANY migrants and refugees.

Not only did Trump 2 FAIL stop the flow of muslim 'refugees' from Third World countries like Somalia, Syria, Sudan, etc, but Trump 2 has continued to bring in Muslim and black Third World savages who hate America and literally want to kill us.  It is said the flow is at least equal to that of Obama.  And now, Princess Ivanka has come out totally in favor of muslim immigrants.   This is beyond belief.

Trump 2 knew, and knows full well, that Europe has been overwhelmed by Somali, African and Mideast Muslims and that crime has soared out of sight there.  Horrible, endless rapes occur at the rate of one every 8 seconds.  Murder and robbery have skyrocketed and tourism to European countries has now virtually stopped.  

Trump 2 recently rubbed his betrayal further into our faces.   Trump 1 promised not to honor the deal Obama made with Australia to take in thousands of their Muslim and African refugees.  So what happened when Pence traveled to Australia last week?  On behalf of Trump 2, he promised the Australian PM that the US would be happy to take in over 1,250 blacks and Muslims currently held in a detention facility there.  

IF, as we are being told, refugees are 'good' for America and 'good' for Australia and Europe, etc, then WHY is Australia insisting we take this garbage in?  The answer is these dregs are NOT good for ANY Western country.  They are a grievous drain on the First World and will be hooked up to welfare, medicaid, food stamps, free housing, free education, cars, cash and long-term (for LIFE) Social Security.  Yes, these 'people' are set for LIFE while 95 million Americans remain jobless and destroyed.

Let us also not forget that these Third Worlders multiply worse than rabbits.  1,250 Muslims will become 10,250 in a few short years.  And each new birth brings a future jihadi into our nation.

Millions of Americans are light years beyond disappointed in the Disaster President…Trump 2.   It has been A Tale of Two Trumps...Trump 1, the lying, deceiving campaigner and Trump 2, the betraying, back-stabbing Disaster President.   

Beside dropping the TPP, Trump 2 has broken virtually every single promise made to the American people.  

Trump 1 had promised major tax relief for the middle class but he has now broken that promise as well.  Trump 2 is giving major tax help to the 1%.  He has planned tax relief for billionaires and also planned to give corporation large breaks.  Meanwhile, Trump 2 has asked for $58 billion more for his Pentagon war machine.  He does not seem to have any serious restraint about using nuclear weapons in North Korea or in the Middle East.  Trump 2 and his 'team' have no trouble threatening countries all over the planet.

And now, he says he is going to 'renegotiate' NAFTA!  Do you recall how Trump 1 said over and over that NAFTA is a bad deal for America and that he was going to dump it?  Well, the last time I looked 'renegotiate' does not mean 'dump'.  

Yes, A Tale of Two Trumps.  It is a tale of broken promises, duplicity, deceit and betrayal.  He has not kept one significant promise, aside from the TPP, that he made as Candidate Trump.  100 days is plenty long enough to see exactly where he is going.

This Tale of Two Trumps needs to end...and end now.   Trump 2 needs to be impeached.  Trump 2 needs to be removed from the Presidency for lying to the American people and general incompetence.  This is going to be the longest 4 years in the history of any Presidency.  By 2020, America, as we knew it, will cease to exist.  Get ready for mass prayers in the streets, Sharia law, terror attacks and the endless sexual mutilation of little girls.  Welcome to Trumpland.

ISIS has made no secret of sending many of its terrorists disguised as refugees to the West. There are also Taliban fighters, Al Shabob Somali fighters and ISIS zealot killers.   By 2020, it will be far too late to get all of these savage invaders out of America and the West.   Australia recognized the error of taking in Muslims and black invaders and found a way out...force them on the US.  How long before France and Germany will try to do the same? The French know now that the Muslims are death for their country and economy.  Next, Trump 2 will offer to take European Muslims.   Just watch.

The Tale of Two Trumps has been a nightmare already.  Trump has turned on his support base, broken nearly every solemn promise and vow he made during the campaign and has now become a full-blown Neocon threat to middle America.  

The Trumpenstein monster.  

Dump Trump now and write finis to A Tale of Two Trumps.