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By Jim Kirwan


When the pages in your life begin to pile up

And confusion leaves no room to deal with anything you need to do:

Then it’s time to step back and clean house.

Take Everything OFF the Table”


Think first and then begin putting things back on the table

One at a time,

after you’ve decided what to do about each item.

You will be amazed at how much can be permanently forgotten.


The first thing any dictator, politician or artificial-owner of anything says,

Whenever any ‘serious-problem’ arises is:

Everything’s ON the table”

That’s why nothing ever changes

Because the tables of our lives and thoughts are so overloaded

With trivia with violence and with threats

There’s no way to really deal with anything at all.

What am I ‘going on-about’ with this? The real problems we all have today stem from a very few inconsistencies. First, we’ve forgotten that we’re all part of this universe and that this place, this earth we share is completely interconnected and always has been. That’s why this place began with the words. “We the People”.

Maybe they weren’t much different individually than ‘we’ are today, but the idea of “WE” is what made the real and simple concepts in the Constitution so powerful: At a time and in a world that had become the Old World Order from which the New World Order has arisen.

Neither of those systems has anything to do with advancing human life or freedom in fact they’re both about eradicating everything that anyone needs to live, love or prosper from, in any world today.

One of the things that billions of people around the world have definitely lost today is the human-concept of “WE”. Without it we’re all just a herd of isolated cases with insufficient-power; just waiting to be annihilated one victim at a time. Greed and bloodlusts had a lot to do with why so many reject what’s needed, to continue to hold that basic idea, which originally lent us the power needed to keep us free.

Where do our real problems come from?

Healthy-Competition helps to move any society wherein it’s active—forward. If on the other hand ‘competition’ is only used to eradicate any and all other forms of competition: Then it becomes tyranny. Nations that govern least tend to govern best. The constitution is simple because it does not even try to legislate every comma and every thought of every person in the nation. That form of government is what a Republic is about. Empires build systems of dominance by investing in tyrannies of oppressive-powers: Absolutely ruled by minor dictators that struggle with every other ‘interest’ in their lust for Absolute-Total-Dominion across all spectrums in the world of today.

That’s not competition that’s mass-murder and the slaughter of the innocence worldwide. It’s torture, blackmail, armed robbery, extortion, hate and violence-unlimited in service to the global-barbarity that recognizes no law anywhere: That’s what this government and their mercenaries represent in the world today. In this Obamanation and Netanyahu are interchangeable and expendable puppets who serve the monied interests of the planet. Their first order of every day is the obliteration of the ordinary people that stand in their way.

The world runs on people and on our efforts

People are the only thing that really counts in this world! It’s never been the corporations, the partnerships or the flags of hundreds of nations. It’s not the money or the false-powers: Because without ordinary people nothing works. People the world over are what make life possible. It’s not the religions, the associations or all the fake titles because at the end of everything it always takes people, of all kinds and types, to make anything work.

The creatures who have stolen the world from the rest of us are nothing without their slaves to keep up the pretence that their projects are what lend value to any of their evil schemes. And slowly, very slowly this fact is beginning to dawn, on every useless fugitive that has made enemies of us all.

Beginning with the 14th Amendment in 1868, Corporations began receiving the same rights as human-beings, but without any of the responsibilities that flesh & blood humans have always had. By the 1980’s those same corporate-persons were allowed to copyright living tissue, plants, foods, trees and bushes and the entire Human Genome. The TPP now wants to grant Corporate-Statehood to those false persons who are the same corporations that under the Vatican now own all the people. “We” are bought and sold on the stock markets of the world as ‘owned private property” ­ not of ourselves, but by the corporation that owns USI ­ which going back to the beginning means that the Vatican owns everyone who is not a direct part of their global scheme.

So what we have now are non-human-persons (corporations) that own and control most of the planet, but who do not have to pay for any of the crimes they commit against people, because they are not legally responsible for what they do.

That means that Chevron or BP or any other national or multinational corporation who commits murder or something as massive as the destruction of the entire Gulf of Mexico, cannot be held liable: The same is apparently true of the corporations that were responsible for Fukushima. Since no corporation can be held liable for whatever they do, in business, the public gets the bill and we’re the ones that suffer. Just imagine how much worse this will be if TPP goes through. That will mean we’ll be controlled by private-corporate-statehoods that will have no responsibility for anything they will do to anyone, because the corporate-state will have no more responsibility than do any of the multinational-corporations now.

We have allowed an entirely new life-form to be created that is not-human (corporate-personhood). In turn, that corporate personhood is about to get away with creating Private-Corporate-Nation-States that will bear no responsibility whatsoever for anything they in turn continue to do to all the people of the planet.

All corporate charters, in every country

Must Be Withdrawn!

Who died and made “money” the god of all people?

Finance was once just one small part of any real venture: Before every venture became a Vulture-driven conspiracy designed to kill viability in favor of stolen profits worldwide. When we lost the “We” we lost our ability to live our own private lives. The socialist-collective which is popular now is being used to turn everyone into a prisoner, a slave or a corpse: It has nothing to do with the unifying powers that come from spontaneously assisting other people when help is needed.

A sidebar that explains the real basis for our common problems might in part be this: ‘We’ all dream the same dreams, we bleed the same blood and we continue to starve to death or die of thirst in the same ways and yet we refuse to recognize that this similarity is more than just a fact. It’s what defines us as human-beings.

Instead of recognizing this we have allowed ourselves to become categorized into thousands of tiny specialties, always seeking some advantage over everyone else. Whether we seek to become “Royalty” or power brokers, insiders with secret-society connections, or whether we prefer to chase that ever-elusive fickle star of personal-fame: All of that goes nowhere: Because we are all the same flawed creatures, made from the same stardust, struggling to learn more to live more and to be able to enjoy more of this life that each of us was given at birth. No one was born “better” than any other person. Some of us have more talents, some more gifts, some more insight, but that’s just part of the overall mix of individuals that together make up the entire human race. These gifts and their concomitant short-comings have nothing at all to do with race, religion, sex, or the sheer dumb-luck of the place of one’s birth.

For every fabulous gift, or seemingly obvious exceptional part of any one of us: We also get less in other areas of our lives—which is why socialism for the sake of fake-equality has never worked anywhere, where that obscenity was tried, because it always fails. Zero-tolerance and the Nanny-State feeds off devouring the few but still surviving “healthy people” that seek to live their lives without monitoring the rest of the planet to see if anyone might be doing something they don’t “approve-of”. These perverse-freaks have always destroyed every “society” they say they came to protect.

In the gathering of the Congress, Tuesday night, you could see the results of all this spying on all the rest of us. Does anyone think that any of those broken-down fcked up people has “a right” to rule over everyone else? They are no more “special” than any of the rest of us, we’re all just people—but that crowd of the especially-rich needs to be rounded up and shot, not listened to about anything to do with how we, all the rest of us, will continue to live our lives!

The people of the planet have struggled with how we each choose to live since we left the caves. Before “religion” there was the Sun that most recognized had given that primitive world the heat the crops and the seasons that allowed them to survive. As people tried to explain the continuing mysteries of the planet they began to turn to others for answers. From Shamans, to Priests and Oracles, people all over the planet found themselves gravitating toward letting others lead them into those parts of their lives that too few understood: From those early beginnings the idea of “leaders” was born.

That concept has ricocheted from bandits and barbarians to Kings and Queens, to the Knights Templar and a whole host of criminal-associations which has universally-combined the corruptions of religion with the vanity of hates, politics and envy worldwide. The world seemed to accept the idea that thousands of people from their fifties to their nineties could refuse to ever grow up. And today we are living with that result which has produced inequities that would have been totally unimaginable, just a few decades ago. Note that some do not consider this a crime but rather something to be globally emulated!

Canadian businessman and reality-TV star Kevin O’Leary applauded Oxfam’s recent report on global inequality, which stated that the wealth of the world’s 85 richest people is equal to the wealth of the poorest 3.5 billion. Yes, you read that right. He applauded the findings, arguing that “this is a great thing because it inspires everybody, and gets them the motivation to look up to the 1 per cent and say, I want to become one of those people. I’m going to fight hard and get up to the top.”

It is appalling that O’Leary has so much airtime in Canada on CBC’s The Lang and O’Leary Exchange and in the United States on ABC’s Shark Tank. The reality is that the billions of people living on less than $2.50 a day often lack access to clean water, basic education and food. This is a moment for CBC and ABC to show some responsible leadership, and yank O’Leary off the air.” (1)

Apparently O’Leary is using his fifteen seconds of fame to take ‘god’ further and his lusts are not just about money. In fact O’Leary may be “looking at this”, but he apparently “sees” nothing.

It’s beginning to dawn upon the people of the world that “we” would be better of without these particular “85 creatures” as part of what will soon globally-intensify, to the detriment of every other real person on the planet: Death will come to everyone here, but in this instance, it seems that “sooner” is far more preferable than “later”.

Once we have individually decided, about what actually belongs on our individual agendas, then we can come away from this confusion; away from the artificial place we gave it and spend time in pursuit of what matters to each and all of us while ‘we’ begin to change what must be changed: Now ­ more than ever!


May not be an answer for everyone,

But maybe it might offer a way to start thinking about reality?

1) Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary Calls Global Poverty Report 'Fantastic News'



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