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Fire On The Wind

By Jim Kirwan

Image by Pat Dollard

After ten long years of being treated like garbage, it’s way past time that as a people this nation begins to rise up and challenge the scum like the figure above, for whom nothing is ever “too much” for them to do, to anyone they feel like attacking. It’s time that they begin to feel the same fires they’ve been passing out for years now.

Here are some of the basic points that far too many people have refused to even think about—much less demand, from the masked criminals at all levels that have come to end our way of life.

To whom does your life belong? Who owns you? Most people instinctively answer: ‘I own myself’. But most people don’t actually believe that.

What does it mean to ‘own’ something? It means that you and you alone have the right to decide what is done with that thing. What is yours you can use, you can trade, you can give away, you can destroy.

So what does it mean to say you can own yourself? It means that you and you alone have the right to decide what is done with your body and your mind: With your time and your energy.

If someone else has the right to decide what is done with your body and your mind, your time and your energy: Then he would be your owner and you would be his slave.

So, are you anyone’s slave? Do you pay taxes? Do you feel obligated to obey whatever the politicians decide to call “law”?

Do you imagine that someone else has the right to control you: To rule you?

Do you vote? In every political election you are asked to decide, who you want owning you. But owning yourself is never one of the options offered. The only choice you are given is the choice of which politicians will coerce or control you; by way of so-called regulation and legislation. And confiscate what you produce by way of taxation. Whoever wins you will be extorted and dominated.

When you vote whether you win or not, you are accepting that someone else has the right to rule you. You are conceding the state’s authority over you. You are agreeing that you are going to be someone’s slave: With the only question being, which political master will own you.

If you believe that you have an obligation to pay taxes. If you concede that it is up to someone else to decide how much of your earnings they will ‘let you’ keep. Then you are their slave.”

k) That’s why the taxation as currently practiced is totally illegal, according to the U.S. Constitution ­ because clearly what you earn to support yourself is not taxable.

If you own yourself you don’t need the permission of anyone, any individual, any group, any collective, any county, any legislature: To run your own life, make your own choices and keep the fruits of your own labor.

As long as the politicians see you voting, petitioning, protesting and campaigning: Begging for tax-cuts, whining for different legislation: As long as they see you timidly obeying whatever commands they issue—while begging them to change their so-called ‘laws’—then they know that they own you in mind and body!

k: And now “thought” has been criminalized along with “pre-crime” which makes what is going on not just illegal, it’s inhuman and obscene on every level of existence!

Writing or calling your congressman merely tells him [or her], that you still think he’s important. That you still view him or her and [their] fellow parasites as ‘authority’ and that you still think it’s his choice whether to let you be free or not. As long as you play their games and legitimize their system, obeying their so-called ‘laws’ and paying their so-called ‘taxes’ ­ acting as if they are your rightful lords and masters: The tyrants know they have nothing to fear. The slave master doesn’t mind his slaves begging for mercy as long as they keep producing wealth for the master to steal.

Those in-power aren’t worried about elections or petitions. What they do fear is that one day their victims will realize the truth; will stop believing in “the Divine Right of Politicians”: Will stop calling liars and crooks “lawmakers”, will stop calling the mercenaries “law-enforcers”, will stop believing that ‘anyone’ has the right to rule them, will stop imagining there is “authority” where there is none: Will realize that they own themselves and will stop bowing to what the parasitical and anti-human beast calls government!

If you own your time and effort and the fruits of your labor; then stop asking nicely to be allowed to keep it! If you own yourself then stop asking nicely for legislative permission to run your own life!

If you actually believe in unalienable rights and individual liberty and Freedom then stop asking nicely for the psychopathic parasites to let you be free! For humanity to be free; people need to stop thinking, talking and acting like slaves! Stop bowing to megalomaniacs, stop paying Tribute to sociopaths. Stop obeying political parasites!

If you truly understand that you own yourself—then start acting like it!(1)

A reader said: The Ultimate Shelf Life of things

The first thing that came to mind was that the minion politician’s shelf life has reached the expiration date. If Scalia thinks that we are going to buy into their fear mongering about concentration camps he'd better have a space craft ready because he'll be the first sacrifice under the guillotine blade.

To all you who claim you are part of TPTW... You don't stand a chance against the men and women of America. You are already on your knees; you just don't want to admit it.

Justice will be served.

Justice ­ American style. Those of you soft politicians, we will use a page out of Stazi Germany. Psychology yeaaa... If you're an extrovert we'll put you in isolation. If you're an introvert we'll put you in maximum general population where you will be assaulted 24 hours a day with noise, noise and more noise until you go nuts.

For all you fat assholes you'll be on a flash diet the minute you arrive. No need to go on about what will happen to you: You pedophile entities. The prison population will be taking bets on how many hours you actually stay alive.

For the people who helped aid and abet all these people -- you know, our next door neighbors - you will always be looking over your shoulders. The worst part is so will your wife your daughters and sons.”

The mercenary forces, trained by Mossad in Israel, have been steadily ramping up their brutality against the general public in America—and there is no excuse for any of this behavior beside a public highway in broad daylight. This is blatant police ASSAULT, pure and simple and there is no precedent for any of what happened to any of the victims in any of the five instances described at the link.

Driver after driver told investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer officers searched inside their pants while they were stopped for minor traffic violations. In several cases, the invasive searches targeted passengers who were riding in the car. ”He was like, ‘Just unbuckle all your clothes,’ and put his hands down inside my pants,” said Terry Phillips.

Forest Park police had pulled over Phillips’ wife for a suspended registration. Phillips consented to a search. However on the officer’s dashboard camera recording Phillips can clearly be heard protesting when he realized the extent of the officer’s intentions. “That’s illegal, man, you can’t do that. You can’t do that,” said Phillips to the officer. The officer continued. Phillips filed a complaint with the Forest Park Police Department and hired an attorney.

It’s just embarrassing. I’ve got everybody seeing me exposed,” said Alphonzo Eleby of his similar encounter with DeKalb Police. Eleby had stopped at a gas station, parked his car at the pump, and run into the store for a money order. As he exited, he stopped to say hello to an acquaintance parked outside”. There was just basically no reason for the search, but I still allowed them to search me because I had nothing to hide”, Eleby told Fleischer. He said an officer walked him through the parking lot with his belt open and underwear exposed. He says the officer then reached into the front of his pants with his bare hand. “He went inside my underwear and searched my genital area,” Eleby said, “It was just embarrassing.” That officer found nothing on Eleby, but charged him with possession of marijuana anyway; his report alleges he saw Eleby throw something to the ground. But a convenience store video shows Eleby’s hands did not move, and the officer appears to toss something to the ground. The DeKalb County Solicitor dropped the charge against Eleby and forwarded the case to the district attorney to investigate the officer.” (2)

Add to this the number of tortures, police-kidnappings and murders routinely committed supposedly in a search for drugs, or “whatever” without a warrant or any sign of any reason to suspect any unlawful behavior and absolutely no probable cause existed. Then you have what is about to explode across this nation. The sooner the better!

Inside Iraq mercenaries that we paid routinely raided the homes of Iraq’s nightly using hand grenades and AK-47’s to break in and the people that didn’t die in the initial assault were hauled away to Abu Ghraib. According to Rumsfeld “We were in a War, in a war you take prisoners and that’s what we did.”

According to our Commander-in-Chief, who ought to stop wearing civilian clothes and begin appearing in his military uniform, just like Hitler did when he took over in Nazi Germany. The same should be the case for Eric Holder. The position of Attorney-General is after all a military-position so they should both wear military uniforms, no doubt covered with combat-ribbons: Because as Bush was so found of saying “We’re at War”!

Very soon now the wrong people will be stopped and cops will die because of it. They’ve had this coming for over ten years, and it will catch up to them soon, because we are not slaves. But that has to be clearly demonstrated to these troglodytes, with unrelenting force because that’s all that these creatures understand… (3)

Everything across the world is about to be threatened and the first thing that will fall apart will be the treatment of Americans just as the Palestinians are being treated now. Those people who fail to challenge this government about everything mentioned in the opening article above, will die a hundred times before they’ll die an actual death. The rest of us will resist the oncoming Fire on the Wind that can no longer be avoided!

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