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The Fifth Element

By Jim Kirwan



The Four Universal Elements consist of Water, Air, Earth & Fire.
When these four elements are combined they form the life, that is the Fifth Element.

A list of 1,000 traitors must be waiting for the new administration to act upon, as soon as the oath of Office has been administered. In the first tier of the list should be the key players in both the George W. Bush and the Obama administration's ­ who were complicit in the attempted overthrow of the constitution and the United States. This will include all members of congress who gave their sworn allegiance to Israel, over their supposed allegiance to the United States of America ­ going all the way back to 2001.

Technically, as this number alone includes all members of the 535-club, after each of their 'elections' that were held for congress ­ which would by itself clearly exceed the first One-Hundred Traitors. There are also the five members of the Supreme Court that broke the law when they illegally intervened in the 2000 election, to appoint Bush Jr. as the President over Gore ­ that criminal act was how this entire masquerade actually began

This public act of treason was never disputed by the congress, by either political party, or by the public at the time: Therefore everything that flowed directly from that act of public treason - is what placed every act committed by the entire Bush Jr. administration, as being totally unlawful. This includes all the wars that were illegally declared, (because only Congress can declare WAR in the United States) ­ consequently all WARS since 2000 have been and still are unconstitutional.

The 20th of January is on a Friday ­ and it looks like the Trump administration will have to work through the weekend just to create this list of individuals, that must be publicly named ­ and vetted before the nations' business can go forward.

This means Trump's team will have to start with all current members of the congress, both the House and the Senate, all current members of the Obama administration and the former members of the Bush administration: Yes, that is one hell of a long list ­ but that's because we haven't prosecuted anyone for Treason for roughly five decades.

Here's the current problem

Aiding and Abetting: Every aspect of the Media and government has been involved in deceiving the public about everything that's happened politically & culturally throughout the world. To get to those most culpable in this global take-down, the list of traitors needs to reflect all key players across the board.

If the Trump administration can successfully identify the members of the previous government's clearly, then those prosecutions can go forward—because all the investigations have been done; all that's missing are the arrest, prosecution and convictions of the criminals. The problem of course is that most of those that are clearly guilty are or were inside government organizations.

This includes the Department of Justice, the prosecutor's at every level who failed to act, the FBI, the State Department, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Department of Defense, NSA, CIA, DHS, DEA, BLM, (ICE) Immigration & Customs, the entire illegal-network of NGO's, along with Soros and of course everyone in The Department of Immigration. The American Connections to the UN, the entire Bush government, that set this all up, and the Obama government that tried, but failed, to overthrow this nation.

The Good News

If the Trump Administration clearly identifies the key players publicly, and their connections to the Clinton Foundation, then Trump's new cabinet can begin do their jobs. Then most of the rest of these massive crimes can each find their own place as Trump begins to “Drain the Swamp from Day One”

If humanity is to survive then “LIFE” must again become the focal point for everything that we allow our government's to do ­ supposedly “in our names”.