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Feminism And Liberal Racist
Fraud Protecting Muslim Rapists

By Patricia Doyle PhD

Hello Jeff - Where are all the women's lib feminists?  The silence from the Liberal Feminist front is DEAFENING.  The silence is so typical of these leftist frauds.

Where is Crooked Serial Liar Hillary on this?  It seems clear, these feminist idiots, led by the imbecile German politician and gang rape victim, are saying it is OK to rape women if the raper is Muslim or black and the women getting raped are white.  Yep, that's ok…not a problem at all.  

Trump cares FAR more about women than Hillary ever has.  We have to put Trump in or America will be drowned in raping, female mutilating, honor-killing, brainwashed radical Islamic, fascist psychopaths   Maybe he can get the Mosques closed down…that seems to be essential.  Your story on the Arab reporter who read the new book exposing Islam as a FRAUD should be viewed by everyone…especially muslims.  

The so-called originator of Islam was nothing more than a rapist, pedophile, womanizer, thief and murderer.  He was illiterate and a stupid person who gathered similar illiterate criminals around him and with the sword forced the ignorant arabs to convert to this new 'religion'… a cult of death and horror.  What a sham, and the ignorance haa been passed down from 7th century to 2016.  And Obama and Hillary want to drown us in it.

How can anyone be so stupid as to follow this death cult nonsense which calls for the execution and torture of ALL who are not 'believers'?  I am with Switzerland - if a Muslim will not assimilate and obey the laws of the land, they are immediately deported.   Their application for citizenship should be denied and out they go.

I have a cross bow here with a 235 pound pull.  The arrow would go through any rapist coming here. I would not think twice. As long as the perp is inside my home it is lights out for the Muslim criminal.  

I forgot to mention that it is not simply rape...but in a majority of cases it is or becomes murder.  

Let us not forget that the African Muslims from Somalia and elsewhere in Africa and Syria and the Middle East are infected with AIDS.  They are also often carrying drug-resistant TB and STDs like Gonorrhea, Syphilis both resistant to all antibiotics.  

This means not only are women being raped by black Somali apes, and others like them, but after the rape and beating and severe injuries, the women will be given a death sentence of Africanized HIV/Aids, TOTALLY resistant Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Leishmaniasis and all sorts of deadly diseases.

If you think I am exaggerating, I pity you.

So, where ARE the feminists?  Guess they are being politically correct and keeping quiet.  What would these feminists do and say if the Germans or other WHITE men were raping African and Muslim women?  They would go insane with rage and start slaughtering whites.  

People need to face facts, the blacks and Muslims are taking over the West.  They are being injected into our culture by whites who are part of the NWO and globalist elite who are trying to
destroy Western culture and civilization.  They have started to make the US a Third World country and will continue to make it become just like Africa with rape, female genital mutilation and honor killings...and also making the US an illiterate country.  Welcome to your New World Order.

Mohammed was a criminal who would not do a day's work.  He came up with the phony excuse for a religion just to eke out a living on the backs of the stupid illiterates who would house him, give him their women to rape and feed him and his ignorant, DEADLY followers.

Islam has no place in the US and should not be guaranteed a free pass on taxes. As I said, all mosques should be closed as many of them are meeting and planning locations for terrorists.
Facts are FACTS.  

Oh, btw, all the Muslims supposedly being resettled are 'Syrian' refugees.  So, why are we getting the savages from Somalia, Uganda, Sudan, etc?  And where are the Syrian Christians…so many of whom have been slaughtered in Syria?    Ask our gay muslim 'President'.  Ask Crooked Hillary who has announced plans to bring far more of these sick and white-hating muslims than even Obama has done.

We are at the end of the road.  We have ONE CHANCE LEFT.  The name is Trump.



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