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Feinstein Strikes Again!

By Jim Kirwan


U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein has struck again at the very core of the real problems in American society. Her weapon of choice this time is new legislation that will require every journalist in Amerika to be licensed by her Zionista-government”. This obvious lack of proper authorization within the global-media on the web is at the very heart of all the problems that are plaguing their world today.

After much thought; it has been decided that Diane’s direct-questioning of Journalism itself needs to put on permanent-hold; pending the outcome of a new requirement for every politician in the Jewnited States to publish a complete financial-report on everyone and every organization that has “given” money to any politician in this captured nation for the last 50 years.

Since Feinstein has determined that every journalist must now be licensed by the feral government: This mainstay of the money behind all the political-criminality and the treason here, should definitely become


Once that is done: Then everyone who plays at being political would be forced to show a complete history of all their major contributors since they first became “political-enemies” of the citizens they supposedly represent!

Thanks Diane for this breakthrough in the political-quick-sand that has seized the country since before the Zionista’s took charge, back when AIPAC was founded in the 1950’s. That was some thirty years before Darling Feinstein had even become a Supervisor in San Francisco, on her way to national-fame as the bitch who tried to kill the Second Amendment, so that we could not use our guns to repel Israel inside what used to be the USA.

America’s Real Problem

Feinstein is not our major problem; she’s just misguided trash in the middle of our road. Our real problem is the vast and growing number of traitors in Amerika. In D.C. alone there are hundreds of thousands of traitors, living and working uninterrupted each and every day. Their numbers continue to expand, not just in D.C. but across the ruin of the whole country. The number of TRAITORS who frequently become Treasonous in the Jewnited States is probably well over ten million creatures, when you add in all those who shelter, collude with, or who directly profit from the massive criminality that was and still is enabled by having this OULAW government in place.

The CRIMINAL Just-Us SYSTEM, in 2005.

The obscene criminal-control of government in 2005 was nothing, compared to what it has grown into today. The US prison-population has swollen, and is now mandated to remain at 95% of capacity, while we add new prisons every month. Thanks to the privatization of the entire prison system run amuck, the US leads the world in the number of people in prison. Yet there is still no criminal code that directly applies to white-collar crime.

Those people from the phone companies to most of the major corporations tend to pay trivial fines, if and when they get caught and then continue on their way ­ no matter what they have done to this country or the world with their heinous crimes. (1)

Stealing the water or the resources of the world, poisoning the entire food chain (Monsanto), rearranging the weather of the planet to starve or kill millions. The financial-criminal-chaos that is about to decimate the entire planet’s financial stability is not subject to criminal statutes ­ because it would be insane to punish the people who need to be protected from the rabble. “The Rabble” has always been with us: The desperately poor, the ignorant and the undesirables. After all aren’t the-elite the whole reason why the rest of us exist—just to wait on them and die for them whenever that becomes necessary?

So of course there are no real laws enacted against any of that

Because the real criminals are the elite of this place,

And always have been!

Have you ever wondered why none of the really filthy bastards are never assassinated? Why has Kissinger, GWH Bush, Cheney, Rummy or Bush Junior not been assassinated? That’s easy; they’re just the puppets who run the show. Assassinations are reserved for those that OBJECT to anything major like the Kennedy brothers, JFK junior, MLK, Malcolm X, or the Wellstone family. Today the target-area has been widened to those that might be dangerous if they live to testify. This began with people like William Casey, former director of the CIA, whose plane crashed on the way back to Washington to testify: And it extends to the most recent murder of the U.S. Ambassador in Benghazi.

Of course there are thousands of the lesser known that have been slaughtered along the way, and there will be thousands more ­ but there will be almost none of those who really need to be shot, hanged, or have their heads cut off in public.

That doesn’t happen because Amerikans have lost the guts needed to do the investigations, charge them all, then carry out the executions.

America has literally tens of millions of traitors living and reaping illicit profits in the country today. There are probably another 10 million who routinely commit treason every day in this place. And yet:

There has never been a single


In my political lifetime.

More recently there have not been any firings

Related to the events of 911

But there have many, many promotions

Throughout the government & the private corporations.

The BANKS, the BASTARDS, & the Zionistas

Always get off Scott-Free!

The most recent example was the reversal of the sentence

Of Tom DeLay in Texas.


No one of any real importance


Since 911 happened



This could not happen

If this country was a real country with real Americans

Inside the completely owned Zionista-Cabal.

It is clear who owns this place,

Just as it’s clear that unless Americans stand up

This place will become

Nothing but the SHADOW that we’ve been

For most of our official life,

And our so-called people will vanish

Into the carnage of history that will be all that’s left

Of this misbegotten place!

Change THIS America!

NOTE: Please read the three articles contained in the link to this article because they are pivotal and pertain to why and how the US Department of Just-Us caused the failure of the public to deal with the crimes that were committed during 2005 and through all of the eight years that succeeded that colossal seizure of our way of life.

There are three articles with illustrations in this link. The public did not respond and there was no official denial or refutation of what is said therein.

The event itself was held, in D.C. but the minute the cops showed up those who were attending the tables fled. The reason I did this was to help to free a cop that had been framed for murder,

and who needed help to get a fair hearing. His wife organized the effort, what you can read here is what I gave her to use to reverse his incarceration.

Since this did not happen, his case was not reviewed and he died in prison without ever getting the freedom this was designed to obtain for him - his name was Patrick!

1) The CRIMINAL Just-Us SYSTEM 2005



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