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Feds Warns Of Elevated Terror Threat From Mexico

By  Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff  -  Of course we have an elevated terror threat to the US from Mexico.  This is fact and what Trump and many of us have been warning about for many months.  When we see tens of thousands of Haitians and Africans appear on the street of Tijuana are we recently did, YES, we are in danger.  Mexico cannot possibly know who each or any of those black migrants are.

They simply shuffle them across the border and let it become the US' problem. Can you imagine the fallout if the US sent tens of thousands of refugees across the border to Mexico, especially without vetting them?  Soros and the rest of the globalist elite would be up in arms and screaming about what the US is doing to poor Mexico.  We would hear that Mexico has a right to secure borders.  However, when it is Mexico and a Catholic priest doing the sending of
non- screened refugees into the US across the border, then it is perfectly OK.

We now have tens of thousands of 'refugees' (not) and illegals coming into the US with the help of the Mexican Government and the drug cartels...and we are expected to simply take them into the US.  We are expected to give them free housing, welfare and ssi and medical and food.   

This is an OUTRAGEOUS burden on the American taxpayer and it must stop.  There is nothing in the Constitution that says we have to take in ANY immigrants, illegals or refugees.  Donald Trump can turn these people around and send them home.  I know of no law that says we must take all comers into the US or pay for ANY of their living expenses.  If we do not stop, America will become a Third World cesspool.  It is well on its way to Third World status already.  We are under no obligation to take in ANY non US citizens…especially ANY who have infectious diseases.  

If Donald Trump will, 1. stop the influx of 'refugees' and illegals, and 2. stop giving these people welfare and other living expenses then he will go down as a Great President.  If not, he will be judged accordingly.   He also needs to put American citizens back to work.   American citizens FIRST.




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