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Federal Agents at Protests Renew Calls to
Dismantle Homeland Security
By Si Contino
The Intercept

Dear Ms. Speri,

I'm a natural born American citizen who is a registered independent. I wasn't in favor of creating the Department of Homeland Security when it was originally advocated for back in 2002.  In fact, I still believe the DHS should be shuttered.  Personally, I was concerned about the creation of a new para-military agency being given the power to arrest.  Firstly, because of mission-creep as it related to the Department's new "homeland security" mission.  Secondly, because of the constitutional prohibition on a federal police force, and lastly; because of my concern that other follow-on legislation would allow the DHS to be used against the American public, extrajudicially, at some point in time. 

Then, my worst fears were realized when President Barack Hussein Obama signed a National Defense Authorization Act over the Christmas holiday in 2011. This act contained language that allowed for everyday American citizens to be held in criminal detention indefinitely.  It applied to any person who was merely declared an enemy combatant, anywhere in the world, without judicial oversight, including American citizens on US soil.  These provisions also allowed for US citizens to be held in military custody rather than in civilian jails.  (Think Jose Padilla and Guantanamo Bay.)  In point of fact, the US Senate actually rejected a specific provision that would have banned the use of the NDAA on American nationals only a month prior to President Obama signing that NDAA in 2011. 

As for the Patriot Act, looking back, it now seems mild by caparison to Obama's indefinite detentions, and his NDAA of 2011. In that the Patriot Act only allows for the use of secret surveillance, and secret gag orders against the American people.  These gag orders are presumably meant to keep the victims of these un-American activities silent.

With that said, however, I can't help but to feel bad not only for the Intercept, but for you as well; in that you wasted so much time, so much effort, and so many words writing such an inane story that so widely missed it's mark.

In actuality, deploying federal law enforcement, "RoboCops" as you call them, against the American public is exactly why the Department of Homeland Security, not to mention the Patriot Act and President Obama's NDAA of 2011, were created in the first place. What has exasperated so many internationalist minded liberals and conservatives today, yourself included I would wager, is that these tools, including the use of a well armed federal militia, are being employed against the minions of globalization. That is to say, rioters being permitted to ravage various American cities controlled by globalist aligned Democrats, during this George Soros financed and inspired color-revolution, and not against gun owning, freedom loving, God fearing constitutional nationalist as was originally intended.

It seems clear, at least in retrospect, that this was the unambiguous intention of the Globalist cabal running the White House when they cajoled President George W. Bush into creating the Department of Homeland Security in November of 2002, not to mention enacting the Patriot Act and President Obama's indefinite detention authorization of 2011.  Since, no matter what else the Establishment had to maintain control of all those freedom loving deplorable clingers once America went Global.

You see, the Establishment understood that they would need to protect themselves from the American people, once the public figured out that they had been betrayed by America's political-class over the loss of freedoms, their freedoms, needed to implement the U.N."s plan for global governance.  What they didn't anticipate was Donald J. Trump.

And therein lies the real story, and the story you missed telling.

Now, just to help get those panties of yours into a little tighter bunch then they were a minute ago; please also note that I didn't call Trump's supporters God fearing, gun owing "white" nationalist.  That's because Trump supporters are almost exclusively NOT white nationalist, as CNN and MSNBC have tried to portray them to be, by conflating "constitutional nationalism" with "white nationalism."

Additionally, you should understand that most of the president's supporters I know, support the President not because of any of his opinions, judgements, or convictions.  Rather, they support him because Trump's one of the very, very few contemporary public figures, political or otherwise, fighting to keep America a sovereign independent democratic republic, e.g., a government that responds to the needs of the people who comprise that nation and that government.

I've also found that most Trump's supporters also believe in international trade, but only among nations who are economic equals; as well as in global cooperation on international problems.  However, the vast majority of the ones with whom I've spoken don't believe in Climate Change, Sustainable Development, or this most recent brand of (failed) Free Trade policy created by Bill and Hillary Clinton, the United Nations and the WTO. Crafted, demonstrably, they would say, with the sole intention of making America economically, politically and militarily flaccid.

Moreover, my dear, you are living in the past I'm afraid.

You see, the old paradigm of American conservatives battling American liberals over the fate of our nation has long since passed.  It ended at least thirty years ago after Bill Clinton sold out this nation to the forces of globalization and their Deep-State emissaries internationally; as epitomized by the efforts of George Soros, Hillary Clinton, both Bush presidencies, the Central Bankers, the IMF, the World Bank, the US Chamber of Commerce, the Ford Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Rothschild Foundation, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, the Club of Rome, the RAND Corporation, the Bookings Institution, The Center for American Progress, the Carnegie Endowment, the CATO Institute, the Atlantic Council, AIPAC, Planned Parenthood, the ADL, the Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation, Home Depot, Wal-Mart, the Southern Poverty Law Center, FAIR, La Raza, Mijenta, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi, Ilhan Omar, Paul Ryan, Al Gore, Rashida Tlaib, Dick Chaney, Adam Shiff, Condoleezza Rice, Ayanna Pressley, and Mitt Romney to name but a few; as well as almost every other political action committee, lobbying group and global think tank functioning in the known world today.

Besides, the only thing the Globalists within our government really desire from the American public is for them to keep quiet, and to continue paying them tribute even after the global government has been established, and their responsibilities have been rolled over into the new U.N. governing body where they'll have almost no legislative potency whatsoever.

More worrisome is the story, yet unwritten, that pertains to the surreptitious machinations of the stay-behind networks these Globalist politicos have left behind when Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama yielded power.  In view of the fact that their globalist philosophies have since metastasized throughout every segment of our governmental institutions. Including in the DHS, DOJ, DOD, FBI, the State Department, HHS, HUD, Department of Commerce and the CIA. All of which are presently fighting a clandestine rear guard action against President Trump and the change in political direction he's trying to implement in Making America Great Again.

Let me say, too, that these most recent US riots have virtually nothing to do with George Floyd.  Therefore, if Joe Biden is elected this coming November, I predict the riots will cease almost immediately.  Indeed, if Biden is elected I believe you'll pretty much never hear the name George Floyd uttered again, or the organizational name of Black Lives Matter, or anything about "institutionalized white racism" either.  Until, that is, the Globalists' run out the next batch of handpicked George Soros' lackeys for America's next election cycle.

Finally, I should also like to note that you twisted yourself into a pretzel trying to fuse the issue of the DHS, it's creation, and job performance; along with that of the CBP, Fusion Centers and ICE into a civil rights issue related to illegal immigration.  However, the treatment of folks illegally secreted away within our country, and that of American citizens are vastly different topics that need to be addressed independently one from another in the view of most Americans.  Moreover, you preformed these linguistic gymnastics, I would contend, in order to try to gin up a political gradation that could be used to protect an illegal aliens population who shouldn't be in in our country to begin with, and that most American's don't want to see harmed; but do want deported, immediately, without them being given access to our legal system or social services while trespassing here.

In closing, I'll enlighten you to one final point. Regrettably, your piece only served to illustrate just how young, naive and poorly educated you actually are.  Not to mention just how simpleminded you believe the American people to be.  Keep up this type of job performance, and you'll be back writing for your high school newspaper very shortly.

Yours, Si Contino