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Feces-Throwing Muslim Savages...
A Bus Ride From HELL


From Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff - This news is just beginning to make the mainstream.  The Muslim mob took over the bus threw feces at the bus, and the Europeans and in one case pulled an older woman out of her car window by her hair.


So, this is how the Islamic cult teaches peace? If these are the spokespeople for the Islamic cult, they are nothing less than Medieval savages.

Mobs of these killers-in-waiting have torn Europe apart.  The Europeans had no choice but to try to enter the US illegally where they can work and live in peace.  

Now Obama is filling up the detention centers with illegal WHITE EUROPEAN citizens seeking asylum from the Muslim 'asylum' seekers. These Europeans probably realize there is going to be civil war on the streets of European cities as Europeans begin fighting for their homeland against Muslim invaders.

It is time for Europeans to stand up for their rights.  Islamic killers with arms and ammo on the way to them…all disguised as 'refugees'…are flooding into Europe by Turkish gun-running smugglers.   Europens need to prepare as the Muslim cells in Europe are prepared. IF the Europeans do not prepare and arm themselves, they will be genocided and Europe will be as ISIS pictured, a caliphate.

The savage organized Muslim mobs took over the bus easily and will continue to persecute the Europeans. So Islam is a religion?  Don't think so.  A religion of peace?  Hell, No.  It is a cult of savages and death.

The same future holds true for the US and Canada.   Time is flying….tic…tock…tic…tock...


Anger As 'Migrants' Throw Feces And Abuse Europeans In Austria

Published 6 september 2015

On the social networking site Facebook readers are boiling anger after migrants who arrived by bus to Austria amused themselves by throwing feces and mistreating Europeans at the Italian border, writes the Polish media.  

A famous Polish travel blogger and author, Kamil Bulonis, were on Saturday on a bus between Austria and Italy in which several immigrants from the Arab world also traveled. He described the scenes at the border as all-out chaos.

“Bus passengers got assaulted and the refugees threw feces at them and the bus, spat on the bus, violently banged on the window panes, tried to overturn the bus. An older Italian female car driver was pulled out of the window by her hair and the mob tried to steal her car and take off with it. On a French tourist bus the (Muslim) mob opened the trunk and pulled out all the baggage and stole everything they wanted. It took the Austrian police several hours to push back the mob to the Italian border,” writes Bulonis on Facebook late on Friday evening.

Within two hours the post had been shared by 16,000 people and published in the Polish news portal Niezalezna, which journalists from several Polish newspapers work with, to bring attention to Bulonis’ experiences.

“How will it be possible to assimilate these savages in Germany? I felt for a moment as I was in the middle of a war … I feel sorry for these [Muslim] people, but if they reach Poland, I do not believe for a moment that they are going to get any sympathy from us. Shit was thrown at us, door was scraped, a man spat on the Windows [where passengers were sitting]. For what purpose?” wonders Kamil Bulonis in his Facebook posts.

He goes on to say that he is happy to be a pole and not a German, because Germany is the immigrants final destination. Poland, for its part, declined to receive large numbers of immigrants from the Arab world through the new EU quota system.

“We Poles are simply not ready to accept these people ­ either culturally or economically. I don’t know if anyone is,” writes Bulonis.

Comment post to article

Muslim hordes have invaded Europe multiple times in the past, and have always been repelled. The first time was the battle of tours when charles martel defeated the muslim moors from spain.

The last time was the siege of vienna on sept 11 1683. (notice the date? 9/11 was not a random date).

This is an invasion disguised as refugees. The syrian war is years old. Why refugees now, and not 3 years ago? Why is not one of the 56 islamic states taking a single “refugee”? Why are the finding “aid” ships from the islamic world filled with weapons?

This is going to get very ugly. European citizens themselves are going to have to combat religious zealots willing to die for allah to force islam on europe.

The sooner europeans react, the easier it will be.



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