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FDA Bans 6 Flavor Chemicals Via the Delaney
Clause against Carcinogens, yet Ignores All
Petitions to Ban Deadly Aspartame

From Betty Martini D. Hum
By Stephen Fox
Exclusive to Rense

Dear Friends... This legal breakthrough COULD lead to the demise of Aspartame's FDA approval. It depends entirely on the FDA's defenses when this ends up in court, but further, why should they want to defend an approval of aspartame? This artificial sweetener is the most egregious neurotoxin and carcinogen routinely added to American food products, the approval for which was rammed down the FDA's throat by Donald Rumsfeld in 1981 when he was CEO of Searle, and Ronald Reagan owed him a favor or two, from which Rummy profited to the tune of $12-15 million bonus from Searle for finally getting this chemical approved for human consumption.

(To their credit, the former FDA had consistently and adamantly turned down their approval for aspartame from its discovery in 1966 til Donald Rumsfeld's regulatory corporate coup in 1981!)

Are there any serious consumer protection lawyers out there who can see the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow in terms of the eventual punitive and exemplary damages that will come from suing the aspartame monster mega-corporations who make this deadly stuff? This will be historic, because the courts are capable of returning the honest regulatory functions of the FDA, even if the inevitable corrective rulings are just focused on one chemical at a time. We hope to hear from you soon.

Perhaps Ajinomoto of Japan, now the world's largest aspartame maker, would be forced pour billions down the drain in compensatory damages like Monsanto/Bayer are going to be forced to pay in the 5200 Roundup cases that will soon be heard in courts all over the USA.


Stephen Fox
Mission Possible New Mexico - Santa Fe

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