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Full Fathom Five

By Jim Kirwan


The world is underwater but we refuse to recognize the facts!

It’s not just that we killed the Gulf of Mexico

Or that we’re murdering the entire Pacific Ocean

Along with all the ecological damage

We’ve been killing everything about our collective-past as well.

From San Francisco at the top and over to New York

Down to China in the middle

And over to the Anasazi just below the arch.

Down-further to Ancient Mexico.

From the U.S. Capital to Hagia Sophia

Partially supported by one of the black-columns from St. Peter’s

To the Kremlin and back up to the Parthenon

Then further right to Notre’ Dame

Back left to the Taj Mahal

Then all the way down on the left

To the Sydney Opera House

And these were just some of the graphic highpoints

Of what was already dying by 1994

But no-one cared to notice, because there was still so much of the natural world that was still alive ­ it seemed that no-matter what we did the world would just go on forever and ever, or at least, as long as their were multi-national-corporations that could direct our every move.

That was nineteen years ago before we began to kill the oceans with a vengeance, not to mention the air, the water, the earth itself and most of the food as well.

Now Fukushima has brought the world the ultimate exclamation point which could soon send most of us down to the depths implied within this oil-sketch of Full-Fathom-Five!

Here’s a massively interesting take on how much so many of us missed, back when we studied the classic Orwell novel “1984”. It was this article that made me remember what I was trying to draw attention to, when I painted the image above.

Thank You Russia”

“… I’m as glad as the next guy that “we” won the Cold War. But sometimes you just have to wonder: What was the point of those 45 years of nuclear stalemate? All that time, we were told that this was a mighty struggle between individualism and collectivism, between freedom and tyranny, between capitalism and communism.

But at the end of the day, once everything has shaken itself out, it is Russia that is providing sanctuary to our best citizens.

Is this some sort of strange dystopian novel? Well, yes, and it has a name: Nineteen Eighty-Four, by George Orwell. Murray Rothbard once did a reconstruction of the hidden meaning of that novel. He demonstrated that Orwell was writing about the reality of the wartime and postwar period. A time when Russia’s status as an enemy turned to friend and back to enemy again in the blink of an eye.

In Orwell’s depiction, the world is dominated by three superpowers: Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia. Alliances would turn on a dime depending on political priorities. “We’ve always been at war with Eastasia,” says the slogan. Sounds just like something we’d hear today.

Islamic fundamentalists were U.S. allies in my living memory. They were heralded in the 1980s as freedom fighters who held to traditional family values and served as a mighty bulwark against atheistic communism. After the Cold War, our friends became our enemies. Now the right-wing talk shows speak daily of how we’ve always been at war with Islam.

The Russia case is particularly interesting. In the 1920s, American politics was sporadically consumed with the Red Scare. By the 1930s, Russia had become a kind of paradigm of progress. It was a model after which the New Deal copied its planning schemes for agriculture and large industry. By wartime, Russia was our dearest friend, a heroic ally in the struggle against Japanese and German imperialism. But only a year after WWII ended, President Truman spun it again: Now Russia was the biggest threat to Europe’s freedom, and thus began the long Cold War. But it is even more complicated than that. As Rothbard wrote in 1986:

Our deadly enemies in World War II, Germany and Japan, are now considered prime Good Guys, the only problem being their unfortunate reluctance to take up arms against the former Good Guys, the Soviet Union. China, having been a much lauded Good Guy under Chiang Kai-shek when fighting Bad Guy Japan, became the worst of the Bad Guys under commu­nism, and indeed, the United States fought the Korean and Vietnamese wars largely for the sake of containing the expansionism of Communist China, which was supposed to be an even worse guy than the Soviet Union. But now all that is changed, and Communist China is now the virtual ally of the United States against the principal Enemy in the Kremlin.”

And today? Following some years of friendship in union with the anti-Islamist cause (the U.S. has tacitly backed President Putin in all his imperial wars), Russia is the enemy again. After all, this awful state is protecting a whistle-blower from capture by the U.S.! Meanwhile, Japan doesn’t figure into world politics at all, while China is said to be an unrelenting menace to our industrial superiority due to its propensity to steal trade secrets.

As should be clear, Orwell was not so much writing about a future that might come to pass as a present that had already revealed itself in politics throughout the 20th century. This was the century of the total state. What does that mean? It means that no aspect of life is conceptually out of reach for the government. All your data belong to them. All your products, services, and activities are their business. Our property we own only at their discretion. No aspect of life is unplanned by our masters, provided they have the interest and means to make it happen.

The totalitarian mind is revealed in its fullness in the attitude toward war. Beginning in the age of democracy of the 20th century, entire populations were considered to be combatants and potential targets. You know how during U.S. wars, we hear about how civilians are just as culpable for tyrannical power because they are somehow permitting the dictator to rule by failing to overthrow him? We heard this constantly during the Iraq War.

This is a totalitarian mentality. No one is considered outside the political constellation.” (1)

But that amazingly informative unraveling of the realities behind “1984” simply does not compare to the latter part of the same message which contained this “must read” revelation: For anyone who really wants to know just how far the Fascist State has gone to know absolutely everything that ever could be “known” about everyone in this place! This goes far-beyond scary. This makes what’s happening to the world around us almost pale by comparison.

These 32 “Technologies” mean that we’re already living inside a massive prison, regardless of whatever we might think our lives were really like. These are not “pending”. Most of them are here and operative and many of them have been “out there” for a very long time. Trillions have been spent and trillions more will go down that same rat-hole, in order to gather every thing that each and every person might ever even think about doing - anywhere at any time.

Pre-crime and thought-crime are real and this is how they are already beginning to process those “new-crimes” ­ today!

The only real solution to this would be that these “technologies” must be wiped out: If anyone alive today is planning to have anything like a real life, ever again…

1) Thank You Russia?

2) 32 Privacy Destroying Technologies That Are Systematically Transforming America Into A Giant Prison



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