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Fame & Misfortune

By Jim Kirwan


When everything is corrupted then nothing is, by definition, corrupted.

We are all involved in the wheels of fortune which are spinning totally out of control. Whether we choose to climb toward ever greater heights; or whether we join the herd that goes around and around for all eternity, each of these paths tend to bring us back to that balance we originated from. Only those of us strong enough to make our own way in this world can break with these seemingly eternal cycles.

Only after we chose to live our own lives, instead of following orders of those that seek to end our choices, and shape a one-world-everything, can we ever find the life that most actually seek to live? Believe it or not there can still be freedom and pride amid the ruins of this place, but only for those that know and understand the terms of actual existence. Beyond that there is a great deal of room for those that are strong enough to demand the basics which the U.S. constitution outlines.

The seekers after fame & fortune have long since left this scene. Because there is now room only for the greed and fear in the lustful orgy of consumption, ignorance and envy—forever.

The FOOL & FOLLY are now totally interchangeable. Both are equally meaningless…

The majority of people here were once relatively honest. Most chose to try and live by the rules. All of that has been upended now. The ‘just’ and legitimate are in full retreat. The lying thieving hoard has taken over the circus. Today it’s almost every man or woman for him or herself—or they die!

To give some idea of just how paranoid this bunch of thugs has become—try this one on!

A pair of high-tech Army blimps is coming to the greater Washington, DC area, and soon they will be able to provide the military with surveillance powers that spans hundreds of millions of acres from North Carolina to Niagara Falls, Canada.

The airships are part of Raytheon’s Joint Land Attack Cruise
Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor System, or JLENS, and when
all is said and done they’ll offer the United States military
what the defense contractor calls “
an affordable elevated,
persistent over-the-horizon sensor system
” that relies on
a powerful integrated radar system to detect, track and
target a variety of threats

Raytheon has just wrapped up a six-week testing period in the
state of Utah and is now sending its JLENS fleet to the Aberdeen
Proving Ground in Maryland. Once there, the Army intends to get some hands-on experience that will eventually culminate
launching the pair of airships over Washington, DC.

Once above the nation’s capital, JLENS will allow the Army to see for 320 miles in any direction from 10,000 feet above the earth. The system can be set up to operate on its own for an entire month without requiring refueling, and offers the Pentagon surveillance capabilities that dwarf other options at a penny of the cost.” (1)

Or look at how incompetent they’ve become at stealing certain critical passwords. These creatures are not what they allege ­ and they never were!

The U.S. government has demanded that major Internet companies divulge users' stored passwords, according to two industry sources familiar with these orders, which represent an escalation in surveillance techniques that has not previously been disclosed.

If the government is able to determine a person's password, which is typically stored in encrypted form, the credential could be used to log in to an account to peruse confidential correspondence or even impersonate the user. Obtaining it also would aid in deciphering encrypted devices in situations where passwords are reused.

"I've certainly seen them ask for passwords," said one Internet industry source who spoke on condition of anonymity. "We push back."

A second person who has worked at a large Silicon Valley company confirmed that it received legal requests from the federal government for stored passwords. Companies "really heavily scrutinize" these requests, the person said. "There's a lot of 'over my dead body.” …

Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, AOL, Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner Cable, and Comcast did not respond to queries about whether they have received requests for users' passwords and how they would respond to them.” (2)

FEAR creates its own nightmares just as COURAGE fashions its own freedoms.

I was watching “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest” with Jack Nicholson, the other night. I was forcefully struck by something I’d forgotten when I saw it originally. It seems that the bulk of the ‘patients’ in the mental hospital were not being legally detained. They could leave at any time they chose - just walk out. They behaved as if they were being confined but - they could just leave!

Maybe the same thing is true for most of us here and now? If you chose to be incarcerated then how long will it be before you begin to act like a prisoner? The patients in the Cuckoo’s nest were actually in that place by their own choice and could leave whenever they wanted to.

Are you a self-committed patient?

Instead of being a free human being?

How many of you are living in your own private hell?

What’s ahead for you in your own struggle with fame & fortune?

How much longer will you have a job, money, insurance, retirement savings or just food & water, never mind a roof over your head? The handwriting is on every wall, in every direction you look—these monsters want everything you have.

And they want you dead!

How will you chose to answer them!

1) Pentagon to deploy huge blimps over Washington DC, for 360-degree surveillance

2) Feds tell Web firms to turn over user account passwords



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