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False Flag, Inoperable, Made For TV 'Mail Bomb'
This Is Not A Bomb....IT IS A MEDIA PROP - Look!

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This is said to be the 'mail bomb' received at CNN...

1. Note the clear packing tape used to hold addresses...fingerprints on tape?

2, Were postage stamps licked for adhesion to envelop?...DNA in saliva?

3. There is No Postal Code or Date Stamp on the envelope !

4. There Is no postage cancellation on the stamps !

1. Why is there a container of Clorox bleach hand wipes next to the 'bomb'?

2. Bleach can chemically react with some explosives !

3. Static electricity can also generate from countertops and could trigger electrical bomb ignition components !

If this pipe bomb was supposed to explode why dress it up with a photo of Trump and a hand-written (in white) 'TrumP'