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The Fall Of US Inc.

By Jim Kirwan


GREED is the Universal Common Denominator

Long ago and far away America was once proud to have 'CITIZENS' living here. That was not accidental. It was part of the U.S. Constitution that called for America to produce and make available, everything that every American might need to live their lives, without the need to import anything from anywhere else on the planet.- and until the late 1950's that was still the law!

When the rise of multinational private corporations began with their rise of the men in the Gray-Flannel suits: Their trend was away from American-citizenship toward the much sexier label of American-consumerism ­ and that began the end of America as a self-sufficient nation. The final nail in the coffin was provided by Ronald Reagan who led the way away from American leadership of the world - into the swap of American Industrial and commercial might, for “The Pink Collar Revolution” . Now “Made in the USA” is actually illegal to use, on any product anywhere in America,

Reagan fulfilled what LBJ created with “The Price of Prosperity”, in 1964.

The current war between US INC. and the rest or the planet has reached the point of total collapse because of everything that we've ignored about the world that has managed to slaughter the global-audience for consumers WORLDWIDE. The global markets that once ruled over all the global-commerce that existed on the planet, has been reduced to a trickle, by comparison ­ and all because we failed to answer even the most basic questions raised by highschool kids, in America, in the 1950's.

Why not put their question to you today?

In the 1950's people in India and China wanted to be able to have refrigerators and a car for every family in their nation. The answer from science came back in a firm-negative because at that time there were not enough resources on the planet to make that possible. But then 'science' decided that “innovation” would make everything possible, for everyone.


So now we have eliminated the rain-forests, poisoned the water and the air, and in many nations it is not possible to breathe what they call the air because of the over-supply of cars, trucks and manufacturing that has made most of the major cities in China unlivable, without masks and other gear just to get back and forth to work. Yet the world is still a long way from allowing every household to own a refrigerator or much less a car of their own.

Aside from the lie's that science told, there's still a much deeper problem.

As Amerika gave up it's leadership from the U.S. to Japan, to Europe, and to nation after nation in different markets that have each had their shot at controlling the global markets ­ again the one thing overlooked by the entire planet is that without built-in consumers, there will be no “viable markets” to buy or resell the crap that is still being shabbily produced.

No one talks about these damning facts ­ because it means that the world has stopped purchasing in the ways that they did before Clinton initiated his “FREE-TRADE-ZONES” around the planet. These were fake agreements that murdered American businesses and industries by the thousand.- in a virtual blink of the eye.

It must be remembered that no one forced all those millions of American businesses to flee the country ­ that was a choice that was widely embraced by THE SHAREHOLDERS and the traitors that own and run American-capital and American-Media worldwide”.

Of course we've moved on now to what is called TTIP and other more complex SECRET DEALS that will end up turning the entire planet into one massive corporation ­ with no rights for any private person.

And as for nation states, just like the current EU, none of those fake-nations will exist any longer under their new rules wherein people will be responsible for giving the criminal governments and the outlaw banks all their money, while having no voice at all in how their lives will then be lived: Isn't that why France and Belgium are about to overthrow the entire EU, physically, as they should, because there's nothing about any of those agreements that will serve the needs of any “citizen” or consumer ­ regardless of the subject.

But what makes everything crystal clear is the literal disconnect between manufacturing what the public needs and the kinds of luxury-sales, that only serve the uber-rich: And they can only buy just so many estates, so many jets or yachts before they stop buying the luxury items. All of this has happened because we got so greedy that we stopped paying any attention to who would still be there be to buy all that garbage that China and the rest of the planet is grinding out? The Chinese cannot afford to buy what they make, neither can the Indians or the Mexicans ­ why? Because only Amerry-cons are dumb enough to continue to consume unendingly ­ but now even they have stopped buying.

Moreover these global-criminals have managed to eliminate the foreign markets for their garbage worldwide. This is coming to light in the East a bit more slowly than the current situation in the Atlantic, but the end of commerce is now here...

Commerce between Europe and North America has literally come to a halt. For the first time in known history, not one cargo ship is in-transit in the North Atlantic between Europe and North America. All of them (hundreds) are either anchored offshore or in-port. NOTHING is moving.”
This has never happened before. It is a horrific economic sign; proof that commerce is literally stopped.

Shipping is said to have ceased Is the worldwide economy grinding to a halt?

The same thing cannot be said for China and the Far East, yet, but tensions are growing with China over the continued use of USI's fake dollars, and with the slowdown in consumer activity the East has begun the layoffs that always precede the shutdown of production in China and the Far East. In America we're shutting down our commercial stores at a phenomenal rate, also unheard of before, because Ameri-con has never suffered from a lack of consumers ­ until now!

Apparently the Bankers & the global-elites never envisioned a time when the private corporations could become so powerful that they could kill the entirely fake-game of consumerism or THIS WAS TOTALLY PLANNED?

The seeds for all of this came directly from the shredding of quality by erroding the standards that the unions had maintained, which added a lot to the cost of everything that was 'Made in America'.

Once the corporations could dump the international-standards in everything from manufacturing to construction, there was no way that American production could ever compete with the cheap and shoddy crap made elsewhere. Standards were what gave American products their edge. The unions maintained those standards until they too were totally eviscerated

Now construction, manufacturing, design, architecture, plumbing and welding along with every major profession have distanced themselves from any standards ­ and in the end America has become nothing but a backwater when it comes to anything that involves competition or pricepoints regardless of whatever is being created.

Here's how the murderers of American leadership celebrate themselves

This is how they honored their latest victory over nature,

if you don't find this totally evil then you're not part of the human race.

Welcome to the realm of the 4th World, where the rich feed upon everyone else, and where nothing worthwhile can ever grow again.

You did this America, with your self-obsessions

and especially with your unending GREED

We need to smash this crime & start over but that can't happen until

we are ready willing and able to do the hard things first!


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