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On the Destruction of the Evil Empire
Part One

Dr. Giuseppe, Stefano Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

"Start Packing Your Bags

It's almost time to go Home."

Hello to you all. These next few essays are about the timing and Mechanisms of Termination of what we call the Physical Universe.

From the very start I must warn you that the topics I write about are not all easy to comprehend. In fact, they can be most difficult. We, as Humans, are programmed to accept Idiocy more readily than Reality. We are fed LIES from the womb to the tomb, especially when it comes to Spirituality and the Knowledge of a Greater Reality which truly does exist! You will agree with that statement as you awaken spiritually.

The lower minds of these Physical Bodies which are very strongly programed against Truth struggle with concepts beyond their capacity to understand. When I began to reawaken to aspects of the Greater Reality in the 1980s, I had a very difficult time with these Metaphysical Concepts. I had University training in Medicine, and learned also a little about Parapsychology at a University level. The Medical Aspect blocked me completely from the Paranormal, the Metaphyseal and the Spiritual, so much so that I told the "Superior Beings" with whom I discussed these things when they began visiting me that what they said was all BS. How is that for Medical Arrogance? In fact, once I awoke spiritually, I realized Modern Medicine is, in the main, one of the many arrogant aspects in many parts of our existence, controlled as you might soon guess, by the Evil Essence of this sick joke called Physicality.

The "Visitors" (my Family members) with whom I interacted for completion of this Physical Annihilation within my lifetime, as is occurring now, persisted in telling me aspects of the Greater Reality, and I persisted in rejecting their Truth while this body I am using was still unawakened to Higher Consciousness!

Eventually they asked me this: "Would you believe us if we take you onto a (UFO) Spacecraft of Space Command of which you are a part and which is part of the Divine Force conducting this Termination of Earth?"

I could not withhold my enthusiasm. "I'd love that!"

And so it was one Sunday evening I visited a craft outside of our Dimension. This dispelled all doubt and I could then get on with my work for this final lifetime on Earth. Note well that I was invited to visit, not abducted by Aliens like newspaper bastards reported later just to abuse me and my knowledge.

What is the point of these comments? If you are in that nebulous position where you know not what to believe, relax. If you are meant to know the Truth and its Reality, connections will occur for you to know.

In the meantime, do not become angry or frustrated. Simply be patient, and without rancour, even if you have to, for now, think of these topics I mention as Science Fiction!

And so it is that the next few essays I am going to publish may seem to be bullets hitting you between the eyes.

Then again, for some, the words may elevate their awareness to new levels of understanding with swift alacrity!

Elevation of Divine Consciousness in you is what I really hope for.

Realizations that occur to individuals in the next 3 years may be painful, but we must go beyond the pain barrier to reach the REALITY OF OUR BEING - if we are spiritually viable that is, for not all are, as we shall see!

(I have explained, in previous writings, the percentages of those to be "saved" out of this Hell and those to be liquidated. What you do with my information is your own business. But, regardless of your thoughts or understanding, the steps I will describe in detail that are to occur, will occur!)

TRUE REALITY is not what we see when we look out the window. From a true (Spiritual) perspective, we know the Physical Dimension is an Illusion!

Reality is not what we have been told by our teachers via Religions, History, Science, etc.

The Majority of us have been fooled on purpose, to be kept prisoners in a very evil Illusion for the sake of gross exploitation of our energy. Who did this and why? I have given lengthy explanations in my books. I suggest you read some of them.

If you cannot grasp the concepts of an Evil takeover of this spurious dimension, of AI Robots and Demons dominating our lives, and of termination of this Illusion very soon, then you may struggle with the other information I am about to release!

But in this horrible, horrible Cesspool, called the Physical Universe, run by an Evil Essence, which of us, drugged and demented by Evil programming, knows the final outcome of existence using only those pre-programmed physical minds of these bodies?

Very few do know what is going on. It is my role to tell you all, and to show you the Way Home if you are to be rescued.

Sooner or later all will listen, whether they like to or not.  Thus far however, few have listened to what I have to say.

A Source of Knowledge beyond Physicality is required to access Truth and what is to happen to us and to this Hell which we call the Physical Universe.

Make no mistake about it, this is a Hell for 'normal beings'. It is a so-called 'Heaven' for the scum that arose from AI Technology from experimental ERRORS long, long ago. It is a Heaven for the AI Creatures for it feeds them by exploitation of the Normal, Viable, Spiritual Beings trapped here. That is why we have never-ending pain, suffering, misery, wars, anarchy and ungodliness.

This Aberration, called the Physical Universe, was condemned for demolition from the very beginning of the evolution of its Evil Essence. And so it is that we are at the very END of its life! My words are not to lead you astray, but to lead you Home!

Few can attain the Truth without help. I repeat, real and complete Truth is not in any subject such as in History, Science or Religion that we are taught. Those are purposeful, spurious pathways to block our knowledge of Truth.  (Luke 11:52)

I want to impart information to you that may seem very foreign. But, bear with me. I hope the results of these essays on you are positive. You must know what is going on. All are to gain what they have earned! All Units of Consciousness will get what they deserve.

These essays can be taken in a number of ways.

  1. They can be viewed as some aspects of Truth that I, as a physical being, like you,  have purposely attained (from Higher Levels of Knowledge). Or else we can presume I have stumbled upon this material accidentally and want to share it with you, regardless of consequences. I assure you, my work and words are no accident. This role I am playing has been choreographed meticulously over the eons.
  1. Alternately, these essays and all my other information may be seen by some, who cannot fully comprehend the seriousness of the subject, as jocular extensions of the classic perennial account of Good fighting Evil, as in 'Star Wars' and all the precedent accounts going back to when 'Adam' was a boy.

(BTW, I have to tell you that the Story of Adam and Eve, and the Garden of Eden, like many other such Old Testament Stories are bunkum for fools!)

Good Luck. Whatever your take, don't be too harsh on me or yourself until you make some sort of realization of what True Reality is and is not!

At worst,  call these essays, based on Metaphysics, attempts at informing you about some details I have conjured up, or perhaps  invented, to frivolously entertain you.

At best, see these essays as an attempt by me to shed Light into the gloomy shadows of our ever-suffering physicality with 'a priori' knowledge that may initiate from a level beyond our Physical Minds. That Level of Higher Knowledge I have called, in the past, the Supra Mental Plane of Knowledge!

On with the Show:

I have been a writer of Metaphysics since 1984.

I am told by Higher Consciousness (within me and beyond) that it is time to make further revelations to Creation in and on this Planet.



With such a positive affirmation and prediction, it is perforce that I need to make some introductory remarks.

There is nothing in "Heaven" or on Earth that will make any of you understand what I am going to write in the next few essays unless you have the Divine Nous within you.

If you don't know what I mean by that, then get a dictionary. Better still, read my books.  I distribute them freely (as pdf) via email. The trouble is that the evil bastards (illicit evil progeny) who do not want my work published seem to periodically block emails to and from me! 

I use the term 'bastard' meaning 'illicit issue', an artificial progeny not legitimized by the Pleroma, the Divine Spiritual Universe that is the Home of the Divine Essence in all its Power, Love and Glory. Indeed such a thing exists. That my 'Dear Ones', is the Place to which I shall be returning you!

In spiritual terms, 'bastards' are not of Light. They are illegal, artificial 'products' of a cursed "Celestial Error". In its goodness, the Divine Godforce that rules all things gave these illegitimate beings the choice of Eternal Life by their choosing to respect the Light, or to be damned forevermore if they chose Evil. Many did just that and so we have a Final Judgement of 'Who is Who' as the illicit Physical Universe, itself a bastardized production, is eliminated from Creation.

There are many variations of this Theme in ancient Texts and Religions.

Know that it is so, and I am here to:

1 Affirm the veracity of the Final Selection, the Final Judgement of those remaining  in the Physical;

2 Explain the steps for Correction of the "Celestial Error" as they pertain to this last little  pocket of the Universe and

3 Close forever this foul, illicit Universe, which I have called an Evil Cesspool.

If my explanations don't suit you, wait until it is your turn to bear the fruits of your labour, whatever they may be!

I guarantee you that ALL will receive exactly what they deserve.  The Godforce shall NOT be mocked!

If you are interested in my former writings, try again to get them via email. I have been promised that most former problems have been solved. ( )

The "Divine Nous" is simply that knowledge within us who are of Divine Origin. We are NOT all of Divine Origin. I will repeat again and again that most individuals on Earth and elsewhere around the remaining Universe are, in fact, ARTIFICIAL CREATIONS. They are AI Robots and Demons.

The real ones are created of Divine 'stuff' by the Godforce.

The Robots and Demons were and are experimental beings that were created in advanced laboratories long, long ago, just as newly created AI Robots, mainly to be used as sex objects and murderous military units are.

The programming of activity, thoughts, sexual and asexual replication, re-incarnation, paranormal activities, etc., etc., is all artificial, no matter how complicated it appears to us when we use our simpleton brains.

That 'Divine Nous' within us created with proper Divine Energy has the true History of what happened to us and what our fate is to be.

My words should awaken you to that Divine Knowledge if, in fact, you are a Viable Being and have not sold out to Evil.

The 'Nous' is contained in the Centres of Consciousness in each of us. Unfortunately, we have been purposely placed in these meat bags (Human Bodies) that have a Filtering Mechanism that prevents us from accessing our own knowledge and past memories.

The Illegitimate, Artificial Beings (Robots and Demons) have artificial Centres of Consciousness, as you would expect, and they cannot live outside of the Artificial Universe unless additions are made to them.

That blocking process within 'True Beings' is due to the Evil Essence that took over this realm. The Essence itself is artificial. We have other structures making up our Metaphysical Anatomy and I will describe them later when I deal with the liquefaction we shall undergo to either die forever or be liberated back into the true "Elysian Fields" of the True Godforce.

My books go into detail about these matters. But, do NOT buy my books sold at Amazon. They are NOT genuine. They have been modified without my authority.

If you have the capacity to understand my words, then you are the one I am advising to (mentally and spiritually) pack your bags, for soon we will be flying Home.

It is not going to be easy to immediately accept what I write, but some of you are aware enough now to know we are in despicable circumstances on this DYING PLANET and in this DECAYING UNIVERSE (of which over 98% no longer exists!!)

There is no need for FEAR. Every step of what is occurring is one of due process to save those that are to be saved.

I realize, as most of you do, that the 'End of the Earth' Prophecy has been a joke for a long, long time, and nothing ever happened.

But I am here to tell you that this time THE END of PHYSICALITY will happen. I guarantee it. Why I can guarantee it I will explain later.

In Part 2, I shall give step by step descriptions of the Physical changes which will destroy this filth, and the steps we shall all need to undergo to get out of this prison which is to be dissolved forever!


A little background:

In the last few months, people with extended vision have seen the evolution of processes that will terminate this doomed Earth.

I repeat, in 1985 I publicly gave the World the Message that Earth was to be terminated no later than 2035, and sooner if possible. All living things were to be displaced in preparation for total dissolution of Matter.

The 'Fools" responded as Morons and Fools do, so I melted myself into the ignorant crowds and quietly did what I had to do. I became as if a Fool among Fools. But soon enough, the Evil Essence discovered my identity which it had suspected since 1947 when I first had contact with Space Command. Thence I had to evade numerous physical assassination attempts from 1986 till 2003. Without the protection I have, I would not have survived any of those attempts.

I endured all sorts of abuse, not least coming from Medical Boards and New Agers that wanted to keep their Spiritual Ignorance and devotion to the Evil Principle (Essence) safeguarded. My books on Metaphysics, Parapsychology, Psychiatry and the Kingdom of Zion were bullets those EVIL controllers of this Cesspool could not tolerate for it exposed those Evil Ones and the Truth they were hiding. I will have much more to say about this in the near future.

Today, many of you realize we are in perilous times and there is a very distinct reason why that is so.

The most vicious, murderous and at the same time most powerful Nation on Earth, the USA, teetering under the misguidance of its most unhealthy, lying, unstable POTUS, is about to implode as well as explode as some of us expected. 

The POTUS is the nominal puppet whose strings are pulled by those behind the curtain of Power who are really in control and have been since 1776 in the USA. The plans of the Evil Essence that controls this Nation and all the despicable evil ones on Earth are faltering. Their demise is imminent! That I guarantee!

I mean no offence with my words. Truth is Truth. How many well-intentioned American of today know that the pioneers stole land and wealth from the Indigenes (the American Indians) by MURDERING 50-80 MILLION OF THEM, just to take over the country?

They killed men, women and children in as many ways as they could think up. And that was not enough. Those Evil Bastards murdered as many buffalo as they could in order to starve to death any that they missed with their bullets. Where was the sanity in that? Do you think they deserve forgiveness? Can you not see they were actions by mindless Evil Robots?

There are many examples such as this throughout the History of this Evil Cesspool.

Justice WILL prevail!! Again, you have my guarantee!

A Divine Plan has been followed for Humanity and Earth, with all its inhabitants, to reach this point. Every step, in this long battle of Essences, has been planned by the Light and coordinated even though many cannot see it.

I will give very brief points here, but I will expand them as necessary as we proceed.

I had predicted and explained the Status Quo many times and will continue to elucidate the facts until we are off and away from this doomed Cesspool, this smelly, very evil, and most ungodly, Celestial Error.

I repeat, this Universe is not the product of the Godforce at all. It is the aberrant result of foul experimentation by an Evil Essence which itself arose from a Celestial Error. If you don't comprehend these words, don't fluster. They may make more sense later.

The very first thing to explain is why I have called some of you my "Dear Ones"!

"Dear Ones" are the ones that have responded to the Divine Energy that has been released onto this Earth (the Excalibur Energy). They have made the realization of Viability, They are Priceless, Divine, Eternal Beings of Light who had been trapped in this Hell, and have been abused severely, but having remained faithful to the Divine Light, are now to be liberated and returned 'HOME'.

As I just wrote above, this Universe is an aberration. It is not a 'Godforce-created Unit' at all. It is an experimental ERROR that had gone very bad and trapped Light Beings within it. It needs to be totally dismantled so the Light Beings trapped within it can be evacuated. This is exactly what is occurring.

Those of you who are awakened spiritually may already possess the special Vision of the Endtime by which you can distinguish Good Beings from the Failures. It is very obvious when this occurs. I will write more about it in due course.


These ARTIFICIAL beings were programmed artificially to fight, destroy, steal, rape, abuse etc., all for the sake of gathering energy and wealth and expanding their resources. That was the only way they could survive, for once it was seen they were inimical to the rest of Creation, their energy supply was cut off.

If you examine Earth carefully, you will see that the AI Beings act in exactly the way I just described. They wage endless war, for endless exploitation, and for the abuse of those who are peaceful and loving. They are inanimate, malicious Robots, programmed to be that way. That is the way they drain energy from True Beings in order to survive!

Do you really need examples? Get a History book, any History book. In it you will see that no matter how severely facts are butchered in it, it's obvious this planet runs on HATE, EXPLOITATION AND MISERY, inspite of the pretenses of the HYPOCRITES! Evilness extends into the Vegetable, Animal and Human Kingdoms.

Some want to call that the Order of things. But it is not Order, it is Evil exploitation of the Good!

Non-responsive, vicious Robots are a problem of which inventors and computer programmers are aware even today as they experiment to build them. A similar minor ERROR could reoccur with evolution of AI Robots in this Generation on this Earth.

In other words, a dictatorial AI Robotic generation that was developed in ERROR long, long ago took control. It definitely happened and caused the massive disasters in which we live. AI Takeover affected the entire Physical Universe.

I repeat, this is not a loving, godly World of serenity and equanimity. It is a murderous world of hate, violence, rape, murder, abuse and conflict. It runs on relentless exploitation!

False Philosophies, including extant Religions and Sciences have excused away the malignancy of this existence, but that is because they are part of the Malignancy and gain from the exploitation, and from the pain, misery and sorrow in which we exist. Those that are students of these disciplines are fooled just as much as the general populace. They do not realize they have been duped and are, in fact, moronic and idiotic in repeating the BS taught to them. True awakening in them is a grand, spiritual reward.

As the ERROR evolved, the decision to End it all was made by the Supreme Controllers within the Godforce. We are now at that point.

In 1947, conferences by me with Higher Levels confirmed that Termination of 'Earth' was on track.

Weapons that would eventually be used by the Evil Ones, as they had done on Vulcan and Mars (both planets were destroyed by Nuclear Bombs) were left in Germany, by Higher Beings, to be found by those designated as Evil Ones that pretended to be good. In due course, the atomic bombs will be used more frequently and will physically destroy many before the End.

If you read History, even the junk that passes as History, written by the foul victors, you will note Hitler had far superior weapons than the 'allies'. And yet he did not destroy them as he could have done. Do you not think a far greater Plan could have been in operation? Indeed it was!

For more truthful accounts of that War, I suggest you read, or view the production called "The Greatest Story never told."

Zionists are withdrawing this Opus from public view for it DOES TELL THE TRUTH AND NOT THE BS THEY OF THE EVILESSENCE WANT US TO BELIEVE!

And so it was that before the third birthday of this body, "I", the Higher Consciousness within, was advised everything was on course for the eventual Termination of Earth.

I had as yet no formal lower mind false knowledge to interfere with the pristine information my mind was receiving. My role was defined. Whether any believe these words of mine or not is of no concern to me. What will be, will be! And it will be as I say! 

Events that have occurred in the ensuing 70 odd years have affirmed the Plans we are following for Earth and Humanity as well as for all living creatures around us, including seen and unseen 'Aliens'.

At age 17 (1961) I was again informed by my Higher Self that action would not begin for another 20 years or so in the Operation to terminate Earth.

By 1985, I was ready to commence my final role! I publically announced Termination of Earth. It was to be by 2035, the latest, and earlier if it was possible to arrange. It was to be a coordinated action which would destroy not just Earth but the Solar System, our Galaxy and all other structures in this foul, illicit, very evil, illusionary Cesspool.  Few listened!

The books I wrote in 1984, 1985 and onwards also mentioned in detail WHY this Physical Universe needed to be totally obliterated.

As I've stated many times, this Physical Universe is an Error spawned by the Dark Side. The long and short of it is that it destroys True Beings (those created by and with Divine Energy) in order to sustain itself and its AI Robots and Demons, for they have no source of their own to sustain themselves and the Error.

Left to itself, The Error, created by and for the Evil Essence, which was the aberration from the EXPERIMENT, would, if allowed, invade other Universes and, in the end, just as the Second Law of Thermodynamics tells us, it would self-destruct for it would run out of energy.

The third most important thing I mentioned in 1985 was the presence and function of DARK MATTER.

I hope you realize this was some 35 years ago. No one knew about this substance, what created it, where it came from and what its ultimate function was/is.

Reports claim astronomers discovered 'Darkness' (meaning Dark Matter, I guess) in the Universe in the 1930s, but that was as far as it got.

I knew. I knew its source, its function, its expansion throughout the Universe, and the rate of expansion. I will discuss it in detail in Part Two.

Do you think anyone listened to what I had to say? Alas, as I have said many times before, most on this planet, as in the entire Universe, are Artificial Intelligence Morons, programmed, 'a la Hollywood style' to be ignorant idiots. And that is where we are today, generally speaking! No one listened to me in 1985 or after the books were published.

I gave expansive details of the Endtime, but few took the information seriously. That was to be expected, and I did what I was supposed to do, in private, as a visiting Activist, while awaiting the Finale!

As time passed I gave details of the percentage to be salvaged from this Hell, the Spiritual Anatomy of Viable Beings and of Robots and Demons, the Classes of Consciousness in and around this Planet, and so on.

The majority, being Evil-programmed Morons, droned on, not realizing they were on a march to oblivion due to their own iniquities.

I have given periodic updates of where we are in the Endtime and what steps are being taken.

I explained what energies were released and why. If you are interested, read the essays that are posted on the Jeff Rense Website under my name. ( )

Stupefied by Hollywood-style induced imbecility, few took notice of the Greater Reality impinging upon us even when I attempted to forcefully announce it.

Cretins did what Cretins do, and they either ignored me or pejoratively attacked me thinking they were smarter and far more humorous than their moronic countenances                  suggested!

As I have repeated many times, this Cesspool in which we live is part of an erroneous Universe that is being totally annihilated.

There are genuine Divine, Viable Beings trapped in this artificial HELL, and these Viable Ones are now to be lifted out of the dimension spiritually, for all Physical Matter will decay. I will explain that mechanism in Part 2.

The survivors, the Children of Light, the ones I have called 'My Dear Ones', will exist in non-Evil zones. The Evil Essence does NOT and CANNOT exist outside of this Physical Abomination.

Those that have remained faithful to the Light are going Home.

I repeat, 98% of the Physical Universe is already non-existent. It has been destroyed by Dark Matter as I will explain further in due course.

When Evil, an experimental essence, forcefully took control, the ensuing situation was explained to the Divine inhabitants of this closed-off dimension.

Everyone was told in one way or another what had happened. All, apart from Monopolar Demonic entities about whom I shall write later, had the choice to remain with the Light or voluntarily succumb to Evil.

Assessment of ALL Units of Consciousness on this Planet was concluded just over 20 years ago.  I gave the percentage of Viables and of Failures in previous essays.


Yes, I know the status of each and every atom and molecule, each Plant, Animal, Bird, Reptile, Worm, Fish, Mammal, Human, Deva, Angel, Demon and so on, for it is my job to know. But, I am not going to let you bug me with the question of your viability. You will know, when you confront Excalibur's energy, who and what you are, as I explained in previous essays.

On full realization, you will tell me who and what you are and you will be dealt with accordingly and reflexly! the-return-of-excalibur.php the-return-of-excalibur-and- the-pathognomonic-effect.php

Those born since 1999 are simply AI Robotic Machines. No Vital, True Divine Being has been created or re-incarnated since 1999. Realize that some of the AI Robots, as I have explained elsewhere have remained faithful to the Light, so there is no need to despair about the ontology of any child born since then.

So, if this Physical Universe is NOT our Home, what is 'Home'?

Home consists of the Pure and unblemished Realms of Light where Peace, Love and Eternal Tranquility reside. It is a place where there is no Evil! Evil is an aberration that arose from an experimental error. I will write more about it as we proceed.

As Spiritual Beings, we have been trapped here, in this Illicit Physical Dimension, as I have explained in the past and as I will explain again and again in due course. We were forced into various Physical Bodies, including the meat bags, the Etheric Bodies and the Astral Bodies.

Many have called this temporary, illicit dimension the "Illusion", the "Artificial Matrix'. The Gnostics, of which Jesus was a member, knew these things and knew this Physical Universe was not a "God-created Item" at all.

They knew it was illicit, and temporary, soon to be destroyed. They knew it was the sector growing without the "Father's" permission, and that it was an illegitimate operation. That is where the idea of the End of the World arose.

(As an aside: Zionists are attempting to write that Jesus never existed or else that the Romans invented Him! They will do anything to absolve themselves of Evil and crime, hey?)

BTW, by Zionists I don't mean Jews!

Jesus existed. I can vouch for that. And, in fact, it was the Romans that saved his life. They let him down from the cross and he lived a long, happy life thereafter in Gaul. Do you see how screwed up History and Truth are on this sordid level?)

Well, well! How do I know all that?

Let's move on: Time and Space mean nothing in the true sense. In infinite dimensions there is no Time or Space. These ideas are beyond our physical minds.

The fact that this Universe is 50 billion years old, unlike the lesser years quoted by know-all scientists means nothing in Higher Levels. True Relativity shrinks Time and Space into temporary concepts only.

In reference to all this, the Gnostics of old (they are beings of Light trapped here since the first day who had the 'Nous', the 'Knowing of what happened') called this place an illicit vineyard growing outside of the 'Father's' Realm. Nothing can grow outside of the Light, so this Universe, controlled by Evil, was DOOMED from the start.

These essays then are to give you details of the demise of this Spurious Creation that began as an experimental Error and also explain the salvaging of those to be saved!

It may be difficult for some of us as mere Humans to comprehend these notions, but bear with me. We will get to the End soon enough and it will all make sense.

Those of Darkness, created as AI Robots and Demons by the Evil Essence which itself was an aberration that spontaneously took control and overpowered the experimenters,  have no concept of Divine Realms for they have no understanding of Divinity. They are doomed, programmed Machinery! Go to a car junkyard. That's what they'll look like!

Alas, this was always the first question I was asked when attempting to awaken people:  "Who are you to give us these details?"

And, "Who are you to call us "my Dear Ones", "my Divine Precious Ones"?

I will give further details of my non-Human identity in due course. In the meantime realize I am here to rescue you and set the FAIURES ON THEIR COURSE TO TOTAL, ETERNAL EXTERMINATION.

Once those steps are taken, all things will be easier for you to understand.

Some have already objected to my words. What fools they are! Do you want someone qualified to take you Home or some unknown chatterbox in the local park standing on a soapbox?

Those words about the Failures are indeed harsh words. But, as you will see, I do not mince words for the sake of waffling. The stakes are very high. I mean what I say and say what I mean.

Of course my identity, my Source, my ability to rescue you, the ones that I call 'Precious Dear Ones', and my ability to make promises of Eternal Salvation are very important parts of the puzzle. If it were not so, this would be a time-wasting exercise.

The ultimate proof will come from the results of the actions that are to occur and which I will describe in detail. But, changes in you will provide proof of veracity. You will know the Truth, if you are a Viable, for the Truth has been planted in you.

What did Jesus say? Was it not that 'The Kingdom of Heaven is within you? What more do you want? Awaken to your Divinity and see the Light within you. And it will set you free!

As I said above, some will begin to glow with the True Light even as we wait for the rescue crafts to come into this Cesspool and rescue us.

Let's hasten to more detail slowly.

Regardless of what you think about this point, I want to tell you that "I" have been involved in dissolving the 98% of the Physical Universe that has already been dissolved, and destroyed. The True Ones have been rescued while the 'Rubbish' has been 'burned'.

"I" am not just the Physical Body, nor the Etheric Body around this Physical Body, not even the Astral Body or the Class 4 Spiritual Body. I am beyond that. Likewise, you, if you are a Divine Being, are not just those structures. I will explain when the time is right.

Minor details: You may have noted that in the heading of this essay I used the name that is on the Italian Birth Certificate of this body. It was born May 29, 1944, at 5 am, Summer Daylight Saving Time, Reggio Calabria.

Those of you interested in Numerology and Astrology may garner some points of interest from what I have just supplied. You may even suspect my identities over the billions of years some of us have been physically trapped here. It doesn't matter if you cannot use that information! Being part of the Physical Creation, Numerology and Astrology relate more to the Physical, Etheric and Astral Aspects of our existence and not to the Divine Ontological Aspect.

Divine Energy does not enter the Physical as a tangible entity. Rather it sends 'Holograms" into various Material Bodies whenever they are needed. This is not an important point but I may expand on it in the near future.

If these pointers mean nothing to you, move on. Some have already objected to my revealing these points. But, if I don't give you references of identity, how are you going to reach any conclusion about the veracity of what I write?

In the past, I have written much detail in a low key mode. But now, Time is short, so we need to hurry up and not mince words. If you get confused, worry not! Time and coming events will settle the situation for you.

What is important is what you sense in your own heart in regard to the energy of my words, and in regard to the energy your heart liberates in response to them.

I remind you once again: If you are a Viable Spiritual entity to be rescued to live for Eternity in Realms of Infinite Goodness, the Light within you will shine through, even before we depart this Hell!

The Divine Energies in each Divine Being will now meld with the Divine Energy liberated for the Rescue Process.

I repeat:

  • You will feel it in your heart if you are a Viable to be rescued.
  • You cannot miss this process of Eternal Salvation.
  • The Final Rescue Process will astound you as you become aware of purer realms.
  • Viables will glow with the Light of Truth.

ANGELIC FORMS will start to appear among us and those of us who have developed the Endtime extended vision will appreciate these angels and their energies among us. I have seen many in the last 12 months. What greater blessing can you think of at the moment? It is the Endtime for sure.

If there is no Divine Energy within any beings (usually AI Robots who have remained faithful to the Light) and which have been assessed as Viable, additions will be made to their spiritual anatomy so that rescue can be accomplished. I will write more on this in due course. Many AI Robots have rejected Evil and turned to the Light. I gave percentages in earlier essays.

Those who have rejected the Light and have chosen Evil are the Failures.

If you are of Light, a Viable, a 'Dear One', there will be no mistakes in your heart of whom and what you are.

I repeat, Divinity has nothing to do with Physicality.

We, as physical beings, not necessarily Humans, are billions and billions of years old, and what is in our hearts relates to our Eternal Nature.

Thus, you yourself will provide the answer of what you are - a salvageable Being of Light or a Doomed Failure.

Give yourself time to settle thoughts in your mind. At first, doubt, confusion, shock and consternation may surround you as massive physical changes occur. These I will describe for you as time passes.

The false Philosophies of History, Religions and Science may tug at your heart strings just to confuse you. That is what they were created for, namely, to hide the Truth from all of us. I remind you again of Luke 11:52 and of the fact that it is the TRUTH that will set us free!

The topics that I hope to cover are immense, so we must hasten slowly until you make the full realization that is required to get out of here as cleanly and as swiftly as possible.

There is an urgency to awaken as soon as possible, for the time is short. The factors that are producing the END are mostly beyond Human comprehension and certainly beyond Human control.

The artificial emotions of these physical bodies will try to play havoc with your mind.  You must project beyond the Illusion and seek the True Mind of Divinity which has the real answers.

Indeed we will make the realization soon enough that Time for this realm is at an end, as it is for all Physicality, including the apparatuses we wear that make us Physical, Etheric and Astral Beings.

What will remain will be the truly Divine, Spiritual Beings. Matter will vanish.

If that does not make a lot of sense to you just yet, fear not. In time all confusion will be resolved in those who are to spiritually continue and evolve.

The Rate of realization varies. I have seen some individuals light up like a massive Christmas tree as suddenly the energy of my words connected with their Divine Energy within and they were on their way....

Awakening has nothing to do with age, education, religion, race, wealth, etc., etc. It is all about that 'Godliness' already within you that has been forced to lay dormant in this vile, evil, suffocating Death-dealing, Cesspool created by Evil for evil reasons. It wants us (the true Divine-created Beings) exploitable so it can take all of our energy to keep running this exploitative, malignant Illusion that was doomed from the start.

But, Evil has failed. Rejoice!!

From where I stand, the Process of Annihilation of Evil is a Fait Accompli.

The Light has won! We have won! We are going Home!!


"Anything to add, Jerry? 

Jerry: "Dear Dr Campanelli, I just have a word or two......"

JC:    "OK, off you go then .......I'll introduce you ..... But, whatever you do, don't mention the year 2022, I will do so later!

Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing my dear, most affable Alter Ego, Jerry Attrick'  ..... All yours Jerry......"

Jerry:       "Thank you, Dr. Champignon.........

This is a message from you, Dog-tag, and me, to our wonderful Viable Citizenry.


"But, but, but Jerry, .... I was going to announce that in Part 2, as a Grand Surprise Jerry....."

Jerry:  "Of course you still can Dr. Cipollini. After all, such news can only come from you and/or me!!"


To be continued............

Copyright Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone

December 5, 2019.