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On the Destruction of the Evil Empire
Part Four

The How, When and Why of the Termination of Evil!
Dr. Giuseppe, Stefano Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it


Welcome to the 4th Essay of this series.

As the subject of this essay - the Total Termination of Human Life on this planet - is rather somber on first consideration, I have attempted to leveate the mood somewhat with levity and comedy.

Please realize that what I am about to describe is a joyous event: The END of all our suffering and misery, the end of all Evil, our Liberation from Darkness which will be destgroyed, and our placement into our proper Divine Homes.

That is the Message I want you to take away from this Essay. It is the end of the emotional maelstrom that has persecuted us so much for so long that we have been brainwashed to think it is normal.

Evil in our lives is not normal. It never has been, and our everlasting prayer has always been - for those awake enough to remember Reality " ... Deliver us from Evil!"

Please also note that I am attempting to relay information given to me from what I consider are "Higher Sources" of knowledge. In this life alone, I have received so much information and knowledge of a super-human pedigree that I cannot deny it is super-human. For your part, you must decide for yourselves.

At any rate, changes I have described in the past, and am going to describe now to occur very, very soon will demonstrate to us the Truth and Reality of what I am now delivering. We will all be left in a state in which we shall be unable to deny the Greater Reality any longer!

I am sure that 2 sides, Good and Evil, send information to this level. That is because we are caught in a War of Essences. Evil has had control of this level for a long, long time, and it has managed to give us a distorted picture of Reality. My writings are attempts at correcting that distortion.

We have been warned time and time again that Reality is beyond what we are indoctrinated with on this lowly level. So now, I am going to describe the step that will take us to a Greater Reality - our true abode!

We cannot stop this Process of Cleansing of evil! But if we are of Light, we will enjoy it immensely!

Initial reaction to termination of the PHYSICAL may be FEAR!

But we must go beyond the reactions of the Physical Body and Mind which are temporary entrapments for our Spirit anyway, and realize in toto what is going on.

Once we do that, we will be filled with the Joy and Ecstasy of returning to our Heavenly Abodes.

This will be the case for you also if you happen to receive information in meditation and other benign psychic practices, and so on. On this level we are easily fooled, so we have to take whatever is revealed as possibilities until positivity eventuates.

That Evil interferes with our minds and spirit is a certainty. It is for its benefit that it does this, not ours. Evil is what indoctrinates every aspect of our being while we are trapped in its Cesspool. This, as I have often asserted, is not a 'godly kingdom' at all! This level is ruled by Demons, by evil, for Evil. It is the only one that benefits from the suffering we endue. That is why from earliest days of our entrapment in Physicality, the promise has been that it will be totally eradicated in due course.

It is because of this complexity of communication with other levels of Understanding and Consciousness that I made my Motto "Take it or Leave it!" That gives yu the opportunity to think for yourselves, something Evil does not allow us to do!

My Philosophers have wondered throughout the Ages whether we are just a part of a never- ending STORY, or worse still, a Leela of the Gods to keep us and them entertained?

Read and laugh, or weep, or fall asleep - whatever you feel like doing:

There is nothing more complex in our lives than the mysteries of Physical Death, Re-incarnation, the Existence of Good and Evil, and the termination of the entire Physical Universe that we call our Home.

Gnostics, of which I have become one, have a differing belief. In previous writings, I explained that this Universe is about to be totally destroyed.

I explained that it is a byproduct of experimentations that led to disasters with AI Robots and Demonic entities taking control.

These managed to imprison non-AI entities (Viable, Divinely created Beings) in order to exploit them of energy. If you don't fathom these thoughts, don't let it worry you for now.

The movie Matrix, based on a Gnostic Comic, gives a hint of this process of

         Evil's takeover,

         Of exploitation of prisoners (True Beings) and

         Of the need to eradicate this Cancer from the face of Creation.

Of course we can leave the movie as a Hollywood entertainment effort and that is all. It depends on very much what we want to believe.

Those of us designated as beings of Light are composite beings, using a Class 4 body made of the 'Real Stuff" - the Divine Material. We make up 8% of the Human population. Some had already been evacuated from Earth in 1999.

Some of us of the Divine Class 4 apparently volunteered to assist the Light to re-establish order when Evil takeover occurred long, long ago. I have no idea how that was done. At the moment none of us has memory of that. If it is true or not I cannot say. But, some of us definitely want to destroy Evil as much as possible if not completely.

The Evil takeover was some 50 billion years ago apparently. I am suspicious of the accuracy of this statement. Apparently it was made by Haidakhan Babaji who seems to have turned out to be an impostor - a Demonic, Reptilian one at that!

Apparently we have only had these Human bodies in which to incarnate for the last 850 -900,000 years or so, according to Sumerian texts.

Realize that you may be limited by your lower mind, and its disastrous false knowledge that comes from the Darkness, via gross indoctrinations. The lower mind may not accept easily some of the things I say. When I first contacted what some call the Supra Mental Plane which contains Superior Knowledge, I had a very hard time to integrate that knowledge into my own thinking. I expect you will be much the same.

Never mind! If you are meant to know certain facts, they will make sense as we move onto the End.

I was told that as Class 4 beings doing some useful work for the Divine, we were assisted with knowledge and energy that came down from Higher Levels of the Divine Hierarchy in the form of Holographic Projections into these bodies.

The movie "Avatar" gave a hint of how consciousness could be downloaded into a physical body.

These Holograms of which I speak are more than lowly consciousness. They are aspects of the Rulers of Creation. The amount of power and knowledge, and length of the duration of the visits of these Holograms depended on the work needed to be done at any time. But, as far as we are concerned, they are packets of knowledge (and power) we can use when appropriate on this level.

With these Holograms, we see more extraordinary capabilities, with their more powerful energies and knowledge being exposed. They are way beyond the Human mind potential.

Again this is a concept that is not easy to understand. We can accept it by saying some people developed greater Wisdom with time or manifested far superior knowledge from unknown sources.

For example:

         Giordano Bruno was able to relate the existence of other planets, galaxies and dimensions, other beings, higher and lower in evolution than Humanity. Alas, he had the misfortune of falling into the hands of the Demonic Reptiles that rule this World, in his case the Clergy of the Catholic Church and after being jailed for a decade or so for exposing Truths the Demons could not understand, he was barbecued, as was the order of the day.


         Galileo Galilei, the Father of Modern Physics, by transmissions via Holograms affecting his simple Human Mind, was able to give us, among many other snippets of knowledge, the existence of Gravity and its value many generations before Isaac Newton supposedly discovered it!

         Jesus of Nazareth, a Gnostic, using the Christ Light via Holograms was able to tell us of the Demonic Control of the world, who the Demons were, what their fate would be, what the fate of the World would be, what the rescue of Viables would be like, in which dimensions they would go and so on.

         Manichaeus: He was Jesus re-incarnated, and his Gnostic work is a marvel.


         Zoroaster, the Fiery Prophet.


Alas, over the centuries, many of these philosophies have been distorted to suit the controlling Evil essence.

         Lord Shiva:

         Lord Buddha:

         King Arthur: The Once and Future King who was and is destined to take the Viables to Annwn, the Realm of the Heavenly.

Read what I wrote about him in the essays on He was also the re-incarnated Jesus.

Alas, the idiot scholars have turned him into a Myth!

         Frederick Nietzsche

How many people know that Zionists virtually destroyed the real meaning of his works?

Nothing new there! Amazon has stolen my books and perverted them. That is why I warn you not to buy them from Amazon.

         Cristoforo Colombo:

How did he know, when no one else of his genre and generation knew, that by sailing west, he would reach the East?

         Nicola Tesla. His knowledge of electronics and radiation was unique. Where did he get it from?

Prof Ritchie reports in his book "Return from Tomorrow" that during a NDE he observed beings working on solutions in the Astral Level for human problems.

But what I am writing about here is beyond the Astral Plane.

As you may well imagine, this list can be greatly expanded.

Most that I have cited above were the same individual in differing incarnations.

Of course this covers a very short period of Humanity. There were many, many others in times we do not recall and that have not been recorded. In Lemuria and Atlantis there were examples. In fact, such Beings, blessed by Holographic power and knowledge, existed for the entire time the Universe was taken over in order to help those trapped here.

Many of you, and I, have had many lives in which we, as lower humans, were temporarily implanted with Holograms to do the work of the 'Godforce' (for want of a better word) in order to minimize our trauma and also expedite the End of this Hell.

We don't remember any of this work, basically because the Evil apparatuses we are forced to wear. The Physical Body, the Etheric Body and the Astral Body have a Filtering Mechanism that destroys our memory and knowledge of the past. It is in that way that we are more easily controlled by Evil! On occasion, as during Past Life Regressions, the Filtering Mechanism can be bypassed somewhat.

I repeat; if you cannot believe any of this, don't worry about it. (My Jerry Attrick aspect will set you straight later. Ha, Ha! Just kidding!)

If we are Viable Entities who are to live on, these words should make some sense at some stage.

If you are a soulless being that is to be incinerated, nothing of value will make sense to you in this, your FINAL LIFE.

What evidence do I have for saying that I use, and used, like many others, extraneous 'a priori knowledge' in this life and other lives?

I am not the first, and if Earth does not end, I won't be the last, to express such knowledge in the future.

Nonetheless, as in the case of Giordano Bruno especially, many of the things I have written are not of Human origin.

Many of the facts I have released are beyond our Physical Nature.

I think the best example I can give you on this occasion is the existence, purpose and arrival of DARK MATTER.

It was 1985, after struggling for some 2 years to rid my mind of the ludicrous indoctrinating information that passed for Truth on this level that I was able to use Holographic Information that flowed to me.

From birth, inspite of guardians all around me, my lower mind was filled with human rubbish in the forms of Fake History, Ludicrous Science, Implausible Religions and later, malignant and often murderous Allopathic Medicine.

In case you do not know

         Statins kill (dementia, heart attacks, strokes, liver cancer).

         Metformin kills (lactic acidosis, various cancers).

         Replacement female hormones for the menopause kill (Breast cancer).

         ACE inhibitors for high blood pressure kill (lung cancer).

         Vaccines definitely cause many serious side-effects, part from Autism. Humanity faces an extreme unwanted danger now that they are being made compulsory. Just as well the Physical end is very near. The proof is irrefutable, inspite what those that profit from these poisons declare!


The list goes on and on and on...

I have given many examples of these in the past. And who knows, if time permits I may expand on these fraudulent human bouts of risible epistemology some more.

Back to 1985: In the very first book I published under my name, I wrote that Dark Matter was travelling through the condemned Universe and had, by 1985, already DESTROYED over 80% of it.

How could I have known that?

How did I know about Dark Matter?

How did I know the Universe was being demolished?

How did I know the exact percentage already destroyed?

Facts confirm I was at least more than 20 years ahead of my time. Where did my knowledge come from?

The self-proclaimed Imbeciles of Medical Boards rewarded me for my Supra Mental Knowledge, which they had no hope of understanding, for they were witless demonic donkeys, by cancelling my Medical License. Aren't they clever? As I just stated, most are rotten, doomed DEMONS driven by the evil essence of Zionism.

(Read my book the Kingdom of Zion. Unfortunately, this Evil Essence called Zionism infected many races including the Jews, much to their detriment.

On Earth it occurred some 6 thousand years ago when suffering, weakened tribes had further weakening disputes with the likes of Egypt.

Not all those disadvantaged peoples were affected adversely, for I have met many wonderful scholars and citizens, as Jews, in and out of Israel.

Remember, that now, at this date, each Human has been judged accordingly. There are no Appeals Courts. My decision on their fate is FINAL.)

Back to 1985: Alas, No one that I knew had ever even heard of Dark Matter.

I had never heard of Dark Matter until that day.

No one that I knew had any idea of the end of the entire Universe.

Sure, stories of the end of the World were bandied about since Moses bathed in the Nile.

For me to write that the entire Universe was being destroyed sounded a little too much like "Star Wars" hype!

More extraordinary than that, I calculated the rate of progress of Dark Matter.

I estimated it was destructively covering approximately ½% of the remaining Universe per annum.

Thus it was that my mind was set on TERMINATION OF THIS UNIVERSE BY 2025 (1985 + 40 years) = 2025.

The 40 years comes from the movement of ½ per annum to cover the remaining 20%. This would mean an end by 2025.

If the % destroyed in 1985 was, say 82%, (for I wrote it was over 80%) then the End could be as early as 2021 [18 x 2 = 36] then 1985 plus 36 = 2021.

There had to be a slight variation for I wrote over 80% was already gone, and that was not a precise figure.

Along came Space Command with which I work at Higher Levels, to help me sort things out. Confusing, is it not?)


These words are in writing in my published books from 1985, so I am not making them up.

As time passed, communication with Higher Levels led to revised dates for termination of Earth, as progressive destruction (with which we are now familiar) took its tool.

In February 2019, my Holographic input gave me 2025 as the Final Year.

This was confirmed by Astral Beings I communicated with at the time. I shall expand on existence in the Astral below.

As Evolution would have it, by early May 2019, I received the news of a 2024 Termination.

This date fell to 2023 not long after that.

Finally, as Jerry Attrick, my best Old Mate (in my head) pronounced, there was to be no 2023!

So, the End was going to be late 2022 or EARLIER.

So prepare mentally for any and every outcome.

The End for Viables is going to be a most wonderful event.

No pain and no fear, NO LOSS OF CONSCIOUSNESS, just a beautiful and most enjoyable trip into our Heavenly Abode. And who does not want to go there? Only evil fools don't want to go to Bliss and eternal Joy.

I agree if you say this sounds like a Fairy Tale for children.

But, what can I do? That is what my 'Higher Self" tells me!

That is what I wrote and that is what I am writing now.

We just have to wait and see.

I pray it's not some sort of joke to choke us! With the changes we see, on Earth and in the Heavens, it isn't a joke!!

So, there you have it.

We THINK we have a date that can be verified for the End, from the verifiable things that are happening on Earth and in the Cosmos.

Already in previous essays I pointed out that Dark Matter is well within our Galaxy.

Distances being what they are, our astronomers, who really know nothing about the Metaphysics of which I am writing, cannot comprehend any of the changes that are occurring. They will when it will be too late.

That is why the Higher Order of Consciousness has apparently agreed to give out this information to us at this stage. But, as I keep repeating, always have reservations if your doubt thrashes you about, OK?

Inspite of the planets in our Solar System heating up, it could be a hoax! Or could it be real?

The scientists are wrong about the Sun being the cause.

Their STUPIDITY won't let them think outside the box, outside their false knowledge, outside their idiotic indoctrination!

As I said some 20 years ago, fatalistic radiation is coming into the Solar System to annihilate it, and ALL life in it, just as Dark Matter will!

For the fools and failures and demons galore ...we hope soon it will be bye, bye Evil ... Forevermore!


So, assuming this information is accurate, how will we be affected when the Dark Matter hits us?

The function of Dark Matter is to destroy the false costumes in which we have been placed in order to be controlled by Evil while we are in this evil Tomb.

It will dissolve the evil apparatuses and liberate us completely.

The entire Universe runs on various levels of ELECTRO-MAGNETISM.

Turn the evil frequencies off and everything of Evil dies.

This is exactly what Dark Matter will do!! I will return to this topic soon.

There are 4 distinct ontological types of individuals in the Human Race.

If you find it hard to conceive these notions, let your mind simply go with the flow!

I will restrict myself to those in Class 4 (Human).

1             There are Divinely-created Viable Beings who were trapped here by Evil but have remained faithful to the Light.


They will be evacuated, of course. They will remain conscious as ALL TIMES, as this garbage in which they were placed is removed.


The garbage created by Evil includes:


         The Physical Body (which I call the meat bag)

         The Etheric Body

         The Filtering Mechanism which interferes with our minds and memory and

         The Astral Body.

Once stripped of these redundancies, Viables will be splendiferous in their Divine Bodies.

2 There are Evil-created AI Robots who experienced the Malice from the beginning and have decided they want to be with the Light, not with the filth of Evil.

Once they are stripped to their Astral Body, with the other bodies (Physical and Etheric) dissolved, and with the Filtering Mechanism being taken off them, they will be transported to a new section (dimension) where they will be fitted out with brand new, Divinely-created Centres of Consciousness. They will then start an Evolutionary Process by which, eventually, they will join other evolving Viables.

3 The next group is that of the failed AI Robots. They chose Evil and will perish with Evil.

Once the Dark Matter works on them, nothing of them materially or mentally will remain. It will be as if they never existed. They will be reduced to electromagnetic dust which CANNOT support consciousness!

The Dark Matter dissolves the electricity that drives them and they are no more. The bodies simply collapse into nothingness!

If they have Karma to pay, while in the Tombs of Despair, they will suffer an equivalent portion to that which they caused. This is a concept that is a little difficult for us Humans to understand. But simply ignore it.

4 The forth group is of the DEMONS.

They had no chance at any time to be anything but evil. They had no Freewill. But, they could have become neutral (inactive) at any time!

Alas, they too have to pay back Karma and their fate is not good. While their punishment is for a split second, they will languish in what will appear for them to be the eternal moment of DESPAIR.

So, we see this Dark Cloud crossing our skies. What exactly happens to us?

Do you recall I said the Dark Matter is like a blotting paper?

It blots up electromagnetic fields.

Without the electromagnetic fields that drive us at every stage - Physical, Etheric, and Astral, we are 'dead'. In other words we lose our consciousness unless we have the Divine Centres of Consciousness! Their frequency is untouched by the Dark Matter and they continue operating with FULL Consciousness!

Thus, as the Dark Matter descends upon us, it starts with the lowest vibration first. The lowest is of the Physical Body. If you did not know that the Physical Body runs on electro-magnetism, you do now.

The Physical Body will simply collapse - dead!

But you (the Etheric and Astral you) will be standing upright on the spot as if nothing happened. Do you recall I mentioned this previously, occurring to soldiers being killed in battlefields and then spontaneously resuscitating?

My goodness, you will feel lighter and free of burden without the meaty Physical Body.

You will have clarity of vison that you did not know existed.

You will see all others around you with their dead bodies at their feet, but they appear healthy and hale as they greet you.

You will observe discarnates and ghosts around you as they collapse. They were images of the previous Etheric Bodies of others.

It goes further. Remember we now have extended vision and we see all the animals around us that have dropped their carcasses.

We see all the pets we have had before who are still in the Etheric Fields.

If they had moved on into the Astral World, we will start to see them as our Etheric body begins to fade.

The Dark Matter is now absorbing, as a second stage to its action, the radiation and electromagnetic frequency of the Etheric World which then disappears as a mist would.

You then realize you are in your Astral Body. If you are a trapped Viable, that body will be billions of years old!

How do I know all these details?

I have seen these changes many, many times in other planets and galaxies far away which have been cleansed and I was there to supervise the process. That's a "whopper" to try and believe, isn't it? Well, you are free to believe it or not. Even Ripley on his best day would not believe it!

As the Dark Matter engulfs you, you will recognize the Astral Realm immediately for you have used it often, very often, each time you physically died, in fact, and ended up in the Astral World from which you were forced to incarnate at a future date sooner or later.

In the Astral, you have more knowledge and powers. You can recall for millions of years, for the Filtering Mechanism has been absorbed by the Dark Matter.

You will meet all the ones you want to meet. But the best is yet to come!

You will recall as many past lives as you wish, although instantly you realize they are no longer important for they were lives of abuse, and pain, dishonesty and suffering, all due to the Evil that controlled them and you.

Then, in a blink of an eye, if you are a Viable, you leave the Astral World that begins its process of DECAY and in an instant you find yourself in the appropriate Divine Realm waiting for you.

No words can describe the feelings of joy, gratitude and immense happiness that will fill your heart.

All those Viables that you love truly will be there, especially our pets, many of whom were not animals at all, but real Class 4 beings like you, that were forced into servitude at degrading levels.

Our connection to each other is instantaneous. All you need to do is think of someone you want to see and there they are before your eyes, in an instant!

You don't look back. There is no past worth seeing for it was all in Evil realms!!

There is now only the Future of Love and Glory.

Mission accomplished.

I will see each of you spontaneously and assign you new roles in new Universes.

(Oops, Jerry you better take that out. They will think you are bragging again for you have nothing better to do!)

"Dr. C., Dr. C., I am merely sharing, in advance, the Greater Joy of the Grand Pure Reality! If it ain't true, then let me luxuriate in the Vision of our Greatest Fantasy. "

Onto our New World

What's wrong Jerry? Why are you crying? Are you sick?

No! I just want to go Home!


What I just wrote applies to Viable Beings of Light.

The AI ROBOTS WHO HAVE BEEN GRANTED ASYLUM IN THE World of Light will be transported to a huge factory-type space where they will be fitted with their training wings. They will have Centres of Consciousness like the Class 1 (Mineral Class) beings have and they will begin their evolution in a new Universe.

The failures will close their eyes and be no more, except for the moment of Horror they earned as the Evil Beings they were.

The Universe is then closed. Dark Matter will dissolve all Physical Matter by first destroying all radioactive frequencies and modalities.

When all aspects are accounted for, Dark Matter disappears as does this cancerous dimension.

There are many more details I can give but they can wait.

You will note, and I want to stress the point, that at no stage is there FEAR or APPREHENSION in the process for Viable Beings!

Those are tools of Evil.

We are being rescued by the Light.

What we experience is utter JOY at leaving this Hell forever.

How often have we cried in the night "God, where are you? Please liberate us from this Hell!"

And you thought the End would never come?

Our prayers have been answered.

There, I have fulfilled my promise to take the Viables, my Dear Ones, Home!

I have given you the How, When and Why of it all.

If the energy of my words has touched your hearts, use it to dispel all doubt and fear.

It is done! It is done! It is done!

No more pain, no more fear, no more misery, no more EVIL.

In the next 3 years, those of worth are to receive the greatest blessing they could imagine.

Smile, smile at all times for Heaven is within reach.

This is your new reality!

The only tears you will ever shed henceforth shall be tears of Joy.

As always you are free to accept or reject what I write.

The responsibility of what you believe is yours.

Always remember my Motto.



Comedy Hour

"Anything to add, Jerry?"

(Dear Readers, all 2 of you will recall Jerry Attrick is the old, unlicensed, comedian that roams the large canyons of my mind. And these days, with so little brain function occurring, they are large vacuums indeed!

Jerry: "Well, I was wondering if you have found a good ditch in the Kalahari in case nothing happens."

"No, but I've found a lovely underwater cave off the coast of Capri. It comes with a double water bed, too!"

"Ok, OK, Doc., Capri is close enough to the Goddi-farter (in Sicily) if no s**t hits the fan,

"Jerry, I think you misspelled..."

"O, yes. It should be Don Coglioni-land, right...?"

"Jerry!!! That's worse. Do you know what coglioni are? Look them up."

"I did. They are like fiery meteors, aren't they .... Big fiery balls?"

But, really, apart from Anatomical features, there are a number of possibilities, Doc. After such an essay as this, you could be called aVerbose Lunaticus straight off the cuff"

"Well, having been an Allopathic Physician on and off for over 50 years I would certainly ½ qualify for that tag without too much effort!"

"You could be called an impractical joker that tries to scare the wits out of everybody, but fails?"

"To be honest, I've been called worse, much worse, Jerry!"

"You could be called a spectacular botch as a Science Fiction writer too, Doc.?"

"Sure, why not, Jerry! Being spectacular isn't that bad. But I would not be the worst?"

"Irano ... that is very debatable, Doc. Well, what about being called a straight out failed dramatist? Besides, do you really need a few loose screws to write the way you do, Doc?"

"No, but it greatly helps to have a lot of loose screws in the noggin in this Modern World, especially if you don't drink! "

"We had better end this anencephalic discussion, Doc. So briefly, tell me the answer to this:

How many have predicted the End of the World?"

"Jerry, do you want the answer in millions or billions?"

"And how many have been correct, Doc?"

"You win Jerry. Ha, ha, ha!!"


You will pardon me. This is such a serious matter, I had to end with jokes in the hope I would make you laugh a little.

Glory awaits!

And so, we shall soon be able to declare the END of the Illusion created by Evil.

This Universe was an Illusion. It was never real.

Such a CELESTIAL ERROR shall never occur again.

Until next time




Copyright Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone

December 23, 2019