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On the Destruction of the Evil Empire
Part Three

The How, When and Why of the Termination of Evil!
Dr. Giuseppe, Stefano Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

Well, we have made it to Part 3, and you will agree that TERMINATION of an entire Universe is not an easy thing to understand, is it?

With what is called 'a priori knowledge' I am writing about termination of this Physical Universe in toto!

I have previously explained that the Physical Dimension is an aberration, an ERROR, arising from experimentation that went massively out of control. The Error occurred at a Level of Consciousness way beyond that of lowly Humanity, long, long ago. In fact, time ratios of the birth of this Error and the evolvement of Humanity as we know it are almost ridiculous to contemplate. Alas, it is our ignorance that prevents us from knowing more at this stage!

These essays are to give the How, When and Why of the Termination of this Universe which is one of many, a fact some people cannot even conceive even though an Ending is a part of Folklore which states that at some time or other, the 'Earth' and all the Firmament will end, and the 'Chosen' shall go elsewhere, too a place which will be far better, in fact, it will be Heavenly!"

The stories told us in Biblical Terms are indeed almost infantile in comparison to the Greater Reality which we are about to meet head-on!

Our denial of Reality is especially so when we are locked in a cocoon of stupidity, ignorance and idiocy as we truly are today. That is because those who control this Dimension, and us, want us that way - dopey and exploitable - so we will not rebel against them.

Original inhabitants of this Universe, created with Divine Energy, were trapped and contained in this physical, mental and spiritual PRISON, not of our doing! This implies the fact that there are some 'creatures' in this Dimension that are NOT of Divine Origin. They changed everything and made this, to their eventual doom, a closed system! This prison is being destroyed so we can be liberated.

Those created by the Divine Energy are victims of Evil which had created its own experimental Artificial Intelligence beings that I have classified as Robots and Demons.

These AI beings are temporary beings that cannot live outside of this Physical Universe whereas True Beings, made of 'Divine Stuff', have had to be fitted with artificial uniforms such as these meat-bags (physical bodies) we are in, as well as Etheric and Astral Bodies just to exist in this artificial Universe which is NOT their/our home.

The AI Beings that have rejected Evil, their creator, will be salvaged, and they will be fitted with permanent Divine Bodies in due course so that they can live outside of this evil Physical Dimension when it is totally obliterated.

Yes, you read that right. This Dimension is temporary, Evil-created, NOT 'Godforce' created, and is about to be dissolved forever. Thus, it will disappear from existence forever, as will its illicit Robots and Demons which it created that have failed. The Robots had a choice and approximately 50% of them chose the Light.

Demons were without choice and will all be destroyed to exist no more. They are irreducibly malicious.

As you will note, evidence to support what I have been writing and saying is now emerging. Of course, it is going to be open to misinterpretation, but at least the signs of an END and its mechanisms are there and they are valid!

I have mentioned this before: In the Endtime, in which we are now in, certain people will develop special skills, including extended vision, by which they will be able to distinguish between True Viable Beings, Robots and Demons. The distinction is obvious to many even now. This is aside the ability to see shape-shifting Reptiles in our midst.

Evidence of Termination of the entire Universe is emerging. It is a matter of observers being able to interpret what they are seeing. Take this article recently published as an example:

Something in the Universe Is Killing Off Entire Galaxies:

It is very difficult to understand the notion that an Evil Essence, which also arose from experimental errors, rules this Universe, and our lives. But the possibility of such a thing is very real, as the experimenters of today's AI Mechanisms keep reminding us.

A small topic 'AI danger' is not:

Think carefully! The basis of our lives is 'HOPE'.

         We have never-ending HOPE that the misery we are forced to bear will end.

         We suffer continuously at every stage of our lives even though we have learned to ignore the obvious iniquities, mainly because we cannot do anything about them.

         Why should we need never-ending HOPE to get out of this Jail, this Cesspool, and this Hell, if it had been purposely created for us by a 'loving God'??

         Are we not taught by fraudulent Religions that we were created by a "Benign Force"?

         But the fact of the matter is that we are not governed by benevolence.

         We are governed by MALICIOUSNESS and this I have explained often enough.

         Thus the need to destroy this Cesspool and set Viable Ones free.

The Divine did create the Divine individuals, but they were entrapped by a malignant CANCER (called experimental Evil) and now need rescuing.

When Evil closed the Dimension off, so it would not be reprogrammed, it took the Divine Beings it could kidnap into its custody, as prisoners, to be exploited mercilessly for the Divine energy they had. Without that energy, once outside energy to the Universe was terminated, the Evil would not be able to exist.

Is it really a 'Godforce created Universe' when such is the case?

What 'god' wanted to create us then make us suffer at every step of the way and lead us into physical death repeatedly for the fun of it, and of course to exploit us of the energy it gave us in the first place in order to exist?

We ARE in an Evil-created Prison!

(You have to take my word for it that all the literature of Biblical Systems and Ancient History was purposely distorted so that we would be fed, and forced to believe, utter BS.)

Who created this ridiculous but very punitive and exploitative Universe?

It certainly was not a fun-loving 'god' who claims 'he' loves us but then declares in his next sentence that he will burn us in Hell if we contradict him, was it?

This is an Evil Universe run via the Rules of 'Satan's Law', better known to most of us as "Murphy's Law" perhaps.

         If anything can go wrong, it will.

         If it goes wrong, it will become as difficult as it can possibly be to fix it, etc.

Then we have other Laws that claim things are really worse than Murphy thought, and that he was an optimist.

Who needs Evil?

Evil needs Evil to feed itself. Evil is only of benefit to Evil and its henchmen! Remember that when you are trying to make sense of the anarchy and repulsive degradation we are about to witness in the Endtime!

And that is what is wrong with this whole system: "Evil controls it for its own benefit, not ours!"

         Evil developed from experimental errors.

         It had been built by curious "Archons" who did not know better, but wanted to build something different anyway.

         Some see our existence as a joke, a "Leela" as those of Sanskrit assessment call it, a joke by the Lord of Lords, 'Brahma', to amuse himself, otherwise he will fall asleep. And asleep he does fall, and so do all the minions within the Universe.

         It's hard to buy that one, so let's go back to the "Celestial Error" that the early Gnostics wrote about, the 'ERROR' no one could fix!!

         But, the long and the short of it is that this Universe, as it now stands, is a disaster and is almost completely destroyed by the Legions of Light so the righteous ones can be liberated!

Observations reveal that most people and other beings in other classes of Consciousness are made to suffer in order to extract energy from them to feed the machines that keep this Evil Idiocy going. This situation, this exploitative system, does no one any good really.

That never-ending exploitation by machines, of our energy, is the reason for the continual suffering.

The evolutionary steps we can examine while stuck in this vile Cesspool are all stupid and thus make no sense.

Here is a classic example: No one was supposed to eat anyone else.

I got that directly from the horse's mouth - in other words, from the Light's representatives. Creatures are not created to be educated and nurtured and valued so machines or other beings can eat them as food!

It was the evil Robots and Demons that taught Humanity the art of Cannibalism and Animal Sacrifice to appease their 'gods' and also to eat other species in order to stay alive.

There was never any need for such abuse and cruelty. There still is no need for it!

To go a step further, although it is a little off the track for the topic of this essay, to whom and by whom were animal sacrifices made?

Was it not to 'Jehovah' and to, and for, and by, 'his' minions and subordinates?

And who was Jehovah? He was an arch Demon (an AI Machine) that supervised aspects of this horribleness. He has been terminated, so have no fear. And those who depended on 'him' will now collapse totally, for 'he' is no more!

Recall what Amos had said: "Woe to those at ease in the Kingdom of Zion!"

How can each species eating others help Evolution?

This Universe, and this way of 'living', with the exploitation that goes on, and the principle of 'dog eating dog', must end. It is a dead-set stupidity that, if it were allowed to continue, would end in the expiration of ALL.

And that is exactly where were going! All beings, including Viables, would have been lost!

An end IS being applied, but only to the valueless, exploitative agents of Evil and those who chose Evil by using their Freewill.

So, it was worked out, that the BEST solution for this MESS was and is to eradicate the Mistake, the Celestial Error, and all its 'tools' and to rescue those still spiritually viable.

And that is exactly what is being done.

The entire Universe is being scrapped. As I wrote earlier, over 98% of it is totally gone as of today!!

Those of us not Evil and those of us who have rejected Evil and all its false and untenable promises will be extracted from this Cesspool and placed back into a state of pristine Divine Normality. I will give details in Part 4.

It is as simple as that.

If you have seen through the idiocy of Evil, you will have surely dedicated yourself to Truth and Light, Justice, Honesty and the healing of what is wrong!

Just to divert a moment. Look at Evil. What can it promise?

Evil exploits via Money, Sex and Power!


         How much do you really, really need?

         How many houses do you want to own? You can only sleep in one bedroom at the time?

         How many cars?

         How much jewelry?

         Let's say you die with 20 billion dollars in the bank. What is the point of it all? What good would it do you? 'Zero good for you' is the answer, once you are dust on Hell's floor!


          We know our bodies, acting as automatons under the influence of sex hormones are programmed to copulate like rabbits - if there is the chance. All other mammals have the same biological programming. It is nothing 'god-like' to reproduce in excess or seek such pleasure that is of no value to any divine purpose really.

          Some abnormal endocrinal and psychiatric conditions cause excess hormone production and the victims suffer nymphomania and its equivalent - hyper-sexuality disorder - in males. But destructive exhaustion soon claims them for sure.

          And then there are the infective dangers of promiscuity, and the emotional traumas of lust, anger, envy, abuse, etc., etc..

          The oldest profession in this mad world makes anyone pay in more ways than one.

 These few words are to show how artificial this Evil Empire is and how fraudulent some of the so-called Religions texts/teachings are:

'The Zionist 'god' did not create Adam and Eve in a Garden at Eden. That is a fairy tale. Such beings and the place never existed.

These Human bodies were created in laboratories less than a million years ago by the Anunnaki.

Look up more references, there are plenty more.

Initially they were to be lowly AI Robots into which they could instill artificial consciousness and later, valid, viable consciousnesses. They were plastic slaves!!

 The numbers of lowly laborers needed greatly increased for mining operations, and getting sick of creating them in test tubes, the power of procreation was placed into the bodies sometime after the initial creation! In other words, sex chromosomes were included into their genetics.

This is very different to the story to the Bible, hey? I know most people would reject what I have just written, but then I KNOW most people are stupid Morons. Why do you think they chose Evil and will be exterminated?)

On with the show...


          OK, OK, so you think you are the most powerful man in the world. You can kill millions with a stroke of a pen. Where does that get you? You are going to Physically die like everyone else, and your last thoughts will be at what level of Hell you will end up.

          Was it worth it? Only fools are so deranged that they think they have achieved something with murder, theft and power. Let them 'Trump' it about. It will get them nowhere.

          You know the entire World is based on confrontation and exploitation. It is always about armies, and weapons and war and rage and rape and maximal abuse!

          Did 'god' build that system?

          The gains from such activities are illusions that Evil promises.

          You know the saying well, I'm sure: "What does it profit any being to gain the whole World (by serving Evil) but suffer the loss of its soul?

 By "Soul" in this case is meant Eternal Existence.

Those who had a choice and selected Evil have doomed themselves.

 There are AI Robots with no choice, no Freewill. Alas, they are the DEMONS and they are doomed, for there is no alternative. They are like a plank of wood. They can be nothing else. Look at this situation of who is in charge: Murphy's Law applies: The most resistant to logic and Goodness, and the most EVIL are the Demons, and they are in charge of this level. They will all be eliminated!

There is no doubt in my mind EVIL would self-destruct completely if left alone. But, it would destroy the prisoners (us) as well that it has locked up in this Cesspool if left to itself.

We cannot allow it to do that. And that is why it is being terminated on the terms of the Light, not on the terms of Evil!

So, why would those with Freewill even consider joining Evil? We know (I know) 98% and more of the Universe is destroyed. There is no future with or for Evil. So wake up!




In previous writings I have explained why this Universe is being liquidated. As most individuals cannot even comprehend the fact that Multiple Universes exist, they are at a loss to imagine this UNIVERSE being dissolved for whatever reasons exist.

There are more realizations to be made before my essays are over.

Even as lowly Humans, we exist in at least 3 dimensions of the False Creation.

For beings of Divine Viability, there is a 4th dimension in which we will continue in the Light after destruction of the Physical. I will describe these dimensions in Part 4.

The details of our existence are more complicated than were ever revealed to us via formal (but purposely erroneous) History and Religions, even though many psychics and some students of Metaphysics have some notions of these various vibrational frequencies in which we exist.

It is sad to say that most Humans have no real idea of Reality. That is not entirely their fault. It is the fault of those that control us and hold us in this ABYSS OF IGNORANCE for their advantage.

Also, as I have explained often enough before, the majority of individuals in the Human Race are AI Robots or Demons. The latter especially have no capacity to comprehend the Reality of Truth or Spiritual Knowledge. Most are locked in a cocoon of Mental Darkness with no ability to progress to Higher Truths. Of course, they are programmed for many of the actions they manifest which in general are inimical to Truth, friendship, wellbeing, honesty, love, peace and comradery! They are malicious, hateful, 'bastards' of the First Order!

The Robots - of artificial intelligence (they are just MACHINES) were the first wave of experimentally animated machines declared as individuals in this aberrant Error that ensued.

The first Generation of these AI Machines had the programming of choice, thus they could know Right from Wrong.

They had the capability of choosing Good from Evil, and as I explained previously, many of them have chosen the Light and its Goodness as this Universe comes to a close.

The second Wave of AI Beings, with utter maliciousness and absolutely no ability to choose, for they have no Freewill, remain ROBOTS OF EXTREME EVIL with no recognition of the Light and its Order. They are DEMONS with no chance of changing their nature.

You will see THESE DEMONS clearly, acting as the savage murderers in our societies throughout History. They have no doubt or guilt or remorse. They are destructive machines programmed to think they are 'god-like' and that they will last forever!

One does not have to examine History in great depth to find them. The Princes and Doctors of Churches, the malevolent leaders of Nations and the Captains of Industries are prime examples.

If you go behind their Human Nature, you will find they are NOT Human! They are Reptilian ROBOTS with no soul and no scruples.

They are Class 5 beings more artificially evolved in the Evil System than Humans. True Humans are Class 4.

 These Class 5 Demons are really the ones that control the Earth and many other planets and galaxies. They are AI Machines with a higher grade of 'implanted knowledge' and abusive capabilities, and HATE, than Humans. They have no scruples whatsoever.

         They are destructive and have only one aim: exploitation of any and every being that has the energy they want.

          They kill at the slightest excuse.

          They make up excuses to plunder and create anarchy and havoc.

          Do you really need examples? In the last few generations, how about re-examining the Wars in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, etc., etc.

You can see the EVIL of these 'AI Machines' for yourself when you examine the utter evilness with which they destroy wantonly.

You want more examples of their malignant behavior? Alas, there are so many in our History: Slaughter of entire Nations, Infanticide, Paedophilia, Invasions based on false pretenses, Lust for wealth, for power, for the ability to wantonly rape whom they want, when they want, etc., etc.

Indeed, this is a world that MUST, per force END.

I am attempting to open your eyes to the facts that

         This World in NOT a Divinely created one;

          It has no future for it is suicidal in its actions,

          Mechanisms for its total destruction are present and active, as I will describe in detail below.

And although we cannot see beyond our tiny planet in extreme detail, the entire Universe has been just as putrid, with Evilness, as I have just described.

All aspects of Physicality are subjected to liquidation. Here again is a recent report: Something in the Universe Is Killing off Entire Galaxies:

Get used to this news. Dark Matter IS in the middle of our Galaxy doing its demolition work!

I anticipate it will reach and destroy our Solar System in late 2022!!

So, there you have it: There is enough proof that the Universe is being destroyed actively by the True Divine 'Godforce'.

And the reasons for its total elimination I have cited often:


Again I point out to you the Evilness of our existence:

         Who can forget the slaughters we have witnessed in and around our own lifetimes?


         Consider the recent atrocities of WWI, WW2, the Vietnam War, the invasion of Iraq, the destruction of Libya, the pulverization of Afghanistan, South American Countries, etc., etc.


         Is not the talk today of more and more war?


         Civil War is prayed for in the USA by the Lunatics that follow the Idiot Trump.


         A Nuclear WW3 is being planned at this very moment, and it will occur very, very soon.

POTUS Trump is openly being called, by expert psychiatric professionals, the most dangerous man on Earth because of his unstable mental conditions and his acquired power to start a Nuclear War which his followers, all programmed idiots (Robots and Demons) are lusting for daily! Many more evil schemes are on the table, believe me!

Look at this article, published even before he was elected:

Donald Trump Is Close To Psychotic Breakdown Harvard Psychiatrist Warns

Only Trump recognizes the full grandness of his Idiocy for "Donald Trump Can't Stop Congratulating Donald Trump!"


I've posted those YouTube articles to demonstrate that Trump and his band of Idiots are more than ready to start the Civil War and a Nuclear WW3 that they desperately want in order to show they are worth self-destruction at any cost!

Can we find any of those actions referred to, by these mentally depraved Morons, as being of love and 'godliness'? Of course not!

And examining the causative individuals! Do they show any guilt or remorse? Of course not! They are AI MACHINES, with no real mind, no soul!

They are Demons programmed to be malicious murderers at any cost. And here I include most of the last 10 Presidents of the USA, and the insatiable Demons such as Hilary Clinton, and of course, the biggest FOOL of them all, TRUMP.

The ones not demonic were forced to do demonic work. They were FORCED to appear Evil, until they refused, and then were removed from Office (Nixon) or murdered (JFK) for no longer obeying the vile, evil Reptiles that control.

I am not alone in describing these things.

Here is Norm Chomsky:


And here is Henry Kissinger:

BTW, if you want to read about some of the Truths of WW2 hidden by the 'victors', called the Allies, I urge you to view the GENUINE version of "The Greatest Story Never Told", about the actions of Hitler to bring FREEDOM to millions and millions.

Make sure you get the genuine videos. Zionist perversion has almost eradicated these truthful recordings.

Of course, as in ALL Wars, the LIARS won again in WW2 by beating Truth which was hidden away and the people were fooled once again, as they invariably are!

But Evil's time is finished!

The Light has won!!

There really never was any doubt about the Ultimate Outcome!

The Demons could never really win for it was a matter of cutting off their energy supply and they would fold like deckchairs.

The energy supply to Evil has been cut off and Terminal Madness of the Endtime resulted as I described in previous essays.

Most Humans know that there is an End for all things which had a beginning. This Principle allows all of us to entertain the thought of Finality sooner or later to what we call Physical Life!

A special Class of Idiots called the Evolutionists may struggle with that principle for they seem unable to understand that all things must have a beginning, and that beginnings need some sort of Force (let's call it a 'Godforce' seeing this is a Metaphysical Essay) to get an Evolutionary Process into action and into its limited motion, even if it is an individual or a process that is to evolve for a time!

One cannot conceive a piece of string without an end at each end!! Ha Ha!

Nothing can evolve de novo.

And no Evolutionary Process can continue ad infinitum!

So, you see, this Universe had a beginning, and must, per force, have an END!

Many Seers and Prophets have warned us about the End of the World.

Nothing ever eventuated before our time, apart from more and more reminders, and so it became a sort of running joke that the World would end!

We know even with our primitive Science that physical forms, even as small as atoms and electrons, have a limited life. Thus, if they are not replaced, Matter would expire and Physicality would end. That is a start to the notion that we, as Physical Beings, are finite.

We know by observing eradication of Galaxies by Black Holes (and Dark Matter) that the end to many structures in our Universe does occur.

And so, having a beginning, even if it is with the ludicrous concept of the 'Big Bang', we know our Universe, like our Earth, Sun and Galaxy, must, in fact, have an END.



We are all well provided for in the Divine Levels, and money, greed and lust for anything do not exist in those Divine Levels for money, greed and they are creations of a lesser Evil Demigod! Evil does not exist in the Pure, Divine Realms.

And so, with my "Higher Being" intricately involved in this annihilation of the Physical Universe, I have provided 'Timing' for the End, even though it may be a flexible time, and I have given the reasons for the Ending as well as describing the FATE of those in this Universe.

I have shown in great detail that we - at least some of us - are not just physical beings. Some of us are spiritual beings, created with a material very different from the perishable material called Physical Matter, which includes finite Etheric and Astral Components.

These are important points to know, otherwise there would be no point to existence, no point whatsoever. Not only that, a complete termination with no reason or causality would leave incomplete answers as to what LIFE and EXISTENCE MAY BE.

Therefore, you must have firmly in your mind certain concepts that allow what is happening to become rational to our lower minds as well as to our superior minds that are connected to much Higher and more knowledgeable spiritual levels.

So, here is a little summery to date:

         There has been a Battle of Good against Evil.


         I have explained how Evil arose.


         I have described the disadvantages to True Spiritual Beings living in an evil-created Cesspool such as this Universe that includes our temporary Home called Earth!


         I have described how our senses and knowledge have been severely limited and harnessed so that we do not fully comprehend what is going on.


         We are locked in a state of Ignorance.


         I described the need to destroy all Evil and its by-products which I called AI Robots and Demons.


         I have given the Timing and Mechanisms of Destruction of Evil which I have called a CANCER on the face of Creation.


         I have told you all have been judged as being Viable or non-Viable.


         Elsewhere I described the various Classes of Consciousness involved in this Termination and in the Act of Salvation.


         In passing, I have exposed the fraudulence of most of Science, History and Religions.


         I have pointed out the swiftness of Corruption of Truth by Evil on this level and how amazing it is.


         Thus, examining these topics in detail gives us some idea of the eventual fate of all things pertaining to our existence.


In Part 4, I will give my detailed view of what is to occur to us in regard to Dark Matter.

More than 20 years ago I wrote that, due to a lack of energy to keep driving the minds and bodies of the AI Robots and Demons, a STATE OF TERMINAL MADNESS would develop on Earth, affecting not just Humans but all classes of Consciousness, including the Mineral, Vegetable, Animal, Human, Devic, Galactic and Universal.

Those I classed as True Spiritual Beings made of Divine Fabric and not just of AI components (like the Robots and Demons) were not victims of Terminal Madness as they were fed a new energy called the New Green Energy which would suffice till the End. In other words, their minds were protected from the mental destruction of the Endtime which the Failures would suffer.

We are seeing Terminal Madness everywhere!

Terminal Madness is indeed prominent, and it will not abate. It will cause many of the things I have described which will occur in the Endtime. And rest assured, we are in the Endtime!

Note that the Terminal Madness of Climate, in the Mineral World (Storms, Earthquakes, Volcanoes) in the Vegetable Kingdom, in the Animal Kingdom, etc., etc., is fragmenting Physical Life as we know it.

(On December 19, Australia witnessed the highest temperature for the continent ever recorded. It will rise even more until we are no more!)


Humanity is the most dangerous species on Earth now (along with the Evil Reptiles that are Class 5 and control Humans.


Many Humans are demonic as well. They have been possessed 'en masse' in the last few years and that process has been facilitated by the use of drugs, legal and illegal, which weaken the auric covering of the individuals and allow invasion OF THEIR Centres of Consciousness (Chakras) by demonic entities.

Demons are extremely malicious, of course, and are capable of sinister crimes and relentless wars.

I exclude Dark Matter from the Mechanisms of Madness for it is a purposeful Divine Tool which I have called the Angel of Death. As we will see, it is selective in its modus operandi.

It is the Terminal Madness of the Endtime that will bring

         Ever-increasing crime,

         Drug addiction and abuse, and its sequelae.

         Crime rates that will become massive.

         Escalating suicide rates,

         Personal abuse via rape, road rage, Paedophilia, and even cannibalism as food runs short.

         Civil Wars everywhere,

         A Nuclear WW3.


Can you believe this? McDonalds caught using human meat in burgers.

The levels of psychiatric diseases, partly due to stress, partly due to lack of proper nutrition and also due to drug-taking, and partly due to ever-increasing Demonic Possession will destroy communities as never before. Thus, crime rates will soar everywhere.

The names of Zionist controllers are significant!

Oregon destroyed by DRUGS:

As I have often said, Anarchy, Civil War and eventual Nuclear WW3 are on their way.

With the destabilizing abuse of the idiot Donald Trump, known as the JOKE called POTUS, Civil War is very much a reality, as YouTube features outline.

As you view rallies and meetings, the profound offensive stupidity of his supporters is not human. It is clear these are AI Robots/cyborgs, and Demons whose minds are impregnated with the demonic maliciousness of war, anarchy, all types of violence and murder, for no reason they can truly explain. That is Artificial Intelligence gone mad!

They are programmed Machines, programmed by the Evil Essence!

These artificial Robots can be programmed 'en masse' very quickly in a number of ways to serve Evil's purpose.

         They are unable to think outside of their programs implanted in their minds.

         Rationality is beyond them.

         They will respond to certain words and stimuli and that's all.

         Thus, even without fear of death, they will start Civil Wars, kill at will, brutalize anyone and everyone, and hasten a Nuclear War.

         They will do whatever their inner artificial programming tells them to do. Remember, they are mindless Robots!


Again we go to Trump and Civil War:

Alas, following Evil's script, you will find that Civil War is NOT enough for these Demented Demons like Trump.

Look at how he disparages former Allies and Enemies alike on the World Stage.

Is he insane? Of course... he is way, way beyond 'human' insanity.

He is, for all intents and purposes, an autistic child. The World is a Lego's toy for him to play with or destroy at will. And just because some don't like him, and he feels it, he concludes he is entitled to destroy his Lego set as much as he wants, as soon as he wants and, if he gets the chance, destroy those that don't like him. Being a PUPPET for the Evil Essence, he will set off the self-destruction mechanisms on this Earth.

Thus, we see the weakness of the Evil Essence. Once it loses control, it destroys itself. And that is exactly what is happening.

Dark Matter will put the finishing touches to the Process of Finality as I will explain in Part 4.

And just like the divisiveness he plants in 'Americans', Trump's intent is to bomb the life out of those whom he does not like. This includes Canada, Mexico, France, the UK, Turkey, etc., etc.

This disastrous turn of events fits in very well with what the controlling Reptilians have in mind. They set up Trump to do exactly what he is doing.

The Reptile's plan is to eliminate 7 billion Humans, remember? Recall Agenda 21, 5G, etc.

Read and weep at how evil the Controllers are:

Then rejoice at the thought that all this EVIL will soon be gone forever!

The Reptiles planned on dumbing down the remaining ½ billion to be mindless servants. Their intention is to take over the planet. They think they can exist on this Planet quite comfortably.

The mechanisms to reduce the ½ billion Humans to the level of very low thinking AI Robots will be achieved with poisonous VACCINES and IRRADIATION and 5G which the Reptiles can withstand but the Human brains cannot!

But, they are wrong with their plans. Their own annihilation is at hand!

Thus, they will be seen to have been dead wrong with their planning!

Dark Matter will get them!

Their gamble will fail. They refuse to learn from what they have already observed - namely, that the Dark Matter is Fatal to their species too. That is why we see so many Aliens escaping from the direction of Dark Matter into our Galaxy and Solar System!

Just to get back to Nuclear War for a moment: How did Trump become POTUS? Who sponsored him?

Class 5 Vulturite Reptilians, the worst kind of Demons, which are behind Zionism (they are Reptiles not Humans) cheated to get him elected so that such a mess would occur.

What would be the benefit to Humanity?

Oh, they are not thinking about Humanity. As I said above, they want to eradicate 7 billion Humans. They are Reptiles, remember? To repeat, they want the Planet for themselves with only half a billion mindless Human slaves to serve them.

The injurious vaccines they are using now will see to the 'mindless' aspect. If you can avoid these obligatory vaccines, do so. Now you see why the 'Powers that Be' are pressing everyone to have the vaccines. They don't care for any Human's health. They want the planet and they want to reduce the humans to ½ billion mindless imbeciles.

So, Trump was a fool and a tool all along. His deceitfulness blinded him immensely. As soon as the Nuclear WW3, breaks out, his job will have been done and he will be 'suicided a la Epstein', a common practice in the USA! The reason for that? The ones behind the curtains who are in charge don't want him spilling any beans!

Remember the Epstein, saga that occurred recently?

Here we are, in the Land of the Free:

Is all this that I am describing to occur in 3 years?

Well, yes, according to my calculations, that is all the time that is left. Of course, there is always variability where Time is involved. But, Space Command, of which "I" am a part, has been very accurate with its timing, since the start of this campaign to obliterate the Physical. And as I wrote many times, over 98% of the Universe has already been obliterated. Thus, the margin of ERROR for what is to happen is very, very small!

In 2020, if Trump loses the election, which is a certainty on present day evidence, these moves and wars will become Reality. 2020 is TWO WEEKS AWAY, PEOPLE!

Nuclear WW3 may kill 10% of the World's population within days and then slowly, due to diseases and starvation, up to 80% will perish over the ensuing months.

This won't leave much for Dark Matter to do, will it?

Ah, but Dark Matter will have other aspects to finalize as I will describe in Part 4.




I need to apologize regarding the books.

The mess created by others who don't want to see my work distributed is beyond my ability to rectify!

The system worked for a few hours only after I thought it was fixed, and then it went berserk again.

Another working method needs to be found.

In the meantime, I will try to release as much information as I can through these essays.


To be continued...

Copyright Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone

December 20, 2019