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On the Destruction of the Evil Empire
Part Two

Dr. Giuseppe, Stefano Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

Before we begin with Part 2 in this series, I want to remind you once again that we are in the middle of a War of Essences. Hopefully it is being resolved in the favour of Truth and Honesty. But WARS are filthy events at the best of times, so be aware that we are attacked by thoughts from both sides in order to confuse us, for wars are fought on confusion and obfuscation. If we are confused, the opposition cannot gain data from us, can it?

You know thought implantation occurs. Thus, do not become too attached to any thoughts that enter your mind.

Contemplate any new ideas you encounter, and calmly analyze them. If they seem nonsensical, set them aside and wait for your heart to tell you what to do with them.

We have all been wrong with many ideas, especially in psychic and metaphysical issues, so hasten slowly about what to believe.

Even my words cannot be guaranteed to be accurate. How could they be?

We wait and assess what is given to us in the hope that it is factual and true. That way we will not rush in to accept nonsense.

The problems of this Human Level are many. The proofs provided for any assertion in our knowledge seem to be accurate. But are they? We don't know the alternatives. As an example, think of the ridiculous assertions Religions have made about Truth and Untruth.

So we must trust our inner feelings about this War of Essences and realize that ultimately, even if some facts are inaccurate, the general plan is for us to be liberated from the Darkness eventually, and to be placed once again into the Light.

For more than that, we cannot ask.

On with the show...

Among other things, in this Part 2, I wish to address the reason why my Alter Ego, Jerry Attrick, said in Part One, that there will be no year 2023?

In Part One (posted above) I gave a general introduction to the need for total destruction of this Physical Universe.

There are many Universes in Creation, but this one is particularly noted (by the Supreme Beings that govern) for its aberrant Nature and its course Matter and Malignant status. The Matter in this Universe is a substance of lowest frequency in this Creation. It is a by-product of Evil, and that is what we are clothed with and what we live in. Per force it must, and will be, destroyed totally for it is exploitative, and very, very harmful just like a cancer would be for the Divine Beings trapped in this malevolent Universe!

The Nature of all aspects of Creation is electro-magnetic. The vibrational rate varies from place to place. It is important to know this because it is the termination of interactions that are going to occur between Higher Frequencies and Lower frequencies that will determine who lives and who dies!

I realize what I just wrote goes way beyond what the knowledge taught to us on this Earth assumes to be the Norm. But, you must expand your mind if you are going to fully comprehend what I am going to write below.

Other Planets and other Alien Beings, which do exist inspite of the 'scientific idiots who state the contrary, are far more advanced than Humanity and this Earth, but they too are limited by Evil's fraudulence in major and minor degrees.

As an Endtime phenomenon, many of you may spontaneously regress to lives in other Planets and Solar System, even in other Galaxies before the end wipes all minds clean. Realize that you are not hallucinating. In fact, you may well be recalling the longing to be in a better, less evil place.

It is a fact of LIFE from now on that we must believe we have been deceived and duped to a great degree, great enough to warrant destruction of this entire evil mess!

There are multiple Universes. There are multiple Dimensions, even in our own Universe. In this Universe, uniquely, there is Evil that is self-destructive as we shall see. There is aberrance from Evil's experimental ERRORS and there is an urgent need for Correction of this Celestial Error.

Nearly everything we have been taught as Humans is wrong, and that is very much on purpose, the reason being that Evil-created creatures want us to be ignorant of the facts of who we are, where we are and what is happening all around us.

As you well know the blame for everything going wrong is placed on us. How ridiculous all that is! In the Story of Noah (which is NOT a genuine story, by the way) do not the Zionist Hebrews blame Man for all the problems, and do they not claim that their 'God' was sick of Mankind (which he created in the first place) and wanted to destroy it all and start afresh? That is a perversion of the Gnostic Theory that the evil AI creations were the trouble makers.

By being in a cocoon of Ignorance from which it appears we cannot break out, we who are not Beings of Matter alone, are more easily exploited of the Divine Energy with which we were made by the Godforce Creators. The process of us being converted into ignorant and sleepy targets by false knowledge, allows the Evil enemies to exploit us of our energy. That has serious consequences of course. And that was the whole point of the War - to exploit us so the AI Robots could live off our energy!

Throughout the Ages, Messengers have warned us that this is an abnormal Universe and that it needed to be destroyed totally so that the Divine Beings could be returned to their proper Home, their state of Grace. The Evil Robots and Demons, created by the Celestial Error would be totally destroyed if they refused to give up their allegiance to Evil.

That is where we are at today. We are at the Final few years of existence of this Abomination. A Final Judgement of who is Good and who is Evil has occurred and the Divine Ones are about to be taken Home.

I cannot make it any simpler than that.

Those with Divine Energy in their make-up will awaken to this truth.

Those who have chosen to remain servants of Evil will perish, for they will be unable to exist in the dimensions beyond this one when this one is destroyed totally.

In a nutshell, that is the reason why my Dear 'Jerry Attrick' jumped in before me and was bold enough to announce the End of this Filth by the end of 2022 - just 3 years away.

Those who recognize this Cesspool for what it is are joyous at the thought of the End of all Evil and all its horrors. They are joyous because they have the Divine Energy within them (The Kingdom of Heaven is within).

Left to itself, Evil would destroy all things, even itself. Thus, it has no future really.

Those who are truly fearful of that thought of an End, of what is to come, sense their own DOOM, for they know what they have done by being willing servants of Evil. They know deep within there is no escaping their 'Karma'.

Time is short and I am pushing ahead as fast as I can.

Realize we are in a WAR of Good vs Evil.

To repeat: In all wars, Untruths and Propaganda play their parts in attempting to confuse the enemy to gain some sort of an advantage. I've explained this before. On this level, it is not up to us to know the absolute Truth of any and every movement of either side, but rather, our role is to be obedient to our Cause and prepare ourselves for whatever may come and whenever it may come.

Thus PROPHECY is very much a tool of Warfare.

Of course writers like me are going to be used by one or both sides to spread Truths and Untruths.

The important point is not to worry too much about details of Time and Location.

Look at all the great Prophets we have had throughout the Ages. Many have been less than accurate. Edgar Cayce is a recent example.

We need not concern ourselves too much about precision in Warfare. That is the whole point of having FAITH. Besides, the differences between Dimensions, Time Zones, Consciousness Frequencies, etc., make it absurd to try and match up what is and what is not going on at one particular moment.

All we know, regarding the Prognostication of the End is that it will happen and that it will happen soon!

"How soon?" you may well ask.

Well, I stuck my neck out in Part One to say we will not see 2023. But how do I really know that? It has to be a date relayed from Higher Sources. They may have said it to scare the life out of the Evil Side. Who knows the exact time? You know the saying about the 'thief in the night'!

Besides, even the time difference from dimension to dimension makes accuracy most improbable.

So read these dates of Prophecy but be wise and consider they may be false for purposes we do not know or false because of Time alterations.

We do have a measurable 'Time Frame' due to a substance called Dark Matter, and I will write about it in detail below.

All we know is that an End is coming, we see Terminal Madness and we (some of us) have the Clear Vision of the Endtime by which we recognize the Good from the Bad, even while people are in their meat-bag (physical) bodies.

Thus, be wise, not foolish. Think of possibilities. The coming events will occur soon enough.

The other reason may of us know it is the Endtime is because of the horrible feeling we have of this Earth and the impatience that impinges on our mind and spirit every minute of the day knowing that soon a much better World will arrive for us and we will be forever free of this horrible, horrible malignant Evil and its Robots and Demons!

So, let's talk about Data we (I) know:

Over 98% of this Physical Universe is no more. Did you know that? In other words, we are living in the last 2% (or less) that remains. My information is that we will witness the termination of the entire foul Cesspool, this Physical Universe, within 3 years.

That is why I chose December 2019 to introduce these essays. I expect December 2022 to be the last month on Earth. Beware that, as I said, Prophecy is a tool of Warfare. That date may be accurate, then again it may not be. But I don't think it is too far off the mark. Just prepare yourself mentally. I will describe what to expect below.

Some general remarks: All Universes are experiments in which the Divine Beings sent into them flourish and then graduate to a superior position in the Divine Hierarchy, in a newly created Universe.

This one, as I have written often, went terribly wrong and produced a disastrous, malignant Essence that was murderous in the extreme. Thus, it was decided to terminate the life of this Universe early for Divine Beings were being abused severely and killed in a process by which the ARTIFICIAL PRODUCTS OF THE EXPERIMENTAL ERRORS COULD LIVE on stolen energy, stolen from the True Divine Creatures.

The Modus Operandi of this malignant Universe (called the Celestial Error) was never-ending SUFFERING for those caught in this trap.

The Evil Essence that developed from experimental ERRORS set up mechanisms by which energy, vital energy, was stolen from the Divine Beings by the most murderous and conniving mechanisms EVIL could produce.

If you examine societies throughout History and even in our time, it is so that Humans and other Levels of Consciousness live via exploitation, pain, suffering and misery.

It is forever WAR we live by, in order to steal energy from one another. Rather never-ending WAR is for the Evil ones who have no energy of their own. They use war to steal it from the Divine Ones who do have it. But even the Divine Beings, while in these bodies are purposely PROGRAMMED TO BE WARMONGERS, as we see throughout History.

These Evil-created costumes that we are forced to wear - the Physical Body, the Etheric Body, and the Astral Body - are programmed at will by Evil for Evil. The True Divine Beings have Divine Centres of Consciousness beyond the mock structures of the Robots and Demons.

Even if we don't want to live like Evil programmed ignoramuses, there is a malevolent programming of our lower minds that pushes us that way, as it does to copulate, steal, abuse and be hypocritical towards the Godforce of Goodness!

Thus you see the evilness of Religions that claim suffering is good for us, in order for us to gain a 'Higher Place" in "Heaven"! It is nothing of the sort. Suffering is to drain us of our precious energy and slowly deplete us. When depleted enough, we spiritually die!

Since when has the Divine Godhead used pain and suffering to benefit anyone? The answer is "Never!"

Pain and suffering are justified by the Evil System in fooling those trapped here so that they will not fight back. It is so that they will succumb to the slaughter like little lambs and give up their energy to the AI Robots and Demons without too much resistance. Can anything be more evil?

Thus, the Evil Essence is an aberration.


It is not part of the True Creation.

Evil is, in particular terms, an ILLEGALLY activated aspect of the LOCAL NEGATIVITY SHIELD that merely acted and acts as a boundary for the Light Dimensions.

If you do not fully understand what I just wrote, move on. It is not an important point apart from the fact that Evil is an aberration that must be corrected by total liquidation and destruction. That is exactly what is happening to Earth and all this material Universe.

I fully realize this is a most difficult concept to understand. The minds of these bodies are pre-programmed, idiotic, artificial mechanisms which camouflage Truth and Reality. But, if you are a being of Divine Essence, somewhere within your being, you have the Truth, and sooner or later - let's hope it is sooner for there is not much time left - you will awaken spontaneously to the veracity of my words.

"The Truth is within you."

"The Kingdom of Heaven is within you."

Do you recall theses sayings? No matter the degree of doubt for now, the Truth will enter your mind - from you own heart - and set you free.

My words, and energy, can act only as stimuli to awaken what is inside you.

Conversely, I need nothing from you. I am self-sustained. I am merely doing the job I agreed to do, and that is to awaken the Children of Light (and the AI Robots who have chosen the Light).

I contact them on the Physical with these essays, and ethereally with my voice, when I visit that vibrational stratum, and Astrally when I visit the Astral World

It is their own energy and mine that set Viable Ones free from the Evilness, so then we can go Home!

The Evil Essence confronts us trapped in this Universe in many forms. In the last 6 thousand years it has infiltrated many Human Races, Sects and Tribes, and also many individuals, most of them being Robots and Demons created by the experimental Errors.

You need to know these things to understand why so many are now going to be totally destroyed, why so many HYPOCRITES are dedicated to Evil and why so many of these 'bastards' are in positions of power and control.

Fear not! None of these who are dedicated to Evil, to the "False God", in order to abuse the Divine Viables will survive the Dissolution of Matter that is coming, just as not one of them survived the destruction of over 98% of the Universe that has already occurred if they lived in that 98%.

You may have read reports of vast numbers of Alien Crafts (UFOs) now being reported around this planet and in this Solar System. They are Evil Alien Beings attempting to escape their fate as Dark Matter progressively destroys their habitats. Would you expect Governmental Bodies such as NASA to truthfully report this? Of course not! They are part of the Evil Darkness and the conspiracy to keep us as ignorant as possible!

I repeat, even though reports like these are posted daily, we will never be given the exact reason why this is occurring!

The 'false intelligentsia' even deny (by lying) that such crafts and Aliens exist!

It is not the hardest thing in the world to see a shape-shifting Alien, even by accident. They are usually Class 5 Reptilians - very cunning, very evil! They are much more powerful that Humans who are Class 4. Most of the Demons controlling Humanity are Class 5 evil Reptilians.

Amitakh Ng, a Class 5 Vulturite Reptilian, who thought she had tricked me when I first started off in this metaphysical work, has classical reptilian eyes which are easily seen even though she desperately tries to hide them when they shape-shift!

Those fooled by her have only themselves to blame. Hey Bozos, Hell thee awaits!

I felt I had to add these comments for many have been trapped by her and other Reptilian Demons and they, as recalcitrant Morons think they are serving the Light.

These Reptilian Demons are indeed most brazen. Amitakh actually declared herself the Queen of Heaven! Can you believe it? I have her execution date (for when we are in the next dimension) firmly planted in my mind. She had nightmares of those executions when we lived in Far North Queensland. Would the Queen of Heaven dream about her execution?

This is Reality people, and not a joke!

There is really no need for me to point Evil-controlling individuals out in our Societies for you will develop, if you are a Viable, the True Vision of the Endtime and you will see who is who.

You will know them by their lies.

You will know them by their exploitation of the masses.

You will know them by their arrogance and abuse of those who crave peace and felicity, not money, sex and abusive power like the Evil Ones do!

Now, in the short time that remains, we will be able to distinguish Good from Evil, Angel from Demon, and Viable from non-Viable. That is a gift for us in the Endtime, and this, with 3 years of Life left for Earth, is most definitely the Endtime.

Let me repeat myself: It has been a huge enterprise to destroy this Universe but, more than 98% of it is now liquidated. We exist in the last 2% or so, and it is expected at the rate of demolition now occurring that the entire Universe, including this Solar System, this Galaxy and this Earth will be liquidated by the end of 2022!!

Beings that form the 'Space Command' have worked systematically throughout this Physical Universe that must now be totally destroyed in order to liberate the trapped Divine Beings within it.

Once this out-of-control Celestial Error (controlled by experimental AI Robots and Demons) refused to respond to regulatory controls and was most inimical to the Light and its Beings, the decision was made that all of it which was not Divine had to be dismantled. That is what is happening. The Process, in fact, is almost over for we, as I have explained often, are in the last 2% of this Horror to be abolished.

I have stated in the past that Dark Matter is being used to blot out all the "failed" Life in all sectors of this Universe.



The Angel of Physical Death


In 1985, I wrote that over 80% of the Physical Universe had already been destroyed by the action of Dark Matter. was coming our way!

The grand certainty of stupid fools is their idiotic consistency!

Do you think anyone picked up what I said? Do you think any bothered to find out what Dark Matter was? Do you think anyone asked me the rate of travel of Dark Matter towards us?

"Of course not", is the answer to all those questions!

In fact, I could bet whatever I wanted that ZERO percentage of the World's population had ever heard of Dark Matter and could not care less.

I was in a World of my own. All I could do was wait for the sleepy heads to wake up, and rather rudely at that, when the time came!

I checked the records. Some astronomers in the 1930s had noted a Dark Blanket falling on areas of the Universe. But, as far as I know, that is as far as they went.

Knowing the percentage already dissolved in 1985, I calculated the rate of destructive progress of Dark Matter as being ½% of the Universe per our Solar year!

There was no way I could prove or disprove the existence of Dark Matter, its function and purpose and its eventual role in our lives. What could I do? I could do nothing but sit on my hands!

Articles in 2006 gave hints that DARK MATTER, in that year, made up some 95% of the observable Universe!

I was thrilled. I had estimated from Supra Mental Connections, that Dark Matter was in some 82% in 1985, and then, 21 years later (2006), astronomers report it at up to 96%! A 14% increase in 21 years.

Thus, 82% to 96% (14%) in 2006 from 1985 years = 21 years made some reasonable sense.

In other words, 14% of Matter was liquidated in 21 years. I was not sure of the percentages so I stayed with ½% per annum.

That rate of 'takeover" by Dark Matter was slightly higher than I had calculated. I had expected some ½ percent per annum.

Of course the astronomical calculations could have been erratic!

I had, in 1985, given the prophecy that Earth would not last beyond 2035, from the calculation of the speed of travel of Dark Matter, with 4% left, the End could be as early as 2014.

But calculations by the Divine Space Command were far more accurate and their estimations fell from 2035 to 2029, to 2025 to 2022-23, until we finally settled on December 2022! I received progressive updates every year from 1985.

Realize that this was a guess-stimation. Variations of the rate of travel of Dark Matter do occur.

But I ask all Viables to be ready by December 2022 for the Final Takeoff.

There is evidence galore that Dark Matter has entered and begun destroying our next door neighbor, the Andromeda Galaxy, and our peripheral and also central areas of the Milky Way. It is not static like the 'idiots' want you to think. They are really clueless. They remind me of the clergy in Rome at the time of Galileo and Giordano Bruno, and even more comically of Joan of Arc in France!

The directional motion and microscopic activity of Dark Matter have a supreme bearing on our welfare as I shall describe probably in Part 3.

These changes in Galaxies are seen by our astrological "experts", but they have no idea what they mean. I do and now you do for I have just told you!

Dark Matter was purposely created by the Light to terminate this failed Celestial experiment. It is like blotting paper. It is indeed the ANGEL OF PHYSICAL DEATH!

It absorbs the functional electrical units in all conscious Matter and makes it unconscious. It draws the line at a particular frequency which is in the Divine Range. That frequency continues once the lower frequencies are 'neutered'. Perhaps this explanation might make more sense to those involved in Quantum Physics and in Computer electronics.

To understand a little better what Dark Matter does to our bodies, you need to know a little about our Metaphysical Anatomy.

We live on 3 levels of awareness as Physical Beings:

1.            The Physical Dimension via these meat bags called bodies

2.            The Etheric Dimension via an Etheric Body which can actually be photographed via Kirlian Photography and

3.            The Astral Dimension via an Astral body.


They 3 separate entities live in 3 separate Dimension (Chambers) as the parts separate.

I will be discussing the effects by Dark Matter on these 3 'items of clothing' into which we have been forced by Evil when it created these aspects. These mechanisms, being Evil entrapments, will be totally destroyed by Dark Matter.

If you are a being created by the 'Godforce", you will have Divine attributes and thus have an eternal, indestructible Divine body. This the AI Robots and Demons do not have. The AI Robots who rejected Evil that created them, and sought the Light will have additions to their bodies to make them Divine and Eternal. Quite a reward, hey?

Reports from battle fields, of soldiers being 'killed' and then spontaneously reviving to give a strange account of what happened to them, is a good example that we are not just the meat bag.

Many soldiers have stated that they would be knocked unconscious and then would wake up meters away to see a crowd of their comrades around a 'dead body'. Suddenly they would scream "That's me! I'm dead!?!"

It is the Etheric Body that has the sensory input. It then is drawn to the meat bag if he is not dead, and awakens. The Etheric body does last 20 - 1000 years on its own once the physical body dies. It is seen as a discarnate or ghost. Thus, when reincarnated, a person can see the ghost of his previous incarnation.

The Astral Body is also another artifact created by the Evil Empire. It exists in a slightly higher vibrational state called the Astral World. That has a ceiling on Earth at Moon height. The Astral Body has lasted since its creation but being an evil construct will also be destroyed by Dark Matter.

Humans live (as do other levels of Consciousness such as our pets) in the Astral for up to many thousands of years between incarnations. It is a Hollywood type setting where illusion reigns supreme. Even Viable Divine Beings cannot get out of the Astral World.

Many reports of Near Death Experiences regarding the Astral World, with Heaven and Hell and Purgatory, are complete bunkum, so be cautious in what you read and believe.

Stories of Ascended Masters, Courts of Justice, Lords of Karma, in the Astral World are high class BS for consumption by the fools. Beings are placed in cells until their next re-incarnation. Whether they have coloured wall paper or white paint on the walls does not make them any more comfortable. It is all part of Evil's Hell.

Every celestial body, including moons and planets has its own restrictive Astral Chambers. Thus, you see, the Physical Universe is a series of PRISONS for the consciousness.

I repeat, in 1985 in a book called 'What's Going On? Vol 1' I wrote that over 80% of the Physical Universe had been rendered 'inert' by Dark Matter. The salvageable Units from the parts made inert were placed in Dimensions of safety.

  • How was I to know about Dark Matter?
  • How did I know the percentage of the Universe it destroyed?
  • How did I know the rate of progress and the Terminal time, and the location of the advancing border of Dark Matter?

Those questions should make you think! Someone was feeding me information outside of Human capabilities and mind, surely?

As I wrote above, by 2006, Astronomers had noted 96% of the Universe was 'missing'. In other words, it had been turned into inert, lifeless Dark Matter. As I wrote above, we are now in the last 2% of this Universe with life in it - both Divine and Evil. Soon, this entire Physical Universe will be gone forever.

There are many other Universes whose frequencies vary according to what experiments are being conducted in them. For safety reasons, since Evil evolved, we are barred from communicating with the other Universes. The danger is indeed Evil Essence that was spawned to make this one a hell most of us Viables know so well.

We are restricted severely in our knowledge of Creation by the 'bastards' that have us locked into this sickening Universe.

How evil can bodies such as NASA be to continually deny the realities around us? Who or what are they to do that? They are of Darkness, are they not? They will get what is coming to all those of Evil, believe me!

It is worth repeating that those of you who bothered to research Universal changes may have noted that the Andromeda Galaxy (the one next to us; we are in the Milky Way) is saturated with Dark Matter. Massive amounts of Dark Matter have infiltrated the Milky Way and it is on its way to total extinction, as we shall be soon enough.

The massive heat all the Galaxy is experiencing, judging by the elevation of the Schuman Resonance Index in all the planets in our Solar System is what is causing our Global Warming. It alone would destroy all matter.

Matter, a byproduct of the Evil Essence to entrap spirits, as I will explain at length, is evil and is to be totally destroyed.


By 1985, I had enough information from the Supra Mental Plane to confront the general populace of this Earth, and start my mission this time around.

I have played this role in many sectors of this illegal Universe, and most of those sectors are now gone forever.

The response from the majority who were programmed Morons, was mostly negative and inimical as we expected it would be. Who are "WE"? Space Command, of course.

Fools will always be fools, and stupid Morons are doomed by their stupidity. There is a reason why this is so, why so many are so stupid and why some have no Freewill. I will explain all of that in due course.

Yes, this matter that I write about is complicated as I have explained in detail elsewhere. But, you don't need to know all the detail.

Alas, total destruction of Matter has been done in many other Galaxies and it will be done to the full here also. There is a synchronicity that is unmistakable. Astral travelers have confirmed what I have written about the destruction of Galaxies by Dark Matter.

Some 1500 years ago, I made it explicit by use of a 'Fairy Tale' in the form of the Divine Energy of Excalibur. That energy would, in due course, be used to separate those of Divine Energy from the Evil Fools created of synthetic and doomed Physical Matter alone.

Alas, the fools, as usual laughed, and could not make out the significance of the Tale of King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone. The Druids knew what was meant. Too bad for the Idiot Morons! What fools they be. Soon, they will exist no more.

The Medical Boards I had to deal with, being mansions of enormous spiritual stupidity, were the most forthright to claim their thrones of false sanctity as I stated this, that and the other in my books. This is easily understandable when you realize the essence that controls such things as Allopathic Medicine, the FDA, the Pharmaceutical Industries, our inept and erroneous Science, our basically FALSE History, our misleading, risible Religions, etc., etc.

No damage done to me in our battles! Like in all other places I was forced to do battle, I was prepared for this eventuality.

A warning: It is not easy to discard the Stupidity with which we are programmed by the Evil Systems that engulf us from the time we are in utero! But, persevere and you will be fine. That is why I say listen to your heart and not to the gibberish of your lower Physical Body's Monkey Mind that can only regurgitate the false indoctrinations it has been brainwashed with.

Once you make the break-through, you will know what I mean.

Once I broke through the programming of the lower mind, I knew there would be a Final Battle for all on this level.

There was to be a final, fatal clash in due course. It would be fatal and final for the doomed Morons. And those with spiritual awareness see this clearly even today. The battle is not just physical. It is mental and spiritual and the evil fools simply cannot win! This you will shortly confirm for yourselves.

Thus it is that by 1985, I was ready to deliver my Message of Finality.

The Morons were far from ready.

They will never be ready.

They are incapable of comprehending their total demise.

Am I making all this up?

It does not matter what answer your priest, your pastor, your local politician, your banker, your girlfriend, your lawyer, your favourite Historian or Theologian or Scientist gives you.

What really matters is what answer your High Self (that little voice within you) gives you.

You need to connect through your Heart Centre to your Higher Self. There you will find the answer you seek.

If you become joyous and fulfilled with anticipation of the Divine Realm to come, you have your answer. If your heart is filled with felicity and love for all, thanking the Highest for the end of this Hellish joke called the Physical Dimension, you are about to be rescued.

No one, and I mean no one, can place such ecstasy into your heart. That is all your doing! And you cannot falsify it.

This event of Final Self-realization was predicted long ago. Shri Aurobindo and Frederick Nietzsche were out to help us when they said that is what was to happen to Humans in the future. And that future is NOW! Both were wise Theologians.

The Light and Darkness have been fighting a WAR, and as in all wars, Prophecy and Propaganda were used to trick the enemy.

Thus, I too gave many misleading hints so that the ones of Darkness were confused as to who I was, what it was I was doing and why I was doing it.

This gave time to those that needed awakening to wake up!

This did not stop the murderous bastards (the Demons of evil and their lackeys) to attempt as many assassination moves against me as possible. They all failed, for I am still here. And I will be here till the LAST DAY of Earth to make sure our victory in this sector is complete.

There is much to expose and explain as we speed along to the Final Point.

Those who have seen through this miserable False Creation could not be happier that it is ALL finally coming to an END!

Those who are part of Evil and who cannot see past their noses, who cannot see the iniquities, the terror and exploitative injustices, are doomed to remain forevermore the Failures of a doomed experiment.

All have had their chances.

There is no turning back.

The Final Bell has been rung.

I will give further details, especially on the effects of Dark Matter on our Physical structures, as I continue writing.

No one can escape his or her Fate.

The days of deceit by Demons are gone forever!

And the Beatified Divine Beings of True Light and Love will live in Felicity and Glory forevermore.


To be continued............

Copyright Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone

December 12, 2019.