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The Failed State Of Israel

By Jim Kirwan


In order to be a state, every nation has to have fixed-borders.

But Israel today still has no fixed borders. This is “The Greater STATE”
that Israel is demanding. Israel’s ideal-border is in



This map was not designed to be the end product

It’s just the beginning Of Israel’s Demands

For the Future-State of “Israel”.

Israel’ will only be satisfied when the entire world

Belongs to Israel and only to Israel!

Last night I was listening to PANDA radio, when an interesting circumstance came up. I doubt that it’s actually written down anywhere but this is what I deduced from the comments: ‘Technically there might not be any real Israeli’s, because the point of creating Israel was maybe to create a center that could profit by having its citizens scattered throughout the wider-world that would then have to pay for the existence, and by extension the supposed right & power of Israel, to absolutely-dominate the entire planet.’

The Idea behind Israel’s dual-citizens was maybe to use their dual-nationality-status to expand the borders of Israel, to include all the other nations where dual-citizens actually come from. Perhaps this is one of the reasons, if not THE REASON, why Jews have placed so much importance on marrying ‘only’ other Jews; regardless of where the people getting married might be living?

Politically this idea could be the backbone of the way that “Israel”, the state, has planned to dominate so many other nations, through other state governments and societies, around the world. This could easily lead to co-opting the placement of Israeli-ideas and policies into other nations: This political-surgical-implant has already happened at the heart of so many other nations in the world today; that by now it’s becoming obvious in many other nations as well…

One function of this unofficial but deadly policy is the fact that Israel doesn’t pay its own bills: They never have. For instance the entire military-budget for the shitty-little-country is paid for by the US.

Israel is currently furious that the people of the United States are demanding that the US government must honor the actual-contracts that were made, to compensate the unemployed Americans—even if those needed-payments mean reducing the obscene-Israeli-USI military-budget, for Israel, which Americans pay for!

Apparently it’s not enough that we are forced to pay for Israel first, over and above any American-considerations (or laws): But now Israel is directing the congress, writing legislation and telling the ‘Amerikan’ sock-puppet-president, just exactly what will be allowed to become US policies inside congress, the courts and the Tarnished House—as a matter of Israel’s political survival—at the expense of the literal-survival for the most endangered Americans. (1)

The world has been carrying Israel as ‘damaged-goods’, since long before they were even formed as the current unfinished-state. The “birth” of Israel, to date, has to be considered as a deformed-fetus that has no right-to-life because they don’t have the qualifications needed to survive the birth process! They have no borders, no nationality of their own, and apparently now they don’t even have Israeli-citizens just unofficial-Israeli-agents that roam the world for the survival and prosperity of Israel only!

When it comes to money, Israel has always behaved like a very spoiled teen-ager. Her DEMANDS know no bounds because Israel expects the entire world to pay for all of Israel’s continued-existence—nothing less will do when it comes to money or national-treasure or especially to their bottomless-need to maintain their forever-wars, against the entire planet.

To go back a bit: The world has begun to understand that Israel is a parasitic-cancer upon the whole-world. What too few understand early-on, is the way that Israel has been able to change national-concerns in so many other places: To be blunt Israeli-considerations must always come first in every nation where these stealth-creatures are currently-existing. All other national-considerations inside any nation can only come at the expense of their own citizens—just as they are doing and have been doing to the US since long before there was even the unfinished-nightmare that calls itself “Israel-today”.

This subject came up tangentially in the case of Diane Feinstein, the senator supposedly from California. The link includes several links.

N. did a bit of research on Ms. Feinstein and came up with the following. I’m publishing this reader’s efforts to stress how valuable I regard the Comments Section of my blog to be. I’m involved in many other things at the moment, and I simply do not have the time to do this kind of research. Without the information, history, how-to’s, links, etc. that so many of you share as Comments, my blog would not be nearly as strong as I think it is. I want to recommend the Comments to everyone, particularly if a subject interests you, and I also want to thank all of you publicly here and now for your help!”

Israeli Dual Citizen Dianne Feinstein Forced to Resign as Chairperson Because of Her Insider Trading/Treason
• Posted by William Wallace 3rd Armor Div. on February 26, 2012
The record of insider trader war profiteer and henhawk traitor Dianne Feinstein

1 Dianne Feinstein has funneled over 1 billion in contracts to her husband Richard Blum’s URS
… just one of his companies to which she has funneled money stolen from the people of America. She has also with our money helped him profiteer from bankster foreclosures.



She was forced to resign from the military construction appropriations subcommittee because of her criminal acts but is still head of the intelligence committee! Though she deliberately falsified intelligence and voted, unlike most Democrats, to give the unelected Bush authority to rain fire and death on Iraq.…from-committee/

2 She was a tool of the Israeli government in claiming falsely in 2002 that Saddam Hussein had nuclear weapons.

kirwan - There are several comments in the link that reveal many facets of this creature who also just happens to be my “senator”. (2)

Here's a concept for anyone who wants to actually begin to end so many problems while making life affordable for millions of Americans!


Of course if Israel were to be prosecuted for all the crimes they continue to use to BLACKMAIL the rest of the world - then and only then - would the impossibly-outrageous costs of these one-sided Warcrimes against Humanity end-up being addressed.

This could start simply enough by denying dual-citizenship persons, any political-occupation, that directly affects the health or welfare of this nation, at any level. Start with the lawyers, then go on to remove anyone anywhere in government at any and all levels, inside the US.

Those that have been employed here for over a year would have to forfeit all their assets, as fruit of the poisoned-tree and face immediate-deportation or life in prison, without any possibility for parole. Either way the target-subjects of an on-going investigation will not be left with anything in the world for themselves, except the prison-clothing on their backs.

This would be a GREAT way to welcome the New Year in 2014!

By disarming the world’s most dangerous people.

Dual-citizenship Israeli’s in the USA!

Not only does the world not need Israel: If the Outlaw-Unfinished-State is allowed to continue then it is more than likely that Israel will take the whole world down with them; before any more of their treacherous plans can go any further into effect…

1) Cutting US war funding earns wrath of Israeli lobby ­ 23min 09sec VIDEO

2) A Comment about the dual-citizenship of Diane Feinstein



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