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Failed Attempt To Silence Key Las Vegas
Massacre Media Figure? Analyst Narrowly
Escapes Car Crash


Rense Radio Commentator, Gary Holland, narrowly escaped a potentially fatal car crash on Halloween Evening in Las Vegas in what seems to have been an attempt to silence him.  Since the October 1 Las Vegas Terrorist Massacre, Holland has been a frequent guest on the Jeff Rense Program delivering extraordinarily insightful commentary and analysis of not only the tragic mass shooting by multiple gunmen but of the behavior of law enforcement and the FBI. The ex-Marine and former radio professional has also explained the huge financial impact on the city as a result of the terrorist attack and has debunked the Stephen Paddock 'Lone Gunman' claim and pointed out the gross inconsistencies of the Jesus Campos stories and multiple timelines that have been issued.

Las Vegas is desperately trying to pretend the event, which reportedly involved shooting at or near as many as 10 hotels and has been called 'city wide', is 'over' and should be forgotten as quickly as possible.  As Holland has made clear, the gaming industry has been in severe financial difficulty since 2009 and could ill-afford to sustain such a grievous tragedy at this time.

In a city where those employed in the gambling industry have been ordered and warned not to discuss the Harvest concert slaughter (bad for business), Holland has bravely gone against the grain and fought a totally passive and compliant Las Vegas news media to try to inform the the nation as to what really happened on October 1 and thereafter.  His analyses have been praised worldwide.

By some counts, at least several concert survivors who claim multiple shooters were there, and individuals like Paddock's Mandalay Bay car parking valet, have suddenly and mysteriously died or have allegedly simply disappeared.

Here is a note Rense Radio received from Gary Holland the evening of October 31, 2017...

I was driving down the freeway when I felt my steering wheel start acting 'not right', so I slowed down to under 10 mph, put my hazard lights on and got off at the next exit. Fortunately, there was a parking lot close by because as I pulled off the freeway, I lost steering altogether and the front passenger side steering mechanism and wheel assembly completely collapsed.  I looked underneath the car and discovered that the large nut that holds the lower ball joint to my passenger front steering 'knuckle' had vanished completely which caused the lower ball joint and steering control arm to disconnect from the hub.  That's what caused my steering to be become totally disabled.  As you can see in the photos, the lower control arm jammed right into my tire.  I'm ok but extremely angry.  This kind of thing just doesn't 'happen' on its own.  Even the tow truck driver said it is 'very suspicious'.  Photos attachedů

Notice how the lower control arms jammed into and completely locked up the wheel...

Completely locked and uncontrollable wheel...

Skid marks from my locked and dragging right front tire...

On the tow truck...

Metro Police refused to take a reportů

I called 311 Non-Emergency line into Metro dispatch.  I told them I wanted to make a report that someone had tampered with my vehicle.  The women operator asked for my info, like name and address, in order to send a patrol car out to take the report.  However, when I gave her my name and address, she paused and put me on hold. When she came back on she said the Supervising Sargent told her that they would not send a patrol car to take a report. I asked her to explain why.  She said there was no verifiable crime commited.  I asked her how would one verify that a crime was committed in a situation like this.  She replied that I would have had to have caught the person in the act of taking off the ball joint nut and held him for the police.  That is, of course, ridiculous.  It seems that my work in reporting on the October 1 massacre has not gone over well with people in high places.

Thank you,