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Facts Omitted About Hillary’s
Muslim American Hero Soldier

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive to
Permission To Repost with Full Credit Granted



The Pakistani-American Khizr Khan who attacked Donald Trump to aid Hillary Clinton remains a mystery character despite the plethora of praise from the Jewish-owned news media and his apparently being a member of the New York Bar of Law.

What little is reported came from the Democratic Convention: Khan, his wife Ghazala and two sons were Pakistan citizens who moved from Dubai UAE to the US in 1980. Khan claims he came as a penniless immigrant “with empty pockets.”

Yet, his sketchy trail indicates that his entry into the US was to join the law school at Harvard University, where he received his master’s degree. Considering the cost of living in Cambridge, MA, Khan is not being open about the source of his tuition and student funding.

What is dodgy in this picture of a poor immigrant family? High-end Harvard was/is a Kissinger school, and it was Henry who plotted the assassination of Pakistan Prime Minister Zulfiqar Bhutto in 1979 followed by a coup by a brutal Islamist military dictatorship. Much of that CIA plot was organized in Dubai. Even in those early days, Dubai with its World Trade Center was not an affordable place to live for a penniless family from some obscure part of Pakistan.

Law ‘Consultant’ in a Sanctuary City

Khizir lists a private law office in Manhattan, New York, located near the Waldorf Astoria, and the family formerly resided in Prince William County, a suburb of Washington D.C. One Ghazala Khan is listed as a pediatrician in Virginia Beach, but Khizr Khan resides Charlottesville, VA, which is a "sanctuary city" with a large illegal Muslim population, a place to watch for sleeper cells. Has nothing been learned since the preparations for 9/11?

In the wake of illegal-triggered shooting death in San Francisco and the Paris mass killing, the Virginia State Assembly voted in June to prosecute “sanctuary cities”, those municipalities that refuse to comply with federal and state immigration laws with Charlottesville at the top of the list. Khizir Khan refers to himself as a “legal consultant”, presumably because he’s not a member of the Virginia bar, indicating that his possible activity as a paid immigration-law adviser to illegal immigrants. (advice: Donald Trump should loosen his tight-fisted campaign budget to hire a PI to get after the facts.)

The Good Muslim Soldier

The news media has given few details about his second son, Captain Humayun Khan, the "model Muslim" as dramatically presented on the night of Hillary Clinton’s presidential nomination. First of all, to correct his father’s account, the captain was not awarded a gold star, the US Army issued a posthumous Bronze Star and a Purple Heart.

To correct easy assumptions, Capt. Khan was not a front-line infantryman. He was an officer at Headquarters of the 1st Infantry. He was killed in June 2004 by a car bomb blast at a checkpoint in front of his base when he was inspecting local-hired guards as they searched vehicles.

According to the Army obituary, “His stint (in Iraq) was up last month, but because of the Army's efforts to stem its manpower losses, he was assigned to Iraq indefinitely.” If the Pentagon had not frozen troop rotations in Iraq, the captain would probably be still alive today, an inconvenient point that went unmentioned by that supporter of the Constitution grandstanding at the Democratic National Convention. If one is going to point fingers at the GOP: Don’t blame Trump, put the responsibility where it belongs, on George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld.

Contrary to his father’s theme of sacrifice, the captain joined the Army for less than glorious reasons. According to the official obituary, “He wanted to be a military lawyer and joined up four years ago in part to pay for law school.” In other words, career advancement was the motivation for his military service and government-paid tuition and student support. “Khan had hoped one day to go to the University of Virginia law school, his father said.”Sacrifice?

The Good Muslim soldier died in Baquba. That strategic location helps to explain his assignment of hiring local mercenaries and informants for military intelligence. “During his three months in Iraq, Khan helped put Iraqi civilians to work for $5 an hour patrolling the streets of Baquba under the U.S. Army, his father said. The program, dubbed the United States-Iraq Sponsorship Program, was intended to help combat high unemployment and provide the local population with security and peace, his father said.”

(This phrasing indicates the father possibly had some sort of intelligence role in the Iraq War.)

At the time, the Pentagon and CIA were trying to transfer security tasks to Iraqis and also were secretly establishing assassination teams, which eventually melded together as ISIS. If Khan Senior was involved in any of this, Virginia law enforcement had better keep an eye on his sanctuary city.

Rumsfeld’s WMD at Baquba

The Army reports that Humayun Khan was an ordnance officer with the Germany-based 201st Forward Support Battalion, 1st Infantry Division. Key word here is ordnance as in bombs and WMD. Here is where Baquba Air Base comes into focus. The largest military airfield in the Middle East had two assets:

*   underground bunkers used by Saddam Hussein (who was caught elsewhere in Dec. 2003); and

*   a huge arsenal of aerial bombs, which included large cannister sprayers of VX gas shipped from Houston provided by Donald Rumsfeld atter the 1st Gulf War.

The massive stockpile of chemical weapons at Baquba were discovered by US National Guardsmen but their find was covered up by the Bush administration as it would prove that any WMDs used as the pretext for the invasion of Iraq were originally supplied by the USA under President George Bush, Senior.

Capt. Khan was an ordnance officer, whose patriotic duty as a citizen (apart from his military orders) of his adoptive country was to disclose this heinous act of treason by the Bush dynasty. He might have risked a court martial and maybe summary execution, but the captain would then not have utterly failed the Constitution tucked inside his father’s jacket flap.

Prior to Iraq, Capt. Khan was based at Rose Barracks, Vilseck, Germany, with the Ist Infantry. Rose Barracks is a Military Intelligence center, which conducted Human Intelligence (use of local spies and infiltrators), Drone Warfare operations (analysis and planning), and Chemical-Biological-Nuclear operations (as related to Baquba air base). The 2nd Cavalry-Stryker force provided most of the defense intel officers, and 1st nfantry specialists were assigned to key roles including translation and ordnance analysis. Capt. Khan was a military spy in operations of a clandestine nature inimical to the welfare of Muslims worldwide and subversive of the U.S. Constitution, hardly a hero of democracy.

Contrary to America media reports, Capt. Khan was not a American native. He was born in Dubai (along with an older brother) and immigrated with his family at age 2. Presumably, as residents of Dubai on the Arabian Peninsula, the family was conversant in Arabic, since otherwise a Pakistani-American Urdu speaker would have been sent by defense intelligence to Afghanistan.

Given these facts about Capt. Khan, and there probably much more that remains classified, did Capt. Khan fit the criteria to be presented to the world as a Muslim American hero? The first objection is that the war against Iraq was illegal and launched under the false pretext of (non-US) stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction. The captain as an ordnance officer in Baquba was privy to the actual supplies of American WMDs sent to Saddam Hussien. The fact that he did not report on the presence of Rumfeld’s nerve gas in Iraq was in gross
violation of a citizen’s duty under the U.S. Constitution, since the sole beneficiary of that devastating conflict was the Zionist state of Israel.

The omission of key facts was part of a deliberate deception at the Democratic Convention aimed at telling Muslims around the world that you too can become a well-paid hero by participating in the destruction predominantly Muslim societies (not to mention the Iraqi Christians) in order to go to Harvard or Yale, that is, if Donald Trump doesn’t ruin your fine opportunity by refusing to order more Arab Springs and illegal invasions.

As asserted at the Nuremberg war crimes trial and in the My Lai massacre case from the Vietnam War, patriotic duty does not exempt any individual from moral responsibility. Iraq was an immoral and illegal war, and the proper response for Americans, including and especially Muslims, was to oppose the government that deceived in the world with malarkey about WMD into accepting that mass murder.

A proud and honestly grieving father should not make personal capital by flogging his son's death for cheap political propaganda in service to another war criminal, Hillary Clinton at her Plutocratic Convention. His tirade was shameful, and a harsher description would be appropriate if his son wasn’t lying in grave. A question for the closet lawyer Khizir Khan: When was the last time the crooked Clintons ever made a personal sacrifice for the greater good?

Yoichi Shimatsu is a Hong Kong-based investigative journalist who reported extensively from Pakistan before and after 911.

Several online news sites have shown evidence of large campaign donations from the Muslim Brotherhood-linked Islamic lobby in Virginia under vice presidential nominee Tim Caine while he was governor and senator of that state. It is no surprise then that Khizir Khan is a resident of Virginistan.


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