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Facts Not In Evidence


By Jim Kirwan


The Exception to the ongoing farce is this Breaking News Story:

Meanwhile everywhere else on the planet this age-old requirement for the validity of ‘facts’ in any circumstance under investigation, continues to be violated across the world: This has created the never before seen global meltdown, that continues unabated, because the world refuses to demand the required-evidence that’s needed to support facts, in every circumstance where the privatized global-bankers and their global-thugs are calling all the shots.

This is the situation today with the various Dispossessed-Victims of all the undeclared wars around the planet—for which there currently is no solution. These people are not migrants they are the people that have lost everything with nowhere to go. Their numbers only continue to increase with every bomb that is dropped and every drone that unleashes literal hell from the skies above, with no end in sight.

End Times: Europe crumbles under the devastating Impact of Mass Immigration 6min 6sec. VIDEO

Some of the facts that can be discussed, with the exception of Israel’s contribution to the meltdown, is discussed today on the Max Keiser report. In the second half (beginning at 15min in the Video) Gerald Celente lays it out for all of us.

We are shooting the messenger’s around the world, but what will be done with all of the millions if not billions of excess people that are fleeing from the global war-zones that the 1% of the mega-wealthy have created? Most of those fleeing from the wars can’t qualify to live in the nations they are currently crashing the gates to get into. And the mega-war hasn’t even begun yet ­ but the floods of the Dispossessed are already flooding Europe, and that has only just started—and the same thing is beginning to spread throughout the Western Hemisphere as well…

The Mad Men of the World are overseeing the Global Political collapse by the occupying forces from the Central Banks. Couple this with the six companies that control over 90% of the Media and we can see how the Wealth Gap, that’s now worse than it was during the Gilded Age, has continued to explode. Just 85 people in the U.S. have more money than 3.5 Million people and the numbers continue to expand…’


What will ‘happen’ to the millions upon millions of the dispossessed that will become billions before anything changes?


The Keiser Report: Episode 806

The nightmare has come true:

Above are The Doors for the gateway to the City of the World

Which will be opening soon to Armageddon


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