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Facts Not In Evidence

By Jim Kirwan

Most ‘Secrets’ today are built on Self-Deceptions

I have to take exception to several things that continue to be offered to the public as ‘facts’, when there is absolutely no-proof whatsoever for their supposed existence. The following was forwarded to us all, in part, by “Intellihub”.

1. De-culturize America through massive immigration which will move economic and political power to the Constitutionally ignorant. When the pretense of having Constitutional rights is finally stripped away, 30 million illegals will never know what hit them because they have never enjoyed freedom. Meanwhile, the sheer weight of their numbers is destroying hospitals, overcrowding schools and generally draining our social services. The face of America has changed. America is now proof that if you take on enough third world immigrants, you will become a third world country. Mission accomplished, this objective has been achieved.”

k) The additional 30 million illegals that we are being threatened with have not yet been “illegally-approved”. What should have been emphasized here is the physical-need to RESIST the passage of this additional treason—followed by the deportation of the 16 to 20 million that are already here—which seeks to further destroy the nation by continuing to deny us the ‘legal’ protections of our international borders.

2. De-industrialize America through a series of free trade agreements in which millions of jobs are sent out of the country. This objective has been met.”

k) No mention of the need to stop the TPP that will finish the work put forward during the Clinton years that brought the world the so-called “Free Trade Agreements” which are still the root cause behind the massive loss of American jobs. This was the real backbone of the American middle-class that has already been broken as outlined below. Obamacare is merely the final execution of all Americans that are still viable.

Additionally, Obamacare will destroy the backbone of the American middle class, small businesses, as these owners cannot afford the Obamacare mandates of coverage and hope to stay in business. De-industrializing America, through cap-and-trade policies, originating out of the bogus global warming policies, are the excuse to put these irrelevant controls in based on a fiction.”

k) Cap & trade is the failed UN policy which USI is attempting to use to override the constitutional prohibition which blocks the dictation of any US domestic laws, because the UN has no standing to speak, for or against, domestic US laws and has never had that option: The self-written scribblings of either Bush Jr. or Obamanation not-withstanding.

The establishment of the Green Police State is the key step in the domestication objectives of the super elite. The Green Police will prevent individual food independence by diving small farmers out of business through onerous EPA and FDA regulations. The lack of food independence will make the public vulnerable. In contrived tough times (i.e. following false flag events), the American people will lose their ability to resist the encroaching tyranny. The establishment of the Green Police State will condition America to accept everything that will follow.”

k) Americans have never approved “The Green Police State, or any of its “laws”. The contributor overlooks the facts time and time again by “reporting on these events as real”. In fact the US no longer has any “laws”, which makes this entire argument specious. The United States today is a lawless outlaw state!

3. A series of false flag attacks will bring about martial law and subsequent gun confiscation, the bulk of this task will be conducted by foreign troops.”

k) This is the plan according to the enemies of this country. We are already under Martial Law and have been since 1933 ­ which does not require another false-flag event to trigger anything. The need for the next false-flag would be required only “to justify” the physical acts that need to happen to “steal” our weapons which cannot and will not happen. No proof is offered here of any of this actually happening.

The “Existence of Foreign Troops” has been trotted out hundreds of times before, and always with absolutely NO PROOF whatsoever of their existence on American soil. Their supposed numbers always vary but remain in the hundreds of thousands, which if they existed in those numbers, could not remain hidden from the public here. That many “troops” would have needed to be supplied with food, water, recreation and sex for the amount of time that they have supposedly been here ­ which goes back several years. How they might have arrived is also a question, not to mention that they would need to keep up their continued-training which could not have remained hidden for so many years.

For the mythical ‘foreign-troops’ to be effective there would have to be millions upon millions of them to make any difference, not a few hundred thousand—that’s just a military fact of life that has never been addressed. This is terror-trolling of the basest variety because no substance or proof of any kind has ever been offered for their supposed existence anywhere inside the USA!

This development will prevent the American people from defending themselves. Much of the public has been so desensitized and dumbed down that they will never know what has hit them. America will resist, but not in enough numbers to make a difference.”

k) No analysis? No “other options” might exist: Spoken like a true coward. With defenders like this we don’t need enemies.

4. The globalists will control all food production and artificial food shortages will be used to crowd people into densely populated urban centers for temporarily relief.”

k) Currently people are being disappeared from the cities, “urban-population-centers” the exact opposite of what is supposedly about to happen. Food in the soup-kitchens and help-centers in the cities now are running out of food and supplies already, no one with a brain would choose to come into the cities to seek relief: That’s another pipe-dream thought up by children who are unaware of what cities are really like or how they function in the first place.

Food shortages, accomplished through the GMO poisoning of our food supply resulting in sterilization of both farm animals and crops will greatly reduce the available food supply. This reduction in food supply will be utilized to control and then cull most of the population.”

k) Food shortages along with starvation and death from the lack of water are part of the called for plans by the Enemies of America. That’s already begun, but its the lack of transportation and the failure to provide the fuel to the trucks that could bring the life-support that’s needed to the core of making this a reality—not the migration of millions to the already-dying cities of America.

Cities are dying every day now. Those who live outside the cities, in those places that people are supposedly going to flee to the cities from; will not now welcome newcomers, as they have nothing of substance to offer to anyone who would be required to accept them, if that was an option: Which this description has not addressed.

The truth is the criminals want to sterilize the entire wilderness (By UN mandate) to the point where nothing can live there. Then refugees would be picked up and put into FEMA camps, along with whatever they can salvage from the remaining ruins of the cities: A total fantasy because of the sheer-size of this nation.

5. A New World Order based entirely on Agenda 21 principles will be firmly put into place. Through the science of trans-humanism a hell on earth society will be created and dissidence will be impossible because of the invasive security and surveillance employed by the minions who serve the globalist agenda.” (1)

k) Again another case of “FACTS NOT in EVIDENCE”. The “UN” is not a nation state it’s a building in NYC, with a branch office in Europe, nothing more. It has no economy of its own; it has only what it can artificially steal from subject nations. Its troops are the worst of the worst and are well known to “live off the blood-trails they create—wherever they go”.

UN troops’ are basically barbarian-mercenaries that exist only to serve the global-interests of global-corporations that fund them. That “global-agenda” is still a fiction; until the millions of actual Americans are disarmed, which is a long way from ever happening today. The issue put forth in several diatribes, like the one I’m responding to fail to mention: American gun-owners will only become more resolute, not less, because of this type of disinformation. Because this story offers no proof for most of what it is alleging.

The rest of the article assumes more FACTS NOT IN EVIDENCE, which, if followed, would lead us to believe that there is nothing that can be done about what has already happened. That is patently and demonstrably not true!

Three years ago, Nancy Pelosi met with Beijing officials to secure an international agreement which would impose tighter restrictions on economic activity in order to deal with the perceived global warming threat. Pelosi stated that “Every aspect of our lives must be subjected to an inventory.” In one statement, Pelosi adeptly showed China what a real communist looks like, sounds like and smells like. Beware, because a re-elected Obama, operating in an unchecked second term, answers to nobody and he is making the same noise as Pelosi did three years ago. Hold on to your wallets America because here comes the Green Police State.”

k) All current government ‘leaders’ in the US are global-war-criminals. They are traitors to this nation who have committed treason almost daily and who not worthy of any civilized treatment, much less the so-called titles that too many still use when referring to them, for any reason. Whatever any of them say here, in what has been quoted, is apparently accepted as fact when in truth what they continue to say in public is what they want people to believe and is not a fact!

The President has bragged that under his plan, a cap-and-trade plan, that utility rates will “necessarily skyrocket.” We are months away from witnessing the implementation of this brand of eco-terrorism.”

k) What happened to forcing the government to accept the costs of what they are mandating: No one asked the public for permission to alter anything—that came directly from the unelected UN and the treasonous criminals that are illegally occupying the United States ­ because they obtained their illegally-constructed corporation (USI) solely by deception. This battle has yet to be joined: When it is there will be far more of a public-resistance than has yet been shown to exist.


Just like Virginia Farver, we are at war and the stakes have never been higher as humanity’s fate hangs in the balance. This marks the elite’s control over everything.”

k) There are no facts in evidence that prove “the elite’s control over everything”. The Elite’s say they have control over everything, yet there are still 50 million Americans with their own weapons ­and less than half of all that ammo supposedly purchased by DHS to murder us all with is still in government hands. Ask yourself why the writer ignores these facts?

We live in time where our health care will soon be rationed, along with our gas and now we are looking at the serious curtailment of energy use while we struggle to exist in a world of double standards. However, I believe that nothing will be as heinous as the unveiling of the Green Police State.”

k) FACTS NOT In EVIDENCE! There is NO national-healthcare. Obamacare has yet to prove that it can or will work for anything except to asset­strip the nation of anything that still might be left in anyone’s bank account: The fact remains that this government has been promising the nation a viable healthcare plan since before I was born and we still don’t have anything to show for that supposed effort: Why does the writer not suggest that the nation throw Barry and all the criminals that conspired to cheat us all of everything we’ve earned ­ to death for their global-lies and crimes against humanity?

Instead we are allowing this government to create illegal kill-lists for any and all Americans that they say need to be assassinated, because we don’t recognize their supposed ‘right’ to rule over the entire planet? Why did this topic not come up?

If we permit the super elite to fully establish a Green Police State, the fulfillment of the rest of the globalist agenda designed to cull the population will become a downhill venture. This eco-subjugation cannot be allowed to be completed, our every lives depend on resisting.”

k) Its been 13 years that this charade has been going on and with every passing day it gets worse. Now after all this time and all these illegal wars and the slaughter of millions of people all over the world, comes this “objection”, to something that has yet to be formulated “a Green Peace State” ?

Our lives and the lives of everyone we love depended on our willingness to stop this treason; back on 12-12-2000 which would have prevented 911 and everything else that has killed millions in the name of privatized-corporate-banking and global-monetary control of the entire planet.

To object now is mandatory. But for all that those you are objecting to; they will only remember all the hundreds of times that all of us have remained totally deaf, dumb and blind to everything they’ve already successfully done to all of us—back when we began to drink their kool-aid, non-stop since 12-12-2000.

Many are beginning to say that the only thing that can derail the impending train wreck that awaits millions of Americans, are 50 million armed Americans. It is sad that if it has come to that and I hope that America can find another way to preserve our country. I am hoping that calmer heads can prevail and we can find a nonviolent manner in which to impose (?) the establishment of a Green Police State.”

k) Assuming the writer meant “Oppose” instead of “impose” because under no circumstances should any color of any Police State ever have existed in this place.

It’s true people must oppose everything that’s happened to us over the last thirteen plus years but we will never get there by opposing them piecemeal, item by item: We must attack them where their programs are most criminal and remove their ability to continue their attacks upon the planet. HAARP, the FED, the UN & the fake-government itself ­ all come to mind.

My fear is that we will bypass the civil disobedience stage and proceed directly to eventual civil war.

So goes Virginia Farver, so goes the nation. This is our Saratoga, our Ft. McHenry, our Gettysburg and our Midway, all rolled into one. We are at the tipping point of subjugation. If we do not stop these Agenda 21 forces, we will be sewing humanity’s seeds of destruction. If we allow the Green Police State to take full control of American society WE WILL NEVER RECOVER AND THERE WILL NO TURNING BACK THE INEVITABLE DEPOPULATION AGENDA!””

k) Far too little, far too late and focused on the wrong targets. The author needs to review his basic points and focus on reality. Simply put he needs to avoid “FACTS NOT IN EVIDENCE” and use instead the established truths about what has already transpired to bring us all to this point in time. By doing this Americans can and must begin to dismantle the empire by acting against the most grievous crimes they’ve been committing against us ­ since long before they came to raise this latest boogey-man of “the Green Police State”.

1) The Green Police State is a prelude to Genocide




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