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Facts Not In Evidence

Jim Kirwan


Astride the immovable Unicycle of Global Nuclear War

This tortured image is the Ultimate Impossibility

Obviously this is a Zero-sum game

The owners in the last six years under Obamanation have attempted to take the world to the brink of extinction. He’s been working through miles of dictates, public threats and illegal scribblings trying to prove that this Dictatorship is both absolute and immune from any real challenges—from any quarter. But the claims have all been false.

Hundreds of articles have tried to capture the truth beneath all the global-posturing and massive public-deceptions not to mention the tendency to lean on the ancient global lies that have underpinned every false-flag event; virtually since the beginning of Amerikan history. (1)

New documents surfaced recently that cast new light on what Israel has always been about; which makes what continues in Gaza an even greater obscenity than it was thought to have been for the last 66 years of deceptions and lies. Here’s part of one article:

The settlements have been widely covered, to where cab drivers are experts on that, so I am going to skip to the deal killer de jour...the demand to recognize Israel as a “Jewish state.” The flamethrowers should be brought out for this on purely self-defense grounds.

Israel is without a constitution. It has never legally stated what its borders were, as they preferred that to be an open question for purposes of expansion. Without being an officially acknowledged “Jewish state,” look at what horror they have done to non-Jews, within and without their borders. This even includes what they did to the USS Liberty…

When I began my serious research on Israel for the public TV shows on the Jim Dean Journal in Atlanta, I went to the declassified archives to start. I did not have to search for very long. I found this gem below before I even finished the preface of Stephen Green's Taking Sides (1983). And I can't begin to tell you how many people I have shocked with it, including pro-Israel American military officers.

In March, 1948, a Joint Chiefs of Staff paper on Force Requirements for Palestine, anticipating the termination of the British Mandate, predicted that the Zionist strategy will seek to involve [the United States] in a continuously widening and deepening series of operations intended to secure maximum Zionist objectives...

a) initial sovereignty over a portion of Palestine,

b) acceptance by the great powers of the right to unlimited immigration,

c) the extension of Zionist sovereignty over all of Palestine,

d) the expansion of Eretz Israel into Transjordan and into portions of Lebanon and Syria, and

e) the establishment of Zionist military and economic hegemony over the entire Mid East.

The JCS paper added ominously: All stages of this program are equally sacred to the fanatical concepts of Zionist leaders. The program is openly admitted by the same leaders.

We are talking here about a 'country' that was in violation of the Nuremberg precedent of 'waging an aggressive war', where a lot of people hanged, and a lot of Zionists deserved the same fate for the same reason.” There’s a lot more at this link (2)

There’s another ‘Fact not in Evidence which is critical to understanding all the lies, deceptions and disinformation that continues to flow from the U. S. State Department: Namely that the U.S. Secretary of State is really John Cohen, pretending to be John Kerry. He found out about this in 2004, but didn’t bother to share that with the public until now…

Kerry first found out about his Jewish ancestry in 2004, when he was running for president against George W. Bush. Both his father’s parents were born Jews and converted to Christianity because of anti-Semitism, and they changed their name from Cohen to Kerry when they immigrated to the United States.” (3)

But the core issue that has remained a mystery has to do with the fact that we have no real-government, of any kind at all.

There was a time when we had some laws that had to be observed, in every area of life. That all ended with the ascension of George W Bush to the Oval Office. What the U.S. has become is a lawless-place without a government, without integrity and where criminality is rewarded along with debauchery, slavery, the absolute destruction of moral-values and all human rights.

In brief we’ve thrown away the bedrock and the principles of what once made the Republic something to emulate, if we had actually been a Republic. Today we have no foreign polices, no real Department of State. We’ve quietly moved the U.S. Department of Defense back to the War Department of the United States, which it has always been despite the fact that we changed the name after WWII. That’s part of what makes the latest take-over of the illegal-War-on-Terror by the Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff so hideously obscene. His official title is not anywhere to be found on the military or civilian Chain of Command—yet he’s decided to take us to war in Ukraine. What is totally bizarre is that Congress is still saying nothing at all about this fact. (4)

What we’ve become is just a bizarre variation on global-gangs run by drug-dealers, gun runners, extortionists, blackmailers, criminal-bankers, mercenaries and IDF recruits that have replaced the police and military forces who still wear US uniforms.

And just like the various outlaw-dealers around the planet this USI-Israeli gang wants to be “Number One” in the world of global criminality: The leading Outlaw-Establishment who is now demanding that the world must follow them into their latest nuclear Armageddon ­ to justify their global-thirst for power and total domination over everyone else on earth.

But they’ve failed to understand the real street-terms that are required for every gang-leader of any criminal organization that ever existed. Namely, that the price for leading the Number-One-Gang in anything; is that you will also automatically become the number one TARGET of every other creature who aspires to your illegal and precarious global-position.

That’s one of the FACTS that is still “not in evidence”

The US military has been at war, non-stop, since 1991. That’s 23 years of war-making with weapons that are now worn out and troops that are turning to suicide over broken-contracts that were signed in return for money or promises which this government never planned to honor. That’s on top of having learned, first hand, about why we are actually still in all those nations we illegally invaded, with more to come, unless we overthrow the criminal-gang that has been running this place for hundreds of years! (5)

What anyone who attends the University of the Streets, learns early on about the world, is that there is always a real price to pay for whatever you choose to do with this life. At first it might appear that outlaws ‘have the best of both worlds’. That is; until you come face to face with the truth which is, that ‘everything has a price that must be paid.’ The bigger the crimes-committed the larger the price. The more people that die, the more certain is the coming of the end of ‘your time at the top’. People who live in the real world know this, for the unalterable fact that it is.

But the people now playing at this know nothing at all about anything in the real world from real business, real creativity, real-passions, or the promises and the real price of the visions that make life worth living. Yet that’s what’s at stake and always has been all the way down the line to just staying alive.

The privateers will never change. They will always believe that no matter what: They will win. Just as they have refused to actually look at what they want to utterly-destroy to increase all their various plans that are about to implode with a force that they still refuse to believe exists.

So it’s not only the herds of illiterate humanity that are stupid to the point of death: The same thing is true of the evils that believe they are actually going to get away with their “impossible-dreams of unchallengeable world-wide power”.

The Bottom Line

The illusions that billions have nurtured, globally, are about to be shattered because Russia and China and the BRIC states are not going to collapse in the face of the latest-fake Amerikan-Israeli threats. By the time the truth behind their lies begins to finally dawn on them ­ it will be way past time to stop what the currently faceless soulless-barbarians are now beginning to think that they can do.

There’s one other footnote

That too few have given much thought to.

Once we fail to crush the Russians in Crimea, then a very different kind of green light will begin to flicker all over the imprisoned world. We have bases all over this planet and many of them are in very isolated and some are in quite distant spots. But as global-communications are now instant and the people of the world can immediately know why and how the paper-tiger has begun to lose its teeth. Then it will be time for the Rage and the Outrage that’s been silent for far too long already…

What USI-Israel has failed to realize is that people the world over don’t have to leave home to attack us: Because we’ve very thoughtfully brought our vulnerable and unwanted-military-bases into their lives. And once we publicly stumble, as we are about to do—the entire face of the global-resistance will change—forever! (6)

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