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For Your Eyes Only!

By Jim Kirwan


There are many things in the developing story that surrounds what’s really going on in this place that re not meant for you to see or understand. At the core of this global-deception is something called DARPA. Here’s an excerpt from an interview with DARPA’s Regina Duncan:

Dr. Regina Dugan is director of the Defense Advance Research Projects Agency, where she researches, develops and demonstrates high-risk, high-payoff projects for the current and future combat force, prevents strategic surprises for the U.S., and creates strategic surprises for its adversaries. She took the stage for an interview with Walt Mossberg Wednesday morning at D9. Here’s our live coverage:

9:10 am: Walt takes the stage. “Sometimes people wonder who invented the Internet, and the answer is DARPA.”

Regina Dugan: Well, not me personally.

Once a month we have T-shirt and jeans day at DARPA, Dugan says, explaining her rather casual attire. She says the “I cubed” insignia on her T-shirt stands for “impossible, improbable, inevitable”­the natural progression of things.

Dugan: “Our singular mission is the prevention and creation of strategic surprise.” But she won’t reveal any surprises.

9:13 am: Dugan is the first woman to lead DARPA, and previously was a program manager there. She worked on a project on explosive detection based on a dog’s nose. It involved studying things like photoluminescent polymers, and also traveling to mine removal sites in Mozambique, where they drive vehicles through land minefields to blow mines up. She says there was “a black humor to it.” But, “‘the jumpers you never get used to, though, the ones that explode waist-high and hit the windshield.”

Walt: How does DARPA relate to the technology industry?

Dugan: We’re agnostic, but our currency is national security. We look for ideas in universities, small businesses, large businesses. Project managers join DARPA for three to five years and focus and catalyze bridging of ideas across communities.

Walt: GPS and ARPANET started for security purposes, but evolved elsewhere. Do you still have work now that will have that kind of impact on civilian society?

9:21 am: “It’s no small coincidence that the things we would advance would have cascading benefits for society as a whole….We’re working on technology now that would help us to produce vaccines in tobacco plants, and might have implications elsewhere.”

DARPA pilots have millions of tobacco plants growing where we hijack protein production to make vaccines.

Walt: In Silicon Valley there’s less stigma about failure, but that’s not true in the government. Can you take risks?

Dugan: It’s part of the fabric of the agency, this desire to have a big success. That means they can’t fear failure. We have a hypersonic program at DARPA, Mach 20­could get you back to D.C. in an hour, but it might be a little warm.

It’s a big, big reach. Last year we had a flight in August, and we didn’t make it the whole way, but got nine minutes of Mach 17-plus data that we didn’t have before.

Failure isn’t the problem, it’s the fear of failure.” The nerve you need for success is the exact same nerve until the moment it’s going to be [a failure].

On working with the rest of the defense department: “The reason we can make big reaches is because others work the evolutionary advances.” We have a gang of five too: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine and DARPA.”

k: The only ‘force” not represented by DARPA is the global-public who are the targets of everything that “their Gang of Five” has ever done. DARPA is probably also behind Google’s offshore barges that want to bring “innovation” to Amerika’s Geeks ­ just to keep things interesting enough to distract us from the end of life their planning.

Walt: When you look at security issues of the civilian Internet, and the implications for foreign policy, does this make you nervous for national security?

9:30 am: “I think with every opportunity there’s a flip-side risk.” We pay a lot of attention to cyber security and we have a large investment there. We looked back over the state of affairs and observed that if you look at the number of attacks they continue to grow exponentially. We’re in this battle where we’re not convergent with the threat. It’s as if we’re in the middle of the ocean and we’re treading water. If that’s your only strategy, it’s going to be a problem…

9:35 am: Walt asks, have we ever lost war plans that would help an enemy? Dugan says she can’t answer.

Dugan also says policy-making is not her responsibility.

Walt asks if DARPA was asked to help with WikiLeaks. Dugan replies: “DARPA has one of the highest densities of significant, technically trained people in the government. We have 120 program managers that are best in class. And we don’t have any entitlements at DARPA.” But she won’t comment directly on WikiLeaks.

Dugan: We have been investigating this whole prospect of how do you design software and hardware inside a computer so it can evolve based on its own experience with a threat. So it’s modeled after the human immune systems. And it manages small threats in ways invisible to the user…

Dugan says DARPA absolutely talks to companies like Google about new platforms and opportunities. One way to interact with the private sector is to transition technology out to the commercial world and then buy it back.

Ending line: Dugan says, “I’m at DARPA to serve my country.”

But the ultimate question is whose country is it that she really serves—it sounds like Israel to me! (1)

Top DARPA projects that should creep you out:

Former DARPA Director on Research into Beast Tech

DARPA is this “Beast” which is the tech-arm of global-killers that are seeking to end the nation-states of the world by creating Corporate Nationhood’s.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Economic Enslavement

Trade Agreements - Part I

The latest proof of the Globalist plan for total economic imprisonment is available for scrutiny. Thanks to whistleblowers, the clandestine trade missions of international corporatists must contend with public blowback. Recently, WikiLeaks released the secret negotiated draft text, Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP), for the entire TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) Intellectual Property Rights Chapter. The TPP is the largest-ever economic treaty, encompassing nations representing more than 40 per cent of the world’s GDP. The TPP Agreement along with the Table of Contents and supportive documentation provides the evidence.

When vastly diverse segments of political perspective unify against this assault on economic self-determination, challenging the very exercise of such agreements is in order. In the article, Obama's Dangerous International Deal, a libertarian viewpoint argues and warns, "The USTR acknowledges the existence of 29 chapters under negotiation. Only five of these chapters deal directly with trade. The other 24 aim to influence many issues, such as food and environmental standards, intellectual property, and pharmaceutical formularies."

Perennial progressive Jim Hightower writes in an Alternet article, A Corporate Coup in Disguise.

"What if our national leaders told us that communities across America had to eliminate such local programs as Buy Local, Buy American, Buy Green, etc. to allow foreign corporations to have the right to make the sale on any products purchased with our tax dollars? This nullification of our people's right to direct expenditures is just one of the horror stories in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).”

From the Voice of Russia, not usually known for defending transnational cartels, is an observation that you are not hearing in the financial press, Obama attempting to ram through unconstitutional secret treaty.

"With the US debt at over $200 trillion dollars and their grasp on control slipping, Obama and the corporations that have taken over the US Government are attempting to do anything they can to cling to power and enslave the populace.

The fact that the heads of the governments who are a party to the TPP, would attempt to sign such an all encompassing treaty without the knowledge of their respective governments and their people is a something unheard of an unprecedented in history…"

Central planning failed miserably in the old Soviet Union, now we are supposed to believe that a corporatist negotiated arrangement with the full backing and force of government bureaucracies is a superior method for prosperity…

"…The truth today, however, is that the United States is neither a democracy nor a republic. Americans are ruled by a corporatocracy: a partnership of "too-big-to-fail" corporations, the extremely wealthy elite, and corporate-collaborator government officials."

k: DARPA’s task is to keep the youth of the world transfixed on becoming transhumans by addicting them to computer-technology and high-tech-innovations while the planet continues to burn.

The emphasis here is upon being able to have “an authentication” that you can simply wear on yourself, “Say an electronic tattoo” to authenticate you, your car, your computer, indeed every aspect of your life, by taking a daily pill that can “identify you” via a really-cool tattoo for everything you do in life. It’s is a con—but it’s a con that the addicted and up-coming children will clamor for in every way. What happens when the money runs out or the pills are cut-off? Try to answer these questions for yourself by watching this short video.

World economic agreements vary little based upon partisan political ideology. The corporate business outsourcing strategy and the offshoring of jobs are the inevitable results of every phony trade deal enacted for decades.

The real objective of TPP is to codify in law and treaty the special treatment that favored industries or well-connected interests exert upon the global economy.

When monopolies eliminate competition, the marketplace suffers a crowding out of main street businesses. With the demise of familiar business enterprises, the multinationals expand without hindrance. Entrepreneurial small business is seldom in a position to fill the void left when the muscle of international finance decides to control a business sector.

Setting environmental standards, intellectual property, and pharmaceutical formularies, behind closed doors endangers the public. Imposing rabid global warming penalties, perpetual expanding of copyright privileges and banning natural holistic supplements and vitamins, all intend to strip choice from consumers or to burden the population with irrational tax obligations.

In an outstanding account, by Don Quijones his article, The Global Corporatocracy is Almost Fully Operational, provided the essential context and ultimate consequence…” (2)

Of course this is confusing, but this is one set of darkly-complex issues that each of us must deal with, if the outcome is to be anything other than what they have planned for the whole world.

For our part there’s another choice—the only real choice that’s left to Americans today. And that is this! (3)

1) DARPA’s Regina Dugan on “The Nation’s Elite Army of Futuristic Techno-geeks”

2) The Trans-Pacific Partnership Economic Enslavement

3) We Are Your Enemy



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