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Uncountable New, Extreme
TB Cases In 'Syrian Refugees'

By Patricia Doyle

Hello Jeff ... This is an extremely serious situation.  We must stop ALL IMMIGRATION of 'Syrian Refugees' the West.

This new TB now circulating is extremely serious and deadly.  It does not respond to treatment and the main treatment Rifampin does NOT WORK on this TB strain.

There is also Leishmaniasis and Polio circulating among the 'refugees'.

We must NOT allow Syrians into Europe and the US until they are screened and proven to be TB, Leishmaniasis and Polio free.  Not to mention the Cholera now raging in Yemen and Africa.

The insanity must stop NOW.  It may be up to us Senior citizens to stop the madness.  Our younger people are brainwashed and useless in dealing with it.

Mark my words, if the people from these camps get to Europe and elsewhere, many Westerners will die.  I suppose that is the intention.

Stop the insanity


A ProMED-mail post
ProMED-mail is a program of the
International Society for Infectious Diseases

Date: Tue 30 May 2017
Source: The New Arab [in Arabic, trans. & summ. Mod.NS, edited]

TB and Leishmaniasis and Polio circulating
A medical source from the Syrian city of Hama revealed to The New Arab the presence of an increased number of cases of tuberculosis and the resulting deaths in both Hama and northern Syrian regions. The internal medicine doctor, Kamal Al-Taqi, confirmed that the increasing number of deaths due to tuberculosis is because of the increased resistance to the treatment. He added that most of the patients are children and elderly.

Talal Al-Agha, an internal medicine doctor from Aleppo, indicated that "a similar situation is occurring in Aleppo, where tuberculosis is very widespread in the settlements for the internally displaced persons (IDPs) and the poorer environments." He explained that "we diagnose cases of the disease every day, mostly by doctors in the clinics belonging to the charities and the university hospital; both being free." He added that "90 per cent of the cases live in crowded IDP shelters or collectives and do not have independent shelters," stressing that, "we can only provide them with prescriptions and instructions."

Al-Agha pointed out that "tuberculosis was almost controlled in Syria, but it started to spread widely due to the poor health conditions in which millions of Syrians live today." He added that "More seriously, dozens of patients fail to respond to treatment, which means the presence of resistance to antituberculosis drugs primarily rifampin, which is essential in treatment." Al-Agha stressed that "we urgently need to conduct a study on these cases as the emergence of resistance presages a serious health disaster. To date, no entity has even counted the number of cases."

Samir Al-Aktaa, a nurse working in a mobile clinic between Aleppo and Idlib countryside, said that "over the past month [May 2017], we have transferred 12 suspected tuberculosis cases for investigations, including 3 children from one family in Al-Karama camp in Idlib countryside."Al-Aktaa added that" more than 50 per cent of the children that we see are not vaccinated against tuberculosis. These include the children born in the besieged areas, unregistered infants who do not have vaccination books, and other children whose families have been distracted from their health needs by the woes of war."

[byline: Lubna Salem].