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By Jim Kirwan


Of America's Fake Political Parties


America's Political Parties were supposedly created to prevent one-party rule in America: Which is what this image partially brings to light. Political parties were created to argue, debate and discuss what was once considered 'good for this place'. That only lasted for a very short while, until the “two wings of the same political-party' embraced the double-bladed ax of “bi-partisan-politics” - where there are never any real objections to anything being proposed, regardless of whatever the topic is, or what the public needs to have.


A Bit of History

With the end of WWII, America embarked upon the success of a myriad of private companies that became corporations, and finally were merged into PRIVATE corporations. Once these corporations were granted personhood, on their way to their sought after status of privately-owned statehood, all without any responsibilities for whatever they do. But during the run-up to their current status, a great many of America's most famous corporations had become prominent and respected household names in the lexicon of American business—back when we still had some real businesses and real-jobs in this country...

While this 'success story' was continuing to unfold: The re-emergence of the Robber-Barron's was just beginning to find their severely damaged sea-legs once again.

All the American-success-stories began to meet their ending, once “the corporations-as-people”, began to steal and destroy those revered companies and the real and valuable products they had created. It cost a great deal to steal so much of America in huge gulps of gluttony, but the Outlaws managed that with virtually no competition from the public who remained unaware of what was happening to their jobs: Until Bill Clinton began to fast track the wholesale slaughter of America's jobs to “Corporate-Free-Trade” rules that killed America's commercial edge worldwide: While Bill & the New World Order exported virtually every once functioning American enterprise into an offshore tax-haven while the products that had once been so dependable became nothing but cheap knockoffs that reduced longevity to maybe a year while they drained the life-blood of America to “achieve” this windfall of outrageous profits for the very, very few. Always insuring the total protection of U.S. Inc. profit margins, which the chosen ones directly profit from, through insider-trading that 's illegal for citizens

but “LEGAL” for the traitors that “serve” in the illegal-government.

Miracles Mr. Ford Are Everywhere in Storage...”

By the time Ford reached the White House the above was truth.

While this was taking place the political creatures in politics began to vote themselves benefits and illicit-billions, in exchange for selling out the nation: This converted 'American-politics' into a charade that favored foreign nations over American interests, with lightening speed ­ to go hand-in-glove with the sellout of the Constitution and the Republic to the enemies of the United States led by Israel, the global oligarch's and the global banks.

Since the illegal sellout & sell-off of so many American businesses worked so well; the pretend politicians began to do the exact same thing to the fake political parties. Remember the platforms of those parties were supposed to represent what the “parties” would do after the elections: As a guide for the voters to go by. In the beginning everyone was thought to have been Americans' first and party members second ­ but that was reversed with the death of JFK, into swearing an unofficial oath to private-political-parties above any oath to protect or defend the nation from all enemies foreign or domestic.

That's how it came to be that AIPAC has signed up well over 350 of the 535 club to their oath to put ISRAEL first over any other consideration that any of them might still have, while they supposedly continue to serve “the people of the United States”. The corporate raiders became obsessed with greed to the point that they could not wait to convert their stolen business ventures into criminal enterprises: That crime then drove the massive changes behind the total sellout of the people by their new-found ownership of both political parties, both at the ballot box and especially “beyond”.


Again & Again” 1974

These creatures have been the global-idols for

Global-Zionists & the Islamic State since before there were Christians.

These complexities have been 'the global-cross-to-bear' for all humanity,

since people first recognized these global-problems which the Horsemen have always collectively represented.


The 'value' in 'political labels' has been dead for at least half a century. Private-Corporate Ownership has trumped everything that government once protected us from. Today the Oligarchs & the global-Multinational Corporations have so devalued all official labels, so totally, that virtually everyone can see these global-Outlaws for exactly what they are, and always have been: There is nowhere left for anyone to hide.

Ironically the only creatures in this farce that still “Don't Get It” are the fake-politicians that still believe they run the world.

Trumps' entry into this year's political arena brought with it the potential for a shift from High Treason to the beginnings of a breath of real freedom.

The people know that everything else is just garbage. How else could anyone describe the idiocy of these fake“political-parties” over the survival of the country?

This year the 'election' is about shattering the hammer-lock of amateur politicians who actually believe they own this travesty of their own demented brand of socialist-communist gridlock, in service to the would-be global-Islamic Terrorist-State and everything that goes with that. With the Zionist-Fascist police-state running wild through so many American cities while the lawless global-outlaws are demanding evermore criminal behavior—the farce of leadership has been totally exposed as being the force behind their global-destruction of the world.

The people here have the potential to become the new breed of public executioners that are needed to bring down these evil barbarians that are counting on the Muslim global-state to finish killing off the planet one failed nation at a time.

That might sound fantastical but it's possible now that so many of these pretenders are now clearly naked on the global-stage - still blinded by their own obsessions - while the rest of us go about the business of taking back our lives from the horror that we've all been more than just complicit in creating...


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