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The Extermination of Civilization

By Jim Kirwan


The world has come close to ending Civilization a number of times, but those events only dealt with portions of the planet, never with the whole world

Civilizations hinge on our ability to communicate our thoughts and ideas through systems of language and codes of conduct, that have depended upon “consequences” for violations of what we have said, or codified as laws, in our dealings with others.

For the last hundred and fifty years we've actually been playing with the idea of living lawlessly, without consequences, for any of the crimes that have become routine. With the breakdown of “laws”, and the total destruction of 'any consequences' for whatever we promised or did to others: The Twenty-First Century is now racing backward to the caves at breakneck speed.

CRIME” has replaced LAW across the board. “Political Promises” are as meaningless as yesterday's news that disappears within hours of being reported ­ yet none of this is ever discussed.

The current case in point are the obscene reversals of political promises to the point where nothing lasts more than 48 hours before it too is altered to the point of insanity—thus proving that nothing has any real meaning any longer—precisely because there are no consequences for any of the theft, the lies, or the crimes against humanity that have replaced what used to be dealt with by common trust and “promises kept' not broken

These crimes have now far surpassed just politics or even warfare. We have utterly destroyed our languages and our understood goals, not to mention our supposedly interpersonal relationships, that have been replaced with A.I. Devices that have begun to speak their own languages, which humans can no longer understand.


An Artificial Intelligence Developed Its Own

Non-Human Language

Our Civilization was built on nations that had been formed for people of like thoughts and customs, people who chose to deal with others and with their own laws and customs, down through time. But the Barbarians from Germany in the early 1930's, from the Franklin Institute, laid out their plans for the totalitarian takeover of the world.

(Google has since scrubbed the background of the Franklin Institution and these particular criminals).

What we have now is a world which is no loner able to have conversations with one another beyond anything except the most basic movements in any given day. The “Ideas” that once inspired and drove the world toward brighter tomorrows has been smashed in the fake concern for compartmentalizing individuals into dozens and dozens of classifications, to the point where even human gender can no longer be discussed. While the broken lives of millions are dictated to, regarding every perversion on the planet ­ where virtually every activity ends in some kind of perverted crime that includes the murder and cannibalism of victims and children intermixed with blackmail and crimes-unending to prevent the new humanity from ever being discussed.

'Civilization' once prided themselves on continued growth toward a better world, when what we have now are creatures that relieve themselves in the streets and on the floors of wherever they live, between their barbarous attacks upon men women and children of all ages. Because that's what they do with their miserable lives, hell, even savages knew better that.

Now we are rapidly approaching the return to those early caves where there was no agriculture, no fresh water or electricity ­ basically no language except grunting sounds and the most primitive interactions: Something many of the ever-growing hostile armies of millions of Invaders are trying to bring back to the cities all over the EU and now the USA that will only end in Rape, Public-Barbarism, Torture and Death while the cities they are devouring will burn through everything it took to build them all, in the first place, regardless of the many languages once spoken.

When the partial Destruction of Civilizations happened in various places in history, even those savages could see what happened to any people that embraced the Tower of Babel which we seem to be trying to emulate with 'Political Correctness' in all its most hideous forms.

In ancient history “the known world” was never actually threatened. There were sections of the planet that were affected, but beyond that, life continued.

In the supposedly civilized 'Western World” the world we built to communicate with each other is now being used to destroy the planet.

The US Congress has just completed their plan for global war, unchained barbarity and a 'tomorrow' that has no future for any coming generation.

What Amerikans can no longer avoid seeing is that nothing that any politician ever says can ever be believed again.

We are already dying because we believed their lies.