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Extended Tribute To Bill Tompkins
September 1, 2018


For Those Who May Have Missed The Extended Memorial Tribute To The Memory of Bill Tompkins
On The Anniversary of His Passing With Jeff Rense, Maj. George Filer And Frank Chille, Here It Is.

This Unique And Extraordinary Information Presented During The First Two Hours Were Never
Revealed Anywhere Prior to Bill's Visit to The Jeff Rense Program Nor Thereafter.

If You've Never Heard it, You Are In For A Real Treat!

Prologue to Luncheon Meeting Story

When Bill brought the Medford OR Hunting Lodge luncheon to my attention he asked "Do you think I can share this story with Jeff tonight as I think it is important", I said, " Yes, please share it, Jeff would welcome it."
What was amazing - behind the scenes - was that Bill was reading some documents I had sent to him regarding a meeting between Sen. Goldwater and Clark McClelland while awaiting a launch at Cape Canaveral discussing the German scientists, UFO's and other matters. The Goldwater connection reminded Bill of Steve Holt (whom was his best friend) that he knew in Medford OR , his connection to the Goldwater family and then he recalled the Hunting Lodge luncheon meeting in the middle of nowhere. Some synchronicity isn't it?

Medford Oregon Sea Cadet Program background by Dr. Michael Salla

"After his retirement from the aerospace industry in 1984, Tompkins moved to Medford, Oregon, where he set up a local Navy League Council around 1991, among whose purposes was to conduct “Special Projects” involving extraterrestrial life. Tompkins released a document confirming that the Rogue Valley Council Navy League did indeed conduct “Special Projects” as he claimed.

Furthermore two retired Navy officers, Captain Larry Boeck and Commander Art Lumley confirmed in private interviews that Tompkins did often speak about extraterrestrial life at Navy League meetings, and the Special Projects Committee did exist. A third Navy officer, Rear Admiral Larry Marsh, who was active at the time, traveled down from his two naval commands in Seattle, Washington, to Medford in 1991 to officiate at the opening ceremony for Navy League Council created by Tompkins.

Marsh confirmed in a private interview that Tompkins was a very competent organizer in creating the Council, and that the Council was very important to the regular Navy. He finally added that Tompkins was very knowledgeable on topics of interest to the Navy, which was a cryptic way of acknowledging that Tompkins was indeed conducting Special Projects at Medford."

Bill Tompkins with Rear Admiral Larry Marsh at opening ceremony of the Rogue Valley Council Navy League

Hour 1
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Hour 2
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Hour 3
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