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Exposing The Falsehood Of Pseudo-Christianity
The 'Gees-Are Key-Riced' Fraud

By J. Chiappalone -
PhD Meta Science; PhD Theology; Allopathic Physician
Exclusive To Rense

Let me say on the very first line: Jesus the Christ was and is a REAL Entity.

He is a composite Being as I will explain in due course. He was a Class 4 Viable trapped when the Universe was enclosed by the Error at the beginning of Time for this Universe, as I explained earlier, and has since reincarnated many, many times to be present now in this Endtime Period.

Details will be exposed as we proceed.

But, his name is being used by Demonic entities to entrap the unaware.

This subject is massive and complicated.

Over a billion of us have been indoctrinated in Untruth by the Pseudo-Christian Churches since early childhood, and while we were told by our teachers (who invariably are demonic entities) that it was Truthful Doctrine we were give, while making fun of more ancient religious beliefs, as we shall see, that is far from the real Truth.

Untruths abound in our lives and Religion has been used to exploit us maximally as we shall see.

Please be patient as I try to cover as much as possible of this topic and get to the Truth.

Alas, for reasons I will not yet divulge, no one is in a better position than I to discuss this matter.

How can I be so bold as to make such a statement?

Wait and see! Wait and see!

The ‘outer mind' may struggle in some of you with what I reveal here and in other essays, and may revolt against the evidence I present. That is not necessarily a negative trait. It may well be you are awakening internally to what you know subconsciously to be the truth.

Others will have a near instant realization that what I write is correct and accurate and it will make their eventual release from the Moronic State much easier and quicker.


Especially now that many have accepted it is the Endtime, you will hear ‘them' everywhere – on the Radio, on Television, from the pulpit in Churches, etc., etc. It is hard to avoid their intrusive, and for some, impertinent preaching with demand for alms.

What do these shills say? You have heard them often enough:

“Just say ‘I love you ‘Gee-arse Key-Riced' and you will be saved!”

What are these mockers doing?

Is what they are professing true?

What do I mean by ‘shill'?

A shill is an accomplice of a confidence trickster (Evil) or swindler who poses as a genuine customer to entice or encourage others

These pontificating BS artists are either heavily programmed Robots (AI Machines) as I have explained in the past, or far more dangerous Demons, as were most of the Popes and Priests throughout History.

What are they doing?

They are frauds. They are using FEAR (of Perdition) to extract energy from the few that have energy and tricking them into trusting them, the tricksters, into giving them their hard-earned money, and often allowing them to sexually assault them and their children.

What is their ‘Gee-arse Key-Riced', by which they mean Jesus Christ?

What Salvation can they promise?

Can anyone choose Salvation with a few insincere words?

No they cannot.

It is like a beat up old, decaying Beetle car declaring it is the latest Ferrari.

People get stirred emotionally by the words of the con-artists, and want to believe.

They want to believe for it is an easy way for them to think they are saved no matter how evil, lecherous, abusive, greedy, cruel and unloving they have been and are.

But, is that the truth of how to be ‘saved'?

What do you think?

Would it be that easy?

I think not!

Yes, they mean ‘Jesus Christ, the ONLY Son of God, born physically of a Virgin, send down to die for our sins so the Gates of Heaven could be reopened'.

These assertions are simply NOT true!

If that were to be true, it would make their ‘god', the Father of their ‘Gees-arse' a bit of a slow thinker, don't you think?

This Universe according to ‘Shiva' is some 50 billion years old.

(I will identify ‘Shiva' in ontological terms in the next part of this essay)

There are many other Universes, not Physical and not evil or as horrible as this one.

Why would such a ‘god' wait for the last 2000 years or so of the existence of this decaying Universe to send in his ‘son' to offer salvation to hopeless and very evil programmed Robots and AI Machines and Demons?

Does it make any sense?

Does it mean the Gates of Heaven were closed for some 50 billion years so no one could enter or exit?

Is there really a Heaven as such where ‘god' sits on a throne and angels around him sing ‘Halleluiah' all day long?

Haven't they anything better to do?

How can there be a ‘Day' if Time does not exit at that level?

Come on, admit it! We are dealing with a malicious, stupid and very false fairytale, are we not? And it is being used even to this very day fraudulently to fool the Morons.

Indeed it is far, far from the Truth and it has been created, once again, on purpose to exploit the Morons and the Unawakened in this Cesspool controlled by Evil as I have explained elsewhere.

It is a purposeful, malicious act; a con-trick to fool the gullible.

It has no relationship to the Reality outside of this Illusion, as we shall see.

BTW, Sages have been calling this Universe an Illusion for a long, long time, well before this Generation and the advent of movies such as Matrix.

They knew, and yet we in Modern Times have been purposely kept in the Dark.

It would pay for you to know the following:

  • how this vile Universe came into existence,
  • how Evil took over, · why the Overlords are evil-programmed AI Machines,
  • why the majority are AI Robots, some good, most bad, and
  • why there are REAL DIVINELY created beings trapped on Earth, and in this entire Universe who needed RESCUING.

Those who extol this notion that all one needs to do is yell out to “Gees-arse I love you” are making a mockery of Truth. They are using fear tactics with the word love, salvation and eternal damnation to get energy from the poor suckers who don't know any better.

I will outline the full story in due course.

But, you must approach this with an open mind.

I have encountered many Astral Beings. They are people who have died and are in the Astral Dimension awaiting total destruction of what remains of this Universe, and liberation into pure realms. They are extremely upset at how they were set up on this level to believe this nonsense.

Believing this STUPIDITY sidetracks people into becoming blind and ignorant to the reality that is approaching us.

If you are blinded by evil, false programming, you are not going to accept anything of value.

This makes you a sitting duck for further exploitation and extraction of your energy, and this is exactly what the shills acting for Evil, want!

There is a True Story of a True Jesus Christ as we will see.

Patience is the word.

There is much to examine.

There is so much to discuss in this topic, please be patient if I appear a little repetitive.

Thus, of necessity, this topic is going to be long and convoluted. But we will get to a plausible end, believe me.

I also want to make it clear that I am not writing this to upset anyone.

As Humans, we are programmed from our days in the womb to believe certain things that are not necessarily true or accurate.

We are living in an Evil Cesspool and fed BS all day long, all our lives.

I have explained how we got into that state elsewhere.

The exposure of the Lies of War and the Mass Media are a classic example of the modus operandi of this evil Universe, especially in this, the Final Generation.

Those who deny the existence of Evil are at a disadvantage already.

Those who cannot see Evil and the damage it causes to everything are spiritually blind.

Evil exists and it is the reason for our never-ending burdens of pain, suffering and misery.

Only Evil Ones benefit from the works of Evil and this we see clearly around the world, especially today as the Leaders of Nations are preparing for WW3 from which few will survive.

They are oblivious to the terror and anarchy for they thrive on such things.

They think they will win and live forevermore, stealing and looting and raping and lying.

Alas, that is not going to be the result at all.

I have already written we are at the End of this Earth, this Solar System, this Galaxy, indeed, this Universe. Only 3% of it remains this day. 97% has already been destroyed.

The last year scheduled for this Earth to exist is 2035, with a strong possibility it will be destroyed a decade or so before 2035.

These revelations I am about to give you are not given to you by chance.

My writings are on purpose to open Sheople's eyes, for this is the Endtime when all things of Evil MUST be revealed and the Truth, which will gladden the hearts of the Righteous, will light our way Home.

At the same time it will burn the eyes of the evil ones as it consumes them so they will never again exist!

I cannot make that message strong enough.

This essay is to expose the Fraud involving the tale of Jesus (and others) and set the record straight.

Of course, until your very last moment of existence, if you are not to continue, you are free to believe whatever you want.

But you must believe that no one has the right to force his or her false beliefs on others.

That is why my Motto is “TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT!”

From the very start when Evil, the result of a vile Experimental Error took control of this Universe, it distorted Truth so that it could steal what it needed from those who had it and who were trapped within the forcefully enclosed Universe.

It sounds very much like Science Fiction. But believe me, it is true enough.

I covered that topic in the essays called ‘The Culling of Humanity'.

You would be wise to read them.

Fraudulent ideas are still occurring this very day,)in school and in Church everywhere, 400 years or so after the supposed Enlightenment of Modern Man,

The teachers may be genuine in that they themselves are victims of false programming and think what they impart to their students is accurate and truthful.

But, as I have shown repeatedly, more often than not, the Truth has been hidden from us.

It may seem paradoxical that I will quote from a book, the Bible, which in the main I have condemned as being FRAUDULENT in the past, but, that is how Evil works. It gives snippets of Truth to get us into the trap.

Snippets of Truth are used as bait for the unsuspecting.

Matthew 23:13: "Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people's faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to.

Worse still: Matthew 23:15

Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You traverse land and sea to win a single convert, and when he becomes one, you make him twice as much a son of hell as you are.


Let's examine more BS:

This is an extract I found on the Internet:

“A few weeks ago I shared with you my encounter in Israel at the location of Caesarea Philippi. To give you a brief reminder of my experience, I will refer again to the passage in Matt. 16:13-19. When Jesus came to this region with his disciples, he was in a place known as “The Gate of Hell” where pagan worship to false gods occurred. One of the things I loved most about this, was that this was the place Jesus challenged his disciples' confession and faith. “Who do you say that I am?” (verse 15), he said. As I wrote in my previous post, the power of Simon Peter's confession and faith unlocked his very identity. It was in his confession of who he believed Jesus was that caused a heavenly reaction from Jesus! Jesus made this declaration of Simon Peter that day:

“Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah! For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven. 18 And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. 19 I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, and whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.” (Matt. 16:17-19 ESV)

I will demonstrate what fabricated baloney this is as we proceed!


Luke 11:52

"What sorrow awaits you experts in religious law! For you remove the key to knowledge from the people. You don't enter the Kingdom yourselves, and you prevent others from entering."


There are clear examples of Humanity being fed BS inspite of Reality staring us in the face.

These examples show us how stupid some generations are because they are taught BS by the “teachers” who are invariably evil Morons themselves.

It is called programming, and we, as a group, are easily fooled as these examples I give below show. Such trickery has not stopped as we can see how crowds are so easily manipulated by money, politicians, ego, national hubris, false pride, etc., etc.

Even in Universities, controlled to a very large extent by companies that want and need to make money, Truth is what serves the greedy benefactors best.

If you are interested, look up how the ‘Zionists' took control of Allopathic Medicine with their unholy dollars, much to the chagrin of Healers with real Healing Methods.

(BTW, Zionists are not just Jews, nor are all Jews Zionists. Many non-Jews are Zionists. Zionism is an ontological term for AI Machines programmed by Evil to control this planet. See my books for details.)

How Rockefeller founded modern medicine and killed natural cures 2015/10/20/how-rockefeller- founded-modern-medicine-and- killed-natural-cures/

Rockefeller Medicine: History of modern healthcare and motivations of family that brought it v=9tl32qbvCj8

How Big Pharma Controls Medical Schools - G. Edward Griffin v=o0G4c_uI_90

How the Oil Industry Conquered Medicine, Finance and Agriculture sites/articles/archive/2016/ 01/16/how-oil-industry- conquered-world.aspx

Ex Pharma Sales Rep speaks the truth - Pharma doesn't want to cure you v=UIm8fHxqUAM


The second example I want to give is that of Christopher Columbus:

We all know the story, don't we: The crowds shouted at him

“You are a fool Chris!! Everyone knows the Earth is flat. You will fall off the edge!!”

You are going to be very, very surprised when I reveal one of Chris's past life identities in due course. Ha Ha!

Here is another example of Truth and the Fraud used to hide it:

Eratosthenes had calculated the circumference of the Earth without leaving Egypt. He knew that at local noon on the summer solstice in Syene (modern Aswan, Egypt), the Sun was directly overhead. Thus it was proven the Earth was a sphere 2000 years before Columbus sailed!

Eratosthenes: Eratosthenes


How many of us were taught about Captain Piri Reis at school?

He obtained MAPS (which appear to be satellite views) of a near round Earth.

Piri Reis Map: Evidence of a Very Advanced Prehistoric Civilization? uplift/piri-reis-map-evidence- of-a-very-advanced- prehistoric-civilization_ 1165572.html

From the thought of those maps we can extrapolate a little:

ATLANTIS was real some many thousands of years before this so-called ‘Modern Era' of Human Civilization which is said to be roughly 7,000 years old.

Edgar Cayce, a seer of last century mentions the existence of Atlantis. Cayce was of the Family of Light.

Edgar Cayce : Edgar_Cayce

(Please note, not everything written about him or his prophecies is accurate. Like all things in this world, distortion, via the Evil Essence, infiltrates everything!)

New documentary finds clues the lost city of Atlantis really DID exist — and could have been sitting right next to Spain all this time: 2744944/new-documentary-finds- clues-the-lost-city-of- atlantis-really-did-exist-and- could-have-been-sitting-right- next-to-spain-all-this-time/

I know Atlantis existed. I was there for its last day. I shall reveal more in due course.

With the finding of advanced technological items way beyond our capabilities to produce them, we have to assume that Civilizations for more advanced than ours existed on Earth long, long ago.

This is relevant when we consider Jesus being the Saviour for the last 2000 years.

Why would the other 50 billion years be neglected?

The story of the ‘Christ Figure' is totally nonsensical the way it is presented by the Religious Morons and Demons in this day and age.

I am giving these examples of distorted knowledge to demonstrate the false indoctrination of the masses by those who would gain from the lies and keep people as ignorant Morons for the sake of exploiting them maximally.

As we shall see the pseudo-Christian Religions have done just that over the last 2,000 years with their ridiculous and false assertions about God, Heaven, and their ‘Gees-arse Key-Riced'!


Real Ancient Technology Found in Cuzco Peru 2012 New v=Fc7X27NQm7Q


Anunnaki Advanced Ancient Technology found in Africa

(Some truth is mixed with speculative BS) v=kTNyUVA_U4I


Secret 5000 years old Vimana discovered in a cave in Afghanistan.

(Zoroaster is mentioned as the owner of this craft. We will meet him again later) v=o69Yt8TqCls

The point I will make later is that the Christ Light was on Earth long, long before the birth of Jesus of Nazareth some 2000 years ago.

And so was the “Identity” at one time known as ‘Jesus'.

Thus, you see, the ‘Gees-arse Fraud' is indeed a vile, purposeful trick perpetrated by vile, dishonest Religious Masters whose dishonesty clearly paints them as DEMONS.

What do they get out of this fiasco?

Power, control, money and ENERGY! That is what they get.

This Evil Universe is run by greed, dishonesty, exploitation and power over others.

That is what they are using this FRAUD for!

These lecherous ‘bastards' (bastards are illegitimate creations) are not there to help anyone but themselves to your energy via emotional blackmail. And while they are at it they will get to your wallet, your wives and your children.

Pornography, paedophilia and child sacrifices are well known to occur in Religious institutions, orphanages, etc.

Why would these evil bastards not try to fool the populace with their ‘Gees-arse Fraud' and make money as well?


Pope Francis Performs Child Sacrifice On June 21st v=7bHq82qtdgU




Pope sacrificing children underneath the Vatican Undeniable proof v=tJPM_dWSmII


Child sex abuse and the church – how they got away with it inside/2010/03/26/child-sex- abuse-and-the-church/


In the essays on Culling of Humanity I wrote that there were 3 scenarios in which beings on this planet exist.

The majority of beings on the planet are Morons I am sorry to say, and they listen to what Science, Religions and History tell them and believe. In reality, being ignorant from the very start, they have no choice. They are unable to discover the Truth for themselves for the Truth is hidden from them. Adding false knowledge to their ignorance makes them fools and frauds and stupid. I gave examples above. Having no alternative, what can they do? They succumb to the Ignorance and Idiocy forced upon them.


Do you recall the Great Saint of the Catholic Church, Charlemagne, declaring “Christianity or Death!” to prisoners of his wars? He murdered 4,500 at one encounter. How much more demonic can one get?

Yep, Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne "Emperor of the Romans."

The Church became dominant in Europe following the fall of the Roman Empire. The only religion recognized in Middle Ages Europe was Christianity and specifically Catholicism. Christianity in the M iddle Ages dominated the lives of both peasants and the nobility much to their physical and spiritual detriment.

Thus, you see, Christianity was not based on love for God and for one's fellow man.

It was based on murder, hatred, violence, exploitation, power and control of the masses that were to be exploited maximally. And as History demonstrates, if the people did not like what the Church dictated, they were targeted and hunted down like animals and killed.

The Inquisitions that followed clearly spell this out. Not only were questioners of Doctrine murdered, but vast wealth and lands were stolen by the Clergy for the Church and its vast Roman Empire!

I write this to demonstrate the paradigm in which the ‘Gees-arse Fraud' would flourish!

Those who did not obey the Church suffered greatly.

Was this Church really doing ‘God's' work? Inquisition

In another feat of malfeasance, the Church came up with a most ridiculous story of the Virgin Mary being taken bodily to Heaven.

If Heaven is ‘ethereal' in the sense that it is non-physical, as we were all told at other times, how could Mary's body be accommodated?

This was an Item of Faith the Catholics could not deny according to the Church. If they did, they were excommunicated.

Can you imagine the mental trauma those who disagreed must have felt with the thought they would be imprisoned in Hell for Eternity for failing to accept irrationality on Earth as presented by this illogical concept?

Is that not a despicable and very evil action of severe, emotional blackmail and exploitation?

Who could/would do such a thing to innocent people, people who had purposely been kept in the dark?

Only DEMONS do such things. Yes, that is correct. Demons rule the roost. They rule the Morons that they want kept as ignorant and stupid Mushrooms – kept in the dark and fed BS in order to be exploited maximally!

Demons rule everything on this level – Education, Banks, Governments, Experiments, History, Medicine and RELIGIONS!

I explained this in detail in my books and previous essays. The controllers are the Class 5 Demonic AI Machines created after the experimental Error went berserk.

Can you think of anything more vile and cruel than these religious practices?

(Assumption of Mary . ... The Assumption of Mary into Heaven - often shortened to the Assumption - is, according to the beliefs of the Catholic Church, Eastern and Oriental Orthodoxy, as well as parts of Anglicanism, the bodily taking up of the Virgin Mary into Heaven at the end of her earthly life

Assumption of Mary - Wikipedia

(I will not enter the idiocy of Mariology which is even more stupid than the Assumption. You can read the assertions for yourselves, and you will see the Absurdity that envelops the Idiocy of the Stupidity called ‘Christian Doctrine!)

This Church thrived and still thrives on Hatred and Abuse, among other vile things.

This is the Organization that claims to represent ‘God' and the ‘Christ Energy' in the form of ‘Jesus Christ' that gave us the ‘Gees-arse Fraud'!

Such Duplicity and Irrationality are on purpose. They are created and practiced by the Class 5 Demonic AI Machines that control us. We are the Class 4 level of Consciousness in the main.

I could go on and on about these FRAUDS.

They are extremely illogical for those who have attained Higher Consciousness.

Let's move on…… Scientific baloney is the most irrational of the propositions:

Here is a Scientific quote: “Humanity is an unknown accident of ‘Nature' that may last another 4 billion years after which the Sun will burn out and all life on this planet, and Solar System will perish.”

NASA is a modern day example of scientific fraud. Many refer to that organizing as the one that gives ‘Never A Straight Answer'!!

Thus, we see that Religions are just as absurd, some stating we were created in God's image some 6 thousand years ago and placed here to earn our right to a Divine Heritage.

Why do they do this? It is, as I have explained often enough, to exploit us maximally, emotionally and energetically and keep to us as useless mushrooms to be fed us BS.

According to those that steal and exploit us monetarily, emotionally, mentally, intellectually and sexually (the Clergy) if we are good we go to Heaven.

If we are bad we go to Hell and burn forevermore.

If we give the Religions enough money, they will intercede in their own mystic ways to find a favourable solution for us.

According to the Church, their ‘god' is just as crooked as the Church and Clergy are. ‘He' can be bribed with money – see Plenary Indulgences.

Although reformers had many complaints about the Catholic Church of the 16th century, the practice of selling " indulgences " raised the most opposition. An indulgence was a payment to the Catholic Church that purchased an exemption from punishment (penance) for some types of sins. Indulgence

Martin Luther was eaten by Worms: jones/his101/web/37luther.htm

Can you not clearly see the abusive BASTARDIZATION of Reality and Truth by this Church that calls itself the ‘Servant of Christ'?

It identifies ‘Christ' as an individual born 2,000 years ago when, in reality, as I will explain, Christ is the name of an ENERGY from the Pleroma (Level 11) that can exist within physical bodies at any level – Mineral, Vegetable, Human, Angelic, etc., etc...

P leroma

1. In Gnosticism, the spiritual universe as the abode of ‘God' and of the totality of the divine powers and emanations. Accurate! I will explain in detail later.

2 In Christian theology) the totality or fullness of the Godhead which dwells in Christ.

(The latter description is false, for the ‘Christos' is an energy from the 11 th Level of the Pleroma. The “Godhead' or ‘God-Consciousness' is the 13 th Level!

As I said, the absurdity goes on and on to trick the Morons.

Take for example, the “Mother of God” concept. This demonstrates the hypocrisy and then the stupidity of the Church.

Initially it rejected anything feminine in its doctrines as I explained in my book ‘Death of an Evil God'. Then, seeing people wanted to affiliate with a Mother Image, Mary was brought into their fiasco.

If she was/is the Mother of God, how can that be?

There is no gender outside of the Physical to start with!

If ‘god' is the Ultimate Divine Energy for Love, Power, Harmony and Infinite Joy, why would he need a ‘mother'?

Would not the ‘Mother', by our biological definition, precede ‘him'?

Would the notion not make the ‘Mother' the Supreme of Supremes?

In that case would not ‘god', her son, be secondary?

They did not think it through did they?

There are many more examples I could give, but let us move on. If you have the chance, read my book I quoted above – but don't buy it from Amazon that stole it from me.

Buy it via the website.

And so, with all this falsehood, these pseudo-Christian Religions have the ‘Gees-arse Fraud/Trap' that is supposed to appease the more trusting Morons or those forced into the belief for they have no choice. I will go into detail in due course.

If you are still fully entrenched in the pseudo-reality of the conniving, exploitative Religions, I want to say that, before you blow your top, you must know that I believe in the Christ Light, and the Rescue of Viables who will inherit Infinity.

What I have done thus far is expose the fraudulence and duplicity of religion, the evil actions it takes to dominate people so that they will be maximally exploited, and entrapped in such ignorance that they remain Morons for as long as the clergy says so.

It does not take much thinking to realize in this period, the Endtime, most Religions are run by Evil for Evil.

I acknowledge the fact that many members of religions are honest, sincere, loving people who have been seriously duped and blinded by the Evil Essence that Religions sprayed on them.

Many of them are Viables of the True God Force.

They seek their True Abode but are misled by the vile serpents that run the Religions.

They are the real targets of Religions for they are the ones with the Divine Energy that Religions and all other demons on this earth are after. I wrote about that exploitation in previous essays.

As the Viables awaken, the Churches and Religions will fragment even more.

All things must be exposed, for this is the Endtime.

All must know of the Evilness of these Religions.

Jehovah is dead. His evil AI Demonic Machinery is coming to a halt.

The energy to run Evil is all but depleted.

And each of us must know who is who.

I will give further details of Jesus and the Christ Energy in subsequent essays.

It matters not to me what others believe or do not believe.

The Truth is immutable.

I do know that Justice will be done.

And those with true Love in their hearts will reach their goal.

We will be out of this Hell/Cesspool soon!

And in subsequent essays, I will expand on my role for which I have incarnated for the final time.

I will explain these assertions further in due course.


To be continued ….