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Evil Devouring Innocence

By Jim Kirwan


Pat Condell has written a lot about the Evil that is devouring this planet, His words bring us all some closure amid the conflicted reversals of everything that has been twisted beyond all understanding, of the realities that the world must now begin to deal with.

Just imagine if you can what would happen in America if any of the candidates running for president were to utter any of the remarks which Condell has so precisely spoken to - on any of the topics that no one else has chosen to address.

The Faces of Evil behind the global-mask that has sponsored so much of the targeted hatred against Women in particular, as well as the barbarity against all of Western Civilization can be summed up in this image.

Europe's Betrayal of Women


Over the past twelve years Soros has sponsored the building of tens of thousands of Mosques across the United States. These dens of iniquity have formed the basis for the take-down of the United States by the shadow Muslims that have been coming here for that length of time, while their Mosques were created to serve as the bases for the overthrow of this nation, from which this evil has already spread across the United States. It isn't the horde that's coming which is the real problem, it's the number of barbarians that are already here that must be deported that are the basis for the take-over that's here.

Pat Condell To Offended Muslims

Pat Condell It's Good to be anti-Muslim

If some bearded buffoons or some bag-headed bimbos tell us how offended they are

There are so many instances throughout history where this inherent crime-wave has tried to obliterate human-society that its' simply amazing that the world has failed to understand the depth of this evil.


That said ­ it's way past time for us to all come together as human beings to erase their existence this year.

Why has all of this taken so long?

That's simple:

The world has allowed the globally-criminal-media to refuse to report

their rapes, their crimes and the savage barbarity

when and wherever it has occurred

across the planet.

You must realize that the entire planet is now




When for instance was the last time you were able to listen to people like Pat Condell, not to mention actually “DOING ANYTHING” about the horrendous actions he refers to, against everyone that has refused to interfere in any of these bold and savage crimes that the Muslims are defending as “their rights” under Sharia Law and Muslim traditional law?

I chose to publish Pat Condell's articles here because he says what I've been thinking from the beginning but he did so ­ so much better than I've been able to do: Therefore I wanted everyone to have the benefit of his very particular 'points-of-view' on this globally threatened series of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY...


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