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Everything We Need To Know

By Jim Kirwan


Rafael Cruz, A Pro-Batista, CIA Connected Cuban In Exile? ReallyTed?

For the last four months this broken-nation has been laboring over who they should 'vote-for', for president, in November of this year. That was never the question that should have been debated: The real QUESTION has always been who “DECIDES” which 'candidates' are eligible to run for U.S. political offices.

I remember Truman. When he was in that office I was in Junior High School and since that time the only exception to all this corruption was Jack Kennedy. Yet today we have Ted Cruz, and the still unindicted war-criminal Hillary Clinton running for the presidency after seven years+ of a Muslim-communist pretender, that is guilty of HIGH TREASON ­ yet none of these creatures have even been remotely considered for arrest or trial ­ when all three should be awaiting death in federal-prison, for their crimes against us, or already executed for any of those crimes.

How can anyone take America seriously when we absolutely refuse to even challenge the legitimacy of any of those who are supposedly running for the highest office in this land?

Blatant vote-theft in Colorado, was not only tolerated, but accepted there. The public-announcement of the theft of Democratic votes, by party-insiders early-on, did not draw any official objections—just as the most recent attempt by the Republicans to torpedo Trump, their own leading candidate, because obviously both the Democratic & Republican parties are clearly the enemies of the people of this country that were supposedly trying to vote-in someone who is not in favor of stealing the coming election—or of following the massively-failed policies that both the old-parties have fully-endorsed, since Jack was murdered in 1963. His murder gave us LBJ and the beginning of every deeply-criminal program that's been killing this nation ­ since the assassination of JFK.

Mah Fallow Ammerrikans”


Amerika talks about freedom and democracy: Yet now, we not only have neither—we've gone on to embrace global-fascism and the Police-State, while we offer mostly criminals the opportunity to reach the Oval Office in the coming fake-election.

Where the hell are the people with their pitchforks in the streets? Where are the so-called 'Patriots' with the weapons that they have supposedly hidden behind “every blade of grass”? Why has the MEDIA not been stormed by a furious public that has been denied the blatant-truth about everything that's going on now?

Hillary has been murdering her way through Amerikan politics since her appearance with Slick-Willie, when the two of them rose from the mire of Arkansas so many decades ago: It would take pages just to outline all their crimes, yet neither she nor 'Bill” have ever gone to jail for anything?

Our Golden Calf”

What's clear is that the public has no awareness of the corruption of virtually almost everyone throughout Amerikan-politics: OR ­ they have damn well known everything and just went along for“What's in it for them”.

The truth about the global-economic collapse has been playing out in almost total SILENCE throughout this week, while the pretending powers that were - decide on whether or not to declare Martial-Law, a financial collapse of both, continue to play with the public by the now daily false-flag color-demonstrations in D.C., that are hiding themselves behind the arrests in “Democracy Spring” that Soros has been blatantly running as if they are real.

Voluntary arrests”, without real charges do not a “demonstration” make!

Victory in the Next 90 Days?

Meanwhile the fake-arrests and SHOW-TRIALS in Nevada and Oregon are proceeding a pace, against people that have not committed any crimes: While the government-thugs that assassinated an unarmed man go free.

The MEDIA has not kept the public fully informed about either the fake demonstrations in D.C. or the coming show-trials in Nevada or Oregon. These are the facts into which this latest bombshell about Cruz has just been poured out—and what is Amerika doing about any of it ­



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