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Everything Is Connected

By Jim Kirwan


The price of embracing this global-crossroads

comes directly from the murder of our natural-sanctuaries.

Look carefully at the connections between the worlds that have already been severed and realize that we must choose between the two.

Except that all aspects of the natural-world

have already been destroyed.

This circumstance stems directly from our failure to “QUESTION” anything, or to remember what we already know about the shape of the world that brought us all to this point in time.

We can go back to how we allowed ourselves to fail to question, what we allowed to happen, right after 911. Because that series of lies is what has allowed the lawless outlaws to get away with the nearly total destruction of every nation they have targeted from that day to this.

We were conned into fighting for things that were all based on so many lies, that it's miraculous that any of us have survived to even get to 2016.

Connect the dots, in the film below and make the associations that are clearly outlined between politics, the media and the failed reporting about every war we ever fought. If the people of the planet had actually seen the wars and been able to feel the truth of what actually happened to those that fought and died in those wars, that we've made possible ­ then WAR, especially global-war would have been outlawed.

Watch the first half hour of this critically acclaimed film by John Pilger

The War You Don't See”

In the world of Political Correctness we are no longer allowed to see the horror of any war. Faces are scrubbed, identities are withheld, and as a result no one can associate the blobs on the videos with actual human beings, dead or alive. Hell you can't even discuss what is being done to any population wherever the monsters have begun their race to the ending of any civilization, anywhere on earth. The dead are reduced to faceless, nameless forms or twisted shapes that can't be traced back to the vital and individual people that we continue to slaughter - as if this was one huge slaughterhouse, and 'people' are nothing more than dead meat or road-kill on the way to eliminating any and all borders in Killary's wide-open world where there are no borders, no rights and where the remaining occupants of any of the places that used to be nations, now have no voice in anything that the Elites decide to do to us all.

The most pedestrian basis for what created these wars, always begins with the ballot box: And of course we've all been robbed there too, for over a hundred years. And of course they're using the exact same scams to steal the 2016 election right out from under our noses: And again we don't care enough to demand fair elections. The first half of this link speaks directly to what happened at the beginning of the primaries, in the U.S., with the stolen primary elections that were all already fraudulent in 2016. This was made in April, and nothing has even remotely changed since this video was made.

Election fraud special report! (You Won't Believe This)

How Do We Stop This?

It sounds so complex, so overwhelmingly 'out-of-reach'

But that's not true!

This video explains the REAL Donald Trump And Why everyone is going overboard to try to stop him...

8min 45sec VIDEO

The video above explains how it must begin, but what it fails to mention is that if the public were to take any of the personal criminality as literal crimes against us all ­ then we could take out any of the monstrously brutal elites, by ending any one of the public-leaders of this war upon all of us, and the rest of their crowd would run like the cockroaches they are, just as soon as the lights come on in this wall-to-wall sewer which has combined to make what remains of this planet into the walls of our private prisons.

But this has not happened, yet, so they will continue to intensify their rape & plunder of the globe, while all we seem capable of doing, is just to watch and wait until they come for each and everyone of us ­ and that day is just below the nearest horizon.

The massive crimes committed by the FBI, the Attorney's General, the president's, past & present, all their advisers, the judges, the lawyers, virtually everyone in the media and the congress that contributed to having given George W. Bush his LICENSE TO KILL which started this open-ended murder spree on the entire planet. This must be revoked!

We have to take RESPONSIBILITY for the true extent of the LAWLESSNESS we created—which is what has brought us all to this place where the only way out of this is to physically take back our nation: Or we must UNCONDITIONALLY SURRENDER to these global-outlaws, that are about to succeed in overrunning the planet with the hordes of bestiality and primitive savagery that has not been 'in power' since just after the wheel was created.

There is one other choice that those who 'refuse to choose' are still not bothering to consider ­ and that's global war.

The true downside in all of this is that whenever 'any people' collectively refuse to defend themselves or their right to live as free human beings, then there are no choices, they can have, to mitigate that enslavement which this refusal has created. So the only thing left for all of us to decide for ourselves is:

We either chose to “live-free or to die”

Because there are no other options available, now that so many

millions of us have chosen not to get involved.




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