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Everything About Israel Is A Lie
Especially Now!

By Jim Kirwan


Since history's have been kept,

Israel has been thrown out of more than 100 nations,

And for very good reasons!

Now the Jews have invaded the White House, the Congress and the Courts of the United States, yet no Americans have seriously challenged this.

We should learn from the more than 100 nations that chose to

destroy the Jews rather than to become their slaves.

The crimes of today's arch-criminals have spanned thousands of years

It's past time that we removed Israel permanently from the earth if we are to have a real world again: Case in point: Israel is claiming “the right” to all of the land above (in green). But just like everything else that comes from Israel ­ this too is nothing but just another series of constructed lies.

Currently, the Ashkenazi plan for crushing the world is well on its way

to bringing the planet into another flurry of false-flag-wars

that were designed to destroy the global-balance

of civilization world-wide.

War Plans On Korea To Begin With
False Flag Attacks On Asian Capitals

Mad Dogs Plan Pretext For A First Strike

“The dispatch of reconnaissance team to civilian centers in Asia shows that Abe and Defense Secretary James Mattis are planning a false-flag attack to be blamed on the North Koreans to justify a massive US-Japan “counter-attack”, actually a first strike, with nuclear bombs. Over the past year, Abe has repeatedly asserted his first-strike doctrine and opposed international disarmament talks outlawing sneak attacks.

Evading Prosecution for Mass Murder

Since Mattis and Abe hope to conceal their crime of triggering a world war, they must unleash sufficient mass brutality to erase the public memory, as happened when B-52 carpet-bombing took attention off the fake Tonkin Gulf incident. Therefore it is important now to begin putting evidence on the record for illegal provocation of a World War and their coming crimes against humanity.

Nuclear warfare, with its indiscriminate killing of a large group of humanity, fits the definition of genocide. In the two times that atomic weapons were used against an enemy nation, the postwar United Nations did not deem those US attacks to constitute genocide due to the fact that wartime Japan was the sole remaining head of the Axis, its commission of atrocities against millions of people in Asia, and the immediate necessity to end World War II from sacrificing the lives of more Allied personnel.

Those arguments that exonerated President Harry Truman, the Manhattan Project scientists and air crews of the USAF bombers do not apply in the present case of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), however objectionable the regime’s policies may be to its critics. The use of nuclear weapons against the Korean people would be grossly disproportionate to whatever they might be guilty of in border skirmishes,
verbal threats and rights abuses. Their own small ballistic force is a mere deterrent to the vast US threat and Japan’s secret nuclear-weapons program, which the UN has failed to probe.

Creating The Invisible Government

The people listed in this 37 minute video have been with us since the depths of these treason's began to be revealed,

and most of them are still alive today.

Why are the Clinton's, the Bushes, the Rockefellar's, the Rothchild's, Kissinger, Soros and Brzezinski and all the rest of the CFR members still breathing air, mostly inside the United States: Not to mention Madeline Albright and Obama whose war cabinet resides two miles from the tarnished House?

What about Comey of the FBI, and all the rest of these arch-criminals that are responsible for the collective deaths of billions of people around the world along with crimes against humanity and now Trump - who just declared an illegal war against Syria, when he decided to go it alone, without even consulting congress ­ on the say-so of his Jewish daughter who has no position in the US government ­ which is what began this latest trigger of the coming global disaster, because the public allowed TRUMP to sell out America, rather than to deliver on any of his fake promises that got him elected in 2016?

The Clinton's should have been hung a long time ago along with everyone directly connected to 911.

650,000 Emails Added To The Treason

This weekend will no doubt bring even more crimes against the world, and this
will continue until ordinary people began to shut them down.