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Everyone Has Opinions

By Jim Kirwan


However that’s never

Made any of the Outlaws viable,

Under the Empirical US Department of War

This is exactly what’s being done to San Francisco, as a prelude

To how every city in the US needs to be rethought!


Ask yourself why none of the thoughts you’ve had are ever even considered as to the way you want to live your life. It’s why they never even come up either locally or nationally? Everyone still has opinions, despite the best efforts of the criminal-powers that have worked for thousands of years to eliminate every shred of thought by any of the slaves (you and I) they believe they own. Part of this has to do with how much we’ve been lied to and how much of that we continue to buy into.

Some examples:

At the end of WWII we changed the name of the War Department to the Defense Department: That farce has served the criminals extremely well, but it needs to revert back to The U. S. War Department, because that’s exactly what we have always been.

There are economic changes that need to be made immediately, if the so-called government is to follow its own demands of reducing spending, by cutting waste in government.

The Congressional Building in Washington DC needs to be given to the Smithsonian, as a museum for the public, of what life was like in the Twentieth Century. Charge the public to visit the empty structure, because even if it was ours clearly, it now no longer is.

The Supreme Court and all the lower courts are anachronisms that have become totally useless to the public, as they have come to represent the opposite of law in the current system. The entire ‘criminal-courts system’ has fallen deeply into massive corruption and must be dropped as having anything to do with either the Republic or the Oligarchy that has replaced it. The capstone for that decision ought to be made by prosecuting Eric Holder and all the AG’s before him that are still alive for everything they have done as well.

The entire system of local, city and state police must be turned over the uniformed-military. All disputes will be decided by uniformed “Information Czars” appointed by whichever dictator from the Global-major-banks will be assigned to us by the United Nations.

The Congress must be dissolved, as it no longer serves any of those it was supposedly created to serve. Any of them that still swear loyalty to Israel should be shot as traitors to the nation. Their only constituents now are the corporate nation-states, foreign countries and criminals everywhere: Congress should be fired and their ill-gotten wealth should be redistributed to the homeless and starving members of the public which have never been served.

It goes without saying that “political-parties” are nothing but a throwback to the 1940’s which have been totally out of touch with the public since the end of WWII. And since we no longer have a need for congress or elections, as Empires don’t require such antiquated functions ­ then there really is no longer any point in having “political parties” or any need for the fake-selections that are engineered every year in every election of any kind throughout this place.

Once we clear away the most egregious lies, then everything is crystal clear for the whole world to see.

The congress and the politicians can be easily replaced by the thought-police and the Politically-Correct-Police as can be seen in the illustration above by David Dees. Most cities are heading that way now, San Francisco is just further along than most, so why not call it what it is?

Against this backdrop the fake White House of 5,000 people is far too large a staff, even for an Emperor to maintain. And since our “president” is not who he says he is, who is married to someone who’s life is clearly not what she claims it is ­ they both really ought to be arrested for lying to the public throughout their public lives and tried as well: For all his crimes against the public and the world. It is not possible to have a national leader, in public office, who is incapable of telling the truth about anything.

Internationally we have thugs and traitors in every office of what used to be called the US Department of State: That should be changed as well to a sub-division of the US Department of War. We could just call our embassies and consulates: “The Memory Holes” down which every inconvenient government promise can be flushed immediately. Since we no longer have allies or friends, just client states that we screw with ever-differing degrees of criminality and double-crossing that never ends. So why not dump the whole line of bullshit we keep on trying to convince ourselves of: We are not the bastion of anything but that of international criminality, piracy, rape, torture and hijacking and murder worldwide ­ that’s who we are and yes it is exactly what we do.

Just look at what we did, within hours of signing an agreement to not do, exactly what we did do about the situation in Ukraine.

And every word of what we ended up doing was nothing but lies, lies and more lies designed to lead to war, war and lots more war unending: None of which is anything that most of America wants anything more to do with.

Between the cracks in all the lies from finance to society, from global wars to Empire the old United States has been taken over and is now committed to “Building the Future” on FEAR” and “TERROR”, one false flag attack at a time. And the road-kill still living here keeps right on lapping it up as if it’s right thing and the ONLY thing to do…

Those willing to live like that will be the first to die.

Everyone here has opinions: So why should only the few be allowed to express their views of how things should happen in the world?

The answer seems to be that at the end of the day the only things that count are money, power and arrogance. If that’s true why are we still bothering with all this pretence in every area of our lives?

There is a literal cascade of truth that’s no longer able to be contained: And that’s why I thought you ought to be considering at least some of those initial suggestions at the top of this comment.

Private corporation states already own everything, so why are we still going through the motions that there’s a real state here at all: The USSA is one giant outdoor prison where everything that was government is now traded, bought and sold, on the New York Stock Exchange. Let’s make it all public knowledge, at least in name, as well as deed? We need to fight and not just in Nevada anymore, because this shit is everywhere that this criminality thrives, everywhere in the world today!

Oops I forgot Amerrikans don’t want to get their hands dirty or jeopardize their cushy way of life: Right?

No one in this life can ever have it all, both ways, because nature will not tolerate it. The fact that we can no longer sign anything that lasts even twenty-four hours has proven to the planet that we’re nothing but common thieves and liars regardless of what we continue to claim. This place is the global home of the terror, torture and most of the theft and rape’s committed against most of the nations that have been exposed to Amerikan Exceptionalism—worldwide!

Happy Easter to those of you that believe in it and have a Joyous Rite of Spring to those who celebrate the life and health of the planet, that the rest of us are killing each and every day!


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