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Europe Has Three Masters

By Jim Kirwan

This is Gaza now!

If the Zionist Empire has its way this will be the Europe of tomorrow.

Europe is no longer anything like what was envisioned for the nations that came together to form the European Union. That association was supposed to provide Europe with a higher standard of living and a better more secure way of life than the individual European nations could have built for themselves.

Europe is no longer free.

The ‘states’ that make up the EU

are just slaves. Slaves with three masters:

Israel, US Inc. & the UN now own the European Union


What has happened in the world is that the Warcrimes have gone unpunished for so long now that as a planet we have passed the point where individuals can be charged with their individual Warcrimes because we’ve moved on: Now nation-states must be charged with their crimes against humanity—yet there is no place on earth for these charges to be raised, because no court or nation can enforce these violations against the global order. That’s why most wars were originally fought—because some nations chose to refuse to obey the rules of war or the natural laws of humanity which could then only be settled by military force.

Because of this fact, the only real possibility to keep the planet from being launched into the next nuclear confrontation comes down to the original European powers; which must now abandon the West and side with Russia against the corrupted Zionist forces on every front in the world today.

The Trial of Israel?

Unless individual European states change sides, there is virtually no chance to keep Europe from becoming the Gaza or the Ukraine of tomorrow. Europe has deceived herself massively and if this self-deception continues, then the only thing that will result will be another Global-War in which Europe will soon be torn apart again. Only this time Israel’s war-on-the-world will make WWII look like a walk in the park on a beautiful spring day!

The torrent of lies that are bombarding the world from Gaza to Kiev and back again are being driven full-force by the would be new owners of the planet Israel, USI, NATO. NATO recently became the official military arm of the corrupted United Nations.

That same UN has never taken any serious action against Israel or USI throughout the entire time that they and Israel have been in existence. Now, when an impartial third party is needed, there is no global-power that can fill that slot: Since all the organizations that were formed to supposedly take up this cause have been blackmailed, intimidated or have chosen to abstain from taking any action. That leaves the people of the planet naked to the coming aggressions against the world that are coming from this triumvirate of criminal cabals: Israel, USI & UN-NATO.

The irony is that when the Aggressor in Gaza is also the Occupying Force in Gaza, then the whole idea of this “war” clearly becomes the farce that it’s always been.

Moreover: “It is simply a lie that Israel's slaughter in Gaza is a response to an "unprovoked attack" by Hamas. Not only is it a lie, it is a transparent, brazen lie, whose falsehood is glaringly apparent to anyone who had given even a cursory look at coverage of the Israeli government's response to the murder of three Israeli teenagers in June.

At that time,
we were told in many news reports about an Israeli "crackdown" in Gaza, including mass arrests, military operations and, finally, the killing of six Hamas members. It was after these operations and these killings -- which were clear breaches of a ceasefire which Hamas had been honoring for 19 months -- that Hamas began its retaliation against Israel's unprovoked attacks.”

Blockading the Truth

These global-conspirators are in reality the real “Axis of Evil” that was miscast by Bush Junior. The Bushwhacker labeled only those nations that did not have a Rothschild Bank as members of his ‘axis’: But today we can clearly see the truth behind those much-abused labels.

The people of the world must confront this triumvirate and block their attempt to hijack the planet. The evil-empire is demanding absolute unconditional global-surrender to them now—or they will open a nuclear-firestorm against the universe, the likes of which have never been seen before.

If Germany, France, Italy, as well as other states, were to stand up for themselves and or join with Russia to deny the deadly evil of the triumvirate: Then clearly this ‘AXIS of Evil’ could be forced to back down.

But if the member-states of the EU remain on their present course then this world will be mortally wounded. Russia and the BRICS nations are not the wimps which Washington, Tel Aviv and the UN are claiming they are. But to watch the antics of these illegal powers as they try to claim international hegemony, goes far beyond “farce”. They have lied too long and far too often to ever be believed about anything they are trying so desperately to say…

The ‘issue’ now is whether or not Russia has the right to resist the coming NATO, USI invasion of Russia over what’s going on inside Ukraine now: Ukraine being another captive US puppet-state which is being run by Israel and NATO, in order to end Russian dominance in both Europe and the world. According to ‘them’ Russia must be stopped or the entire Western criminal alliance will be forced to end in total failure—which is of course is what should happen as they have already lost—all that’s missing is the global-monetary collapse that’s only weeks away.

Listen to their panic when they make their obscene demands against Russia, over something which Russia has every right to do under international law. Russia is being blamed for everything that USI has already done. Yet the criminal West is insisting that all that has occurred has been instigated by Russia.

Watch the 2min 20sec Video, about John Cohen (Kerry):

Fact Check Time:

Russia did not plow billions of dollars into Ukrainian politics over the past 10 years. The US did.

Russian Intelligence did not invade Ukraine under the cover of “humanitarian NGO’s”. The US did.

Russia did not orchestrate the violent overthrow of a democratically elected President in Kiev. The US did.

Russia did not hand pick the new leaders of the Kiev puppet state. The US did.

Russia is not bombing civilian neighborhoods. The US (via its Kiev puppets) is.

Russia is not staging false-flag operations designed to trigger World War III. The US is.

Finally there is: The Concept of the Critical Society

This has been part of me since forever and it probably accounts for much of why I tend to see the world as I do.

I just never knew it had a name…

A critical society is a community of people who value critical thinking and value those who practice it. Its most distinguishing characteristic is its emphasis on thinking as the key to the emancipation of the mind. Unfortunately, there are no critical societies in the world, nor have there ever been.

The idea represents an ideal not yet achieved, a possibility not yet actualized. There is no culture on Earth where critical thought is characteristic of everyday personal and social life. On the contrary, the world is filled with superficiality, prejudice, bias, distortions, lies, deception, manipulation, shortsightedness, close-mindedness, righteousness, hypocrisy, on and on, in every culture in every country throughout the world …

Imagine a world which protects maximum freedoms and liberties, a world in which people work to understand the viewpoints of others, especially those with whom they disagree. Imagine a world in which people are encouraged to think for themselves, rather than mindlessly conform.

There has never before been a more important time to foster and develop critical societies. ...

In short, because the human mind is naturally riddled with problems, the creation of critical societies depends upon people within the societies taking thinking seriously, studying its problems, its tricks and stratagems, its weaknesses and strengths, its native tendencies, its rational capacities…


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