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Erdogan Declares More War

From Jim Kirwan


Recep Tayyip Erdogan has a major number of completely distorted views of the role that Turkey plays on the global-stage, based on the fact that he's absolutely insane.

Not content with shooting down a Russian fighter during the first Russian sweep through Syria, to repel the barbaric savages, which Erdogan has always protected ­ he has now sent in uniformed Turkish army troops and tanks (not being covered) in a direct rebuke of Russia's warning about sending Turkish Troops into Syria.

Meanwhile Erdogan has refused to remove his unwanted Turkish Tanks and troops from inside Iraq, while threatening 'WAR' on anyone or any nation that tries to stop him.

And today's vote by Germany to brand Turkey for the Genocide of the Armenian people during WWI, has lit another of his very short fuses. When this is seen against the backdrop of the most recent Russian air strikes on Turkey's continuing illegal-theft of Syrian oil, which Russia has begun again ­ Recep seems to be behaving more and more like a global-mad-man, instead of 'a president'.

Apparently his only real ally is still Israel, the ugliest-global-bully in the region. Now Erdogan wants to try and use the shattered totem of NATO, to try and intimidate anyone that does not do exactly as Turkey demands. Except that Russia will not back down or go away ­ and if Erdogan decides to go to war with Russia over this, it will be an extremely short war; a war that could easily see the USSI lose their Turkish airbase, at Incirlik. And if Israeli Secret Intelligence Services, ISIS, tries to interfere then they too might wish that there had been more options, because Russia is unlike any other foe, that either Israel or USSI has ever fought with before.

Turkey's been condemned by the UN for its 'anti-humanitarian' positions, and with the German vote against Turkey on the Genocide of the Armenians, in the latest round of corrective actions to address the crimes of the past ­ Turkey is painting herself into a corner from which there are very few options, if there were ever any before. It's amazing that some loyal Turkish citizen has not taken out the president of that place—because everyone knows that he's not “a god”. The longer he continues to assault the world, the sooner he will be forced from his demonic-position.

In Europe they are feeling the blackmail that Erdogon has forced upon the entire EU, with his endless supply of troops, masquerading as immigrants that are flooding Europe, and virtually shredding state after state in broad daylight. So its war with the 28 nations of the EU, Iraq, Syria and Russia, and that's just for opener's. How in hell can this tyrant get away from the Tar-Baby he's created with no end in sight?

Add to this what his shadow-forces are about to do to France and the World Cup that's due to start soon. The whole of France is rising in revolt against the criminal policies of the EU, and virtually every union has now openly joined in the uprising ­ France is about to be brought to her knees, amid the ruination of the major-global-event that she was preparing for. Sweden is approaching her own date-with-total-ruination, and other countries are waiting to see how that turns out, along with the cowardice shown by England, in accepting Muslim Shria Law, via the new Muslim Mayor of London. If he's not overthrown: Because by then the world will be forced to say good-bye to England as a Western Power of any kind.

And in every current flash-point Erdogan has been near center-stage, feeding his hubris upon the death and destruction of millions of people across Europe and in the Middle East.

But the really big question that has glaringly not been asked yet ­ is how long will it be before Erdogan decides to break with USSI completely, in Turkey's war upon civilization?

This has all the makings of a perfect storm in which virtually everything now depends upon what Russia will do and how soon, since USI policies have stooped to blaming everything on Russia, China or North Korea ­ it is as if the truth behind the headlines that are being withheld, have never mattered at all.

Turkey recalls its ambassador to Germany - after lawmakers in Berlin vote to recognize the mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks in Nineteen-fifteen, as genocide. As massive rail strikes across France against controversial labor reforms, grind the country to a halt - activists accuse violent protesters of hijacking their efforts to protect workers' rights.” Death threats have begun against the German lawmakers...

Include the tens of thousands, moving towards millions of Muslims, that have clearly planned this global-invasion for at least the last 12 years, inside the USSA. Then throw in Ukraine & China, along with the drone wars on a huge number of African nations: Not to mention the restarting of the Cold War throughout Central and South America ­ and it all becomes crystal clear that the global-war-machine is riding high, in preparation for their intensely sought beginnings of WWIII ­ that will happen unless something colossal happens to at least interrupt the impending all out war...

I am not an expert of any kind - but it feels like something like this will happen within the next ten days ­ in which all the 'future-schemes' will no longer matter (like the one below) as we'll no longer be able to communicate with the bastards that have planned all this down to the last drop of blood.

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