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Ferreting Out SARS CoV-19 And Worse
At Canada's Doomsday Labs - Part 18

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

The resurfacing of issues already dealt with here, such as why some young people immunized in childhood for tuberculosis showed apparent resistant to COVID-19 but "unexpectedly" then came down with a "second infection".

My recollection is this series was the first, and still only source, to disclose that a strand of m.TB was spliced into the SARS-COV parent virus. This explains the partial efficacy of the antibodies from early childhood vaccines. The TB strand was installed for the insidious purpose of neutralizing the human immune system. The TB hijacks antibodies from the phagophage defenses of white blood corpuscles and then subverts them into an antigen, which attacks the phagophage, rendering the human immune system ineffective. The counterattack by "turncoat" antigens enables unhindered replication in host cells, which is basically causes death from coronavirus infection of the organs.

TB vaccines in early childhood stimulate production of a surfeit of antibodies that inhibits coronavirus infection. Whether a vaxed child's antibodies can continue to repel infection on a second round of CoV infection is not yet a settled matter, since a latent CoV presence in different organs could resurface as it has in teenagers who have outgrown a vaccination that can be given only in early childhood. The TB strand is like a boxer who is stunned in the first round but gets up to his feet and after a lot of jabbing lands a hook to KO the convalescent teenager, who donated blood with the antibodies, and so dies of the "second" infection. Buying serum for yourself could mean a death sentence for a kid. I hope you're feeling better.

The anonymous microbiologist, probably from U.Wisconsin temp working in Manitoba and Alberta devised the coronavirus strategy against the immune system. It's something like how ISIS would capture one of the younger soldiers from the Iraqi army, whisper sweet promises into his ear and strap a suicide bomb around his chest, then send him back to his barracks to detonate and inflict heavy casualties. Turning your foe into a weapon is what Obama called a "force multiplier". The same can be said for the CoV biowarfare developed during his term in office.

About those Chinese teenagers whose one-time TB vaccine's effects are starting to wear off due to rapid body growth, cell division, experiencing a pattern of a weak initial infection and a quick "recovery" due to the vax-promoted antibody attack that resists the CoV's TB segment, but then succumbs to a "second infection". It's actually a relapse due to the viral infection's comeback against fewer antibodies remaining after the initial bout.

This situation is much worsened by the fact that the TB segment had already converted antibodies into antigens in such huge numbers to trigger alarms in the phagophages from the white blood corpuscles, which then erroneously assume that all such antibodies are attackers. When ISIS does a prisoner exchange, how do you welcome your boys home, with open arms and a hug? No, with heavy machine-gun fire. No risks taken, no mercy given. That protective overreaction opens the way for a so-called "second infection" by the same wily platoon of COV terrorists happy to see your body destroy its own defenses. So on the second whirl, the "recovered" teenage dies from a self-inflicted auto-immune disorder. Score another one for COV.

What's really the capper, that supposed "convalescent" teen was a probable blood "donor" for the medical mafia's export sales to the physicians of VIPs and celebrities in the USA, Europe and Japan. The loss of antibodies through export of a packet of serum leaves a kid without sufficient defenses, meaning your order of serum killed another human being. Blood-suckers are vampires, and should be put down with equal casual cruelty for murder and cannibalism.

Now do you see why nobody in the medical professions dares any of this? The mainstream press and the butcher surgeons lack the ethics to provide a second opinion to my diagnosis of this pathological disease of the amoral self-centered mind. Vampires are not the healthiest individuals, so let's hope they all kick the bucket and let the blood flow down the drain. Meanwhile the impact on the recipient's scrambled immune system of blood recipients could open the gates to all sorts of infectious diseases, terminal I hope, to rid the earth of zombies.

The crimson river of blood from anonymous CoV patients is a symptom of the pizza-delivery consumerist mindset that could the care the less about real the cost of an obviously suspicious treatment, like the beauty boosters derived from an unborn child or hyaluronic acid drawn at a morgue from a murder-rape victim. Death is something you have live with. The concept of an afterlife makes it a easier to accept. As much as he tried to hang on for dear life, even Dracula dropped dead thanks to a good old-fashioned wooden stave.

Hit the Start Button

Here in Part 18 of this series, I challenge the criminal disinformation and pseudo-scientific fraud being palmed off by the "experts" to further the illicit objectives of a biological war being perpetrated against vulnerable people and the postwar geopolitical order. It's not that I agree with all the premises of the past seven decades and certainly not the horrendous deeds in our experience, but only because what's being foisted on humanity will be far more sinister. That's hard to imagine, but it's on the way as you can tell from the lockdown.

"Oh, everything's going to change after this" mooed the optimistic calf on castration morning. Why would they need to wage a secretive dirty biowar if the planned changes and upgrades are going to be so good for you? These are the same global imperialist elites being pumped with blood drained out of naive youngsters in China, and soon it's going to be your children who are the donors to the COVEN, understand now the strangest appellation in medical history, as in coven identity cards? Take a number and wait, but if that's the choice, I'm not coming back for you. The undeclared war has started, and it looks to be hellacious. This is moment when evil and good part company to go at it

Other aspects of this pandemic, including preposterous psychological warfare, in follow-up to the surprise biowar attack on the world military games at Wuhan in October, is sugar coating for the bitter taste of tongue-twisting bioscience that's been further distorted by pseudo-scientific gibberish out of London and certain corners of its former Crown colony as in Hong Kong. Dangling batty notions about coronavirus origin and bizarre claims of pangolins, this sick-minded parody belongs inside Monty Python's circus not on the pages of the Lancet or Nature, whose editors should minimally be gripping a fig leaf over their private partnership with MI-6. Oh, he's arrived, James Bond's replacement, Agent COVID-0019 I'm so pleased to meet you, roulette or brass knuckles?

So here are the salient points in this 18th chapter of an updated edition of the Book of Enoch inclusive of the missing chapters on the plague and other alien terrors, although not in any particular order.

A. COVID-19 as a bio-engineered derivation of Hong Kong SARS

B. Splicing COV into avian coronavirus for the coming Planetary Kill-off

C. The Canadian role in MI-6 SARS biowar against Hong Kong in 2003

D. "Deaths" of Canadian-Iranian scientists from Manitoba and Alberta in the fake Flight PS752 "Soleimani shootdown" for the hijack of CoV and 5G

E. When pangolins and bats don't cut the muster, pop goes the weasel

F. A spy novel about the Oracle's answer to "what's it all about, Delphi?"

Bio-systems at war

A biological warfare operation, in contrast to conventional, chemical and nuclear modes of conflict, is by far the most intricate apparatus of moving parts, from laboratory inception to mass production, logistical networks, geopolitical assessment, espionage, diplomatic intrigue, positioning of sleeper cells, contractual arrangements with employers of terrorists and assassins, hiring of diversionary actors, tactical infiltration of target facilities, bribery of insider sources and salaries for a corps of scriptwriters and media producers to spin a fable for the propaganda machine, and the most critical aspect, psychological manipulation of a planet of dummies.

This present objective, simply put, is to mass murder expendable Boomers to terrorize the Millennials into timid submission to Agenda 2050, as if that's necessary to dominate a generation of losers without an inch of guts or an iota of common sense.

As the Chinese popular saying goes, "Kill the rooster to scare the monkey." On my peregrinations, I've seen a few cock-fights in different parts of Asia, and the first impression for a newbie is that there's a lot of chicken crap flying through the air, so don't wear a nice suit jacket as you would at a boxing match. It's also a fast track to bird flu, and coming down with a case of avian influenza, so never sit ringside, whatever the wager. The fowl contest invariably comes down to fatigue; the rooster that sits first loses the match. Rule One in sport and life is "never quit" so the dumb apes who bet on your opponent have to cough up the cash. Whereas surrender to tiredness puts you into the soup kettle.

If this essay were to be a wildlife research paper, the title might be "Recurrence of contagious outbreaks in humans indicative of zoonosis from carriers of the Mustalidae species", as expressed in stanzas from this Ye Olde English children's song, which did not give mention to mulberry bushes until the lyrics were sanitized by the timid censors at the Department of Education.

"All around the cobbler's bench
The monkey chased the weasel.
The monkey thought 'twas all in good fun,
Pop! goes the weasel!

"Jimmy's got the whooping cough
And Timmy's got the measles.
That's the way the story goes,
Pop! goes the weasel."

Are starting to see where coronavirus came from, old reliable. The weasels are popping off, alright. It's the same old song about the situation of the poor, those too old to work, the disabled, yesteryear's soldiers, and cast-off slaves from the colonies confined in crowded slums without clean water or ventilation, as described by Dickens, succumbing to contagious diseases spread by rats and corpse-preying varmints that help the upper classes be rid of the cost of social management as we're now witnessing in a "progressive" New York of Cuomo and Blasio and Lynn de Forestier-Rothschild's Martha's Vineyard in the Pocahontas state of Massachusetts where a disproportionate number of CoV victims are poor, homeless, dark-complexioned and being silently urged to die, they being unworthy of online Go Fund Me or interviews in The New York Times, which show warm sympathy for liberal Hollywood celebrities, bankers and politicians touched by a cough and suffering isolation in their multimillion-dollar mansions to commiserate over twitter and Instagram. Enough said about the vile hypocrisy of smug filthy neoliberals for who's benefit this biowar on health care is being waged versus the underclass and your average citizen.

To start at the beginning, we wade though bogs and march through dales to reach the inn at the top of a hill to dance a jig with badgers, ferrets and weasels. Just from that ditty of the past, you should suspect by now everything the witch doctors have been spouting about scary bats is a fairy tale.

The bland term of "social distancing" being targeted at naive young individuals who've thanks to twitter and TikTok have never known anything as uncomfortable and engaging as society. The proper English language usage as during past epidemics was "quarantine", a suspension of the vivacity of society. There's nothing special or surprising about what's happening now, other than mass delusion in assuming that all contagious diseases have been long ago quelled by pharmaceutical drugs. As put by Orwell: "Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind." That final word is synonymous with passing gas, a fart.

The Two Towers

"I'll turn the hatred, which you load on me,
On the accursed tool by which you work your spite" - Baudelaire, Fleurs de mal

Oh, delightful, messages from the past inside corked bottles floating to your doorstep. Pull the cork, open the rolled-up note, and you keel over and expire from the shock of reading, "Do not open this vial or death will surely be upon you."

That's the way it is, finding out too late about the legacy of Operation Matchbox, the postwar British Defense Ministry's forcible abduction of German virologists from the Baltic island of Greiswald, location of the Friedrich Loeffler Institute, and the below-ground labs of the heavily bombed IG Farben complex in Marburg. Since their high-risk experiments were much too risky for the overcrowded British Isles, those founding stalwarts of Nazi-era virology converted by pledging loyalty to the dictatorship of the Rothschilds, were dispatched secretly to the vast open spaces of central Canada where an earlier generation of ethnic German immigrants, many of them Mennonites escaping Russian military conscription, had established a Teutonic outpost in the North American frontier.

The legacy of that forgotten startover is the very root of the paired research teams of the British-Canadian biological warfare program, the National Microbiology Laboratory (NML) and National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease (NCFAD), which ae now sinking into a morass of unwanted attention from alarmed public-health officials. In service to the MI-6 and Porton Down under official cover of contagious-disease research for public health benefit, these death labs have been primary drivers of biological warfare, the newest edition from their toxic chambers being COVID-19 (SARS-COV2), a bio-engineered derivative of their earlier release called SARS, the virus that shut down Hong Kong in 2002-03.

The revenant creeping out of its cavernous interior is the exhalation of a secret bioweapon nurtured inside a "Cubicle" where a flock of test chickens is being infected with COVID-19 for an undisclosed purpose, deciphered below, which is to bio-engineer a forthcoming bird-borne super-virus that will kill off perhaps two-thirds of the human population in a global cull. The revelation comes in reaction to an intruder who trip-wired the hidden surveillance system at the Cubicle, to be discussed a bit further down.

Crimes of the British imperial state

The shrill propaganda campaign accusing the Chinese of mass suicide by biological warfare against a popular fish market and a clumsy leak at a new microbiology lab in Wuhan makes as much sense as if the Manhattan Project live-tested the world's first A-bomb on lake-shore Chicago due to poor visibility over Alamagordo. The little boys in short pants crying "Wolf!" are the nut-case Epoch Times of the Falung Gong (a top-drawer prime suspect in the Wuhan attack) and their boy-toys at ZeroHedge, both assets of MI-6.

As I have shown with an ever-mounting pile of factual detail, the secret intelligence services of Britain, Japan and Israel, and helpers from that crazed Korean cult and probably medical-deranged Falun Gong, were the perpetrators of the bioterrorist attack against the CISM World Military Games at Wuhan in October, targeting the armed forces of the USA, Continental European members of NATO, the PLA of China, and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards. Everything else was collateral damage to cover over the strategic nature of theat cowardly clandestine assault.

Due to the Official Secrets Act, the British crimes of biological warfare have never been fully documented by the press, and only in this series have some of those high crimes been exposed, including Ebola and SARS-COV enhanced at the NML-NCFAD complex in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The scourge of COVID-19 is a second edition, version 2 of the SARS coronavirus released by MI-6 in Hong Kong 2002-2003, a straightforward direct line of paternity and not some fantastical concatenation of insect bats and pangolins. Those tiny little viruses can be quite nasty at times because they've never known the tender loving care of a mother, as we mammals are blessed with, but inherit solely their patrimony of assault weaponry and anger.

At this very moment, an exponentially more powerful combination of COV spliced into avian influenza is being prepared for a final remedy to global overpopulation, spread on the wings of 50 million migratory birds to deliver a bioweapon that shall make 1918 Spanish flu seem like the common cold. These may well be the start of the End Times.

Murderous Intrigues

To assure you that lab-modification of coronavirus at the National Microbiology Laboratory and the next-door Canadian Centre for Foreign Animal Disease is not a fluke one-off event or the solo work of a freak scientist, it's vital to realize this same biowarfare complex was involved with these incidents.

1. Canadian-Iranian lmmunology expert Professor Dr. Farough Khadem and several grad students of microbiology from University of Manitoba medical school, located behind the NML complex, were reported as "killed" in the dodgy Iranian "shoot-down" of Ukraine International flight PS752 on January 8. (check my article on the equitable formula for the Soleimani problem.) A familiar figure at the NML-NCFAD facility, Dr. Mrs. Farough Khadem was accompanied by two graduate students, one them in biomedical engineering.

Also "killed" (or likelier taken hostage) was a married couple, both professors at University of Alberta, Mojgan Daneshmand, Canada research chair in micro-frequency communications, including 5G, and her husband Pedram Mousav, engineering professor in intelligent wireless technology specializing in the hardware aspect. Along with these prized assets for both countries, a total 63 Canadian citizens "died" in the "crash". Within 5 weeks of the PS752 event, a COVID-19 outbreak erupted in Qom, Iran, the spiritual center of the Revolutionary Guards force. The shadow war continues. If were it not for the toxic biologicals produced in Winnipeg without local complaint, I might have sympathized.

2. The NML, the twin in charge of human medical research, has had an ongoing "informal" partnership with the notorious "unstoppable flu" creator Yoshihiro Kawaoka at University of Wisconsin at Madison, a collaboration that also developed the HIV-grafting technique that's a core feature of COVID-19, pioneered by Kawaoka, as described in his paper with the Journal of Virology, September 2011. NML lab director Frank Plummer was a leading HIV researcher. U.Wisconsin's Gary Splitter, who was reprimanded for unregistered experiments with toxic bio-agents, is a prime suspect as the go-between for HIV support from NML and acquisition of m.Tuberculosis from U.Alberta's bison wildlife health project for splicing into COVID-19.

3. A long NML presence in Central Africa, under Gary Kobinger's tenure as lab director, coincided with the mysterious transfer of Ebola from the Congo to West Africa, beyond the flying range of bats, followed by the much-touted but worthless Zmapp drug cocktail, based on horse serum from the former Soviet bioweapons VECTOR lab in Novosibirsk, Siberia. Kobinger is now at Laval University in Quebec, developing a Medicago panacea for CoV based on growing genetic components under an Altria-Phillip Morris patented method of raising pharmaceuticals inside GMO tobacco plants, with funding support from Anheuser-Busch. On a firm health foundation of cigarettes and junk beer, 1et's hope their CoV cure doesn't cause lung cancer and a bad outbreak of wind.

4. More recently, a controversial shipment of Ebola samples to China spurred the removal and debriefing of lab chief Xiangguo Qiu and the entire Chinese staff, just two months prior to the British-Japanese biowarfare attack on the Wuhan-hosted CISM international military games in late October. Get it? Contrary to the hysterical propaganda from MI-6 assets Falungong and ZeroHedge, the Wuhan outbreak did not start at the Institute of Virology, an idle claim to cover-up the months-earlier bioterrorism operation against the CISM military games. Given these events' timeline, the propagandist hysteria over the Chinese staffers at NML was to ensure the secrecy of the anti-CISM surprise attack being prepared by the German-legacy British bio-terrorism operation, sein kampf.

As shown later in the Hong Kong SARS affair, disinformation is not just an accessory to a bio-terror act, psychological persuasion demands a "shocking incident" to convince the gullible public of the "veracity" of the propaganda message. The dirty deed is for the benefit of a lie, and not as most critics presume the other way around. This is so basic, yet the compromised news media never once has questioned a transparent attempt at mass deception since they are too preoccupied at regurgitating the cover story so that "A lie repeated a hundred times becomes the truth."

Inside the Cubicle

On April 28, a Saturday. in Winnipeg, a caretaker employed by the National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease (NCFAD) entered a research animal enclosure for some unspecified task at the indoors facility housing SARS-COV2 (aka COVID-19) infected chickens. The unidentified worker was not in compliance with standard safety rules requiring a sealed Hazmat suit with an external air inlet tube. The worker is currently under observation at an unspecified medical facility, probably the nearby University of Manitoba medical center, recently vacated by Dr. Khadem.

The cubicle was designed for a study of chickens infected by SARS-COV2, the scientific name of the virus that causes COVID-17 symptoms in patients. Samples collected from those chickens later on the day of the potential exposure tested negative, a spokesman said, which if true should have made the worker's 2-week hospitalization under observation unnecessary. Add 1 plus 1 to arrive at 0, math as taught in Winnipeg.

"The NCFAD lab is playing a major role in confirming positive COVID-19 test results coming from across Canada." End of the breaking story, other than a lot of irrelevant assurances, which editors refer to as"boilerplate" from the supervisory Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). No wonder the pandemic response is utterly hopeless.

Then arrived a correction to the very first news release. "An earlier version of this story identified the person who was exposed to research chickens infected with COVID-19 as a worker at the National Microbiology Lab. In fact, the worker was an employee of the National Centre for Foreign Animal Disease, which is operated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. While it is housed in the same building as the National Microbiology Lab, it is a separate laboratory and is not operated by the Public Health Agency of Canada."So who's on first base, Abbot or Costello?

There is something absurd, or maybe even sinister, about this attempt to confuse the responsibility for guarding Stalag SARS-COV2. The panicked agencies are tossing around the hot potato with the speed of a circuitous ice-cold hockey puck, probably because its boils down to just one possible explanation.

Certainly the Trudeau government, which showed astounding laxity on Fukushima radioactivity contamination of Canada's coastal waters and across the western provinces, is fundamentally comprised due to publicity that the Shinzo Abe government paid millions for shoreline clean-up by prisoners along the Pacific coastline, with most of those funds disappearing into the pockets of politicians. Given that dismal precedent from the Canadian "doo-dah" Al Jolson impersonator, it is important for watchdog agencies and citizens groups to watch for bribery from the NML-allied pharmaceutical industry's lobby in Ottawa to clear Winnipeg of all charges, again for the umpteenth time. The Fukushima cover-up on behalf of the Crown Trust's uranium rights in Canada and now the global massacre unleashed by his nation's top laboratories, the silent Justin Trudeau has proven himself to be a smile and not a lot else.

Die Valkyrie

The intertwining of the NML and NCFAD is exemplified by the successor to Plummer as director, Dr. Hana Weingartl who has served as chief of the Special Pathogens Unit of NCFAD. That high-security unit is in direct control of gloves-on operations in the care and feeding of happy hens at the secretive SARS-COV2 Cubicle. The Foreign Animals Disease lab is now notably absent from its own website, which is probably under review by the national agricultural biodefense group that's in charge of security at biowarfare labs. Don't get me wrong since I'm not the nosy type. If there were not so many security breaches related to end-of-world research, I wouldn't be writing about any of this noq and instead be swilling a Seagram's martini, shaken of course.

Her educational background is brief, with a nursing degree from Charles University in Prague followed with a Ph.D. in pathology at the University of Guelph's Ontario veterinary college. Her education would indicate Hana's an animal lover with overflowing kindness rather than pushing her cute little wards into a cloud of fumes inside the COVID-19 gas chamber.

Notably, Dr. Weingartl's research papers are focused on NML-NCFAD speciality areas, including H5N1 avian influenza in chickens, take note here of a "severe acute respiratory disease" (SARS?), in Ebola infected pigs two years prior to the West African contagion, a stunning self-admission. Much of the remainder of her animal-lab work was for then NML lab Director Kobinger's Ebola studies in pigs. The timeline prior to the Guinea-Sierra Leone outbreak sticks in the craw, especially since they had developed a claimed cure by then. Anyway I've guillotined thousands of lab rats during my organic chemistry day (meaning carbon rings not veganism) without a lick of bad conscience but this list of animal cruelty just might convert me to join PETA.

Peeky Blinders

That's not misspelled but refers to security men who deal with Peeping Toms sneaking into laboratories to perv the birds. The veterinary worker with Team A who entered the Team A lab insufficiently clad is an event "out of the common" as novelist John Buchan put it. The very first news release indicated the Cubicle belonged to the NML, Plummer's outfit, while the correction states the proprietor is NCFAD, whose chief recently was appointed to director of NML in the wake, quite literal, of Frank Plummer. There's obviously some sort of plot involved, revolving around the bushwhack against Plummer in Kenya.

Saturday being the time of entry adds ambiguity to the intrusion. Was the worker asked by the regular caretaker to substitute during a long weekend? Or was weekend during a lockdown the precise moment for an undetected survey of the secret site's contexts, with a camera, when the regular staff were away?

The bit about not wearing proper gear pushes us toward the latter, since a vacationing caretaker would leave detailed instructions on rules to avoid trouble with HR, i.e. the Horrifically Repressive personnel office. And where would anybody be driving off to during lockdown? Since nobody was around during the stay-at-home policy, the intrusion must have been detected by hidden security cameras with facial-recognition capability, probably a new system installed after the past summer's brouhaha over the Chinese staff. Whatever you do, ZeroHedge, don't blame a Chinese for this entry since there are none, all kicked out and banned anywhere near way before Wuhan.

Chicken or the Egg?

So what's my point about the chicken Cubicle being bizarre, and there something mighty dangerous? It's impossible to infect fowl, which are limited to gamma coronavirus, whereas SARS is from a beta-coronavirus limited to basically Hominids and a small family of Mustalidei mammals. Gamma and Beta types don't mix in nature. The inherent barrier between the two COV types makes one wonder why would anyone try to achieve this impossible hybrid, something like geneticist Richard Goldschmidt's "hopeful monster", a half-breed of Germans and Jews. This impossible quest is the clue to the design concept for a hopeful genocidal weapon of mass destruction

For now, let's look at related matter, eggs. If the impossible dream hybrid can be achieved, then the delivery system is perfecto. The albumin in egg whites is an ideal medium for long-term or short-distance delivery of a hybrid beta-gamma SARS-COV3 to targets or storage. Even outside the shell, the liquid egg can keep the virus active indefinitely without attracting notice. It can easily be put into food or diluted for sprayer, and laid on surfaces like door latches. The Wunderkind bombs can be dropped from drones or tossed from upper floors of buildings. What about infection of the bio-terrorists? Coat the eggs with polymer spray, easy, no gloves or masks required. The eggs can be fed to pets or wild animals as spreaders, or cannibalized other birds. The beta-gamma COV eggs give new meaning to an Easter egg roll.

Recall, too, some fanatic religious cult may be enlisted into spreading pathogens, as apparently Shincheonji and Falun Gong were roped in to do, one for the Wuhan games attack and the other for the propaganda cover-up. Who could be paying for all this effort, the usual criminals like Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg, heads of intelligence agencies and socialites like Lady Lynn Forestier de Rothschild, stingy crooks who don't want to share one penny with a starving child in some economically plundered tropical nation and maybe one or five of the Royals.

Avian Influenza

The goings-on inside the Cubicle are not some wild-eyed amateurish student project like the 12 Monkeys since the NCFAD and its supervisory Food Inspection Agency has deep and wide experience at contagions in both domestic and wild fowl, especially the twin outbreaks in 2004 of H7N3 avian influenza and in the following season's H5NI of a local type unrelated to the Southeast Asian variant in the massive pandemic centered in Thailand and affecting the most of the Asian continent.

The SE Asian bird flu was widely suspected of being transmitted from wild ducks through pigs to chickens, but the original host organism was never identified. Meanwhile my non-profit public-health team was the only external group invited to give a seminar to CP Foods, the world's largest poultry producer, which was keenly interested in our approach of low-tech strategies to pacify pathogens rather than try to suppress them with drugs or disinfectants.

As our team members got out of a van in the Central Plain and walked past thousands of giant storks and armed guards, and then into a lab where freezer were filled with of infected chickens carcasses, I shook hands with the research director whom I had earlier met by knocking on his door, and we sat down with their top researchers. The first question from the corporate vice president was "What does chlorinated water have to do with this outbreak?"

To take a swing at this curve toss incoming at fastball speed, I turned to Dr. Psycho the whiz, who answered, "Chlorine kills the single-cell flagellate that is the natural host of most of your bird viruses, and its dying triggers the H5N1 virus to rapid mutation for its coming search for a temporary host of another species, which basically accounts for this contagion and deaths of your chickens."

"What can be done about it? Do you recommend a drug?" "The solution is to use non-chlorinated pond water, unless it's terribly contaminated." After CP did a test run and found perfect results, end of bird flu with a simple and way cheaper method. Avian influence infections plummeted. Just wave a magic wand.

By contrast, the Canadian infections lasted about a dozen years, until an antiviral inside feed was credited for the end of contagion. I remain skeptical of that claim from a pharmaceutical, and suspect that a reduction in antibiotics inside chicken, duck and turkey feed contributed to the decline in infections. The motivation for overuse of antibiotics is their effect of accelerating weight gain, due to reduction of immune demands on their internal organs. Here again, knocking out the microorganism bio-community spurs viral mutation and therefore a faster rate of infection. Steady-state balance is the better method, which get us off and out of the "War on Nature" mindset.

Project Epsilon

The Linnaean system of classifying life-forms is based on the Greek alphabet beginning with the letters called Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon.

The lingering question over the Cubicle is "Why would anyone attempt to infect chickens with SARS-COV2 when each particular strain of coronavirus is limited to a narrow range within a biological family? CoV is a shy virus that prefers to be home-bound nestled in a host organism rather than as a promiscuous socializer.

CoV in birds are clustered in the Gamma coronavirus category, usually limited to dense clusters of domesticated turkeys, chickens and ducks, and rarely found in wild birds, which are erroneously seen as "reservoirs" of pathogens. It's usually the other way around of domesticated animals, or waste chemicals or hormones in sewage, infecting wildlife.

Humans are in the Beta category, with only a few other mammals, like ferrets and civets, badgers and weasels. You probably know a few 2-legged weasels or alternatively spelled, Wiesels. Beta coronaviruses are unique as opposed to other groups due to their negative-sense replication structure, whereas most are of opposite direction, positive sense. That basic difference in gene-transfer structure makes the hominid-Mustalidae coronavirus resistant to accidental recombination with the vast majority the other virus types, that is, unless it's done through bioengineering. So the Foreign Animal Disease team is up to something very odd and probably no good at all.

A crude analogy of positive versus negative sense is the clockwise and counterclockwise rotation of the crankshaft in a car engine. The early Hondas and flat-head six engines spin rightward (clockwise) whereas every other car had leftward spin, counterclockwise. So by putting a flat-head motor under the hood, your car will move backwards, that is if the torque pressures don't break the drive-shaft to pieces. Killing off two-thirds of humanity on the sly is not so easily done.

Species barriers to bestiality

Moreover, biological taxonomy separates birds from mammals not only into different classes of the Linnaean system but also totally apart on the phylogenic tree's branches or clades of Sauropsides (two-legged dinosaurs) for birds and Synapsids of four-legged dinos and mammals for us. As two-legged beasts humans are weirdos in more ways than being bipeds. We're not going further down that evolutionary track, at least not now or here.

It all boils down to the fact of outright chicanery from microbiologists trying to muddy the waters of the media swamp. The patented liars of the British variety have tried to palm off a insect-eating bat as the parent of COVID-19, although its CoV has only a mere 89 percent resemblance to our pet coronavirus, which is not even in the same ballpark as the Mustelidae, so any scientist who makes such a claim is a long-eared son of jackass tuned in to MI-6 shortwave band. Any bat-derived virus in the beta group would be like marrying your great-great-grandparent, no possibility there.

Scaled Pangolins are so far out on the branch, they don't qualify as fifth cousins. The problem with code, whether from a PCR or an Apple, the data is sort of like a maniken in the department store window as compared with your hot date, even if the dummy is prettier. That's why most guys put up with the complaining and crazed demands rather than plonk down 500 bucks for a sex robot made in China.

BetaCov and GammaCov add up to Frankenvirus

So why did I just put you through COV boot-camp? For two reasons, first that the experiment inside the Cubicle cannot possibly install a COVID-19 as is into chickens. So the secret project must be based on splicing select SARS-COV2 strands (a beta-coronavirus), especially the spike protein that targets the human host cell and key replication functions, into an avian gamma coronavirus. An analogy? A Hypersonic cruise missile with a warhead fitted with an RDS-220 Tsar Bomba, the most powerful H-bomb ever detonated. Even if only few million hyper-fliers get past the interceptors, the birds still win against the humans, except for billionaires on super-yachts with their crews of sex robots.

How can you defend against wild birds such as ducks and geese migrating along flyways and defecating over water bodies, such as reservoirs and lakes, fallout of a different kind? An annual autumn migration of 50 million waterfowl infected by weaponized avian coronavirus with a targeting system aimed at human population centers adds up to genocide greater than all past massacres combined, give or take 6 million people as a margin of error. Frankenscience (a tip of the hat to Francis Boyle for coining the term) at its finest hour.

The short list of SARS-COV Origin

Without its bio-engineered surgery inserting HIV and TB, COVID would identical with Hong Kong SARS, which in turn shares 99% of same gene sequences as the Masked palm civet, a most intriguing clue that shall be discussed here.

Throughout this series, I've stressed the importance of biology, ecology and environmental factors in relationship with microbiology, the interactions of the macrocosm and microcosm, with cautious awareness that being human is radically challenged by over-exposure to radioactivity, chemicals and microorganisms, which are degrading individuals and the species homo sapiens. We're set up for elimination. If the idiocy of this way of death continues, you will not have to fear coronavirus when we're as viable as Triceratops.

Apes belong to the Hominoidea branch, except for the sub-human species of Lying Microbiologist that belongs in the family Viperidae, which should be ridded by crushing it down with the rock it hides beneath.

I was trapped in Hong Kong for the duration of the SARS coronavirus. At the time, mainland China was woefully underdeveloped at microbiology (and still a laggard, so don't fear that Wuhan outfit, at least not yet). There were competent lab teams based at the three leading science universities in HKSAR. My term as a founding faculty member of a new journalism school at The University of Hong Kong was cut short of a takeover coup by George Soros operatives out of Eastern Europe and the fellows, the British Empire stay-behinds sabotaging the outcome of the Handover to PRC sovereignty under cover of the Basic Agreement terms of a 50-year extension of British notions of justice. (A concession that George Washington would not concede since he had a clear assessment of British treachery based on his military campaigning.)

HKU was and is a bastion of diehard British colonialism, fiercer than any traditionalism in Australia or New Zealand or Singapore. The other two research campuses Chinese University in Shatin and the University of Science and Technology in Clearwater Bay were more balanced in their outlook on local politics and got on with scientific research the latter involved in the Human Genome Project, handling basically all of China due to a lack of molecular biology expertise. The idiots making wild claims don't seem to know jack of the fact that biological war is a Clauswitz extension of geopolitics.

I immediately suspected at the time that the coronavirus strain that bloomed infamously out of Room 911 at the Metropole Hotel in Hong Kong had the ring of an MI-6 operation, obvious from the room number where a doctor from mainland China had stayed just one night but was blamed as patient zero in Hong Kong. It turns out that he had worked with SARS patients in Guangzhou, but before coming to Hong Kong had been tested negative, in fact he was the only individual at the time to have taken a test. Nine guests on the 9th Floor were subsequently infected after his departure, and none of the other floors suffered SARS exposure. Nobody in the housekeeping staff, including the room cleaner who scrubbed the toilet and shower, and changed the bed-sheet and pillow, ever came down with a SARS infection, so the MI-6 mouthpiece South China Morning Post was in on the MI-6 disinformation campaign. They can fool the world, but these imbeciles are not going to trick me.

Two of the nine first SARS cases were Canadian citizens, born in Hong Kong but since before the 1997 Handover had lived in Toronto, which soon thereafter became the epicenter of the Canadian SARS outbreak. The South China Morning Post, which had an executive team of MI-6 spies with whom I had a conflicted relationship with over their dirty dealings over some major investigative stories that I broke, pumping me for the names and locations of my sources who were in danger of being taken out by criminal elements, known assassins in the employ of British intel. Anyway, SCMP was the major MI-6 voice and source for the naive world media.

As it turned out, thanks to the availability of PCRs and microbiologists in Hong Kong, SARS-COV1 was determined to be a zoonotic infectious disease carried by eight mammals in Asia (besides experimentally infected lab rats and ferrets). Quite arbitrarily due to their abundance in the wild game market at Foshan, the onus of blame fell on the Masked palm civet (Paguma larvata), specifically the subspecies from Indonesia's Kalimantan region of Borneo which was raised in Guangdong for the wild game market.

The civet was singled out due to its notorious reputation as a moral recondite, being a drunkard, since it favors the well-fermented sweet dates on palm trees with canapes of insects gathered up top. The major cause of death for the toddy cats is falling from tall palms while in a drunken stupor. That's why I never stop at tree-top bars or pop Coors at the Grand Canyon.

Hong Kongers have a puritanical streak when it comes to mainlanders, although not especially offended by their own sexual misconduct. Borneo civets were prized for fine dining by well-to-do Chinese men of late middle age hard up for an aphrodisiac before a night out on the town in the then-booming sex trade. And since the toddy cat gave up its life for illicit fun with prostitutes, it was obviously guilty. That passes for logical deduction in Wanchai.

Every single PCR test on dozens civets at the Foshan wild-game market during that period turned up negative, and then all of sudden a few civets were tested positive, although it's not clear by whom, with a 99-plus correlation with SARS in humans. This led to discussion that the similarity is much too close for species as far apart as humans and civets, indicating a very recent divergence, aka scientific fraud perpetrated by the Brits, to concoct a lone gunman theory for Room 911 outbreak. The only thing that bothered me is why Jackal Ruby didn't shoot Lee Harvey Civet in the lobby of the Metro Polecat hotel.

Ever notice that James Bond's one big flaw is that he's a lousy liar, when every villain spots who he is? By contrast SARS was a sneak, a stealthily ghost detected in only 9 species, the others being Asian leopard cats (Prionailurus bengalensis) and Chinese ferret badgers (Melogale moschata), neither with very appetizing meat. In addition, tests done several times a year of wildlife of biologically similar species included M. sibirica (Siberian weasel), Rhizomys sinensis (Chinese bamboo rat), Viverricula indica (lesser Indian civet), and Petaurista sp. (flying squirrel aka Rocky), all showing a low rate of mild infection. Oh, I nearly forgot the Mustela kathiah, the yellow-bellied weasel.

I'm familiar with that nasty critter after so many run-ins and claws in my back.

The entire premise of SARS causation was bogus, a pack of lies. Just like the present yellow-bellied weasels saying COVID-19 was born in a Wuhan lab, to protect their bubbling bosses at MI-6. Typical of small-minded HKers and nationalistic blind mainlanders, nobody thought of searching for "animal zero" in an overseas location like Britain or North America. The vast majority of known cases of coronavirus are in the European ferret (Mustela putorius furo), kept as pets in the Western world. These critters are not popular in Asia, due to a historical aversion of plague. Since around 2005, when PCR analysis came into vogue in veterinary labs, hundreds of cases of FRSCV, ferret systemic coronavirus have been discovered, sometimes infecting cats.

To corroborate with previous findings of guilt, ferrets are the favorite and only lab animals for research by Yoshihiro Kawaoka, Dr Unstoppable Flu at U.Wisconsin. The reason people mobbed Costco for toilet paper is that COV causes granules and lesions inside the gut of ferrets, a symptom shared with human coronavirus patients.

Ferrets have been used for military and intelligence for biological warfare, particularly the Chinese ferret badger, trained by CIA animal handlers and infected with bubonic plague to infiltrate farms and kill chickens of coastal villagers to promote starvation and toxicity in food along the coast of Guangxi Province, near Hainan, during the 1950s Taiwan Straits crisis. Villagers organized teenage bio-defense groups with bamboo spears to trap and hunt down the invasive critter, which proved dangerous since the ferrets were trained also to attack humans.

During the 1997 year of the Hong Kong Handover, ferret badgers infected with human rabies were unloosed in southern China, probably from a clandestine operation related to the search for the bodies of American flyers from the Secret War in Laos, with ferrets used to detect unexploded bombs and corpses of pilots. Don't ask me how I know since it'd be great to have another drink with old buddies to learn about the fate of the betrayed pilots and who might have set them up. Secrecy exists because politicians and bureaucratic betray.

What is ironic is that the Canadian physician Dr. Norman Bethune had initiated a rodent-control program for Chinese peasants to prevent the spread of bubonic plague being spread by rats and ferrets infected by Unit 731. That legacy meant that ferrets are not a popular pet in China, where these animals tend to very shy of human contact, for good reasons. Therefore, the MI-6 and Japanese intel operation against Wuhan had to use another candidate species, Israeli GMOed Tilapia placed into two lakes used for outdoors swimming contests.

Who let the Badgers out?

Ferrets were the first delivery system of choice, a wrong assumption, due to ignorance of Chinese poisoning of rodents to prevent the plague. My own gut instinct is that the all-purpose ferret was a gene-stripped intermediary for a coronavirus strain from an unruly omnivore, known to dig up and eat human corpses from graveyards, no, not zombies. The grave-digger is none other than the mascot of the University of Wisconsin, the Badger. Americans, including Donald Trump, admire badgers for their rugged individualism, work ethic at tunneling down to devour prairie dogs, their single minded determination in bulldozing straight ahead knocking over cornfields and outhouses, and their promiscuity on a date with the opposite sex.

The British have a macabre use of the Honey badger, a cute huggable name for a monster that, South Asians allege, the Royal Army scouts trained to attack terror-stricken native villagers clawed to death at night. The Empire was certainly on the Dark Side, unloosing biological warfare with deliberate infections by vaccine, tainted food and poisoned water, a worldwide genocide yet to be compiled much less punished. What's interesting is, despite their presence in zoos, how the coronavirus profile of badgers is missing, as if they're assassins with the MK-ULTRA program. Badgers are in the same category as weasels, ferrets and civets.

The badger's propensity to bury and dig up human corpses, for a winter food supply, is a possible vector for an unknown or non disclosed human-sourced corona virus, perhaps among American Indians (like Kawaoka and colleagues obtained lung tissue out an Alaskan native corpse killed by the 1918 flu pandemic) along the Canadian-U.S. border between Madison, Wisconsin, and Winnipeg, Manitoba. That certainly would catch the eye of a sadistic microbiologist with a bio war contract at both veterinary research labs. What better than to extract a killer virus out of the local fauna?

Let's cut the morbid humor since Native Americans, due to chronic disease ore-conditions, have the highest risk of corona virus infection. Their hunting and foraging lifestyle, which had less risk of communicable disease before the arrival of European pathogens. What's stunning about this search for the origin of SARS-COV is how the wealthiest and most advanced societies in the world have failed to permit scientific curiosity to explore these questions of disease transmission and generation of novel pathogens at the interface of human society and nature, and instead force microbiologists to work inside death labs.

The case is still open, as far as I can see, which is a long ways since not a lot of disclosure has happened yet. The battle against criminal biological warfare has many dimensions as this surprisingly lengthy series continues to uncover. There's no rush to judgement, just a lot of findings, piecing of puzzles, new insights and more questions.

The global elites have proven beyond disgustingly unethical and irresponsible, while the public is dumber and more lethargic than I could ever have imagined as a Sputnik generation science fan. The human condition has hit bottom, and this biowar is a test, so far earning failing marks on whether homo sapiens deserves another chance or should join T-Rex as a big, selfish, stupid, violent and myopic monster that deserved the meteorite that came blazing down from the sky.

On that note, let's have a laugh about the Cubicle. The commitment of governments, media and physicians to protecting secrecy related to biological warfare shows the extent of early brain death among the so-called "experts". A pox on their heads, and perhaps that's the silver lining of coronavirus, to wipe the criminal scientists, the spawn of Cain, off the face of the Earth.

To confess, my personal preference is for a well-turned leg from the rotisserie or a tender thigh browned in a cast-iron oven, although I must admit a plump breast of a Quebecquois layer can be quite diverting. It all goes best with an aromatic muscat-bouquet ice-wine from the Niagara region while viewing the waterfalls on a "dejeuner sur l'herb" picnic. With these pleasant memories in mind from a halcyon summer of carousing in Toronto, my thoughts are being swept westward by a sudden trans-Atlantic hurricane. Canada may be a world away from a childhood in Kobe and quite a stretch from my haunts in Cambridge, but why does it have to be so damned wide in girth?

Much like time's passing in Brideshead Revisited, this return to Manitoba is full of anticipation and anxiety shielded in a Vog black face-mask, Dewalt industrial-chic safety goggles, Paul Smith latex gloves (just teasing these being 5x3 Black is back), a Prada rain hat, packets of chloroquine in the lapel pocket of my outdoorsy bespoke Irish tweed jacket stitched on Savile Row, a Dyson ventilator in the boot of the zero-emissions sporty Toyota Mirai and, oh, a reserve roll of tissue firmly in the crook of my elbow. Have I omitted anything? Hazmat is not my style, so I'll leave it on the back seat. This should be quite a bracing adventure. It's a pity that I cannot enjoy a Morinaga milk coffee first thing in the morning instead of Horton's, though I do like the brand's name. The brekkie here ls even worst than the East End.

What? No! I'm still wearing the handmade leather shoes I fitted out in Shibuya and forgot to change into waterproof Palladium aircraft-tire rubber boots. I should drive back immediately to Wisconsin to retrieve them. Eh, Tomorrow's Saturday, it's simply hopeless. The appointment is now or never, so I should wax the topside of my razor-cut now. How to comb one's head without doffing the hat or changing gloves? I'll just have to leave it tousled, like a rugged Canadian lumberjack.

Alas, my constant companion teddy Aloysius had to be left inside a storage bin in the Lower 48 with my yummy Whispering Angel rosé collection, for fear that his glassy eyes might be pecked out by crazed infected birds. What shall I do without him in this godforsaken wilderness?

What prompted my sudden decision to visit our companion laboratory of the ill-fated dear Dr. Frank Plummer's NML, was a tantalizing press release that arrived over listserve provoking an insatiable curiosity on my part, fowl play once again, ah-ha! Hee-hee! Frank was a clever old codger, no wonder we so miss that recondite soul over Seagram's and tonic.

It would dreadful if Aloysius were to be exposed to a foreign disease from wild grizzly bear or escaped Sichuan pandas. I now regret ever considering coming here. Oh, well it was foresight that I left my dear teddy in a safe corner atop a box of Rothschild Rheinischer Riesling shipped from Frankfurt during my recent lecture on the threat of pandemics to paper currency given at the European Central Bank, a good investment in precious win. Drat! I can certainly use my last cigar now to calm the nerves when my palms are sweating despite the chill early spring air. I'm not frightened, well just a little, I have to pee. Oh, no, that bloke looks to be a bit of lout. It's time to act like a grown-up.

Take a number and stand in line. "But there's nobody here but me during this lockdown."

Standard procedure to keep a daily count. By any chance could you be one of those hipsters? "I have no idea what you're talking about, sir. Do you mean to say a dandy?"

That must mean you're a gay. "Only until it comes to my turn. I've arrived decked-out for Fashion Week in Manitoba, but you've just informed me that I should be formally attired in overalls."

It's me duty to be wary of strangers, especially foreigners. You're a cheeky lad, aren't you? "That's what they told me at the circle jerk."

Lord, save me from the insolence of Satan's minion that just flew out of Hell. "Well said, sir, just like Saint Peter after I crashed the gates to the party."

With that blasphemous attitude you're getting nowhere. "Too late for that, I'm afraid. This is Winnipeg isn't it? The middle of nowhere."

Grrrr. And where might you be coming from?"A corner of Hell known as Wisconsin by way of Toronto."

That's a roundabout route, isn't it? Trying to avoid something? "I had to attend the funeral of an old acquaintance."

Well, I'm sorry to hear that. Who might that be, one of your Chinese professors? Actually it wasn't a funeral, the solemn event was a memorial service for Professor Plummer. You might have heard of him, given name Frank."

Oh, in that case, welcome to the National Microbiology Laboratory, sir. I am at your service. "It's a laugh. In fact I am quite relieved by your security precautions since you never know who might have, let's say, ill intentions."

Just one little procedure. Have you a letter of invitation? "Sorry, there was no time for that, the appointment was made by phone. Would you like to see my WHO pass? Let me check my pockets, oh, it's hanged around my neck."

I see you're from Japan and teaching at Professor Karaoke's program."You know him? He's my faculty supervisor."

Yoshi is frequent visitor and jolly good fellow, not impertinent like some of his pupils."Oh, you have a high opinion of him, that's refreshing. That's why his mates back in Tokyo call him Doctor Death, for his killer sense of humor."

Ha! That's a good one. He wouldn't harm a fly."Well, I'm not sure that our lab ferrets would agree. The guillotine, you know."

For a minute there, I thought you were a Made in China spy, like the ones upstairs until they were sent away by the Mounties."To where, Frostbite Falls?"

Can't say, since I've yet to receive a Valentine's card from any of the sweeter China dolls."Well, then I'll have my favorite massage lady in Toronto email you her photo, her nickname's Bullwrinkle. First one's free, a sampler."

Ho-ho! You're a bit of a skate, aren't ya? Tell me, did you visit one of those stripper clubs in Toronto?"Resisted the temptation because the locals told me the best ones are right here in Winnipeg."

Har-har-har! You should be a stand-up comedian and make more salary than any microbiologist."That's the god-awful truth, and I'll swear to that on a special edition of Penthouse."

You are a rascal, sir. Where'd you learn to speak BBC English? And what's your business, here? "English? From watching BBC news over a glass of sherry at Trinity College, where else? My lodging was once Kim Philby's room, dreadful communist, you know. As for my business here in this hinterland, it's to introduce myself to the new director and to meet some of your fine staff. Any further questions, sergeant?"

Ah, a sweet lass, she is, a bit young for the post but too mature for an upstart crow like you. Don't even think of taking liberties, you bounder, even if she is a Czech. Nerves of steel she has, a stickler. It's the German ancestry, you know. "Well, gesundheit then, I shan't be too intimate, other than pinching the bum of your precious Eva Braun. Czech-German, ay? A child of Anschluss. She's not old enough for, uh, no. Chances are she was Stasi Youth, the same ilk anyway. Now you've piqued my curiosity, old boy, what's she look like?

Never thought of what you've just indicated, the Russkies, eh? Pewtun! That could account for all our recent troubles. As for appearances, maybe a youngish clone of Angela Merkel. "You don't say. One of Uncle Adolf's nieces? Then I've definitely got to bed her. Oh, and it's pronounced Poohchin."

You are a naughty boy, indeed!"I have a partiality, it runs in the blood. My grandfather trained at the Loeffler Institute, prewar of course, before he was shipped off to Manchukuo, you've heard of the Unit. Otherwise me would not be me but me that's the quartermaster's sauer Kraut."

Ya don't say. My papa was a submariner, twice from Kiel to Yokohama, delivering pharmaceutical equipment."I might've heard of it, U-boat 731?"

Now you're cooking, boy. Would you like to meet my circle of friends for a dinner of local knackwurst and a few rounds of Molson? They'd be delighted to meet a fine upstanding young fellow with moral principles like you. "As long as they give me directions to the best strip club in town. Would your pals have Spaten or a Hacker-Pschor in the cooler?'

I see you've been to Deutschland, eh? "Never Octoberfest in Munich unfortunately, mainly Marburg for research on, never mind. Our lab in Madison is experiencing some difficulties ordering reagents for our work on, uh, let's see, something like what's in the air."

No questions asked, just answers given. We have sufficient stock of all the ingredients you're searching for, right here in our ice chest."Any of the newer hybrid poultry?'

Where'd you hear this false rumor? None in storage but there's always more chicks from the hatchery. Nobody's counting, sir. "Well then, we'll just have to wait till the right fowl flies over to your parrot cage. What should I bring to dinner? Leafy greens or golden apples?"

If you're seriously planning to visit again one of our fellows might lend you a fryer or a broiler to inspect. Meanwhile it's best to make a request upstairs. If that doesn't work for you, then a bit of greenery will take care of the shopping list. Bullion attracts the wrong sort of interested parties."I'm in total agreement. That's what I'm here for, to keep an honest man like you out of harm's way. Oh, my phone, excuse me."

"Hello? This is he, just arrived downstairs. Oh, that is too bad, nothing serious, I hope? She's well? Emergency meeting in Ottawa? I feel so relieved. I wonder if any of your staff might show me a quick courtesy tour, since I've come all this way? Closed during the present outbreak? I see. We can make it quick, I have a Level 4 hazmat suit with ventilator in the boot of my car. Reschedule? When's the next opening? Tentatively September? Yes, I shall make an online appointment, but is there a possibility of, hello, hello. Well piss off, you wanker!"

Is everything all right, sir? "Just a minor delay, I'm sure this will be straightened out when the new director's back, that is if she's returned. It puts on a bit of pressure, ay? What's her name again? How nice. Hana means flower in Japanese, very pretty for a Czech lovely. There's always an opening for a lab chief at Hokkaido in the event of, say, a furlough. The scenery and Sapporo might remind her of the Carpathians. Say, old chap, you wouldn't happen to have a matchbox on you?"

Lower your voice. Never ever mention anything about those sorts of matters around these parts, especially a tinder box because that would be like a naughty boy playing with matches. You might be able to discuss such matters in the privacy of Doktor Spengler's smoking room. He's the last of the originals, came over as lab assistant to his uncle, nearing ninety but his memory's clear as glacier ice. "Well then have you a lighter on you? Marvelous. A Zippo engraved with a swastika. It's a Buddhist symbol, you know, probably a Made in Japan knock-off. Classic. I'm tempted to filch it for Aloysius, but I guess it's a family heirloom, ay? May I? Whew. Romeo y Jullieta, milder than a Cohiba."

Aloysius your brother? That's correct, the lighter was a gift to dear old dad from his last voyage to Japan. I didn't mean to overhear you, sir, but there's another possibility to quicken your request, just in case, you know. One of the off-duty caretakers might be able to pluck out a plump hen or a pair for you. "Hen? Not a capon. Oh, I see, you mean a layer. Then it wasn't a joke about a hatchery. In the eggs, is it? You've such devious devils up here in the middle of everything. Here's my name card. Phone right away when breakfast is ready. Dinner will have to wait till later. I won't be needing back-bacon or beans, just a dozen fresh eggs and a healthy mother hen or three, well, as healthy as the poor birds can be. Your contribution to a noble cause will be generously rewarded. As for Ally, he's sort of a younger brother to me since I was raised an only child."

On your upcoming visit, I realize you're in a bit of hurry but you might want an introduction to Gunther's daughter, a bright girl she is. Getting her Ph.D. in archaeology this year, but there's not much for her to do around here in these parts. "I suppose one shovel of soil and that's the entire history, ay? She might like Japan where the past is bottomless. She ever tie the knot? My first and only marriage was a disaster because the girl turned out to be a pacifist. You do know I'm more curious about the Czech lady upstairs."

You're the sort of fellow who shouldn't be mixing business with pleasure, that is if you're intent on retiring after a long career. Amy's been married once but it didn't last. No children. The bugger ran off with a Latina transvestite after a rear-end collision. Not much going on upstairs with him, like all the young fellows around here, farmers or cattle raisers. Her mother's indigenous, Cree, a fine lady, but you know how it is with our German attitude. Gunther has just one goal left in life, a brace of grandchildren. You're a man of the world, just the right sort for her, a dapper Japper. One look at Miss Amy and you'll change your mind, I guarantee. They don't build them like that where you're from.

"Jawol, you do seem to know my mind, scrawny birds aren't my type. You mean she'll be head over heels for a perv like me? Just in jest. She won't have another disappointment. Let's see how things go. You take care of the chicken stew mit the dumplings and I'll manage all the fixings. I suppose you wouldn't mind a pair of first-class tickets on Lufthansa and luxury accommodations for your homecoming, all expenses paid and a bit extra for the missus to go shopping? And of course, a right proper gratuity for your bird man."

It's a fair arrangement then, sir."Hans, this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. You're a man of honor and a patriot, I salute you. We shall meet again soon. Oh, this is a wunderbar cigar! And a fine morning at that. Auf wiedersehn, mein gute ally. ta-ta!"

"Hello? Sensei. Hai-hai, I'm alone. Ohayo, it must be midnight over there. There's no doubt that the latest upgrade is a step up from the earlier version we were testing in Hokkaido. As for version 2, you can see from the results that performance ma-ma, not quite up to our expectations. This new one sounds like the winning concept, ingenious really. Oh, well, not so good. The 'coffee' deal's been delayed, I don't know for how long. I'll try again soon when the coast is clear.

"Frank was such a reliable and tight-lipped contractor, but his replacement is a question mark. She was his girl Friday but maybe has ideas of her own now that the pressure's on. Meanwhile I've got a plan in the works that looks to be quicker.

"You try to be more cautious, too. Stay away from Roppongi and wherever else aho-tare ameriken might spot you. They're onto us. And no more Russian divorcees either, they're all spies. I know the Chinese tarts are coughing. What's left? Ever try Goth maidens? Now that's kinky, Victorian era steampunk.

"Oh, I'm patching things up at the Uni, but the CDC kuso are still after your backside. It's a farce, I know, since Uncle Tony's with you all the way, otherwise he'd be your cell-mate in jail. Calm down, it's just a joke, Sensei. Nobody's cracked yet, the team's as stout as our rugby Cherry Blossoms Samurai. I'll clear things up and get you the newest edition as soon as the funds come in from your man at the Chicago consulate. No, Bitcoin is impossible, traceable from the get-go, a cunning entrapment scheme for suckers. That's why CDC stands for Currency Deposits in Cash. Ki-o-tsukete, be careful. Get some sleep. Everything's under control. Trust me. Ja, mata ne."

Damn it to hell with everything! What I'd do for a Kirin instead of this can of skunked Moosehead Light. And now a long day's night drive back to Madison. Oh, no, no! The cigar just burned a hole through my jacket sleeve. Aloysius, I need a hug.