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Enforcing Global Lies


By Jim Kirwan


It's really hard to run this lawless world when the bulk of humanity has no protection from the barbarity of marauding bandits or from the onslaught of fake-cops, criminal-bankers, mercenaries or self-appointed oligarchs of every possible affiliation that are running the everyday lives of billions of people on the streets of the world.

The full on excuse for all of this 'behavior' has always been the stated corporate need for “GLOBAL- STRUCTURE” which is corporate speak for their form of the RULE of LAW ­ except that their concept is being played out in the actually lawless world, which these same criminals have created for all the rest of us.

Meanwhile this all-important 'structure' which these creatures claim we need in order to survive, is not something which they will ever conform to because all their rules forbid everything that does not begin and end with them, which is why“There are no laws by which the elites can ever be bound:

Because 'they' are the only exceptional people, and 'they' will always do whatever they decide to do and to hell with your idiotic ideas about human-rights, constitutional rights or any of that other garbage that's all become totally meaningless in 2015.” REMEMBER ...

The Business of America is Business”

And this is how they enforce their absolute rule—worldwide.

No Questions, No Comment, & No Exceptions

That was the policy side, but there's also the Chaos side

Which is the directly-intended by-product of their shitty 'business model'.

'Chaos' was formerly introduced with the beginning of the fake 'Arab Spring': Which is where all the hellish behavior came from, that was protected and ironically encouraged, by the continued scattering of the ever-changing lies as that almost simultaneous scourge of so many Nations began: And the history of that total failure, primarily by USI & Israel, has yet to be answered for. Instead what these LOSERS are now demanding, is that in the same places they've spent decades trying to turn into rubble, for Israel, while what they should've 'recognized' were the volume of the lies behind their self-serving consultations to protect their military and political expertise as “the leader of the 'free-world”?

Whatever we did, in any of our illegal wars, never had anything to do with saving any other people or any nation-state.

And now, after all that wasted blood and treasure, the planet has begun to laugh at the clearly broken USI and their failing and almost 'suicidal-partner in global-crime: Israel. All this is presenting the aging and increasingly useless 'WEST' with real problems when it comes not just to their criminally scorched-earth policies, enhanced by their blood-stained global-reputation ­ punctuated by the ruined nations they've left everywhere in their criminal wake.

Yet now perhaps even more than ever before, people the world over are beginning to wonder how so many could have spent so many years buying our bullshit, when it was always plain to see that we did not care about any of our so-called allies. All USI ever did was torture, rape, pillage and plunder the world, under the backwards flag of the Israeli-owned United States. Now it's crystal-clear that we always eat our own, because we cannibalize everyone and every state that has ever gone along with us.

And that fact is 'the problem' which the idiotic U.S. Department of State with all their fake denials, complemented by the equally moronic U.S. Department of War run by the clown in the pink tie that should never have been allowed to come anywhere near any important office, anywhere ­ and yet there he is making comments hourly, that almost always contradict with previous policies, almost daily now. This fake-government destroys' any faith that anyone could ever have had in 'America', because they're weak and totally indecisive and they routinely break their own supposed promises almost as quickly as the words are spoken, time after time after time.

DEALS” can never be made with creatures that constantly break their word. That's true in the criminal world as well as it once was in every other aspect of the world: Except that in the illegal world, when you broke your word, you died! While in the political, financial, or even the military world of 'now', when you lie or break your word, no problem: You just make another deal and forget about “The Most Recent Broken Deal” that you just smashed into nothing because you refused to keep your word. It's one thing when a person does this, but when a nation does it ­ then that used to end in war or at least financial punishment ­ but not anymore!

The planet is about to enter that unrealistic and critical phase where broken-promises are being punished, thanks to Russia's stand on international law, which ironically almost feels just as the underworld used to be when they decreed real punishments for deviations: A return to that can't come too soon for those of us that have had enough of all the lies: Because there are answers that are happening on the ground in Syria, the EU and especially in the U.S. where lying is the only coin of the realm for today, and for every other day, for more than the last hundred and two years.

There's another 'must do' that needs to happen in the coming week, before the corrupt congress lets yet another wasted week go by. John McCain seems to think that he is in charge of the U.S. military and can now make policy for the entire United States, because, according to him, he's a Vietnam War Hero, a former candidate for President and a Veteran of the US military. All of which I think he did under totally false pretenses.

I think John McCain is the spoiled-rotten, drunken-son of the Traitorous Admiral McCain, who helped LBJ cover-up the attack on the USS Liberty in the1967 War. Consequently, John McCain's so-called military records from his days in Vietnam must be opened and officially read into the Congressional Record, if there is to be any clarity about the so-called reputation of this out-of-control war-monger that keeps trying to get the entire world into WWIII.

McCain has sealed his records and has paid to keep them sealed. I submit that as he so-badly wants to lead the nation and direct it's military as well as to forge US War-Policies for the United States; then the public has the right to know exactly what is in the military records of this particularly vile creature that many think is guilty of treason in Vietnam, when he resided in sumptuously comfortable “captivity” while his fellow POW's were confined to “Tiger Cages”.

The rumor is that John McCain only served 33 days on active duty in the Navy, during which time he crashed 5 fighter aircraft and damaged a lot more. But rather than rely on rumors the world needs to be able to read the entire military record of John McCain, in the U.S. Congressional Record. Or in the transcripts of his trial for treason, if what is supposed to be in those military records is actually there.

Either way it's time for John McCain to SHUT-UP and BUTT-OUT of American Policy beyond his pretend role in the Congress, while he prepares to defend his by-gone military life that he seems determined to keep from the American public. That sad and dishonorable life in which he was paid a small fortune, over those decades, that he's been sucking at the public trough, when he should have been consigned to solitary in a military brig, while awaiting his execution for being the traitor he's always been to the United States of America



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