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The End Time Timetable
This is a modified extract from my Members’ Post 34, dated August 2, 2015


Dr J Chiappalone
My Motto - 'Take It Or Leave It'

In 1985, as an incarnated member of the Team to rescue Viable Consciousnesses  of the respective Classes from this planet, I stated that all life forms would be removed from Earth and that the planet would be totally destroyed no later than the year 2035.

Here is an update to that process of which I am certain.

1                 A meteor is scheduled to hit the Atlantic Ocean sometime in late September, 2015. Apart from many others who have said this, this prognostication had been made by aliens of questionable ontology to a Puerto Rican man in 1988 and I posted that video in Post 7
Aliens Tell Man Asteroid to Hit Near Puerto Rico?! (US Army Corroborates)
2                 A second meteor is scheduled to hit Earth in November, regardless of the first meteor strike occurring or not occurring. Initially, I was the only one to prophecy this second meteor. Since then, a number of sources have mentioned on videos that there are 2 major meteors to hit Earth soon.
3                 Astronomically, Planet X is now on its outward leg. It has circled the Sun and is on its way out of our Solar System. It will be seen with the naked eye more explicitly from late August onward. By November-December it will be a very menacing sign in the sky, just from its size and ominous iron oxide wings, and everyone will probably think they will die from this ‘Destroyer’. How right they are!
4                 From December 2015 onward we may be bombarded by massive debris that resides around Planet X. These bombardments have begun and may climax by March 2016.
5                 In March, suffocation of our Earth may occur due to the Iron Oxide dust surrounding the Planet X environs.
6                 Sometime in late June to August 2016, gravitational tugs on the Earth may eventually result in a sudden physical axis fall and those not suffocated by the Iron Oxide dust may drown.
7                 As you will hear on various videos, some people, anticipating the worst, hope they are not alive after the pole shift for conditions will be horrendous.
8                 I am now telling you NO ONE WILL SURVIVE BEYOND AUGUST  2016!
9                 Do you recall I told you that my encounter in a Medical Tribunal in April 2015, at which I was set up to lose, allowed us (my Team and I) to bring the END forward from 2017 to November 2016?
Well, a similar advantage occurred for us with the prognostication of the West Coast EQ in late May, 2016. I was impressed to give the date of occurrence in late May as a near certainty. I did however give a 4% window as you will recall on a Show with Jeff Rense.
The Evil Opposition blocked that EQ. They again wasted so much energy, as they did at the Medical Tribunal, to block that EQ, that “we” have been able to advance the End date from November 2016, to August, 2016.
I realize this makes absolutely no sense on the outer mind level. But never forget that we are in a Battle of Essences.
Those with reservations about all this will just have to wait and see if it is all true.
You will note from the various warnings that the Government and FEMA are giving, that the EQ on the West Coast was merely postponed a few months. So, it will still happen. By blocking it in May, the Evil Beings have disadvantaged themselves a great deal. They are in self-destruct mode, are they not? Yes, it will happen. Sooner than we all think!
10              A rogue heavenly body, perhaps even a rogue planet, of which there are innumerable numbers, may enter our decaying Solar System and smash into the Earth when we are all gone, and the Earth will be no more. That timing is irrelevant to us for we will all be in the spiritual dimensions and not in the Physical.
11              The (Elite) rats in their DUMBS will be all gone by then.
12              Before the end of 2016, it will be all over for the orb we call Earth.
13              From then on, mechanisms will destroy the Solar System and then all the Galaxy. But, as I said above, that will not be our concern for we will no longer be in this dimension. That has been the fate of over 95% of this doomed Physical Universe to date. Thus, what is occurring to our Galaxy is not unique. It is a progression of destruction of an Evil Entity.
14              As the Earth is thrashed, its Ethereal and Astral Planes will also be dismantled and be no more.
15              Those consciousnesses to continue will be transported to their respective locations in other dimensions.
16              Those to be liquidated will be liquidated.
17              Those who do not want to continue their evolution, for whatever reasons, will have the choice of being transmuted.

You can well imagine the FEAR and PANIC that will grip unprepared people once they realize they may be physically doomed.

I have been attempting to prepare people with this message for 31 years. Idiots don’t listen.

Those with no spiritual acumen will go insane. They are going insane now!

That is why Governments all around the globe have prepared armies to kill deranged crowds before they cause too much immediate and unstoppable trouble for the others.

Some in Governments still have the belief that a few, especially the Elite in their DUMBS, will survive this cataclysm.

The FEMA camps and such other prisons are to corral the rabble that will starve to death or die of suicide and/or disease. Others will simply be executed in cold blood by their so-called brethren.

I am the only writer saying no one will survive.

We will just have to wait and see who is right in this and who is wrong.

Remember that from the very first day in 1985 when I went public, my message was that ALL LIFE WOULD BE REMOVED FROM THE PLANET IN PREPARATION FOR ITS TOTAL DESTRUCTION.

That message has not varied.

Do we have any evidence to support what I have just written?

It seems there is. I have posted quite a number of videos and essays that give credence to this physical timetable on my website and in my Special Posts which are only available to my Members.

Can there be an alternate scenario?

Is it possible that less or nothing will happen?

No! It is not possible. It is a WAR, and things are often unpredictable in wars. But, terminating events have already been triggered by my Team.

To say nothing will happen is absurd.

Nonetheless, there are a number of variables in the scenario I have painted.

Bear in mind, however, those changes attributed to Planet X are already being described by many, and that the changes are affecting not only Earth but all the planets and the Sun of our Solar System as I previous advised readers..

Again I remind you that “It’s a WAR of Essences, so expect the unexpected!




In this Epoch, we know from recorded History that:

·       Zoroaster, the Persian Prophet, predicted an end to this Evil World! He did not mince words.
·       Jesus of Nazareth said the world would end.
·       Manichaeus did likewise.
·       King Arthur: Celtic Tradition (nothing to do with the pseudo-Christianity of the period) stated that Arthur ­ who had been Jesus in a previous incarnation, would return to take the “spiritually Viable” to Annwn (Celtic Heaven) and that the Earth would End.

Many others throughout the centuries have anticipated an End, some sincerely, and some comically.

Nonetheless, we now have the Mechanisms of Destruction of Earth unequivocally in view.

Where did I get the message of Finality from?

From “Me”, is the answer.

I recall speaking with ‘my team’ even as a child and the conversations were all about the fate of this planet!

I have been involved with all the 95% of the Physical Universe that has been corrected.

Just prepare mentally for whatever the outcome may be.

If there is a slight delay, there is a slight delay.

There is nothing that we, on this level, can do about timing.

All timing alterations since I declared the Message in 1985 have been to advance the End forward.

The End was to be by 2035 and no later.

Since then, the End has been revised downward every time I have reviewed it,

so much so that now it is August 2016.

Obviously this War of Essences is not a pushover for either side. If we are to believe what we have been told, it has been going on since the start of the Physical Universe which is at least 13 billion years old.

But, as I said, 95-96% of the Physical Universe has already been liquidated, terminated.

Hence, the terminations of Earth, of this Solar System and of this Galaxy, are a forgone conclusion.

Also, in the meantime, other disasters, not related to Planet X are to affect our lives,

1       Financial Collapse is on the cards; it is happening now with near fatal consequences. It may ultimately trigger the long-await Civil War in the USA and a Nuclear WW3.
2       The Fukushima Radiation seems to be a global terminator. Are we to really believe what Evil Aliens are supposed to have said? It is reported that they can neutralize radiation almost immediately. If they do come from Nibiru or elsewhere to live on this planet openly, and if the planet is to continue, their intention apparently is to neutralize the radiation. It appears that Alien Disclosure is to coincide with their taking over the Planet. That is their War Plan. They have many Hybrids for this Plan.
Will they be allowed to do this? No. None of their evil plans will come to fruition!  They are cornered RATS and will soon perish also!
3       For a long time it has been known that Gamma-ray Radiation from collapsing stars could possibly travel our way to affect Earth in such a way that all life would be destroyed. Super-waves are of the same genre.
4       Of recent times, it has been discovered that here are innumerable Rogue Planets wandering the empty spaces between Solar Systems in all remaining Galaxies. These rogue bodies could collide with Earth or any of the other planets to cause disastrous disruptions.

Thus, at the outer mind level, there seem to be other possibilities for mechanisms of Destruction apart from the Planet X Doomsday Scenario.

This is the End but minor variations will occur in this War of Essence on a day to day basis. Thus be flexible.

Of course, ultimately the Light always wins.

That is why over 95% of the evil Physical Universe has already been dismantled.

It appears we have all the information we need and do not need to know more as all is set to finish.

Thus, we need to accept that there may be no need for further information other what I have written.

Many of you are receiving visions, either psychically or in dreams, of Planet X and/or of the pronounced disasters it will cause. Some of you are having dreams of the Rescue Procedure by our Rescue Crafts.

All we can now do is mentally and spiritually prepare, wait and witness the End.

By the way, it is 4:14 a.m. as I write this and meteor after meteor (falling stars) are visible in a most unusual fashion in the dark night sky. It is common to see one every now and then but it is most unusual to see groups of 5-6 at a time. I can see them in the black sky through my study window. There were about 12 in all. Expect more of these. I am sure they are from the effects of Planet X traversing the Solar System.

As they continue, they will be more numerous and much bigger and will cause increasing damage to the planet.

My ‘Team” is adamant that the Earth will end. I am to be here, in the physical, to witness its last day.

In the 31 years since I began delivering my message, many people around the world have been told that this world is doomed.  For example, it was common for Aliens to talk to the peasants in Mexico in the 1980s and tell them the World would end and only ‘good’ people would survive spiritually to be taken elsewhere.

Many readers have communicated dreams of Rescue Crafts and rescue of individuals.

These are prognostic dreams, and the Plan of Rescue is definitely on schedule.

For now, those who having no Inner Knowing can only observe and surmise.

The Earth will end as I have written

The “Viables’, all 650 million of them, will be rescued.

Some rescue will be physical. Others  will be rescued spiritually once they physically die.

The Evil ones, in all classes and in all forms, including more advanced races such as the Annunaki, the Zetas and the Pleiadians, will all be harnessed and transmuted in due course.

Inspite of all doubts, which are by-products of all the bombardment we are receiving from the fracturing of the Thought Pool around the planet, you should stay true to this Message that I began to disseminate in 1985.

Many evil bombarding thoughts urge some to hesitate and doubt what I have written.

 But, that is the Evil ploy in the Personal Battle of Viables for spiritual survival. They must not give up now, even if their stupid, Evil-created, Monkey Minds tell them that day is night and v.v.

Hang in there. Viables have nothing to lose and everything to gain by remaining faithful to the True Light.

Copyright Dr J Chiappalone, August 2, 2015




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