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By Dr J Chiappalone
Doctor of Metaphysical Science


I will be having a discussion on Radio with Jeff Rense on February 2 at 8 p.m. Pacific Time

Which will be 2 p.m. Queensland Summertime.


If you are timid and do not wish to know of Life terminating events, proceed no further.

I will be discussing evidence that has been in existence for a long, long time concerning the termination of this Planet

Even though I gave you proof in the past of Terminating Mechanisms and Timing from many of these sources I list below, no longer will anyone who is interested in this topic have to rely on these:

  • Prophecy whatever the source,

  • The forged or genuine Scriptures of Old,

  • The Revelations of St. John the Divine,

  • Rants by Tele-evangelistic Morons,

  • Predictions by Mayans, Aztecs, Sumerians, Annunaki, etc.,

  • Calenders of the Jewish Religious Holidays,

  • Books written about the prognostications of Nostradamus, St Malachi, Mother Shipton, Edgar Cayce, and so on.

  • They will NOT have to rely on information given by metaphysical scholars like myself.

I have covered many of these points in previous articles, and they may be of interest to you.

However, now all of us are able to examine Physical Evidence for ourselves.

There is no need to have Faith in Superior Forces for the moment, just to understand what is going on in our immediate physical lives.

There is no need to have had contact with Superior, or more advanced, Aliens who prognosticated about our future, the demise of Earth, the spiritual separation of Viables from non-Viables, and so on.

There is no need to rely on Angelic Visitations or Instructions given in a Near-Death Experience, or an Out-of-Body Experiences.

We can forget Meditational Communications, intuitive dreams and implanted prophetic thoughts for the moment.

We can forget the Tea leaves, the Ouija Boards, the Tarot Cards, the Psychics and the pseudo-psychic con-artists that abound in this evil, nauseating world.

Astrology no longer counts. To my mind it almost never did.

The only Numerology you need now is the ability to calculate the speed, direction of travel, and distance of certain Celestial Objects from Earth, and to calculate the timing of impact, and the number of people that may be affected by the Objects’ impacts with Earth.

The videos I give below make it easy.

People whose profession is in Astrophysics, Astrology and Meteor-tracking do all the work for us.


You do not have to recall that I was INVITED to visit a Spacecraft, in April 1985, on which the End of the World was discussed by Superior Beings from another Dimension with me.

Do you recall my message that I gave 30 years ago stating that the Earth was going to be cleared of all living things in preparation for its total destruction?

Well, now you don’t have to know any of that detail because what is presented as solid, prosaic proof by experts in Physical Sciences, not by Metaphysicians or Aliens, is all you need to know.

You don’t even have to know that I travelled to far away and exotic places on Earth for over 20 years, seeking UFO contactees who were given the same message I had.

This is what each said:

The World is to end according to Aliens that recently visited us.

The ‘bad’ (meaning evil) people are finished.

The Good people are to be taken elsewhere to continue their existence.”

On one of my trips to Mexico, the late Joyce Murphy of Beyond Boundaries was astounded when I repeatedly elicited these remarks from contactees she had previously known but who had never divulged this knowledge.

You don’t need to know any of these things.

Boy, aren’t you lucky to be spared all that study of How, When, Why, by Whom the destruction is being executed, etc., regarding the Endtime, now that the information of Earth’s end is handed to us on a platter by SCIENTISTS!!

These same scientists probably have never heard of Gnosticisms, or the Ancient Wisdom or the Eschatological Doctrine that discusses the Spiritual Consequences of existence in this Physical Dimension.

Most people, for any number of reasons, probably never gave much thought to a Battle between Good and Evil or about the Existence of a Superior Being who is surely slightly less or , we hope, a lot less, insane than the Lunatic who built this outrageously evil and exploitative Asylum we call the ever-suffering Earth.

Aren’t we lucky?

Simply by waiting, all the information we need to know about ‘What is Going On’ has simply fallen into our laps.

No need to read boring Religious Texts, Hypocritical Ones or Apocryphal ones, the Nag Hammadi Library, Dead Sea Scrolls, books about other books, or go to long, perhaps at times boring, lectures given by Metaphysicians, like myself, who insist on talking about Good and Bad people and the separation thereof.

Finally, anyone that can read and watch a video or listen to a discussion on TV will be able to examine the evidence of what is to happen.

You won’t need University Degrees to understand the evidence.

You don’t need a telescope.

All you need to do is watch what is presented and then ask yourself these questions:

Is this possible?”

Is this probable?

Is it a certainty?

Where do I stand in the face of this news?

If we all die physically, what next?

Can I find answers?”

The answer to the last question is “YES”!

Follow your nose……..

The Spiritual Reality, which has been shamefully neglected by Science, will now be seen to be the only Reality that was ever worth considering.

Physicality has been a deadly mistake, a spiritual CANCER to be eradicated at all costs.

Of course, what is to happen does not rely at all upon what people believe or don’t believe.

What is to be, will be!


Here is the general schedule for the END. It may vary a little.


Sept 2015:  Meteor hits Earth just N-E of the Bermuda triangle.

1/3-1/2 of world’s population perishes within days.


From then on ­ Massive volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.; many more killed.


Early 2016 -  Dust from Planet X starts suffocating aerobes on the planet.


August 2016: - 

Around this date due to gravitational effects as explained on the video below, Pole Shift occurs with drowning of remainder on Earth within hours .


Late October 2016 ­

A more massive meteor hits the near sterile Earth and breaks it into smithereens ­ this shall be witnessed by survivors on the Rescue crafts. The elite in their underground bases are physically no more


The occurrence or otherwise of Nuclear War is no longer important;

Fukushima radioactivity, although a disaster that in tself would in due course wipe out all life on the planet is no longer relevant;

Deadly GMO foodstuffs, land and lives destroying HAARP technology, dementing Vaccines, Ubiquitous Chemtrails, and so on, are all of no importance any more. Time has finished.



Of the (Evil) Alien - Humanity Relationship

Some of you may know that preparations are afoot to formally and openly introduce Evil Aliens to Humanity most probably via the Vatican and its Papacy and organizations such as NASA which are all evil instruments of this Evil Empire. It has been NASA which has done the most to obfuscate the picture of planetary termination by any means at its disposal including, some have said, murder of its employees and those who would thwart their nefarious plans.

These plans of Disclosure will come to naught as will the plans of the Evil Aliens to introduce a hybrid species, implement Agenda 21 and reduce the population of Earth to perhaps less than 500 million serfs, and to take total, and open, control of the planet and enslave us all.

All short and long-term plans that Evil Aliens have for Earth and Humanity will come to zero as they themselves will be captured and liquidated.

Some of you may know that Evil Aliens have not only experimented with the physical aspects of Humanity and the physical manifestations of “Life” on this Planet but also run the planet to suit themselves. However, there has always been a number of groups of these Evil Aliens vying for control, and this partly accounts for the massive friction between sectors of Humanity and the inter-alien and inter-dimensional wars that have been discussed in various aspects of the (mainly alternate) Media.

It is a fact that the War between Good and Evil extends to battles between Good and Evil Aliens and the result is a foregone conclusion. The Good Ones (our spiritual rescuers) win, of course. Otherwise the Viables would not be going anywhere.

There is much more to discuss and reveal about this topic and I may do so in the near future.

If these details of Aliens and their Plans, and their Wars, are beyond your comprehension, it matters not. Simply meditate on the Message of Physical Finality for now.

With the information I am revealing now, the brain-dead and very EVIL morons, who dared call me an Insane Lunatic (and worse) from the very first moment I delivered my Message of Finality to the World in 1985, now have a clear view of their Path to their Hell and their waiting Transmutation Chambers.

This group includes all the doctors, psychiatrists, lawyers, Members of Medical Boards, the Media, Governments, Religionists, New Agers, etc., etc., who made it their personal role to not only defame me, but also to go out of their way in an attempt to destroy me, and any who supported me, and to disadvantage me financially, socially, mentally, emotionally and intellectually. They have done all they could to block free circulation of my Message and Knowledge. They have most assuredly FAILED! They, of course, have done much worse to me in my previous incarnations on this local level.

But, they have failed and I have won.

The Plan to eradicate them in this Galaxy, as in all other Galaxies, and all the Physical Manifestation, has been all but fought and won.

They are just simply Cannon Fodder now.

They are the dust on Hell’s floor.



Here is a lengthy list of videos to help you understand what is happening.

1 An asteroid or meteor will hit the earth on September 24, 2015 - you have been warned!!!


3 What is Coming Sept 2015 ?

4 Here is one to hit the NORTH Atlantic Ocean


5 URGENT!!! An asteroid will hit the earth on September 24, 2015!!!

6 Unbelievable Impact of Asteroid | In Earth(2015) - Full Documentary

7 URGENT!!! An asteroid will hit the earth on September 24, 2015!!!

8 Shills get into the act:

9 Aliens Tell Man Asteroid to Hit Near Puerto Rico?! (US Army Corroborates)

10 ALERT! PROOF The Biggest EVENT in History is About to Happen!!!

11 NASA: The End Of Mankind "Leaked Document" 2013

12 Planet X and the Pole shift:

This is the most detailed and important video. Listen carefully. Many astronomers were assassinated to keep these revelations away from the general public. But now, the Truth is out.

Please note that while the commentator in this next video ends on a positive note, saying he will ‘see you on the backside”, I say emphatically that there will be no chance of a physical reprieve for anyone.

We will be all gone, gone, gone.

Depending on which group he belongs to, he may see you in the Viable or non-Viable camp.

These videos are just a small sample.

There are many more videos on YouTube.

As time goes by, more specific ones will be added, I am sure, which will contain more up-to-the-minute information.

I had mentioned the arrival of destructive meteors in my book “My experiences of aliens and other Realities”. So to those who read that book these events will be no surprise.

The Earth has been struck many, many times by meteors that have caused great damage.

But I assure you, there will be no more such events for, in all likelihood, if the above data is accurate, there will be no more Earth after 2016.

Let’s make an assumption at this point.

Assuming someone believed what was revealed in the videos, except number 8, apart from perhaps suffering a Panic Attack, what else is on the menu to ask about, if that someone had never thought of the Endtime?

Well, I think the first thought that will spring into one’s head will be more of an exclamatory questioning of the fate of him/herself and his/her loved ones.

And it is here that a massive headache may begin.

Is this Termination of Humanity merely another phase of a senseless existence?

We know that there have been many near extinction events of Life on Earth in the past.

There is proof of them. But the Earth continued on and Life, in a myriad of forms, returned.

Whether Superior Aliens re-seeded the ‘Colony’, as they would see it, is really irrelevant to our discussion.

If this Planet is to be destroyed, will we be elsewhere thereafter or do we totally perish?

We know from the astrophysicists that many Planets, Suns, Solar Systems and whole Galaxies are routinely destroyed. We have evidence via the powerful telescopes above Earth’s atmosphere.

Perhaps it is simply our turn to be eradicated.

But, is that the end of us all, of our loved ones?

What more do I need to know to answer these questions?

Again one needs to ask: “Is there survival after physical death?”

Is Reincarnation real?

Do we Reincarnate elsewhere?

Is there a Supreme Consciousness that judges who will continue and who will not?

Is there really an incorruptible Divine Justice that exists somewhere after this Termination event, a Justice System unlike the one on this Earth, on which Justice, so-called, is the jaundiced prerogative of the rich, the bellicose, the psychopathically powerful and the profane?

Could there be Evil after all?

And could this extermination really be, as Gnostics contend, a definitive Solution to the Problem of Evil?

Looking around the planet, with so much brutality, animosity and Madness to be seen and recorded throughout the known Eons of Time, who but a fool would not admit that Evil exists?

The most self-righteous Nations have done the most horribly evil things as is now being revealed for all of us to see.

Yes, Evil definitely exists.

So this physical termination of which there can be no doubt, if the data of SCIENTISTS is to be believed, may very well be, not an accident, but the purposeful Ending of an Evil Essence in this Planet.

And what if the Gnostics are correct, saying that all Physicality is the creation of Evil?

If that is so, then it all must go.

It must all be destroyed like a life-threatening cancer would have to be.

Yes, there is data for the destruction of our Sun and the sister planets of this Solar System.

There is, as I said, evidence of destruction of Galaxies.

Empirically then, after examining these episodes of destructiveness, we may well say that this Galaxy could quite well be on the list for extermination.

I have written that approximately 94% of the Physical Universe has been eradicated.

Recently, scientists claimed they cannot find about 95% of the Universe. It seems to have just disappeared.

Can we put these two statements together and say that I am indeed correct in my assessment?

I stated what I stated before the scientists admitted that they can’t find 95% of the Universe.

How did I know?

Is there a Source of Knowledge feeding beings like myself down here?

If there is not, how could I have possibly known the things I wrote about?

If there is, what else is there to know, now that belief in Termination of the Planet has been facilitated by tangible, plausible, matter-of-fact, scientific evidence?

Some of us, depending on our physical location on this orb may have less than 8 months to find out the answers to the Mysteries of Life.

From where, and when, do we begin the journey to valid answers?

Will any of us continue after this termination event?

Who will continue?

What makes some able to continue?

Why do others not continue?

Where will we continue?

Who will say who is Viable and who is not?

Some of us have dismissed such thoughts throughout our lives, in the mistaken belief we would never need answers to them.

But, here we are, facing physical extermination.

We now need answers.

The Anxiety and Fear will not be enough.

To escape the conundrum, what could be the point of self-emulation?

That is not going to solve any problems.

That will not give any answers.

All it may do is shift the Reality from this physical level to some other level we may not fully know about or understand at present.

There must be some other levels.

Even the smart Quantum Physicists talk about multiple dimensions and existences beyond this Physical level.

So I guess on some paradigm other levels exist.

Finally, what are we to make of talk from the so-called captured robotic alien entities (reportedly from the future) and from Sirius B, the Galactic Federation and Pleiadian transmissions telling us some humans and humanoids will elevate in vibration while others will live underground, meaning the Earth will live on? I’ll answer with a question. How often have these supposed ‘alien’ morons been correct? Zero times is the answer. They are not privy to my information, and obviously they can’t play human videos to learn the bleeding obvious truth of our status quo!


So, as I see it, 2 groups of humans will emerge:

The Viable and the Non-Viable.

Viables will be rescued by “Plasma Crafts”, either before or after their physical death.

Non-Viables will all die physically and proceed to Transmutation vats.


Want to know more?

Start here:

Quote from Alexandra of Forbidden Knowledge:

This lecture is too true for me to broadcast.

It's a doggone shame.

If ever there was a truth that most people couldn't handle. This would be it.

With so much mystification and BS blinding us at all times, it's a miracle that an incarnate human was able to articulate this message.”

Copyright: January 31, 2015

Dr J Chiappalone


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