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"The End Of America & The White Race"

By Jim Kirwan


The title above comes from the Article by Frosty Woolridge, March 29, 2017.

This has become the most important topic in the world.

Yet Trump still refuses to act to change anything,

when it comes to any of the facts so glaringly described herein.

Jeff Rense & Frosty Wooldridge - The End Of America And The White Race

46min, 46sec. VIDEO


Part of Trump's job is to enforce the legally created laws of the United States, and everything he needs to have ­ is already on the books ­ right now. All he must do is to enforce the laws and that would stop all immigration ­ “if he chooses to do so,” now!

But Trump has been too busy being a multi-billion glorified-ass, when it comes to the six year war in Syria that we started and have maintained for the entire six plus years. Just yesterday Trump decided to throw the legitimate president of Syria out of office, based on the same lies that have been tried before (back when Trump was busy screwing the pubic as “a deal-maker') instead of as a constantly erratic politician that changes his “mind” at least once during every other 48 hours.

The real WAR is contained in the first link above ­ and if Trump does not act on that information, it won't matter how many other wars he wants to start, or to inflame: Because the entire world will no longer be around to argue over, so why not give his inflated-majesty a wake-up call and tell him to shut up about topics that he knows absolutely nothing about: Trump's no longer being a deal-maker, or a so called business-man ­ Trump's impersonating a figure-head of state and that position does not allow this nation to change its mind every fifteen minutes - because it makes Trump look exactly like Turkey's resident basket-case, Erudugan.

Trump ought to be spending his free time cutting off Israel from everything in this country, while he concentrates on jailing everyone that's currently working just two miles down the road ­ IF that is he's actually interested in fulfilling any of the real promises he made to the world about “The Swamp” and jailing the criminals that he now totally embraces as “good people”.

With every day that passes it seems that Trump keeps right on making more of a fool of himself than anyone actually expected that he could be.

RT News - April 06, 2017 (12:00 MSK)

Syria Gas Attack Fake! Geraldo Admits It! Stew Webb, Tom Heneghan (4-5-17) VIDEO