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Pete Hamill ­ End Game Revisited

By Jim Kirwan


...“Meanwhile, in every state, in major cities, in contests for the Senate or the school board, the public discourse is all heat and no illumination. The attack ads come rolling forth, reducing opponents to agents of Lucifer. Vote for me, not the other guy. He's bad, guilty, corrupt, and stupid; therefore; I'm good, I'm innocent, I'm honest, I'm smart. He's got a wife and kids? He has an ailing mother? Hey, don't bother me with details, pal, we're playing hardball here! Quick, my flack, hand me a label: womanizer, flip-flopper, liar, and, uh, liberal. Brrrrruuuuupppppp. Who's next?

Most of the American news media have been debased, too. Newspaper, magazine, and television editors and their TV audiences have been powerfully altered by forty-five years of television drama. The average American household now watches more about seven hours of television a day, an appetite for entertainment unknown in human history. The result: The American imagination is jammed with structures of melodrama. Not analysis, not cool judgment, not the humanizing imagery of high art. Drama. Most of it bad drama. And as it has been since the time of Aristotle, the essence of drama is conflict.

Even the conflicts of the so-called real world— the non-fiction world of news and society— must be simple, easy to follow through meals and other domestic activities, and preferably violent. Following the style of the television tabloid shows, even some network magazines are using feature-film gimmicks: music to tell the viewer what he should feel; ominous photography and bright, happy lighting to make the emotional points. Don't think is the message; feel. In all media, the best-played stories now are the ones that most resemble movies. Give us good guys and bad guys, white hats and black hats, and for chrissakes, don't give us talking heads! Action, baby. Bang-bang. Conflict...”

End Game February1994

American Society is being swept away by a tide of sectarianism, self-pity, confrontation, and old-fashioned hatred

Endgame on Display ­ Part One


Endgame On Display - Part Two
Us Against Them


Pete Hamill led the way for us all back in 1994 with his article in Esquire magazine. Today we can see the overflow of everything he brought up then. I picked up on his article in 2002, which you can read above, but without Pete's introduction to the nightmare, most of what we know now, would have taken much, much longer to uncover.

America became enchanted with the idea of an ENDGAME, long before most actually began to look at the component parts of all that's still involved

By now it's safe to say that virtually every component part of every equation has been locked into mortal combat from boys and girls to men and women: From women who want to be men, to men who yearn to be women ­ and everything in between. Sexual exploits have broken with every convention on the planet, and with every day that passes new obscenities continue to shock the world from every corner of this broken-planet. The language itself is under siege. Every race, color and religion is under attack from every other component part of their own preferences ­ and nothing is the same as it was just ten years ago ­ despite how bad it already was, 22 years ago, when Pete wrote about it with such candor and incisive wit ­ Wit that tended not to spare any of the critical points that were beginning to form the shape of the global-pit that the entire world is now sliding into at light-speed...

Thanks Pete!

Maybe the above is 'too-much' to take in, but if you don't bother knowing how we came to be where we are today ­ then what happens to you later this year will be your fault as much as any of those that will be leading the charge on all the disparate sides of the coming battle for global-survival...


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