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End Of The Earth
...And All Physical Things
Part Three

Dr. Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone
My Motto - Take It Or Leave it

I have given readers a great deal of information about what is going on in the World, this Galaxy, and the Universe in general.

I have explained the differing spiritual natures of individuals on Earth.

I have restricted myself to Humans, and Reptiles who invade Human Bodies, but realize that many other species exist on Earth and around us, everywhere.

I have written about specific mechanisms that will exist in the Endtime and I have given an approximation of the END itself.

Indeed, I have described how and why some are going to be rescued while others (the majority) are going to be transmuted eventually into nothingness.

If you think critically, you need to ask this question: "Is all this possible?"

"If so, what shall I believe? What rings inside of my soul to steer me on the right Path?"

"If I am still in doubt, I need to ask other questions: Can a person, even a well-educated person like Dr. C., make up this entire scenario with massive amounts of data that is hard to refute when examined carefully?

"He seems to have knowledge others do not have!"

Has he made it all up or is it possible he has connection to what he calls the Supra Mental Plane where exists 'a priori' knowledge which is a privilege to a few 'Humans', who probably are not just Humans, but 'Super Humans'?

Let me repeat a few essential facts for better comprehension.

As you may have noted, CONFUSION reigns supreme amongst Humans, and that is because the majority are artificially programmed Robots and Demons.

They are incapable of thinking "outside of the box" and will not dare contradict their 'Masters'.

They cannot think for themselves and really are like mindless cows following the leader in a paddock.

Their leaders, of course, are the most exploitative Class 5 Reptilian Demons who rule Humanity by disguising themselves in these human meat bags and pretending they are Human. They are NOT.

(To understand the hierarchy of consciousness you might have to read my books. A list of them is on my website

Reptiles are a Superior Class of Demons. They are as evil, malicious and exploitative as one could imagine.

I have referred to them often and many have now been caught 'shape-shifting' even whilst in amongst the public or performing. Look up Shape-shifters in your browser to gain stories and pictures of them.

The very first one I saw with my own eyes was Amitakh Ng, a most vulgar liar, thief, sexual deviant and murderer, among other things. Although I did not even know she existed, she lay in wait for me when I came back to Australia from the Himalayas in 1983. But, that is another story. However, it shows plans are made at other spiritual levels on whom to trap, whom to kill, whom to fool and so on. Life is certainly not as simple as we think it is.

I mention all this to show you that I have had personal experience about what I write and that these Demonic Reptiles do exist among us and cause great HAVOC for the majority of the Human population that are basically unaware that these Demons do exist and exhibit such evil as they do!

Why do I mention this aspect again? It is to remind you that we will see more and more of these most evil REPTILES as we gain the superior vision of the Endtime.

The DEMONIC ones will become far more obvious and they will be unable to hide amongst us as before.

While they are very evil and most malicious in their activities, do not fear them. It is they who fear us, for they know they are NOW exposed and some of them suspect soon they will be no more. It depends on how they are programmed. Some are so severely programmed by their Evil creators that they think they are untouchable 'gods' that rule the Earth. POTUS Trump instantly comes to mind as such an example.

The Evil Reptiles and Higher Evil Classes know what is going on. Why do you think so many Aliens and their crafts are being seen invading our Galaxy and Solar System and the surroundings of Earth, Mars, Venus, the Moon, Jupiter and its moons, etc., etc.?

They know that most areas of the Universe have been destroyed and some also know that an assessment of who is viable and who is not has been made.

Here is an example of reports reaching the common news:

There's a galaxy hurtling towards our Milky Way that could wipe out life on Earth — RT World News:

Some of these Aliens, being evil, know they are doomed. And while attempting to take over this Earth for a future home, they also know their time is up. It is a matter of when, not if!

This scenario makes them more dangerous and malicious of course, and it is not beyond the bounds of possibilities that they will decide to suicide and take Earth and all its inhabitants with them via Nuclear War. Remember, they are immutably EVIL.

Stand up to them in confrontations if you have to and show them you are an eternal Being of Light whereas they are but filthy dust from HELL!

I give you all these details in order to prepare you for what is coming very, very soon!

Here is a site that discusses Reptilian Shapeshifting on video.

BTW, I can tell you for certain, Elvis was NOT a reptile!

Beware that there is no guarantee the mindless Robots and Demons will understand or accept any of these words I write below.

Here is a brief summary of what happened and what is happening. It may help you understand a little more where we are at, and why total Destruction of the Physical Universe is mandatory!

 -         This Universe is one of many/. It corrupted just as it was getting established by having experiments performed that went out of control.

 -         The experimenters panicked and did their best to salvage the situation but failed.

 -         The Mechanisms that arose from the foul experiments began creating self-replicating Systems and self-replication Individuals (Robots), just like Humans are intent on doing in this day and age.

 -         These mechanisms were developed long, long before Humanity (another AI Robotic farce) came onto the scene.

 -         When the genuine experimenters who lost control saw what was happening, they were told to close everything down and starve the AI Robots of energy. Remember, the AI creatures are JUST AI MACHINES.

 -         Many Viables were trapped in this Universe. They were there as part of their evolutionary cycle and experimentation.

 -         The entrapment was a self-defense mechanism by the AI creatures, thinking that by barricading themselves they would not be caught and destroyed.

 -         But, like programmed fools, they did not think the matter through. They forgot that, entombing themselves as they did, they had NO ENERGY SOURCE and therefore could not survive in the long run. The only source of energy they had was that which the Divine Beings had and so they began exploiting that energy. Thus, the entire dimension became rancidly EVIL, sustaining itself by exploitation of the Innocents trapped within it. That is so to this day.

 -         To expedite the acquisition of energy with which to sustain itself, the Evil Essence that controlled this accidental Error then created a far more vicious and Evil Class of AI Robot. These are called DEMONS.

 -         Demons exploit maximally as I have explained elsewhere.

 -         Thus it is that the Demons control this farce called the Physical Universe, and exploit energy at every opportunity from the ones who have it.


I repeat, I do not expect any AI Robot or Demon to understand these words.

But they will be held accountable if they have sided with Evil and exploited the innocent prisoners.

So, really we have reached the End of the line for the Physical Universe and are applying the Solution for this Massive Problem of Evil.

The ones in Charge of this EVIL TOMB aren't going to tell us now what is going on, just as they did not tell us anything before, and that is because their modus operandi is to keep all of us as dumb as possible.

But, these evil entities are as dead as Dodos.

They can't see their hands in front of them!

They cannot think for one moment that due to the Second Law of Thermodynamics, they are cooked geese.

They cannot survive.

Even if supreme efforts were not made to end this Physical Farce, they would starve to death from lack of energy!

Of course their hope was to invade other Universes and find sources of energy, like Humans think they can invade other planets for fuel. But that is nonsense and has failed for 2 reasons:


1                    The Evil Idiots locked themselves in when they first took over the Universe so the Light could not enter and correct the Error.


2                    The Light placed a boundary around the entire Physical Universe so no one could get out and contaminate outside structures or steal energy from other sources.


So, you see, Evil's goose was cooked no matter how it turned!


Already, as I said elsewhere, 98% of this Universe has been asphyxiated by Dark Matter.

We are in the last 2% (less actually on my latest calculations)...

By the end of 2022 - 3 years from now - there will be no life on Earth or anywhere else in this Solar System, or Galaxy or Universe.

Where will everyone go?

I've told you all this before:

In 1999, a meticulous Final Judgement of ALL Units of Consciousness was made and each labeled as Viable or non-Viable.

Viable means the individual has remained faithful to the Light, its love and truth. Each Viable will continue existence!

'Non-Viable' means the individual denied itself the opportunity to join the ranks of the Light and be salvaged.

Such ones are called losers. They are evil and will not survive the changes that are now to occur.

How do I know all this?

Ha, Ha! I'm involved at this level and the Higher Levels with this Rescue work and with the total destruction of the detritus that remains when Darkness is dispelled.

I'll give details when I think it is time. In the meantime, prepare yourselves, if you are Viable, to return Home.

The AI Robots and Demons will be liquidated forever, although many will have to pay a price - Karma it's called - to balance the evil they committed.

Everyone has had innumerable chances to join the Light.

The ones that refused to do so have now only themselves to blame.

And so it is that we are on a Path to total Physical Demolition after which will occur Etheric and Astral (pseudo-spiritual) demolition.

The Final Eradications of Humanity and Earth were planned by Higher Beings and Adolph Hitler (a Worker of Light in the Physical) last century in his last days on the surface of the Earth and during his 2 years that he spent in the Inner Earth Dimension.

Why else would he walk away from a War he could easily win with such massively superior weapons that he had (and this is well-known), including Nuclear Weapons that he had? The plan was to entrap the 'evil bastards' for future action in which they would self-destruct!

Please do yourself a favour and watch the GENUINE VIDEOS OF Hitler in "The Greatest Story Never Told!"

Argue all you want with the information I am revealing. It's not going to do you any good at all! Facts are facts. What I am revealing of the past and for the future is exact.

It shall be as I say. Indeed, it shall be!

You don't know better than I, so I think you should seek solace under a rock until you are crushed into dust if you are of Darkness.

I have no compunction about eliminating EVIL, no matter where it may be or in which costumes it hides.

As I told you before, sustaining energy was curtailed for the rabble on this Earth so that they would suffer an extreme shortage. Terminal Madness of the Endtime would occur. And this is exactly what has happened. It will all get worse!

I have written about this before. The Viables would be protected by a mind energy called the New Green Energy. They will not go insane like those of Evil.

You can see evidence of Terminal Madness everywhere you look if you still have eyes to see clearly.

If you cannot see it, it means you are already lost forever.

And, of course, one of the consequences of the Terminal Madness, as manifested clearly with the USA POTUS, is going to be a Nuclear WW3.

The other thing will be massive inner wars - Civil Wars - to scourge and burn many lands.


There is no turning back!!

No matter how much the Morons and Robots and Demons and evil Idiots deny what I am saying, what I am writing will occur and very, very soon.

Do you remember I wrote that contact with my words and energy would reveal to you where you stood in all this?

If your heart was filled with JOY at the thought of the end of this MALIGNANCY, then you can set your eyes on Heavenly Abodes and patiently wait the time of the Lift-off I promised!

Many will express extreme anger at what I reveal, and at me!

But worry not, what is going to kill them is the fear they feel, for they somehow sense such a Final Day as this would come.

Well, it's here!

I am here!

And there is no getting past me and what I have to give.

Glory to the Viables

Eternal Doom to the miserable failures who thought they had the better of me and the Viables!

There is NO point in anyone arguing.

The Judgment has occurred. It was 20 years ago.

Of course I knew who was who but it was pointless revealing anything until it was time.

I assured many of you of your status over the years, but I also dismissed many of you that had failed.

The most evil and arrogant were those who thought they were smelling roses when in fact they were smelling the putridness of their failure. Once again we turn to the better example we can find - Trump!

I have had many lifetimes on this Planet, but never as prominent as this one is now to be.

Alas, the vile Failures will now curse the day they first drew breath, such will their punishment be.

But warned they were, many, many times.

Did they listen? Of course not! And they continued with their murders and rape and theft and abuse any way they could.

Yes, in time I will tell them why they are to suffer so.

It is Justice that comes in full measure, not Mercy, for they spat on Mercy many times.




I am going to reveal more of what is going on with Humanity, Earth, all its surroundings, all the other 'live' beings apart from Humanity and so on.

Alas, from the very start I know that to the majority it is NOT going to make much sense.

And I will tell you straight out why that is so: The majority we see walking around as Humans (and even many species of animals) are AI Robots and Demonic entities created specifically for this Universe which in the past I have called a Dungeon for True Consciousness.

I realize this won't make much sense to those without a Higher Awareness. But it has to be told to them for events will overtake all of us very soon, and we shall see the FINALITY OF THINGS PHYSICAL.

Others, who have Divine attributes within them, will quickly underhand what I am writing about and will be overjoyed at being liberated from the Evil-created and Evil-run Cesspool.

Things are NOT as have been explained to us by our distorted Religions, History and Sciences, even though they do contain snippets of Truth.

What is going to happen?

AS I wrote in earlier essays and books, the entire mess we call the Physical Universe is being DISSOLVED!

Soon, it will be no more.

Those of us who have consciousness that can exist beyond the frequency of this doomed Universe will go to new places, if we have remained faithful to our Divine Origin.

All others will be transmuted into NOTHINGNESS.

Obviously, if the End is at the end of 2022, as I wrote in previous essays, this is the last generation.

This is my last incarnation.

I have been here on Earth many times, as I have also been in many other planets and galaxies. I realize that is beyond the comprehension of the AI Morons, and I am not bragging. I am simply making a point of fact.

If any of you bothered to examine my Numerology status closely (via the Italian name I now use) you will have had revealed to you some approximation of who I may be.

For now, that is not important.

You will know those details before this Earth is dissolved.

We wait now for the END that must come.

The next three years will be most stressful physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, especially for those who are Spiritual Failures and are doomed forever.

I will add a list of the physical changes we have to bear till December 2022, for that is when I consider the End will be.

The majority do not really have any idea of existence outside of this Evil Cesspool.

Our cycles of Death and Re-incarnation of consciousness still limits us to the Physical Plane where we are forced to wear these ridiculous meat bags (Human Bodies) and then, once they die, we wear our Astral Bodies in the Astral World which is still very much part of the Evil Empire.

Did you know that?

This Physical Universe is all Illusion. It runs on programming of individuals who are fed total BS for most of the time.

Look at Earth this very day. What do you see? Especially with electronic interference, TV, Hollywood, irreverent and irrelevant indoctrination, etc., this life is an abomination to Truth.

People live via programmed sexual urges, the need to see big breasts, chasing fame, money, conquest of other poorer, weaker nations from which they can steal wealth and so on.

Isn't the USA the Master Villain in all this?

And yet it paints itself as the leader of the Free World and the Protector of Democracy.

Nothing can be further from the Truth.

That is why it is suffering so much now and will suffer so much more before the End.

I will have much more to say about the good ol' USA in subsequent posts.

For now, see the non-spiritual ridiculousness of Modern Life and its conniving, murderous, exploitative ways. If you cannot see these things, it would appear that you are not salvageable!

In case you cannot recall why I wrote that the End is to come, here it is again:

True Spiritual Beings are prisoners in a cocoon of Evil. It was crated accidentally by an error of grand proportions, and after persistent refusal to obey proper Universal Laws, the Evil that arose in this error was condemned to full and total obliteration.

The problem was the risk such a move would cause to the trapped True Beings (those with Divine energy) within it.

But, as time passed, progress by Light Workers was made and here we are at the End of the Process of Elimination of this murderous Physical Dimension.

You cannot know this unless you are a 'being' that exits outside the Physical Dimension like I do.

I wear a Physical Body, an Astral Body, a Class 4 Spiritual Body, etc., just like Divine creations trapped here. But I also have access to my own "being" outside the erroneous physical Universe, and have, via Holograms, the properties that belong to me outside of this Cesspool.

That is why I am able to tell you what happened, what is to happen, how it happened in the past, who is who, who is going to spiritually alive, and who is spiritually going to die.

You can put labels on me if you wish. They are not important.

What is important is the job that has to be done, and then we shall celebrate once we are out of here.

While we wait, a number of things are going to occur.


1                    Massive Physical Deterioration of the Planet is going to occur. This is obvious right now. Many want to blame Humans and technology. While they may play some part in the deterioration, realize that the main cause is the Dissolution of Matter that I said in other essays was occurring. There is no way to stop this 'death' of our environment. It is meant to be, just as is meant our physical death.


2                    Mental aberration. The programming affecting the AI Robots and Demonic Entities is being dissolved also, simply from the fact that there is insufficient energy to be used by the Evil System to keep its programs stable.


Do you realize I said Evil would run out of Energy and its sycophants would starve? In order to prevent that from happening for the Viables, I mentioned the production of the New Green Energy, remember? Well, it's all true and now we see it.


The Mental decay will cause many problems to individuals, including Humans and Animals.


Not knowing what is really happening, many will panic. Many others will go wild with FEAR.


The worst traits in the AI Robots and Demons will come through and they will be uncontrollable. Violence, abuse, hate, rage, theft, rape, wars, murders, invasions, Paedophilia, necrophilia, cannibalism, etc., are all on the cards.


3                    Emotional trauma in proportions previously unknown will affect individuals who cannot understand what is going on.


Remember I began in 1985 explaining the Termination that was to come. Do you think any of the Morons bothered to listen?


4                    Intellectual Aberration. What is occurring and will occur will make no sense to scientist, priest or layman. How can it? They have been fed smelly BS for so long, they believe that their own flatulence tells them the absolute truth.



5                    Spiritual Anathema. Once the deceived adherents to the fake Religions see how they had been kept in the Dark, they will revolt violently. Alas, all is lost for them. Destruction is all they can think of, and so Civil Strife comes to the fore.


All HELL will break loose for the programming that held the Idiotic morons together will dissolve.


Goodbye Humanity!


Let us leave the Ugliness that Evil feeds us and seek better views.


Those of Light and Love, on fully realizing that this is the Liberation we have been waiting for, Liberation from this Horror, this smelly HELL, this murderous, abusive incarceration, will express the very Joy of Heaven.


That is a pointer to their success in being rescued and placed in Divine Realms away from this Demonic Cesspool.


So, in contrast to the doom of morons, those to survive will be like candles in the wind, awaiting elevation to the Heights of Infinity.


Don't worry; I am not making any mistakes here.


I have seen the process many times in the parts of the Universe that have already been dissolved and with the result that the Divine Beings were freed forever.


Do you think I care if you don't believe me?


Why should I care?


With that much doubt you are doomed to an eternity of Moribund Darkness and anguish which you earned for yourself.


While we wait, other changes will occur.


The Viables (those to proceed to Dimensions of Light) will develop the True Vision of the Endtime.


You will be able to see who is who, and quite clearly at that.


You do not need to confront any of the Darkness. They will move away from you quickly enough even if they are family, for they too sense their malodorous evil in contrast to your divine energy.

Evil ones will shun you and all other Beings of Light.

Instead, ones of Light will be drawn to you and you to them. It is a time of sharing, a time to render assistance to those that need it.

Friends and Family Members may be a problem for you.

You may be emotionally blackmailed if you realize those in the family you thought you loved turn out to be Demonic Failures.

Under no circumstances should you be emotionally taunted!

They have had as many chances as anyone else to stay in the Light or choose the Light.

If they have failed, they have failed on their own accord.

Because they are family members, even Fathers, Mothers, Children, does not mean they are any more valuable than any others in this final process of viability.

Realize that often demons were implanted into families for the very reason that they are demons so that they can exploit the other members via emotional sabotage.

This is a very evil system and you should see through the evil and no longer be damaged by it!

Share your time, your energy, your home, your wealth. After all, if you are wealthy, there is no way you will be able to spend it all in 3 years.

Use it to help anyone and everyone that deserves help, and that asks for help that is genuinely needed.


You will see many human consciousnesses in animal bodies and even in plants. Do not be shocked. Alas, they are real. They have bene placed there for farther abuse by Evil - to drain them of their divine energy. See now why this Evil System must be destroyed forever?

Many questions will arise in these Final 3 Years.

I will be here till the last day as I said previously.

Don't panic.

Be happy.

And think of our Divine Tomorrow.

Alas, those that die before the End have to perforce go to the Astral.

No Divine Viable has had to re-incarnate since 1999.



To be continued...

Copyright Giuseppe Stefano Chiappalone

January 22, 2020